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Dear Nicole,

I know…damn it! At the time I sent you chapter 17, I didn’t realize that my PC had a virus. The next day, everything began shutting down…crashed? I had all my letters to you saved to a CD except that last one. Jason and I had to do a complete system recovery to get me running again, but chapter 17 was lost. It was such a good one too! Remember I said it would be about Felecia’s trip to Teddy’s house? The thing is, I don’t know that I want to try and type the whole story again. Maybe I will later…but I’m so bummed about it right now. I’m gonna tell you what happened the week after Christmas, okay? It was pretty awesome too, God, did we have some fun!!

Anyway, it was Tuesday, the day after Christmas and I was getting ready to go to the mall and exchange a sweater my dad had bought for me. (Men! He should have known I wanted a v-neck and he would have if he’d have bothered to ask my mom; but of course he didn’t.) Everyone was working so I was glad to get out of the house. I would have gone to the beach but it was a little too chilly for that, and Felecia couldn’t go because her mother had plans for the family. Not wanting to go alone, I called Megan, and when she was busy too I called Jessi. “Pick me up in forty-five minutes,” she said, “I still have to take a shower.”

I decided to go early, just to see if I could spend a few minutes with Teri too. You know what, Nicole? Looking back at those times, I was just the naughtiest little slut you can imagine! Who would have thought that a person could be so horny that they would go over to a friend’s house early in order to flirt with her mother? I must have been out of my mind!

As it turned out, when I pulled up to their house, Teri was just getting into the car to leave. I walked up to her and she took my hand, “Hey, Sweetie…Don’t you look cute today! How was your Christmas?”

“Oh, it was good! I had the nicest time, and I got some pretty good stuff too! How was yours?”

“It was just marvelous! My parents made it in from New York, just in time before the snow closed the airport there!”

“Are they here now?”

“Oh no…they’re staying at my sister’s. That’s where I’m heading now, we need to clean up after yesterday’s party. But look at you! You look very sexy today…did you get that outfit for Christmas?”

I’m afraid I blushed a bit at that comment. It seemed a little strange for a friend’s mother to be calling me sexy but it had only been a bit over a week ago that Teri and I had sex and the whole memory come flooding back right then. “You think I’m sexy, do you?”

Teri just smiled and squeezed my hand a little tighter. “Jessi’s inside getting ready, why don’t you hurry in a give her a hand?”

She didn’t want to say it, but her smoldering eyes gave her away. I knew what she was thinking because I did look good today. I had on this really tight, long sleeve t-shirt and my best black jeans. I say they were my best because they were tight too and made my ass look its cutest. The shirt was scarlet and underneath I was wearing the black bra and thong panties set that I had worn only a couple of time before. Teri stepped up closer to me and slipped a hand between my legs, tickling my pussy lips with her fingernail. I guess that answered my question!

“Go ahead inside before I can’t control myself anymore,” she murmured.

I giggled and turned abruptly, heading for the door. When I walked into Jessi’s room, she was just coming out of her bathroom. She had a not very large towel wrapped around her and it showed a lot of her still-wet legs. “Hi Nance,” she said glancing at the clock, “Wow! Like that was a short forty-five minutes.”

I threw my purse on her bean-bag chair and plopped down next to it. “Yeah…I was ready though, so I just came over hoping to catch you in the shower!”

Jessi giggled and said, “Well…you missed it!”

“Why? Did something happen in there?”

Jessi looked at me coyly, “Yesss,” she drawled, “this cute blond chick with great tits was soaping herself all over and just having the best time; you’d have loved watching her!”

“Did she get herself off?” I played along.

“Nooo…but her fingers were sliding around inside this pretty little pussy!” Jessi flipped up a corner of the towel and stuck a knee out giving me a good angle shot of her girl-slit!

“Mmm…bet that felt good! Did she soap her cute ass too?” This was getting fun!

“Oh yes, she did…she even pushed a finger in there as well! If I remember right, the horny little slut girl even thought about what might happen later when her friend showed up!”

“She did, did she?” Oh God, Nicole, now the fun was really gonna start! “What did she hope might happen?” I had by now gotten right up in Jessi’s face, so close that I could feel her breath on my cheeks and lips. Our eyes were locked on each other’s and she leaned her hips and thighs into mine, sliding both hands down from my shoulders until they rested on my breasts.

“Well…one thing I know for sure is that she wants their two pussies eryaman escort to fuck together! The little blond wants to feel her friend’s clit rub against hers!” Jessi pinched my nipples as she said it and liquid fire erupted deep in my sex.

I groaned and reached for her ass, pulling the towel up and sliding my fingers down into the crack, feeling for her puckered anus. Jessi’s eyes fluttered and then snapped open when my fingertip pushed a quarter inch inside of her. “Oh, my God…you fucking little slut, you like that don’t you?” I said.

Jessi murmured her approval and spread her legs wider to give me better access. She was so wet I easily pushed two fingers into her pussy from behind and smeared her juices around her asshole to lubricate it. She yelped when my forefinger penetrated her ass up to the first knuckle and she clung to my neck for balance. The towel dropped to the floor and at the same time she raised her left knee even higher so my fingers could really work her over. By now my right hand was behind her and my left was in front

Oh Goddd…Nanceee…Oooo…OOoo…Oh, my Godddddd….” Jessi was squirming with delight. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and yanked it up over my head and off. I shrugged so that one of my bra straps would slip down the shoulder and she reached inside the cup of the loosened bra to feel the straining, rigid nipple. When she pulled the tit out of the cup, she immediately started licking and sucking it.

“Ohhh F.f.u.u.c.c.k.K,” I groaned as the electricity raced through my body. “Jessiii… Ohhh Shit! Jessiii….Mmm…MMMMM!” In a heated reaction to her sucking my tit, I shoved two fingers hard up her hole and then…


Jessi glanced down at the cell phone display and groaned, “Oh SHIT!” She pulled away from me and picked it up. “Hello?” she said impatiently…”Yeah, Mom…Right now?…Can’t I bring it after lunch?…Yes…Yes…Okay…I guess so…Okay…Twenty minutes…Okay… yes…Bye!” If she could have slammed down the receiver, she would have. “Damn it…God damn it!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Ohhh, nothing…except my mother forgot her laptop and she and my aunt want to do some on-line shopping later today. We need to drop it off right now on our way to the mall.”

I didn’t say anything because it had to be important to Teri or she wouldn’t have called. I was sure she knew we were fooling around. “Aww…it’s okay, we’ve got all day you horny thing!” We both giggled at that and I pushed Jessi down on the bed. She lay there for a second looking at me. Her creamy white legs were splayed and her pussy looked so inviting! “You really want me to clit-fuck your pussy for you?”

Jessi grinned and put on the coy again, “Yesss…I think I need it!”

“Well then…let’s get going, do our errands and then hurry back here, I have a few things to try that you might like!”

Jessi put on some white jeans and a royal blue t-shirt. She tied the bottom of the shirt in a knot so that part of her tummy was visible. She would never have done that six months ago but each time we were together, the change in her was becoming more evident. We dropped the laptop off with Teri and zipped through the exchange errand at the mall. Neither of us was really in the mood for shopping; we wandered around the mall for a bit, bought some lip gloss at Paige’s, tried on some Guess jeans at Sinclair’s, then settled into a couple of chairs at the food court with two cappuccinos.

I have to admit I was feeling pretty horny, Nicole. The morning had started out so well and Jessi looked so sexy and cute! We chattered away, sipping on our drinks (which only whetted my appetite for something tastier) and watched the people passing by. Jessi made several comments about this gorgeous guy’s face or that hunky guy’s arms. But I also noticed something else. If a pretty girl walked by, she was watching them too. More than once I caught her eyeing a cute ass as it swayed by. On the third one of those, I couldn’t help it anymore…I had to say something! A sexy, petite brunette and her boyfriend walked by. She was wearing a forest green pair of plain cotton shorts which clung to her curves very nicely. Her white tank top was small (covering probably a “B” cup set of boobs) and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples looked wonderfully hard in the cool air conditioning.



“Are you checking out that girl’s tits and ass?”

Jessi’s face burst into color and I laughed out loud at her flustered look! “I…umm…I guess I…”

“I know exactly what you were doing; you were doing it for the last ten minutes!” I leaned over and pulled her face to me, kissing her on the cheek, then drew back and made a cross-eyed face at her, sticking out my tongue!

Jessi relaxed immediately and laughed, “Well, tell me you weren’t looking too…you little slut!”

“Of course I was…In fact, I wanted to go over there myself and pull up her shirt and take a closer look!” We both laughed at that one and my comment led us eryaman escort bayan directly into a little game where every attractive girl or guy who walked by got critiqued. We would spot someone and silently decide on their sexiest feature, then one of us would try to guess what the other chose. First one to ten was going to win and I beat Jessi 10-7. God…now I was really horny!

“Nance, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, Jess…”

“Remember the lingerie party where you and Felecia told us your secret?”

“Oh, my God! Like how could I ever forget that?”

Jessi blushed again and lowered her eyes…she was smiling though. “Me neither,” she said shyly, “but I was wondering something?”

“What’s that?”

“How did Felecia know that Megan would come back? I didn’t think she would…did you?”

I giggled at this question, remembering the conversations Felecia and I had had regarding it. “Wow! Jess, Well…Felecia has this incredible ability to read faces and body language. Like she once told me that she knew right away that I was into girls. Did you ever know that about me?”

Jessi looked surprised when she heard that. It was obvious that she herself really hadn’t thought much about any kind of girl/girl activity before. “No…I didn’t. How long before that were you interested in girls?”

“Oh, I was wondering about some of the feelings I was having since we were fourteen.” Jessi’s eyes shot up at that revelation! “At some of those parties we had? You didn’t start coming to them until a lot later, but there were times when I would stop and watch everyone kissing and touching? God, Jess…I remember one time? Megan was laying on top of Ricky…her pants were about halfway down her ass and he was fingering her crack! And they were kissing each other…I swear, Megan’s tongue was all the way down his throat! And then she really turned me on! She sorta pushed up off the floor and began rubbing those small tits into Ricky’s chest, dragging her hard nipples across his and watching his face for a reaction. Mmm…Mmmm…was that ever hot! But the thing was? Like…I wanted her to do that to me. I wanted to crawl over there and make her do that to me!”

I didn’t realize it, Nicole, but as I was telling Jessi this I absent-mindedly reached over and took her hand. The more I told her, the more I felt her hand trembling in mine. “Wow!” she said, her eyes locked on mine, “I never saw that, ever! But what is this body language? Can you do it now, like Felecia does?”

“I guess I’m starting to learn. Like that first girl in the green shorts that passed the table? She was with her boyfriend, so for me…that was almost impossible to read. But I was watching you too, ya’ know. You waited until she passed…you were watching her ass! You even licked your lips ever so slightly!” Jessi’s hand gripped mine and she blushed even redder!

“Damn…was I that obvious?” Jessi might have been embarrassed, but I could tell she was enjoying this. Every now and again she was taking a deep breath…and her eyes? Oh, my God, Nicole…she was on fire! I ran a finger down her forearm just to check and she shuddered with pleasure as I touched her. I giggled when she looked around to see if anyone was watching.

“Nahhh…that’s the thing about it. It’s not that obvious unless you’re looking for it. And it’s so funny, Jess! Felecia always seems to be looking for it! Like it’s her opinion that most every girl wouldn’t mind trying it with another girl.”

“Do you think that’s true?”

“Umm…well…from Nikki’s initial reaction, I would have said it wasn’t. But when I was filming you and her and Jon a couple weeks ago…” I smiled and sniffed and shrugged, “Now? I just don’t know. She liked it with you I think!”

Jessi grinned, “I think she did too…it really surprised me. God that was fun! I wanna do that again some time!”

My pussy did a flip-flop when Jessi said that and I replied, “What? a threesome?”

“Mmm…yesss…Lately when I’m horny, I think about that night. Oh, my God…does that ever make my pussy wet! Do you think we could call one of the guys and invite them over to my house with us?”

A wicked little thought began forming in the back recesses of my perverted, little mind, Nicole! I was gonna get naughty again and there was no stopping me. My pussy was tingling now and I wanted out of my clothes in the worst way.

“Ya’ know what, Jess?”


“I don’t think I want to call one of the guys!”

She must have noticed my raised eyebrow and the sly smile playing at the corners of my mouth because Jessi smiled herself and said, “Oh-oh…what nasty little thing are you thinking?”

“Ohhh…I was just wondering…do ya’ think we could find a third right here in the mall?”

Jessi’s mouth dropped open and she stared at me aghast! “Huh? Like are you serious?”

“Yes…perfectly! In fact, I wouldn’t mind trying to spot another girl who might join us! I think it’d be fun to try!”

“Yeah, but what if you’re wrong, won’t that be embarrassing?” escort eryaman Jessi was so damn cute, Nicole! She was blushing again, but I could tell from her eyes that she was loving this.

“No way…we’re testing the theory, this is a scientific expedition.” Jessi giggled, but I laughed!

“Wouldn’t it be easier to find a guy?” she asked. I was kind of getting the feeling Jessi would prefer a boy with us.

“Of course…but that would be no challenge at all. A guy would have to be married or gay to say no to us. We wanna see if we can spot a girl like us, don’t we?”

“Okay…let’s do it!” I giggled this time, because once Jessi made up her mind, it was always full-speed ahead. “I’m so fucking horny I can’t wait any more.” She surreptitiously rubbed her right breast and pinched at the nipple. “Oh, Goddd…are my nips ever hard!”

I could feel the wetness between my legs; I needed to get off bad now. So I turned around in my seat, “Well, let’s see…” The food court was crowded for the lunch hour as expected, especially since it was the day after Christmas, but as we scanned the groups of tables it was apparent that the only people there were paired off with spouses or friends. “We’re gonna have to talk a walk, Jess…”

We tossed our cups in the trash and headed down the wide hall as tons of people streamed in both directions. I tried to make eye contact with several girls about our age but it was pretty obvious that everyone was simply going about their business. As we stopped in front of Macy’s, a couple of extremely cute guys approached and tried to hit on us, telling us we looked lost and did we need a ride home. They were very cut and under another circumstance, I might have thought about giving them a treat. But I so wanted to try our theory that I brushed them off impatiently. Jessi flashed her disappointment, but just for a moment. We were on a mission!

We were almost to the portico on the east end of the mall. We passed a girl there and I tried saying hello. She said hello back and just kept walking. I was beginning to think that it was going be a lost cause when I heard a voice…

“Nancy! Nancy!” There was a girl sitting at one of the tables under the portico. When I spotted her she waved us over. I didn’t recognize her at first but when we got a little closer I saw who it was.

“Hey look, Jess…isn’t that Holly Anderson over there?”

“Yeah, that’s her,” answered Jessi, “Wow! she looks way different; her hair’s a lot darker.”

“She looks fantastic!” I exclaimed. “C’mon…let’s go say hello.”

When we got to the table the girl stood up and I said, “Holly? Is that you?”

“It is,” she replied, flashing us a warm smile, “It’s been a while Nance…hello Jessi!”

We exchanged hugs, and while we pulled up chairs, Jessi said, “Holly, I thought you moved to Arizona; what are you doing back here?”

“It’s Christmas break, silly, my family is staying with my grandparents. I don’t go back to school until next Monday, so…just hangin’ out for a couple days.”

While Jessi engaged Holly in the obligatory “get-reacquainted” small talk, I had the time to check her out. It was so good to see her again because she really did look fantastic! Her long, dark brown hair was shining and flowing around her shoulders. Her green eyes flashed every time she smiled, and she smiled a lot. I had been so attracted to her throughout high school and although we weren’t the best of friends, we did spend a lot of time together working on several student council projects.

The boys in her class flocked around her and why not? Her face was very beautiful and her body? Oh, my God, Nicole! Holly had always been very petite, maybe an inch shorter than Megan, and perhaps ten pounds heavier. Those ten were certainly because of her huge breasts. This day was typical of how she always put them on display. She wore a very small, yellow t-shirt with a large, scoop neck. That cleavage of hers was (and still is) the sexiest I’ve ever seen. Coupled with her creamy smooth skin, I just wanted to grab her, throw her on the floor, and run my tongue up and down that beautiful crevice.

I must have been staring because I heard a voice breaking through my reverie, “What about you, Nance? Nance?”

I looked up into Holly’s face and muttered, “Huh? What’s that?”

Holly glanced down to her own cleavage, then back up to me and smiled, “I said…what college are you thinking about going to next year?”

I blushed and tried to gather my thoughts; it was almost as if Holly knew what I was looking at, and found it amusing. “Well…Florida State I think, they have a very good psychology degree.”

“I was just telling Jessi that Arizona has a great veterinarian school and that she should consider coming out there.” Then Holly smiled brightly at me and quipped, “You would have heard me tell her that if you weren’t so busy checking out my tits!”

I’m not sure if Jessi’s explosive laughter was at what Holly said, or at the flustered expression and four shades of red on my face. But I sheepishly stuttered at Holly, “W…was I..I…” Jessi laughed some more and I playfully slapped her on the shoulder. “Now cut that out…bitch!” Oh, Wow! That made Holly laugh too and pretty soon, I was laughing just as hard as they were!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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