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“Ahhh!” sighed Heather, as she sat up in bed on this early Sunday morning. Her roommate, Lucy, still slept soundly in her bed across the room from Heather’s. Heather decided that she would get up and take a shower before Lucy woke up, hoping that she would sleep long enough so that she could sneak out of the house without having to talk to her.

Heather walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting the water get warm. She stood in front of the bathroom mirror, and ran her fingers through her long brown hair. ‘Wow, my hair looks like crap, so does my face. I must have really been at it last night!’ she thought to herself. She lifted off the tee-shirt that she had been sleeping in, and stepped out of her thong as she got into the hot shower. She had just started to shampoo her hair, when she heard Lucy turn on the radio, signaling that she was awake now as well. ‘Shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit! FUCK!’ she thought, ‘What am I going to tell her when she comes in here to pee?! FUCK!’ Just as she thought, in walks Lucy, dressed in a hot pink tank top and some yellow polka dotted boy short panties.

“Hey Heather, where were you last night? I didn’t even hear you get in!”

“Oh, I was just out and about, you know, the usual.”

“What’s the usual, we do different stuff every night! I was so busy trying to type up that fucking paper for psych class, I was up until 3AM!”

“Damn, that’s a long time for a paper. Usually you only last till midnight! I was out with Sarah last night, we were trying to find something to do for the longest time, and then finally we went over to her brother’s house and watched a bunch of stupid movies. You know, retarded stuff, nothing really worth talking about.”

“At least it was better than my night!” Lucy said, as she finished on the toilet. She stayed there though, staring at Heather through the glass on the shower, looking at her pert breasts, and the curves of her hips, the rise of her ass as she bent over to wash her toes.

“Hey, do you mind if I jump in there with you Heather? I need to get a move on if I’m ever going to finish that paper by tonight.”

“Nah, I don’t mind at all. Join the fun!”

Lucy then removed her top and her panties, trying Bursa Escort to show off for Heather, even if she wasn’t quite sure if she was watching. But Heather was too busy thinking about her night. She didn’t really go out with Sarah, she went out with Brian, Lucy’s boyfriend. They drove around in his car for a while, talking about Lucy, and what to do for her upcoming birthday. Then he decided to stop wasting gas, so they went back to his apartment. Brian poured them each a glass of wine, and the conversation faded away from Lucy, and on to Heather, and how Brian had always wanted to kiss her, just once, and that was it. Heather didn’t want to hurt Lucy, but she had always been attracted to Brian too, so she decided that since she was drunk, and Lucy would never have to know about it, and it was only a kiss, that she would go for it.

They leaned towards each other, and kissed. She felt his warm tongue sliding over her bottom lip and teasing her soft tongue. She felt his hand on her thigh. He felt her hand on his shoulder, and her teeth softly nibbling at his upper lip. They both felt tingly inside. Brian decided that he was not going to stop at a kiss, so he pushed Heather back on the sofa, and continued to kiss her. He was kissing her neck as he lifted off her shirt, undoing her bra and removing it from her beautiful 36C breasts. He kissed each one of them, gently caressing them as he sucked on each nipple. He felt her hands lifting off his shirt as she moaned softly from his mouth on her tits. He then took off his pants, leaving him nude on top of her with an outstanding 7 inch erection. She took his beautiful cock into her hands and stroked it while he removed her skirt. She was so amazed at how smooth his cock felt in her hands, and how thick it was. She wanted to feel him thrusting it inside of her, pumping deep into her hot cunt.

“Brian, I want you, I want you so fucking bad. Please fuck me Brian, please!” said Heather as she drew one of her legs up to her chest, preparing for his entry.

“Heather, I’m going to fuck you with all that I’ve got, I’m going to ram this big fat cock of mine into your tight little cunt until you scream baby. Just you wait. I’m gonna fuck you like there’s no Bursa Bayan tomorrow.”

“Fuck me Brian, stick that fat dick into me NOW!” screamed Heather as Brian slid his thick cock into her wet cunt for the first time.

He began to fuck her with vigor, slamming his cock into her tight cunt, ripping her apart with his thickness. Listening to her moan and watching her tits jiggle with each thrust. This was too much for him, he was going to cum, and soon…

“Heather, I’m going to cum soon baby, let me shoot it all up inside of you, let me fill your sweet hole with my hot cum, please baby, I want to fill you up with my sperm.”

“AHHHHHH BRIAN FUCK ME, shoot all your cum in me, I want to feel it spilling out of me baby, OH GOD BRIAN! UNNNGHHH!! I’m going to cum too! FUCK ME!!”

Thinking about all of this while in the shower with Lucy was making Heather very wet, and not just from the water pouring down on them. Lucy was also wet, but again, not because they were in the shower.

“Heather, have you ever thought about being with another girl, I mean, like, having sex with a girl?” Lucy asked, sliding her bath puff over her nipples, feeling the roughness of it tickle her tit flesh.

Heather thought for a moment, and looked at Lucy’s body while she thought, wondering if Lucy wanted to have sex with her too. “Well, I’ve fantasized about it, if that’s what you mean.” she said.

“No, I mean, have you ever seriously considered eating some pussy?”

“I’ve never ruled it out.” Heather answered.

“Would you ever consider letting me taste you?”

“How did you know that’s what I wanted?”

“I could see you fingering yourself there for a minute…I mean, I am right here you know.” Lucy said.

“Do you want to taste me Lucy?”

“More than you know Heather, more than you know. Please let me taste your pussy? We can go in the bedroom.”

The two girls got out of the shower and toweled each other off as quickly as possible, because now they were both extremely horny and anxious for their first lesbian experience. They went into the bedroom, and Lucy jumped on her bed.

“Come here you little slut!” she said to Heather.

“I’m coming you whore!” Escort Bursa Heather responded.

Heather ran up to the bed and jumped onto it, pushing Lucy back against her pillows, kissing her passionately. Their tits were pressed up against each other, their hard nipples teasing at one another. Heather could feel the heat coming from Lucy’s pussy, making her even hotter, she pressed her cunt to Lucy’s, grinding it into her.

“mmmmmm” moaned Lucy as she went to suck on Heather’s left nipple.

“ohhh” sighed Heather.

“Heather, I want you to sit on my face and let me lick your cunt. Just get up here and straddle me, facing the wall. I’ll fuck you with my tongue.”

Heather climbed up on top of Lucy then, and straddled her face, lowering her wet cunt to Lucy’s waiting mouth. At the first contact of tongue to cunt, Heather twitched and moaned. Lucy was lapping at Heather’s clit like mad. Slurping at her wet pussy, and flicking her tongue over her clit like crazy. She was moaning into her pussy, and nibbling on her clit. Heather came 3 times, each time letting her cum flow out into Lucy’s mouth. Now it was Lucy’s turn.

Heather finished her last orgasm and turned around and leaned over, kissing down Lucy’s stomach to the top of her pussy. She spread her lips apart and began to lick around her clit, teasing it and kissing it ever so gently. Then she decided that it was time to attack that thing with force, fucking Lucy with her tongue, flicking her tongue back and forth, back and forth, side to side and up and down as fast as she could. She was loving the taste of another girl’s cum, and she couldn’t get enough.


Lucy went back to licking Heather’s pussy while she was being licked, and they both came together, moaning into one another’s wet cunts. They were now in need of another shower, which they took together yet again.

Lucy ended up getting an extension for her paper, saying that she had to bury her dead dog that weekend and couldn’t find enough time to finish it.

Brian and Heather continued to fuck behind Lucy’s back, and every time after she would come back to the apartment, Lucy would be there waiting for her, wet and waiting.

Brian and Heather also gave Lucy a great birthday present…a big party with a special guest…Pharell Williams!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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