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My names Roger and I wish to relate a true account of something that happened a few weeks ago.

In order to understand the event we have to go back twenty two years. At that time I was twenty six years old and working in an establishment alongside Lynne a very attractive twenty year old. It was approaching the summer holidays and Lynne enquired as to what I was doing for the vacation. I told her that I hadn’t got anything planned when she asked if I would like to join her and two friends Bev and Adrian on a trip to Patmos in Greece. They had booked a villa sleeping four and had a spare place. I didn’t have much time to make up my mind and I eventually agreed to go along.

I had quite a surprise when I met up with Bev and Adrian for the first time. It was at Lynne’s parent’s house on the afternoon that we were leaving for the airport to start our holiday. I had assumed that Bev and Adrian were a couple but found out then that they were both female (Adrianne). So I was off on holiday with three young ladies (Bev 23 and Adrianne 22).

When we arrived at the first floor villa the girls went upstairs and I carried in the first set of bags. When I got into the villa Bev asked me a question I wasn’t ready for. “Which of us do you want to sleep with?” She could obviously see I was taken aback by the question and she went on to explain that there were only two bedrooms and both had double beds. I explained that it was not fair for me to make a decision as given the choice I’d like to sleep with all of them, and I thought it should be up to them. I returned to the car to fetch some more bags. On my return the girls informed me that as Lynne knew me best she would share my room but that they wanted to take turns sharing my bed. So began a very satisfying two weeks holiday.

On our return to England I continued having sex with all three girls for a while but in the end I was only having Lynne on a regular basis. To cut the story short Lynne and I eventually married separate partners and moved on to work in different places but have kept in touch and we have continued to meet about every six weeks for a bit of fun.

About five weeks ago I had an e-mail from Lynne, our preferred means of communication, asking me to phone her. We didn’t phone often but I contacted her as requested. We had a very interesting conversation. Lynne has a daughter Summer who is twenty years old. During our conversation Lynne told me that she had been talking with Summer, apparently they are very close, and Summer had expressed a desire to experience a large cock. She knows about me and Lynne and that I am quite large and wanted Lynne to see if I would accommodate her. The thought of me at my age having a chance to be with a twenty year old was too good a chance to miss and I agreed. Lynne was happy with the situation and I made arrangements with her to meet Summer two weeks later.

I’d arranged to meet her at a hotel in Bath where she is at college doing a sports degree. When I came down from the room, having just checked in, I could see Summer sitting in the lounge. I knew it was her she was just like her mother. I approached her “You must be Summer” I said.

“And you must be Roger” she replied. I ordered coffee and we started to get acquainted.

“So how much do you know about your mum and me?”

“A few things. I know you’ve been lovers for about twenty two years having got together on holiday, and you also enjoyed mums girlfriends Bev and Adrianne on that trip.”

“I wouldn’t call us lovers. Love is something your mum has with your father. We are just sex partners.”

“It must be good sex because you always put a smile on mums face.”

“You know when she’s seen me?”

“Yes she usually tells me the day before if she’s seeing you.”

“I must admit she makes me happy as well. Your mum is an exceptional woman. She really gets pleasure from our meetings and I enjoy pleasing her. Do you have anyone special?”

“No, not at present, but I have had in the past.”

“You wanted to meet me for a special reason didn’t you?”

“I’ve known about you and mum since I was fifteen and she has told me about your size. I’ve never been with anyone large before and I wanted to have that experience.”

“So if I said that I’d like to take you upstairs and play with you like I do your mum, and now that you’ve actually met me, would you like to join me?”

“I’d like nothing better.”

“Finish your coffee, then we can go and enjoy.”

Once upstairs and in the room I could see that Summer was a little nervous. “Don’t worry; we won’t do anything you don’t want to. If you’re not happy with anything then please say. Were both here to enjoy ourselves?”

“Thank you,” she said sitting herself on the sofa. I sat on a chair opposite.

“Will you tell me something? Did you do mum whilst I was inside her.”

“No. We didn’t see each other for over twelve months once she and your father were trying for a baby and once she was pregnant. I need to ask Şirinevler escort you something. Your mum and I indulge in unprotected sex and I’d like to do the same with you if that’s O.K?”

“Yes I’m fine with that. I am protected.”

“Good. Why don’t you come over here and join me,” I said standing up from my chair. Summer got up and came towards me. I reached my hands out and cupping her cheeks I lowered my mouth to hers. Her lips parted effortlessly and our tongues were soon enjoying being entwined. It was a long and gentle kiss. We were both savouring the moment. “You have a lovely soft mouth and a naughty tongue.” I said breaking away from our embrace. “I hope it might be naughty in other places?”

“You’ll have to wait and see,” she replied teasingly.

“I would love to see you naked,” I said.

“Would you like to undress me?” She enquired.

I didn’t answer but simply reached behind her and slowly lowered the zip at the back of her black dress. I eased it off her shoulders and down her body until it was a heap around her ankles on the floor. She stepped out of it revealing a small white bra covering her small breasts, a white thong and white hold up stockings. She looked ravishing. “You look so much like your mum at twenty,” I said before removing my clothes, leaving me in just my black boxers. I stood behind Summer and loosening the clasp at the back I eased her bra off. Looking down over her shoulders and in the mirror opposite I could see two perfectly formed breasts with raised pink areola topped with small pink buds. I reached round and cupped a breast in each hand. Although small they were so round and firm and she moaned a little as I squeezed them and rolled her little nipples between thumb and finger. My hands drifted down hooking my thumbs in the waistband of her thong and they were soon sliding all the way down. “Mmmm a pretty pussy, good enough to eat later I hope.” I came round and faced Summer. I pressed gently on her shoulders and she knew how to respond. She dropped to her knees in front of me. She needed no prompting as I felt my boxers being eased down. As I looked down at her she looked up at me.

“Mum was right. You are big! And you’re uncut which I love.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you like it, but it’s not awake yet. Would you like to wake it up?”

“Oh yes,” replied Summer as she reached out and took one ball in each hand squeezing gently. “You’re balls are so big and heavy. Mum says they produce lots of good cream.”

“Do you like cream then?”


“Well that’s for later we’ve got lots of fun to have before then.” Summer lowered her head and slowly sucked my complete, fairly flaccid, cock into her mouth. Her mouth felt soft and warm as she worked her tongue over my flesh. I could feel myself beginning to stir and she looked up at me with her pretty eyes to signal that she had also noticed the developments within the meat that filled her mouth. She removed my by now saliva covered cock and began using her hands, pulling my foreskin back to reveal the head and then allowing it to slide back. She worked it slow and steady and this action soon had me semi-hard. Summer decided to begin utilising her oral skills once again. She eased my foreskin right back fully exposing my large head. Sticking out her tongue she began to lick it all over. She certainly knew what she was doing licking right around and under the corona. She paid a lot of attention to stimulating my fraenulum something that gives me great pleasure. She also pressed the tip of her tongue into the eye. She then took the whole of the head in her mouth and gently sucked. Whilst doing this one hand held my foreskin back whilst the other played gently with my balls. She released the head from her mouth, allowed my skin to return over it before squeezing upwards from the base of my cock and then retracting it again and beginning the same oral process once more. She kept repeating this action.

“Mmmmm that’s nice,” she said as she noticed a large blob of pre-cum oozing from the eye as my foreskin exposed my head again. She carefully licked it onto her tongue before taking it into her mouth to taste.

“Summer that is so good, you have certainly woken it up. I could have you doing that all day but I think its time I got a closer look at your pussy and got you ready for me.” Summer had a little giggle. “What’s funny?” I asked.

“No one has ever said they want to look at my pussy before or to get me ready. Its sounds very naughty,” she replied looking up at me whilst still stroking my cock. “Can I suck you some more later?”

“I certainly hope you will,” I replied as I took Summer’s hand to help her off her knees and lead her to the bed. I sat her on the end of the bed and gently parted her legs as I knelt down between them. I lifted her legs up pushing her knees towards her shoulders. Her pussy was now fully open to my view and available for my attention. Using both hands I gently eased her pussy lips apart “So lovely Şirinevler escort bayan and pink and already quite moist, you are looking forward to this I can tell.”

“I’ve been excited for days.”

“Mmmmm lets see how wet we can get you then,” I said extending my tongue and allowing it to stroke along the full length of her slit stopping on reaching her clit before sucking her hard little button into my mouth. Using a gentle sucking action I was able to move her hood backwards and forwards over her tiny glans. I was obviously working well as Summer began to moan quite contentedly. My tongue returned to licking her length before pushing into her little cunt hole. She was juicing up and tasted wonderful. I then concentrated on her perineum that wonderful area of flesh between pussy and bum hole which in most women proves to be an erotic and sensual point of arousal. It was in summers case as she continued to moan, becoming more vocal. I eased my tongue lower and started gently circling the pink rose of her anal opening.

“Ooooh that feels good.”

“Do you like it?”

“Mmmm yes. No ones ever licked me there before.”

“Haven’t they?”


“Would you like me to continue? Your mum enjoys me giving her a little tongue and finger play.”

“Please. But be gentle.”I returned to circling her rose with my tongue then slowly pushing it into her bum hole. She was quite wet with spit as I began circling with my finger. I spat some more saliva on her hole and after having licked my index finger I pressed it against her opening easing it in up to the first joint.

“Is that O.K?”

“Mmmmm. That’s good,” she said as I started to flex my finger and frig inside her hole. She was tight but relaxed as I probed deeper, slowly easing it all in. I started to withdraw before going deep again. Summer was enjoying it and I was soon fingering her in and out at a slightly increased pace. I eventually withdrew and although not gaping her hole remained open for about thirty seconds before gradually closing.

“I think you enjoyed that. You took it well for your first anal fingering. I’d like to finger you a little more later.” She gave out a sigh of approval but with a little touch of concern. “Don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you. It’s not my intention to fuck you in there, although I’m sure it won’t be long before someone gets to enjoy you.” With that she relaxed and I returned to giving her pussy some attention. I really enjoy giving head; there is nothing that makes a woman more unique than her pussy. I know that women love to be teased and knowing that the inner part of the thigh is a tender spot I began to lick and kiss that area making designs on it with the tip of my tongue. I began to come close to her pussy, and then floated away, making her anticipate it. I now licked the crease where her leg joins her pussy. I nuzzled my face into her, brushing my lips over her slit without pressing down on it to further excite her. Summer was enjoying it bucking up and straining to get more of me closer to her. I put my lips right on top of her slit, kissing her gently, then harder. I then used my tongue to separate her pussy lips and as she opened up I ran my tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh. I gently, spread her legs more with my hands and quickly pushed my tongue in and out of her wet pussy, alternating between quick and slow thrusts. I was teasing the hell out of her.

“Roger will you play with my clit?” Summer requested between deep sighs. I ran my tongue up the full length of her pussy lips just nipping at her clitoral bud. I wet my fingers once more before returning them to her clit, although she was already quite moist with the juices that had leaked from inside her. I slid the tip of my wet finger upward until it reached her little pink bud of flesh once again. I could see that her clit had become hard enough to peek out of its hood. I brought my tongue up to the top of her slit and felt for her clit. I began to lick hard now and pressed into her skin. I gently pulled her pussy lips away and flicked my tongue quickly against her clit. I could sense she was getting up there toward orgasm so I made my lips into an O and took her clit into my mouth. I started to suck gently whilst watching her face for her reaction. She was handling it well so I started to suck harder. I began to move with her as she lifted her pelvis into the air with the tension of her rising orgasm and her loud moaning. I kept my hot mouth on her clit. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop!” Summer screamed with pleasure as my mouth was filled and my tongue was coated with her free flowing cum. I continued licking slowly and savouring her wonderful taste as she regained control of herself. “Roger that was awesome, I’ve never cum as hard before I thought my stomach was going to explode.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, I certainly did. You taste wonderful. You’re so wet. I said I wanted to get you ready. I think I have and I think we should make use escort şirinevler of all that wetness. What’s your favourite position?”


“Doggy it is then. Come and kneel at the end of the bed for me.”

“Wow your cock’s still fully hard.”

“It’s the excitement of tasting you and making you cum. Are you ready for it?”

“Oh God yes! My first big cock. Go slow won’t you?”

“Of course. That’s it stick your bum in the air.” I said as I positioned myself kneeling behind her. I held her pussy open with both hands. I placed my large cock head at the opening of her cunt and pushed forwards, gently. Although exceptionally tight she was so wet that the head was soon fully inside her.

“Mmmm Roger that feels good.”

“It feels good to me as well. You’re so tight. I’m going to slowly fill you right up,” I said as I applied a little more pressure and watched as my thick shaft started sliding in before disappearing out of sight. I was in her fully balls deep. “You’ve taken all of me Summer, I’ve filled you up.”

“Oooooo it does feel good. I didn’t think I could take it. I didn’t think it would fit.”

“Oh it does but so tight, so tight.” I said having left my cock deep inside for her to get used to. “I’m going to begin fucking you properly now.” I informed her as I slowly eased my length out of her, leaving the head inside, before pushing it right back up her cunt. I continued this motion gradually increasing the pace and force of the inward thrust. Summer was breathing a lot heavier and her sighs were becoming more vocal as the pace increased. I wanted to fuck her harder and deeper. I applied a little pressure to her head forcing her face into the bed as I stood on the bed, knees bent, behind her in order to be able to be able to drive in more powerfully. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Summer hit her peak.

“Oh God! Fuck me harder! Roger don’t stop!” I was pounding her as hard and fast as I could. “Aaaagh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Summer screamed as her juices filled her cunt making her wetter than ever. I kept my cock inside her gradually slowing down but keeping the strokes as long as ever. She slowly lowered herself from her knees until she was lying face down on the bed.

“Unbelievable that was bigger than my first cum,” came her muffled tones as she voiced her pleasure into the bed clothes.

“Wonderful, but were not finished yet.” I said lying on top of her with my cock still firmly in place up her very wet snatch. I started a very gentle rocking motion just moving my cock in and out a fraction. As Summer’s breathing recovered I turned her on her side and reaching around with my hand I located the hard little bud of her clit and started to work it slowly between finger and thumb.

“Mmmmm that feels really good,” she said as I continued the rocking and squeezing. Her breathing began increasing again. “Oh Christ! You’re going to make me cum again.” I continued my actions “Oh yes I’m cumming,” she said very gently as her body began to twitch, but not violently. She twitched for about a minute. “Phew that was incredible. You made my orgasm last for ages I’ve never cum so long before. It was not intense but the feeling lasted for ages. No wonder mum has a smile on her face after being with you.” We lay together like that for some time as we both recovered.

“I’d like you to fuck me now,” I said breaking the silence. “Why don’t you ride me?”

“That sounds good,” said Summer getting to her knees and stroking my cock. “You’re still so hard.” I lay on my back and Summer straddled my body facing me. She caught hold of my cock and rising up she placed it at the entrance to her cunt before slowly lowering herself allowing the whole of my length to slide up inside her. I looked at her face she’d closed her eyes and was licking her lips.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Mmmmm you really fill me up,” she said as she sat on my balls. Summer began sliding her cunt up and down my shaft and moaning each time she got me all in. I reached up and cupped each little breast in my hands squeezing them softly and then rolling each pink nipple between finger and thumb. This encouraged Summer to increase her pace which increased the intensity of her moaning and breathing. “I’m cumming again! Oh God yes,” she screamed as another thundering orgasm ripped through her body. She collapsed on top of me flattening her breasts against my chest. We lay quiet for a while.

“Turn round and move up here I want to taste you.” Summer raised herself off my cock, turned round and placed her legs either side of my head bringing her very wet pussy down on to my mouth. I pushed my tongue up into her hole. “Mmmmm that really does taste good,” I said as I savoured her young juices. I played around a little licking her pussy and her bum hole. “Ride me again facing as you are now.”

“You’re insatiable.”

“Are you complaining,” I said as Summer moved down and set about getting me back inside her. I was soon fully engulfed by her cunt. “I said I’d finger you a little more,” I informed her as I began circling her pink rose which was now facing me. I wet my middle finger and eased it into her tight little bum. Summer had started to ride my cock and I matched her movements sliding my finger in and out in time with her strokes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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