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Ling (20 yrs.) is a Chinese American beauty (35-24-32) who almost missed the start of the home meet inside the university gym. It’s Friday evening and Ling runs up the fan bleachers and sits down. Her long, black hair, hangs down who wears tight jeans and a college t-shirt. Her tiny binoculars hang around her neck. She watches the first wrestling matches on the gym floor.

After a few minutes. Ling searches the bleachers with those binoculars. She notices Ryker (19 yrs.) who stands at 5’8” and weighs 149 lbs. He’s on the team from out-of-town who is not wrestling. He’s dressed in his college sweat suit and is limping. He’s also a cute blonde with whom she met weeks ago. She had almost gotten him into her hotel room too. His jealous girlfriend didn’t like her talking to him and had got in between them.

She watches Ryker through the binoculars and doesn’t see his girlfriend. His left ankle looks like it had just been wrapped. So, that injury is recent as he limps up the bleachers and sits next to his college friends. He begins cheering on his team who are the competitive visitors.

Ling whispers, “Well, I think I got him this time.”

10 minutes later. Ling stands up and walks over to where Ryker is sitting.

She says, “Hey Ryker. It’s been a few weeks.” Sinop Escort

He looks up at her, “Hi, um. Ling right? How are you?”

“I’m fine, now that I see you. The invitation is still open to meet in my Hotel room” she replies.

A smile comes across his face who says, “Sorry, I just got engaged.”

Ling shrugs her shoulders and smirks, “Well, I’m at the Hotel across from the university. Room 95. If you change your mind.”

She turns and walks away. He watches her beautiful ass inside those tight jeans.

He whispers, “Shit, room 95?”

It’s late Friday night inside Ling’s Hotel room. The big TV screen plays a “Rap” music video. The volume is turned down to a whisper. The lights in the room are all on.

Ryker’s sweat suit, socks and shoes are piled up near the bed. Ling’s clothes are laying on top of the bed.

He is naked who sits on a regular chair near the table. His left ankle is wrapped in a thick bandage. Both of his knees are spread open. She is also nude who kneels in between his legs. Her black hair is tied into a ponytail and her right hand grips his 5 and ½-inch cock.

She looks up at him and whispers, “Hold it Ryker. Hold it baby.”

He breathes hard while looking down at his cock. He trembles, “Trying…. Sinop Escort Bayan I’m fucking trying!”

Her lips cover his cock-tip completely. Her tongue licks him in a circle.

“Ohh…. Fuck…. I-I love you!” he replies.

She lifts her mouth off, “You’re a real stud Ryker. You know that right?”

Her right hand strokes him up and down.

He replies, “Uh-Yeah.. I do.. F-Fuck!!”

Her lips slide over his cock-tip quickly and she goes all the way down his shaft. Those lips touch his heavy, blonde crotch and she holds it there.

Ryker squirms, “Fuck.. Take it all!”

His left hand grips her head while she holds still and breathes. Her right hand cups his balls and rubs him gently.

He squirms, “Fuck.! Can’t hold it…. it!!”

Her mouth clamps down and he explodes, “Fu-Fuuuuuuckk.! Uuuuh.! Uuuh!!”

She keeps her hold real tight around his shaft as he squirms.

“Fuck.! You swallowed me!!” he says.

She pulls off her mouth and his back falls against the chair.

20 minutes later. The big screen TV still plays “Rap” music videos. The volume has been turned up.

Ling has let her hair down as she straddles Ryker on the chair. Both of her hands are grabbing his shoulders. His hands Escort Sinop are gripping her butt-cheeks. Her tits dangle in front of his face as she grinds her hips onto his cock. Her black pussy touches his blonde-ness.

She says, “Gonna stop. Hold it baby.”

He turns his head left and closes his eyes, “Fuck.! I can’t.!” His hands grip her buttocks real hard.

She whispers, “Hot Ryker.” Both of her hands squeeze his shoulders as her hair falls over her face.

She starts grinding those hips down really hard.

He responds, “Fuck.! Right fucking there.!!”

Ling throws the hair over her onto the back. His left hand let’s go of her butt-cheek and grabs her left tit.

She grinds it and he says, “Uuh.. Fuck.. Uuuhh.!”

“I always wanted to ride you Ryker!” she replies.

Ling starts bouncing up and down upon his stiff shaft.

He lifts his head up, “Fuck.! Cumming!!”

She keeps bouncing as he explodes, “Uuuuuuuuuhh.! Fuuuck.!!”

They both stop and she French-kisses him passionately.

He says, “Fuck, I lasted…. A little longer.”

They both laugh and she replies, “That was good baby. Your fiancé is a lucky woman.”

“Not tonight” he replies.

Ling climbs off of his lap and her hand pulls off the condom. She strides into the bathroom and he watches her from the chair. That incredible ass.

She yells out, “We have all weekend. Our own honeymoon.”

He laughs, stands up and bounces on his strong foot over to the bed….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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