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Big Tits

Friday afternoon Gina called Alex to invite him to study at the library.

Studying was the last thing he wanted to do to start the weekend. Normally, he would have said ‘No thanks’, but, since he didn’t have other plans, he asked, “Why the library? That place is dead.”

“That’s the point, dork. Less distractions.” she answered.

They were both twenty year old sophomores in college. Gina was one of his best friends and a regular study buddy. Given his lack of plans, he decided WTF. Alex figured they’d read for a couple of hours, then grab a pizza and catch some music downtown. However, to express his reluctance and indicate what he’d prefer to be doing, he offhandedly said, “I’ll come if you dress up as a sexy librarian.”

There was an extended pause, then she replied, “Sure, if that’s what you want. I’ll meet you there at seven.”

The comment took Alex off guard. Although they hung in the same group and spent a lot of time together, they’d never dated. He didn’t expect Gina to show up dressed as a sexy librarian. Heck, he didn’t even think she owned clothes that dressy. She favored oversized shirts and comfortable sweat pants. Granted, she was occasionally unpredictable, but he figured her comment was just her way of ignoring his boorish remark. Nonetheless, since he was a guy, her unexpected response conjured up visions of one of his many sexual fantasies.

It was the typical cliche of the superficially conservative librarian cutting loose and letting her inner nymph burst forth to engage in steamy sex among the bookshelves. He knew it was hackneyed, but what sexual fantasy isn’t? It felt sleazy, but kinda stimulating to place his pal Gina at the center of this daydream. The reverie enjoyably played out in his mind throughout the afternoon until it was time to pull on his sweatshirt and meet her.

Baker Library is a sprawling building at the center of campus with several multi-story additions. Alex settled into one of the overstuffed chairs in the main lobby to wait for Gina. There are few places as empty as a college library on a Friday evening. Even the geeks find something else to do. Tonight was no different and except for a few employees working at the main desk, the building seemed virtually abandoned.

Because she was somewhat late, it gave Alex time to savor several additional sexy scenarios about bawdy librarians. Ensconced in the comfortable chair, there was a pleasant stirring in his groin as his mind continued to wander through his erotic imaginings.

When Gina arrived at the library, she spotted Alex in the main hall. She made a few final adjustments to her outfit and took a deep breath. Knowing Alex, and men in general, she was sure he wouldn’t comprehend what was about to hit him. Gina squared her shoulders, put on a stern face and marched toward him.

When he saw Gina, Alex did an almost comical double take. She emerged from behind a counter and sashayed across the high-ceilinged foyer to approach his chair by the large bay windows. She seemed to burst straight from his prurient musings.

Instead of her usual baggy attire, she was dressed as your prototypical, uptight professional librarian. Gina wore a grey tweed skirt that reached to just above her knees. The tight pencil dress accented her curves and hips. It was so confining it forced her to take small steps. A matching jacket reached to just above her waist. Beneath the jacket, a conservative, ivory blouse with long sleeves, scalloped cuffs and a high neck was buttoned to the top. Opaque, dark hose and sturdy black shoes with a two inch heel adorned her legs and feet. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a tight bun which contained a pencil. Her jewelry was an antique cameo on a thin necklace and simple, pearl earrings. In a classic touch, she wore black-rimmed, rectangular glasses. Anomalously, her lips were painted a bright scarlet. But for that, she personified a classy, demure, academic look.

This was a side of Gina that Alex had never seen. These certainly weren’t her study clothes. It was as if she had gone to a costume shop and asked for a librarian outfit. While she sauntered over with a distinct sway to her tightly encased hips, Alex sat up straighter and stared open-mouthed. In his already agitated state, Gina’s clothing pressed all his sensual buttons. He noticed she carried a thick anthropology book tight across her bosom.

Gina was pleased by the obvious reaction her ensemble had on Alex. Suppressing a grin, she stayed in her librarian persona. While she had suggested that they spend the evening studying, truth be told, she was suffering from a touch of Friday night horniness herself. Alex’s offhand suggestion had triggered a decision to have some teasing fun play acting with her buddy.

Stopping in front of his chair, she looked Alex up and down over the top of her glasses with a suitably severe librarian appraisal. Gina’s clothes and demeanor said prim and proper, but her eyes… Her dancing eyes we’re filled with mischief.

A distinctly bahis firmaları feminine floral perfume wafted to his nose. He inhaled deeply for a stronger sample. Uncertain about what was going on, Alex croaked out a question, “Gina?”.

In character, she replied, “I’m afraid you’re confused. My name is Ms. Priscilla Tightknees. I’m a research librarian here. I understand your name is Dick Johnson and you’re interested in information on the mating habits of primitive cultures. Fortunately, I’m an expert in that area. Would you like my assistance?”

Off balance from her unexpected appearance, he was slow to pick up on her roleplaying. He sat for a moment with a bewildered expression. Finally, he stammered, “Ye…yes. I’d love whatever help you can give me, …. Ms. Tightknees.”

“Very well. Please call me, Prissy. If you’d follow me, I think I might be able to meet your needs.”. Without another word, she turned and headed away. Her heels clicked crisply on the tile floor.

Alex sat for a moment watching the mesmerizing sway of her behind. There’s something about a girl encased in a confining dress that triggers a deep-seated desire. He shook his head and jumped up. Extending his athletic body to his full six feet, he swung his pack onto his back and followed her. He tried to discreetly adjust the growing erection in his trousers. Looking nervously around, he was glad the building was almost empty. Staring at the erotic undulation of ‘Prissy’s’ derriere encased in the tight dress, he followed in the wake of her enticing scent.

They entered the confines of the old section of the library that was stacked with dimly lit shelf after shelf of books. Prissy led him down several narrow corridors. At the back corner, she stopped in front of an elevator.

When the door creaked open, she gestured Alex inside. Joining him in the small space, she turned to face the control panel. Stepping back slightly, she crowded against Alex and bent forward at the waist as if to examine the buttons.

The action forced her ass directly against his lap. Startled, Alex tried to move to the side. But, she shifted her legs and pinned him in place. While he inhaled and enjoyed the unexpected pleasure from their contact, she put a finger to her lips inquisitively, appeared to contemplate the choice of floors, and said, “Hmmmm.”.

She turned her head and asked, “Do you think it is up or down, Dick?” The motion caused her hips to shift and apply increased pressure to his lap.

Distracted by their bodily contact, he barely heard her question. Alex wasn’t sure what Gina had in mind, but unable to resist, he tentatively placed his hands on her hips. When she didn’t pull away, he pressed his hardening rod against the material covering her sexy ass.

In response to the pressure, she lifted a little on her toes and let out a barely audible moan of pleasure. “Up it is then.” she said breathily and pushed the button for the top floor.

The ancient elevator wheezed and started to rise slowly. Gina straightened up, but continued to lean back against Alex.

The two moved slightly against each other in the semi-darkness. While Prissy’s body was fully engaged in the erotic contact, she kept her back to him and an aloof expression on her face.

When the lift bounced to a stop on the top floor, they remained leaning together at the hips for a few seconds. Finally, Prissy moved forward and opened the door. She stepped out, smiled and let Alex pass her.

Shaking his head and trying to get his bearings, Alex asked, “Gina, what’s going on?”

She frowned. “I’m sorry, Mr. Johnson, there’s no Gina here. I thought you requested a librarian. If you’d like, I could leave?”. She looked at him with an expression that said, ‘Are you going to play or not?’.

Alex saw the flirtatious tease in her large brown eyes. He admired her full commitment to the role. If it took playing along for a little fun and to see how far she’d go, he was all in. He quickly changed course. “No, no, no. You’re fine, Ms Tightknees. In fact, you’re perfect.”

Gina smiled lasciviously and slipped completely into her Prissy character confident that Alex was thoroughly onboard. Licking her lips, “Wonderful. Shall we continue?” When Alex nodded, she looked down her glasses and said, “At Baker Library, we pride ourselves on customer service. Since you’re such a good Dick to be studying on a Friday night, I want to help you learn a lesson you won’t forget.” With that she moved past him giving an extra brush of her hip across the front of his pants.

Reaching the end of the corridor, she turned left, then opened the door to one of the study rooms and ushered him in. The cozy space had a small table with four chairs. The window looked down on the quad at the center of the campus. Streetlights twinkled in the darkness and revealed groups and individuals walking in the chill night air. However, the air in the room was warm and close.

Prissy turned off the stark overhead fluorescent lights kaçak iddaa and replaced them with the warmth of the table lamp. “There, that’s more appropriate to our subject matter.”

Dropping the anthropology book on the table, she said in a prim voice, “I’m old school. That’s why I brought the book. The Internet can be so impersonal and pornographic on these matters. Don’t you think?”

Alex was perfectly fine with Internet porn. But before he could express that opinion, she said, “Let’s get comfortable and get started.”. Shrugging her shoulders and thrusting her chest forward, she slipped out of her jacket and draped it over the back of a chair.

The motion allowed Alex to see just how good she looked. Gina was not gorgeous, but she was curvy and attractive. This upscale outfit and the sensual persona enhanced her appeal.

Gesturing to the chair in front of the book, she said, “Please. Have a seat, Mr. Johnson.”

Dropping his pack by the door, Alex removed his sweatshirt and settled into the chair.

Prissy lifted herself to sit on the deeply polished wood of the table next to him and crossed her legs. The motion raised her skirt up her thighs. She placed her hands on her knee and stroked her stockings. As they swung slightly, her legs rubbed against his arm.

His eyes assessed her. With her jacket off, it revealed her old fashioned blouse was tight across her chest and highlighted the shape of her bosom. Alex tried to be subtle and look out of the corner of his eyes. But, in the close proximity, it was clear he was riveted as he devoured her conservatively covered, but clearly sensual, curves.

Enjoying his appraisal, Prissy smiled down at him and said, “Let’s get right to it. If you’re interested in the sex rituals of primitive tribes, let’s start with pictures to make sure the subject is clear in our mind”. She leaned across his chest to open the book. The action brought their bodies into even greater contact.

Alex had never been this close to his friend in such an amorous situation. Especially not with lecherous thoughts cluttering his mind. It made him feel a tad sheepish and he wasn’t sure how to react. He was slightly addled by the conflict between his body involuntarily ramping up his desire and his logic trying to dampen it. Latent guilt told him it was inappropriate to have lascivious contact with his platonic friend. Daydream fantasies were one thing. But, this was much more dangerously real. He shifted uncomfortably, swallowed hard and tried not to gape at her swinging legs.

As Prissy, she had no such inhibitions tonight. Like most women, she didn’t miss a thing when it came to observing men. She noted with pleasure the effect her closeness and flirtatious actions were having on Alex. He was usually relaxed and joking in her presence. His off-balance behavior was evidence of the power of her feminine wiles. She liked the fact that she could get him to think of her in a prurient way and create a sexual tension with a simple get-up and a few basic moves. The thought crossed her mind that, ‘Ain’t flirtation fun’. The thrill of the chase and her sexual power was as arousing to her psyche as the close contact with her fit and attractive pal.

Prissy opened the book to the first of several flagged pages. It displayed a picture of a number of scantily clad tribal woman arranged in a line dance. “You know, the most important fact on this subject is that most cultures are very similar with regard to sexual practices. While there may be superficial societal differences, our mating habits are not that different from primitive cultures.”

Alex heard, but his attention was focused on the picture. Directing his eyes to the large mammaries of the women, she continued, “Science tells us it all comes down to five basic characteristics that lead to arousal and coitus: visual stimulation; scent; erotic sounds or language; physical contact; and, genital display and manipulation.”

While she was speaking in a factual and conversational tone, her proximity and the subject matter were exacerbating Alex’s stimulation. “We can see in this mating dance, that the women intentionally attract salacious attention to their breasts by having them bounce and jiggle.” With a chaste smile, Prissy fanned herself with her hand and then patted her blouse at the top of her chest. “My, my, it’s warm in here.” She stroked her neck and then unbuttoned the top two closures on her chemise. She accompanied this move with the statement, “These primitives used this type of display to whet the sexual appetites of potential mates.”

Alex’s eyes darted furtively from the large breasts depicted in the book to Gina’s own voluptuous mammaries that were inches from his face. He felt light sweat start to form on his upper lip. He may not have consciously registered her words, but his body was reacting the same as his less civilized peers.

Pressing her advantage, Prissy removed a delicate handkerchief she had stored in the lacy cuff of her blouse. She gently dabbed kaçak bahis it across his forehead to remove the perspiration. Then she brought it to her nose and inhaled. “I just love this perfume. Don’t you?”.

She placed the material beneath his nose and Alex got a strong whiff of the scent he had detected earlier. As he breathed deeply, he stared into her dark and inviting eyes. This time the perfume was much stronger. It was fragrant and floral and feminine and overwhelming. His head swirled.

She held it there a moment longer, then slowly placed it back in her sleeve. His round eyes followed it as if entranced. Almost as a sultry background sound, Gina softly said, “You can see how aroma could have such a strong, attractive effect on the primitives.” Swallowing, he nodded.

Prissy’s arousal was increasing from the game and she decided to move from flirtatious teasing to more explicit interaction. Lifting his chin, she conjured her sexiest bedroom whisper and said, “You seem to be a hands-on, experiential type of learner. Fortunately, I’m trained to assist all learning styles. Perhaps, it would help if we used my body to demonstrate some of these principles?”.

Alex’s mind swept away most remaining concerns about what was going on. He was excited and engorged. While Gina’s dialogue was ostensibly academic, it was obviously erotic foreplay. He moved to engage more actively in this exciting exchange and quickly responded, “That would be great. Are you sure that doesn’t violate library policy, Ms Tightknees? I’d hate to get you in trouble.”

“That’s sweet of you to be concerned, Dick. But, don’t worry, this is the 21st Century. If we don’t evolve to meet our patrons needs, we’ll become obsolete. So we’re trained to be multi-media and hands-on.”

Prissy let the double entendre sink in, then said, “Let’s get more comfortable. This table is sooooo hard.”. She moved off the table and rolled his chair backward. Turning her body, she lowered herself into his lap. Twisting her head so that her tightly bound hair brushed across his face, she asked, “That’s much better, don’t you think?”

Letting his hands settle onto her hips, he answered, “Much, much better, Prissy. I think I’m beginning to get into this subject.”. He accented the last comment with an upward thrust of his groin against the crack of her buttocks.

She couldn’t suppress a grin. This was the playful Alex she was used to, albeit in less erotic situations. “Yes. I can sense your excitement.”

“It’s my favorite class.”. He pulled her hips down as he lifted his rigid member against her tight skirt.

“My, my, such a rapscallion.”


“That’s librarian for naughty rascal. Back to the books.”. She flipped to another tabbed page. “Oh, look at this. The women have discarded some of their clothes and initiated closer contact with the men. In response, the men appear a little more excited.”.

It was difficult to look at the two-dimensional picture as Alex was increasingly fixated on her flesh-and-blood body. He set his chin on her shoulder more to look down her bra than view the book. Prissy moved the book closer to her chest to capture his eyes. Her clinical description had understated the sexual situation in the photo. Most of the women were topless. They were dancing very close to the men and flaunting their naked breasts in their faces. More than slightly excited, the men were wide-eyed and seemed barely able to refrain from grabbing them. While staring at the picture, Alex started to move his hands back and forth on the outside of the dress covering her hips and thighs.

Her hands dropped to cover his. He moved them lower on her thighs and squeezed flesh between his fingers and his thumbs.

“I think you were right, Ms Tightknees. I might retain it better if I can see it in real life.”

Pushing her glasses up her nose, she sighed, “If you insist.”. Prissy deliberately undid the buttons on her sleeve. Pausing, she used the handkerchief to dab some perfume on her neck behind her ear and right in front of his nose. Reaching up, she began to unclasp the remaining buttons closing her blouse. It was a languorous striptease.

Alex watched with rapt attention as though he was seeing a present opened. His agitation was reflected in the increased motion of his hands on her body. With each button opening her shirt like a curtain going up, more of her flesh and brassiere were revealed. Unlike her outer clothes, it was not at all prim and proper. As it came into view, he saw it was a demi-cup in shiny black with hot pink trim. The design was low cut to reveal most of the top of her breasts. It was trimmed in lace with hints of sheerness.

Prissy continued to enjoy the closeness of their bodies and the power of her actions. The moonlight through the tall windows provided a mystic feel and the pleasantly warm air felt like a comforting blanket. Alex’s hands were exciting her flesh. His near drooling attentiveness was nectar to her arousal. She paused in the middle of her unbuttoning to build anticipation, but also to move him along. “Mr. Johnson, do I have to remind you that this isn’t a one-sided lecture, but a participatory mentorship? Shouldn’t you be taking off your shirt?”

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