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Group Sex

For some time now I had been going through the process of interviewing for the position of Night, Operating Theatre Director for a group of three Hospitals in Kent. The interview committee was comprised of six people, one of whom, Linda, was the Director of Nursing. Over the weeks I had three one on one interview sessions with Linda the first of which was, understandably, very formal. She sat at her desk and I on a chair to the side of it.

I felt a genuine affinity for my prospective new boss, an affinity which I believed, even on day one to be mutual. We came to be relaxed with each other, so much so that during the last two interviews we sat on two upright armchairs in a window alcove of her office overlooking the front of the Hospital. Linda had this manner about her that truly made me feel at ease and many times, especially when accentuating a point she placed a hand on my thigh. I was comfortable with it and I found myself quite endeared to her for her comforting approaches. In fact, as a lesbian, I rather enjoyed the feelings of intimacy those touching moments engendered within me.

Finally the day came when I was called to her office. After welcoming me we sat again in the alcove, and with a smile on her face, and yes, her hand once again on my thigh, Linda informed me of my appointment to the Directorship.

“Congratulations Aimie, I know you will be a great success in your new position, and by way of celebration, I should very much like to invite you to dinner at La Chateau. Would you be free this coming Friday evening?”

Dinner at La Chateau, a five star Restaurant in Royal Tunbridge Wells… You bet I was going to be free!

Friday came and I spent hours getting myself ready for this special evening…. “Dinner at La Chateau, WOW!!!” For this I was going to dress to the nines!

Following an afternoon of being preened and pampered at my regular Salon, I selected my attire for the evening. I wanted to be professional in appearance but I also wanted to project a certain, shall we say, ‘hint of sexuality!’

After picking up and putting down a whole variety of selections I finally settled on a skin toned bra and matching panties. Skin toned as I had selected a very sheer, dual layered white silk top and a white bra would have just been garish. The top fell in pleats from my neckline and had the added advantage of being discreetly buttoned in the front. I say advantage as, by leaving the top button undone, I could just show a suggestion of cleavage. A black chiffon skirt, black stockings, red high heels and nişantaşı escort a silk shawl. The bra and the panties were very light and lacy, and I completed my ensemble with a matching suspender garter belt, intentionally placed under my panties, for, if my suspicions were proved to be correct, this was going to become a very special evening!

When finally adorned in my selection I felt good. I felt confident that I had achieved my goal of appearing professional but also appearing evocative for my target audience.

Meeting Linda in the lobby of La Chateau, the look on her face told me I had made the right choices of attire and I have to say, she looked pretty damn good herself, wearing a light beige suit that just enhanced both her breast and waist lines beautifully!

Greeting me with a wonderful smile and a brief hug. Linda was so enthusiastic about our evening, especially as on this night, the owner and principle Chef, from Caen in France, was in house and cooking.

Initially we had a drink at the bar, wonderful old world building with a big log fire burning in the grate; it really was an awesome place. A little later the Maître d, showed us to our booth. Very nicely placed, U-shaped, with plush leather seating, and I have to say; somewhat private, with quiet mood lighting! Lightly starched, white linen table cloth and napkins, and the table layout was just gorgeous, especially a large vase of Red Roses with a lable on it saying, “Aimie, Congratulations, Love Linda XOX”.

If a picture paints a thousand words, this picture said it all, and it was obvious to me that Lynda was sending a very clear message! Wonderful yes, but I have to admit, I do know the game and I was already having a lot of fun from the experience, although, I have to admit, I have never had anyone play the game with this level of high intensity. LOL I was loving every moment!!!

Our waiter was excellent. Lynda and I had selected a choice of wine when we were at the bar, and a few minutes after we sat down he brought it. Lynda asked me to sample it, which I did and I am comfortable doing so, I love wine… Unfortunately, at this point in my life I cannot afford the price of this one. Ha ha! It was gorgeous. Anyway, we took our time over the menu, and Oh Honey, the food, it just melted in your mouth, mmm! Heavens knows what it cost her for the two of us, but it was ‘out of this world.’

Warm Camembert with Toasted Brown Bread, Celery and Grapes.

La haizeriies Apple Sorbet and La Sapiniéré’s Calvados.

Sea Bass Fillet, Periguéux Sauce şişli escort with Summer Truffle.

Tahitian Vanilla Créme Brulée.

Chardonnay & Champagne. (However, the Champagne was chilling at her apartment!)

Didn’t talk about work per se, but we did chat about how we had both gone into nursing, where we came from etc., and…. LOL, just like in her office, whenever she did not need both hands when eating; there was her hand on my thigh, just softly stroking. I had to giggle to myself inside, because when she first felt my suspender under my skirt, her hand stopped and she even blushed a little… Ha, ha, I was having so much fun being seduced!

Oh the other thing she did… When the entrée was served, she wanted the condiment caddy, but instead of asking me to pass it to her, she reached across in front of me, brushing her arm across my breast… Naturally, I apologised and said to her “Oh, allow me,” but I passed it to her far side and ooops! My arm accidentally happened to brush against her breast. Purely coincidental you understand, I even managed to blush a little myself, but the eye contact… Nice! (Bad girl, naughty Aimie… LOL.)

It was not until the dessert course that she got around to mentioning the Champagne. Once again, stroking my thigh, she said quite matter-of-factly:

“If you don’t have to rush off after dinner, I have a very nice Champagne chilling in my apartment; would you care to come back for a celebration drink?”

You would have been proud of me: I placed my hand really high on her thigh, looked her in the eyes, smiled, licked my lips before wiping the corner of mouth with my serviette and said “I would love to, thank you, it would be a lovely way to end this wonderful evening, I can’t thank you enough!”

Linda finished her dessert in a flash, but I am, at special times you understand, a slow eater! After all, one should never appear to be over eager should one? LOL. I did offer her an after dinner Brandy, but she, as anticipated, declined saying “It would be nice, but with the Champagne, a Brandy maybe a little too much.” What’s a girl to do, I had to agree…

I followed her in my car and it took about twenty minutes to drive to her apartment. Wow, this was no apartment, this was a condominium on the sixth floor of a private building, Doorman, the whole thing. Made me realise just what a Director of Nursing salary can do for you! Large lounge, beautifully furnished, open plan kitchenette dining space, all built in stainless ovens and microwave etc… This was beautiful…

Linda mecidiyeköy escort poured the Champagne, crystal flutes, and then asked “Would you like to see the rest of the place?” As we walked around she was telling me she had hired a decorator to come in. Not a cheap one I can tell you, the décor just flowed throughout the place. Saw her two guest rooms, and a great Craft Room she has set up. Then, and a little to my surprise, as we returned to the lounge she offered me a seat. I purposely sat on the settee… LOL (I was having a blast honey!) Lynda refilled our Champagne Flutes, came and sat beside me and sure enough, there was that stroking hand again, but her strokes were occasionally now slowly moving more toward the inside of my thigh! Then… Almost as though it was a total oversight, as she topped off our champagne flutes, Linda exclaimed:

“Oh Aimie, I didn’t show you the master en suite!”

Takes my hand and continued: “Darling you have to see this!”

As we walked down the hall, inside, I was really smiling to myself….

Well, it was stunning! Four poster bed with a silken canopy; same material in the curtains, matching dressing table and chests’ of draws. The bedroom was larger than the lounge, in fact so large that at one end she also had a Chaise lounge, armchair, coffee table and a wall mounted 60″ LED television. The master bath was as big as my bedroom..! Jacuzzi tub, walk in shower, double sink, and the walk in closet was to die for! I would kill for the shoe rack alone!!!

Anyway, as we left the closet, I thought maybe it was time to; how shall I put this? “Maybe offer an opportunity…” So very playfully I sat and then lay back on the Chaise, exclaiming, “Lynda, you have a beautiful home, thank you for showing it to me!”

She was seated in the armchair in front of me, so I very slightly bent one knee up, exposing just a glimpse of my thigh above my stocking, licked my lip, and lay back; Champagne in hand as I sighed: “This has been such a wonderful evening!”

I lay there eyes closed, sipping on my Champagne. Linda got up from her chair and I remained still as she now sat on the edge of the Chaise. Her hand slowly stroked up my leg, and it was not until I felt the touch of her fingers on my naked skin that I opened my eyes, smiling as I looked at her…

With a very quiet, somewhat husky voice she said “Aimie, may I kiss you?”

I simply reached for her hand, she moved to me and we kissed… It really was a beautiful moment. And as we kissed, still holding hands we stood; moved to the bed and we made love.

I must say, she was an exciting woman to make love with. No commitments on either side, but when I left in the morning, we both agreed we would have to do this again!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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