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Hello, my name is Jason. My wife Amy and I had a quiet, normal life out in the suburbs of Lansing, Michigan. Until, an innocent conversation between coworkers, and a dear friend’s misfortune, sparked a wild adventure that will change our lives forever. It all began a year ago today in fact…

My wife and I are high school sweethearts. We both went to the same college and married right after we graduated, then we decided to settle down in the same small town that we had grown up in. It is hard to believe that we have been happily married for twenty years now; in fact, we are celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary tonight with a fancy dinner at the steakhouse in town.

I thought that we had a happy marriage at least, until Amy dropped a bombshell on me last night during dinner. She said that she wanted to ask me a very important and life-changing question tonight. I have been a nervous wreck ever since. What can her question be about, is she unhappy about something?

Maybe she is upset because our daughter had just joined her big brother at the college he attends in the upper peninsula. I wonder if she wants to move up there to be closer to the kids. I hope not, although it is absolutely gorgeous up there, but I really hate all of the snow that they have in the winter.

Besides that, we both have secure jobs down here, that we are happy in. She is an elementary school teacher for the public schools and I work for the city clerk’s office. We actually only need one car, because I can drop her off at school on my way to work, which is only another ten minutes further up the road. After work, I pick her up after work and we hit the gym then its home for dinner, we watch our favorite shows together on the tv and then go to bed.

I sure hope that she doesn’t want to move to a bigger house or something. We have a nice four-bedroom house, which will be completely paid off in another two years. I would hate to have to start over with new mortgage. We have a nice, simple life and are both due to retire soon. I have been worrying all day over what the problem could be, and I cannot come up with a single thing. It must be important for her to not just come out and ask me.

Maybe it is sex related. I start to worry again. I would say that we have a great sex life overall. At least you will hear no complaints from me. We are a little adventurous, we do like to try new things. Such as new positions, locations and places that kind of thing. Now that we have both of the kids gone it has even become more exciting now since we have the whole entire house to play in.

We once went to see the animals at our local nature center and snuck a quickie in the large birdhouse. She gives me blow jobs in the car all the time. Yep, life is good, no complaints here. I hope that she feels the same way, I guess I will find out soon enough.

I pull up to the school and wait for her to appear. I do not have to wait long. My beautiful bride approaches our car with a lovely smile on her lips. She says hi to me as she sits down in the seat next to me and I lean over to give her a hello kiss.

Those luscious full lips taste so good. I could go forever just kissing them. Her long brown hair is swept back in her preferred style of a high ponytail in the back, which is perfect for me because it makes it easier for me to see her beautiful face.

She has gotten a little chunky over the years, but I love that about her too. There is just more of her to love if you ask me. The best part about that is there is more cushion for the pushin’ which is great. A horny man like me can’t complain about that, now can I?

I can see her creamy white cleavage peeking out from the second button of her blouse. Her breasts are truly a gift. They are plump, overflowing handfuls with huge thick dark nipples that crave to be sucked on. I am not kidding, I can make her cum just by playing with them for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, when she climaxes, she cries out really loud, so we have to be careful if we are secretly playing somewhere public. I reach over and run my finger under the rim of her shirt to try and tease her nipple into hardness. I hear her gasp when I make contact with her nipple and I smile.

“Jason, please do not get me all excited right now. You know how I feel about having wet panties at the gym, it makes my lower lips uncomfortable.” She complained.

“Now who’s uncomfortable? You know that I love it when your lower lips get wet. Mmmm, so tasty.” I tell her as I reach up under her skirt and run my hand up the inside of her shapely thigh towards her pussy.

“Jason! I mean it now, quit.” She said a little breathless.

“Come on, babe, just a quick taste.” I tell her as she opens her legs wider to allow my finger to slide under her panties and slip inside her. I hear muğla escort her quietly moan.

“Jason, come on, we are here now, cut it out.” She whispers as I make one quick wet circle around her clit with my very wet finger and she bucks in her seat.

I pull my finger out and hold it up to her nose, then move it up to my mouth to suck her juices off. “Are you sure you do not want me to take care of that for you?” I ask her as I move my fingers into a nipple twisting gesture.

“No!” She said as she unconsciously reached her hands up to cover her nipples and the front of her breasts. “Now come on, we have to hurry so that we can get our work-outs over with. Our reservations at the steakhouse are for seven o’clock. I am going to have to try and dry myself up down there, as it is.” She complains again.

I sigh. “More’s the pity.” I complain to her with a pout on my lips. We get out of the car, and I quickly grab my bag out of the back seat. I rush to make it around the other side of the car, just in time to smack her sexy ass as she was bent over her bag.

“Ow! Stop that, Jason! You know what that does to me.” She wined as we came in through the door. She paused to give me a kiss on the cheek and told me to have a good workout. Then she went down the hallway and into the woman’s locker room. The gym was pretty much deserted which is nice for a change. We will be able to get our workouts finished quickly and be on our way.

“Hey, Jason, how are you doing, bud?” My friend Andy greets me as he comes out of the locker room. I stop to shake his hand. “How is Amy doing? Is she here? How are the kids doing? How does Chelsea like college so far? Has Steven decided what major he wants to pursue yet?” Andy asked.

Andy and I have been best friends since elementary school, we attended the same high school where I met Amy. The three of us went to college together and he was my roommate. You could say that the three of us grew up together. His wife Sarah was Amy’s roommate at the time and that is how Andy met her.

“Hey Andy, how is it going?” I ask as I give him a big hug. “Man, it feels like I haven’t seen you guys in forever. It is so good to see you. We are all doing well.” I said as I looked around to see if Amy had come out of the locker room yet. I am sure that she would love to see Andy too.

“Chelsea seems like she is happy. Of course, we are glad that her big brother is there to look out for her. As far as we know he hasn’t picked one yet. So, what has been happening with you guys?” I asked him, and he gave me a sad look. “Is everything all right?” I asked him as I grew even more concerned about him.

I have to admit that I have never seen Andy in such a horrendous state before. He usually wears his blond hair in a brush cut military style. Now it was all grown out, hanging in his face and down over his shoulders. He was even sporting a full beard. His clothes are hanging off of him like he had recently lost a ton of weight. He looks so thin, almost as if he had been really sick recently. I would not have even recognized him if he had not called my name.

“Sorry about that, Sarah and I have been going through a rough time for a while now. Finally, she told me about six months ago that she was unhappy and needed a change. So, I jumped through all of the hoops that she set out for me. You know, marriage counseling, couples’ therapy, and she even had me talk to our priest. Nothing seemed to make her happy. We finally realized at the end of it all, that we wanted two different things. I suggested that maybe we should split up for a little while.” He confided in me.

“Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that buddy. Is there anything we can do?” I asked concerned and was suddenly even more worried about what Amy’s question might be.

“No, not really, we will be okay. The hardest part has been getting used to being alone. It has already been a few weeks and I am still incredibly lonely without her. I can’t explain why though. It isn’t like Sarah and I did much together anyway. It would be great to hang out with you two again sometime soon.” Andy confessed.

“Sure, we would love that, how about tomorrow night? We could watch the game? Drink a few beers like old times?” I suggested.

“Are you sure Amy won’t mind? You didn’t even ask her yet.” Andy said worried.

“No not at all, I know that she would love to have you over. Let me know what time you can make it.” I said

“Hi Andy, how are you?” Amy asked as she walked up and gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Wow Amy, you look great! Hotter than ever! Hubba – Hubba.” He said with a wink and a smile.

“Thank you, nice to know that my hard work is paying off.” She said as she smiled back. Then her face became serious. “It is so nice to see you. You two need to come muş escort over again. We miss you so much, don’t we honey?” She asked me pointedly.

“It is so funny that you said that babe, I just told him the same thing.” I said.

“Great minds think alike, she smiled as she came up and gave me a quick kiss. If you will excuse me boys, I would like to get at least half of my workout in before we have to go. Will we see you later Andy?” She asked hopeful.

“Yes, you will, I promise, I will see you tomorrow night.” Andy said back as he winked at her again. She headed towards the weight machines and we both admired her big beautiful plump ass as she walked away. She looks so sexy in her work out clothes. She is wearing an oversized white t-shirt with her favorite college rock band on it and black leggings which were tastefully tight enough to slightly show off her voluptuous curves.

Andy let out a whistle. “I sure hope that you don’t mind me saying so but, your wife is hot.” Andy said as he slapped me on my shoulder.

“I can’t argue with that.” I smiled back at him. I noticed that his face changed slightly as we went into the locker room. I put my stuff down on a bench near the back of the room and sat down. I invited Andy to sit across from me, so we could talk privately.

“Andy, again man, I am really sorry to hear about you and Sarah, that really sucks. You said that you were getting used to being alone, do you have a place to stay then? Did you guys fight a lot? You guys always seemed so happy when you came over for dinner and when we went out.” I was so concerned about him I just kept firing off questions, I couldn’t help myself. “I am so sorry; do you even want to talk about this?” I asked.

He sighed and looked defeated. “It has been really tough; I am not going to lie. I still in love with her and miss her every day. In the beginning of our relationship it seemed like everything was fine. She told me that she could not have sex before marriage because of her religious views and asked if I was willing to wait. That seemed reasonable at the time but then after our wedding; she never really wanted to have sex either.” He said as he took a drink of his pop.

“It was like it was an awful chore or something. I asked her if there was anything that I could do differently. Maybe she would like to try different positions or whatever; you know, like, how you were always telling me about how you guys explore new positions and things like that. She just was not interested. She would not even try to give me a blow job.” He said exasperated.

“Oh man, I live for those!” I said and winked at him when he gave me a funny startled look.

“Then when I started looking at the women that I work with in new light, I decided that I should talk to her about it. You would have thought that I was asking her to go sky diving or something she was so upset.” He said while shaking his head.

“Anyway, she wasn’t willing to try, and I was sick of fighting over it, so we started to drift apart. She suggested that we split up for a little while as we try to figure things out so, I moved into that cheap hotel out on the other side of town.” He sounded a little depressed as he told me about the last part.

“Holy Crap man, that place sucks! Are you sure that you are safe there? I mean its kind of nasty isn’t it? You know that you can always stay with us, don’t you?” I asked him concerned again.

“Oh no, it is ok. I wouldn’t want to put you guys out. The hotel will do until she comes to her senses. She will soon realize how silly she is being and finally tell me that I can move back home.” Andy said as he changed into his work uniform.

“Hello?” I can hear my beautiful wife’s voice calling from the door way.

“We will be out in a minute, honey.” I called to her. As a hooded figure dressed all in black came in through the door and headed towards us.

“Are you guys ok?” An odd deep voice came out from under the hood.

“Yep, we are fine.” Andy laughed. All I could do was to just stare at my sneaky wife with my mouth open, as I recognized my black sweatshirt and sweatpants that she is wearing. I always keep them in the car for emergencies.

“I started to get worried that something had happened to you two when I didn’t see you come out of here.” She said as she was still trying to disguise her voice.

“Oh no Andy, what’s going on? You look like you have been crying.” Amy exclaimed as she put her hand up to her mouth. Totally forgetting about changing her voice in her concern for our dear friend.

“Sorry about that babe, he has been telling me about the problems between Sarah and him. He has some bad news for us, they are now separated.” I told her quietly.

“Oh no, Andy! I am so sorry.” She walked up and gave him a hug.

“It nevşehir escort is okay my dear. We will be back together soon, I hope. I know that she will come to her senses.” Andy said as he hugged her back. He stepped away and she could see tears in his eyes again.

“Why don’t you come out to dinner with us tonight so that you can talk about it? I bet it would feel good to get it all off your chest. We are going to the steak house in town for dinner. I know how much you love their steaks.” Amy told him.

“On your Anniversary? No way, sweetheart, I don’t want to be a third wheel. But I promise I will come over Saturday night and we can talk then. Okay? Now stop worrying you two, I have to get going, or I am going to be late for my shift. See you later guys.” Andy said as he picked his bag and left the locker room. She watched him leave and she mumbled something about, a hot ass in uniform, to herself.

“What was that my love?” I asked her. “That is just so sad. I feel so bad for him. I couldn’t imagine losing you that way.” She said as she came and stood in front of me in tears. Still sitting on the bench, I reached up and pulled her in close and laid my head against her breasts, she wrapped her arms around my head and shoulders.

“You never will my love, you never will.” I reassured her. I stood up and we began to kiss. Then our kisses deepened, and our hands began to roam all over each other. Our kisses became as urgent as our hands.

I picked up my bag. Then we went into the shower area and then into a stall. We quickly disrobed. I turned on the water so that it could get warm. We were suddenly touching and kissing each other everywhere at once again. Neither of us could get enough.

She knelt on a folded towel on the shower bench with her knees spread wide and I took her from behind. We were desperate for each other. We would have no idea if anyone came into the changing room or not, since we cannot hear over the spraying water. So, we dare not make a sound which made it all even hotter. It was so hard not to drive into her as fast and as hard as I can. I didn’t want to make any slapping sounds.

I concentrated on rubbing those special secret spots deep down within her that I know drive her wild. I knew that she was coming close, I could feel her getting tighter around me. I only had a few seconds before I knew I would explode. I hugged close against her back and wrapped my arms around her.

I gathered up both of her big beautiful breasts into my hands and with my fingers spread wide I began massaging her. Moving my fingers closer and closer to her nipples. At the same time, I began to grind deeply into her dripping wet cunt, knowing full well that the top of my balls is rubbing hard against her clit.

That took her over the edge and I heard her muffled cry as she clenched her mouth tightly shut. Being careful as not to make any sound. I let go of her breasts and continue to move in and out of her slowly as she rode her waves of pleasure. When I could feel the pulsing within her stop, I pulled out of her.

I figured I could finish by spraying me cum all over the floor of the shower, so I would not get her dirty. She was not having any of it. She quickly turned around, sat down on the bench, took me into her hand, and put the tip of my cock into her mouth. She ran her lips down the top of my shaft and then ran her tongue up from the bottom to the tip.

She engulfed me with her mouth and hungrily milked me with the suction of her mouth and the twirling of her tongue. I had to hold onto the shower hand rail to keep from falling over because my legs became so weak. Oh, how I love it when she does that. It was my undoing. I erupted, my hot cum shooting down the back of her throat as she swallowed it whole. She kept licking and sucking to make sure that she got every drop and I was done.

I hugged her close to me for a moment. We decided to shower since I already had everything we needed in my bag. We quickly dried off and got dressed. We figured that it was too late now to get in our workouts, but it was well worth it in my opinion.

Now how do I get her out of here unnoticed? She put my black sweatshirt on again and put the hood up. “This is fitting since I smell like you now after using your soap.” She said with a giggle.

I snuck out of the shower and made sure that no one was in the bathroom. I quickly waved her into the nearest toilet stall and left. Now if someone comes in, they will think that she is just another guy. I walked up to the mirror counter and pretended to do my hair while I watched the hot silhouette of the hooded figure dressed all in black walked out the locker room.

I gave her enough time to change and then left the locker room myself. I searched the gym for her, but she had not left the locker room yet, so I decide to wait by the door. There were a few med working out by with the weights on the back wall in front of the mirrors and a few ladies on treadmills and elliptical. I will be honest I have always enjoyed watching the boobies bounce…

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