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This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. You don’t need to read part 1 of Like Mother, Like Daughter to understand what happens, but it will help. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Please check all his adventures out. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.

“Oh … it’s building nicely,” Molly moaned. She began to bite her lower lip. Her hips were moving rapidly now, driving up and down, sliding the moist sleeve of her cunt around the throbbing length of Dylan’s erect cock. A wet, squishing noise echoed up from between her thighs, and he knew it was the sound of her cunt as she tried to impale herself on his driving cock.

She moaned again. ‘”It’s good, Dylan… so very good.”


He leaned down over her, pressing his weight up into her cunt. His knees strained against the slickness of the bed sheets as he sought even more leverage with which to drill his thick cock into her gripping pussy. As if in protest, the bed squeaked under their combined weight as Molly’s body began to buck wildly.

“Oh, it’s good, lover,” she moaned. Her head rolled from side to side as her passion began to mount. “Ohhhh, fuck me, Dylan … God fuck me!”

He lowered himself onto her slender, tensed body, until he was balanced on his elbows and knees. Molly’s beautiful breasts were crushed under the weight of his chest, and he could feel the hard points of her nipples as they rubbed back and forth across his chest. They were hot and burning; like the ends of smoldering ashes.

Fuck me!” Molly continued moaning, as she worked her hips up and down. She used her cunt muscles like a vise, squeezing the velvet channel powerfully around the swollen length of Dylan’s pistoning cock. “‘Fuck me … fuck me …I’m going to cum… soon… soon/”

Looking down between their thrashing bodies, Dylan’s massive cock appeared swollen and huge as he drove continuously between the lips of her quivering pussy. At the base of his belly he could see the thick wedge of his pounding cock, moving in and out of her gushing, creaming cunt. His belly, balls, and thighs was coated with the sloppy discharge of her sexual excitement, and his large balls were slapping dully between her open thighs.

“Your cock, Dylan!! God, your wonderful cock!” Molly moaned, almost incoherent in her passion. “… Fuck Me with IT! … .OH, FUCK ME! …I’m going to CUM!!”

Without losing a single stroke with his cock as it moved in and out of her, he pulled even further back from her grabbing body. He lifted his arms and placed them on the either side of Molly’s dangling thighs so that her body was almost bent in half. Her calves rested against his chest, and her feet jerked up and down as they curved over his muscular shoulders.

He was driving straight down into her cunt now, and she was openly greeting the stab of driving cock. He leaned over her, pressing her body into an S-shape, with her breasts crushed against thee top of her own thighs. Her cunt was inches away from her open, moaning mouth, and the smell of oozing pussy filled the air.

“So … deep!” she cried, squirming in pleasure. “‘Oh, my God . . . you’re in so deep . . . so . . . deep!”

Dylan’s cock was hammering deeply in and out of her cunt, driving it in until it could go no further; then he pulled it out until only his great mushroom shaped head was left inside of her melting twat. Then he thrust it down into her wet pussy canal and bottomed out against the battered mouth of her cervix. In and out, in and out, his cock thundered into her dripping cunt as he pressed belly against belly, cock against cunt. He could see the lips of her wet and juicy pussy as they quivered around the base of his thrusting cock. He knew that Molly was very close to cumming again, but he lost count of how many times that had already happened.

“Now, baby. . . NOW!” she screamed.

As the lips of her cunt tightened around his thrusting cock, he grunted and continued drilling deeply into her. Her cunt began to climb hungrily around the length of his plunging cock. Each time he drove his hard rod all the way into her, he could feel the hard nub of her clit rub against his heaving belly.

“Oh, God!” Molly screamed. “FUCK ME, DYLAN, I’M CUMMING!”

As he speared into her cunt, Molly suddenly opened her eyes. She stared with wild disbelief between her widely parted thighs, looking up at the swollen softness of her own cumming cunt. It was suspended in the air, just inches above her face. Her jaw fell slack, and her eyes seemed to glaze over as she stared at the incredible sight of herself getting fucked.

“Ooohhh-I love it!” she groaned, still soaring at the height of her orgasm. “I can see your cock going in and out of my pussy!!!!! Fuck ME … oh, my God!!!

He was suddenly very aware of his own building orgasm that he could feel starting now at the base of his swinging Sinop Escort balls. He thrust in and out of Molly’s oozing, juicing cunt seeking his own release. He could feel the pleasurable friction of his cockhead as it rubbed against the clinging lining of her vaginal walls.

“Get ready for me,” he grunted at her. He pounded his hips savagely against her up-turned cunt. His cock was like a knife, cutting through the mushy butter of her orgasm. “Get ready for me!”

“Oh, God” Molly moaned. The color had drained from her face, she seemed in pain from cumming so powerfully. “Oh … oh … oh!”

He thrust forward, viciously, anxiously, in and out of Molly’s sucking, draining cunt. Dylan’s hips worked like a piston, driving the shaft of his cock deep into the channel of her cunt. Molly thrashed wildly, kicking her feet on either side of his head. Her cunt was like a vise, rippling around the thrusting staff on his hammering cock. There were tears in her eyes as she ground herself against him, greedily trying to bring herself to yet another orgasm. She clawed her breasts, digging her fingernails into the tender mounds until her knuckles were white, and there were red marks on her swollen breasts.

“Oh, God'” she cried, digging her nails into her body until she broke the skin and began to bleed. “I’m cumming. I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!!”

Her cunt was on fire, and because of the intense heat of her passion, it was like driving through a solid wall of molten lava. Gritting his teeth against the throbbing sensation, he rammed himself all the way into her. Molly’s cunt clamped down on end of his thrusting cock, and with the help of that pressure Dylan began to cum. As he drilled into her gushing cunt, thick, hot ropes of sperm coursed down the length of his throbbing cock as he began to pump the sticky, rich fluid into the molten depths of her body.

“Oh … God”‘ Molly cried, feeling the hot, swirling gush of his sperm enter her cunt. “I CAN”T STOP CUMMMMMINNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!! OOOOHHHH!!”

Dylan’s balls were emptying, and he could feel his whole body draining as his exploding cock fired round after round of cum deep into the powerfully clutching maw of her cunt. Molly moaned delirious with her pleasure as her pussy quivered around his spewing cock trying to suck out the thick hot richness of his sperm.

Finally, they stopped moving. They both collapsed exhausted on the bed, and for a long while they just lay in each other’s arms, breathing heavily. His cock slowly deflated in her pussy, and their juices oozed from the mouth of her vagina. He could feel the thick, damp discharge slowly spreading across the mattress before he drifted off to sleep.


The bright light seemed to be trying to pierce his brain. Slowly his eyes opened and tried to focus on anything, but everything seemed a blur. For a moment he did not know where he was, but slowly he began to remember the past day and Molly’s presence. The moments of the day came back to him in patches. He yawned and lazily stretched out his arm for her as he realized that he was in her bedroom. She was not beside him. The light of the room made him feel it was late in the morning. He gingerly rolled out of bed, and saw a brightly colored envelop sitting on the bed side table with his name on it. Yawning, he opened the letter and pulled the scented paper out and began to read.

Good Morning Lover. I had a wonder time yesterday. You are a marvelous lover. I will never forget the experiences that you shared with me. I had to leave you early to take care of some business in town. I will be back about 4 PM. I do not know what you have planned today, but I hope we can spend some more time together.

There is coffee and plenty of food in the kitchen. Please help yourself to anything. Beth will be home about 2 PM from work and she can entertain you until I get back.



Dylan smiled to himself as he remembered the wild sex that Molly and he had all day and into night. She was fun, beautiful and one fantastic fuck. His piss hard-on broke into his revelries and forced him up to look for the nearest bathroom. When he had finished his morning business, he looked around for his clothes. It was then that he remembered that they were in his guest room down the hall. With a laugh to himself, he remembered Molly entering his room and grabbing his naked cock and pulling him down the hall to her room to continue their animalistic fucking.

Realizing that he had no clothing in the room, he grabbed a towel out of Molly’s bathroom and wrapped it around himself. Thinking he was alone in this mammoth house, he opened the bedroom door and started down the hall to his room.

“Are you lost?”

The unexpected voice scared the hell out of him. He was startled and then got his composure. He turned around to find Beth standing behind him softly laughing.

“Good morning, Mr. James. How are you Sinop Escort Bayan this morning?” Beth asked with a smirk in her voice. Dylan was always amazed at how beautiful Beth was. Yesterday, he had seen her all day in a tiny bikini that left nothing to the imagination, but now she was dressed like the young adult woman that she was. She was dressed in a cream colored summer shift with dark patterns that swirled around in the material. Her long red hair was down and cascaded past her shoulder. The dress came about mid-way down her thighs revealing her strong and beautiful legs. She had on open toed heels that caused her calf muscles to stretch and flex showing off their sexy tone. The dress was held up by a thin string that looped around her neck. She definitely had no bra on as the nipples of her straining young breasts poked through the thin material of her dress. All in all, to Dylan’s blurred eyes, she was a vision of hot teenage sex waiting to be tapped.

“Cat got your tongue?” she teased. “You look like you need a cup of coffee or something? Mom said I’m supposed to take care of you until she gets back. Can I get you anything before I take off to work?”

As Dylan gazed at the sexy hot youth, he thought to himself, “Yeah how about some of that sweet pussy that’s hiding between your legs.” But out loud he said,

“No thanks. I think I’ll take a shower and get some coffee. Is there any on?”

“Yeah, there a whole pot on down in the kitchen. So where are you coming from only wearing a towel?”

Dylan felt his entire face flush in embarrassment as he realized this worldly 18 year old had just caught him right in her crosshairs. The only way out of this was if she let him go.

“I got confused looking for a bathroom.”

“Oh, really? Well, there is one right off your bedroom, in case you didn’t know.” she smirked again.

“Oh, great! As he paused for a moment, hoping she would go away. “Well, I better grab that shower.”

“Yeah, you do that. I’ll be back later. There is a set of keys for you on the table next to the front door. See ya.”

With that Beth smiled at him and strutted down the hall toward the stairs. The swing of her hips caused the hem of her short dress to flip up revealing the tops of her gorgeous legs almost up to her ass with each stride. Dylan breathed a sigh of relief at her going. She was so hot and available that it made his cock ache, but she had caught him in such a compromising moment, that his embarrassment got the better of him.

Dylan went back to his room and took a shower, then went downstairs with his laptop and read his emails as he ate breakfast. By the time he finished eating, he was up to date on all the plans that the designers in LA had come up for the stunt. He looked at the digital readout on his cell. It was 10 AM in Georgia now meaning it was 7 AM in LA. He would wait for an hour before calling the office and discussing the plans.

He grabbed the keys off the front table and headed over to the barn. As he walked into the huge space, he glanced at the office space that Molly and he first fucked in yesterday. You could not call what they did making love. It had been pure unadulterated lust. Even when they went back to her house and took a shower together the passion continued. Dylan had fucked her twice in the shower as he speared her juicing cunt time and time again until she was hoarse from screaming with pleasure. Then they had gone to the bedroom and continued the fuck-a-thon as he used his tongue and cock to drive her from one shattering climax to another. Finally, they had collapsed from exhaustion and slept till dinner time.

Dinner with Beth had been very interesting. She was both surprised and pleased that this handsome stud was going to stay with them. She was also jealous that her Mother was the one who was getting the pipe laid to her. And from the screams that she had heard coming from her Mother’s bedroom, the plumbing job that Dylan had done on her Mom was a really good one. After dinner, the three of them sat and watched a DVD. Molly snuggled up to Dylan while Beth sat in a chair across from him. If Molly was embarrassed by being so sexual in front of her daughter, she didn’t show it as she stroked Dylan’ arm and leg, and kissed him every chance she got.

Beth did not seem bothered by the public display of affection either as she just teased Dylan all during the movie. For dinner, she had changed out of the impossibly small bikini into a tight form-fitting top that hugged her proud teenage breasts like a second skin and left her taut stomach bare. She paired that with a very short low-rider skirt. As they watched the movie, she pulled one leg up into her chair and very slowly spread her legs apart exposing her inner thighs. She had made a show of it by slowly revealing her creamy pale skin inch by inch. By the end of the movie Dylan could very clearly see all the way up her creamy thighs to her naked pussy. He had never watched the Escort Sinop movie at all; he just kept watching the slowly evolving sex show in the chair across from him. He did not understand how Molly could not see what he saw, but she never said a word. So he just sat there in agony while this over-sexed teenager tortured him and his prick got harder and longer. The entire time that Dylan was watching Beth’s pussy, Molly thought his very noticeable hard-on was for her alone.

When the movie had ended, Dylan flew upstairs to his room claiming he was just exhausted. He did not want to try to explain his raging hard-on to the two women downstairs. There was some weird Mother/Daughter shit going on there that he wanted no part of. Just when he had taken all his clothes off and was standing there in the nude thinking he might actually get some sleep, a very naked Molly came into his room, grabbed hold of his very prominent manhood and pulled him down the hall to her bedroom. Once there, they had proceeded to fuck the living daylights out each other. Before they were through for the evening Dylan had fired three hot loads into her voracious body. He had given her another facial, another one as she deep-throated him and finally, one in her talented cunt.

It was now 8 AM in LA, so he began his conference call to the office. Four hours later, Dylan was done. With the team in LA and his laptop, they had figured out how to do the stunt, what the set up would be, and what equipment and people they would need. Lanya had okayed the plan and things were now swiftly moving ahead. Equipment had been ordered and was coming from LA and Atlanta, 8 more stuntmen were flying in from LA tomorrow, and the producers for the film had been contacted and told to get ready to write some big checks. Dylan was excited at the challenge of this job, because this was his first head stunt position on a big budget movie. He really wanted to get to work, but until the team and stuff got there he had little to do.

Molly had showed him their home gym when he toured the large mansion that her estranged husband had built for Beth and her. It wasn’t big, but it had plenty of the right equipment, so he decided to work off the excitement in the gym. He drove back to Molly’s house, changed clothes and worked out for about an hour and a half. He used the free weights and ran 4 miles on the treadmill. When he was done, he felt great. After not being in a gym for a couple of days, his muscles felt tight and hard.

He decided to use the pool and changed into a pair of baggy white swim trunks. Whenever, he wore anything else, it was just embarrassing. He always looked like he had a pipe in his pants, so he just went for comfort instead of advertising. After a good swim, he stretched out on a chaise lounge and shut his eyes. It was about 4 PM and the summer sun was still out, and the warmth felt good on his skin. He briefly wondered where everyone was because they said they would home before this, but that thought quickly left his head. He was just drifting off to sleep when,

“So do you wanna race? I’m pretty good.”

Dylan opened his eyes and saw Beth standing at the end of his lounge. If it was possible, the bikini she had on now was even smaller then the one yesterday. The top was basically a string with two tiny yellow tri-angles of cloth which barely covered the nipples of her huge perfect breasts. The bottom was also a string with a patch of yellow barely covering her pussy. His sleeping cock gave an involuntary lurch in his trunks in lustful response to her ripe teenage body. As he stared dumbstruck by her beauty, she did a very slow turn showing off every angle of her outrageously lush body.

“Getting a good look?” she said playfully.

“Does your mother know you wear that?”

“Sure, but she thinks I only wear it in front her. I tell her I wear it to get a better tan.”

She pulled another chaise over close to his, and bent over to spread a towel out in the chair. She stuck her bare ass was right in Dylan’s and he could clearly see the outline of her pussy through her suit. He was tempted just to bury his face in her crack and begin to lick away until she came all over his face.

Beth sat down on her lounge which caused her barely contained tits to bounce up and down with the move. For such a small girl, she had huge tits that seemed completely out of proportion to her slim frame. Her breasts strained against her top, and her pencil like nipples poked through the thin material. The Grand Canyon could not have been any deeper then the immense cleavage displayed by her tightly packed tits. Dylan was reeling with lust for this little cock-tease, and his growing penis gave another mighty surge in his pants. Beth gave Dylan’s body the once over as she sat next to him. Starting at his head, her eyes moved down his sculptured body until they came to rest on his swim suit. His hard-on was painfully obvious, and as she stared at it, more blood pour into his steel-like staff causing it to tent the front of his suit. Beth looked at it, her mouth agape. After several seconds of uneasy silence, Beth looked up at his face and said in a weak voice. “So do you want to race or catch some rays?”

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