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Copyright 2007

Please, DO NOT read if you are under 18 years old. I welcome any and all constructive feedback and I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to read, comment and vote. Thanks to Penny for suggesting this story. I hope you like it.


My girlfriend from work, Linda, had just told me about a great new lingerie boutique up on State Street. It was kind of a “concept” store, she said. When I asked her what that was all about, she just said it was really interesting and I should go see for myself. I have to say that my interest was piqued, so I looked at my calendar and decided to go after work on Friday. Maybe I could pick up something nice for “date night” with my husband on Saturday.

Jim and I are in our late thirties with two kids. We are a typical family, first child a boy and then came the girl three years later. Jim owns his own web design firm and I am the office manager for a local animal charity organization. We aren’t rich, but we are comfortable and both enjoy our careers, family and friends. We set aside one night a month to have a date night and send the kids to their grandparent’s house for the evening. Sometimes we do something special, like the opera, but most dates we have a nice dinner, maybe a movie or museum, and go home and screw our brains out. This weekend, we were planning to see a blues concert in the park and have a late dinner at the BBQ joint around the corner.

I put the store out of my mind until Friday afternoon when Linda asked me if I had been there yet. I told her of my plans to go that evening after work, and she just grinned. “I know you will love it,” she said. I got the distinct feeling that there was something that she wasn’t telling me, but my phone rang and my attention was diverted. Right before I left work, I called Jim and told him that I would be late for dinner, would he mind feeding the kids?

“I can do better than that,” he told me. “Your parents already picked them up. They wanted to go see that new animated flick and it opens tonight. They said that they might as well keep them for the weekend if we didn’t mind.”

“Hell, no, I don’t mind,” I laughed. I invited him to come shopping with me, but he said he was already settled in and wanted to get some work done while he had peace and quiet. I didn’t blame him. It could be a mad house with the kids and their friends around. “I don’t know how long I will be,” I said.

“Have a good time and be careful out there,” he said. “Love you.”

“Love you, too,” I answered before hanging up. I tidied my desk, and left in high spirits. Retail therapy always puts me in a good mood. I was leaving a bit late, so traffic wasn’t an issue as I made my way downtown. State Street was on the edge of the old shopping district. This neighborhood had gone to seed when the shopping malls came to town, but thanks to the local historical society and some thrifty-minded entrepreneurs and artists, it was slowly making a comeback. There really were some beautiful old buildings in this area, and I was glad to see that they hadn’t been taken over completely by the rats and rubble.

The brick façade of the Lingerie Lounge had a decorative base stone that read the date 1893. It had tall, arched windows on both floors, the bottom ones filled with tasteful displays of lacy nightgowns and other bedclothes. The heavy glass and oak door had a small plaque with the name and business hours on it, but nothing else. I pushed it open and found myself standing in a room that had been carefully restored. The original pressed tin ceilings had been repaired or replaced and polished to a matte finish. The hardwood floors had been refinished as had the original wood moldings and trim. Someone had also picked out wallpaper reminiscent of the period with a soft rose print pattern. It was beautiful.

A sales lady approached me within minutes. She was also graceful and pretty, about 35, slim, and dressed in a pink, silk button down blouse and gray pencil skirt. Her honey brown hair was in a sleek French twist, and I loved her shoes. I have a thing for shoes. They were black patent leather, pointed toe and had a dainty ankle strap with an old-fashioned button closure The slim 3″ heel put her a good five inches taller than me and I thought she was easily the most lovely woman I had ever seen. She smiled at me warmly and asked if I needed help.

“Not really, I am here on the recommendation of my girlfriend. She said I needed to stop by, and check, ah, the store out.” I almost said “you” instead of “the store” but I caught myself in time.

“In that case, welcome, and feel free to browse. My name is Emily. We have a special viewing area where you can see models wearing our products. It’s in the back to the left, if you are interested.” Ah, this must be the gimmick, I thought. I thanked her and wandered from rack to rack. Faded throw rugs were scattered on the floor adding to the charm and I saw some pretty items, but nothing that I could get too excited about. It all seemed sort of şişli escort stuffy and I was a little disappointed, but thought that I had better at least check out the viewing area before I leave.

I meandered back in the direction that the sales girl had motioned and noticed that it was quite a bit darker than the main part of the store. There was a red carpet runway laid down on the polished floor and the lights seemed to be directed at it. Several chairs were arranged around the carpet, presumably for viewing comfort. A model wearing a lacy white teddy and high heels slid out from behind a curtained doorway at the far end. The teddy was tasteful, but it was something you would wear under a business suit. I watched as several other models came and went at a slow saunter, and I was still not particularly impressed. I was almost ready to get up and leave when I heard a rustle behind me and saw that the original sales girl was approaching me again.

“Would you like to see some of the fashions from our second floor collection?” she asked me. I nodded. I’ll admit that I was intrigued. What would they be hiding out of view from the main floor?

A model came out wearing something beautiful, and certainly different from the fare presented so far. I looked around, but I was the only one in the viewing room aside from the model and Emily, my sales girl.

It was an elegant ensemble, a matching bra, panty and garter belt set of delicate beige lace. The cups of the bra and hips of the garter belt were embroidered with delicate pink roses and buds. The most shocking part was that her nipples could clearly be seen, the needlework cupping the tips so that they became cradled by a the flowers. The panties were also crotchless, allowing me to glimpse a perfectly shaved pussy peeking out at me as she moved. The model showed no embarrassment, doing her turn and heading back to the curtain.

I was certainly taken aback. I have long harbored fantasies of being with other women, and I could feel my face flush with excitement. I have never even dared to tell Jim about my desires. We have been married for 10 years. What would he say? The next model that came out was more wicked than the last.

She was tall and graceful with thick red hair that hung loose down to her waist. Her skin was pale and set off the black corset perfectly. It was beaded satin and, had attached garters. The straps framed her bare cunt and her breasts were completely exposed. A riding crop dangled lightly from a strap on her wrist. Her legs were long and she had on black high heeled boots that laced up the front. They looked like something out of a Betty Page layout**, and I lost all composure and just stared at the luscious girl. She returned my stare with a nod, and snapped the side of her boot with the crop before turning back to the curtain.

“You seemed to like that one in particular,” she commented, “Would you like to try it on?” I nodded, my throat still dry. “I think in the white for you, though. Follow me please,” her voice was all business and I did as I was told. Her heels tapped the floor in a mesmerizing beat. She led me down a short hall off of the viewing room and into a comfortably appointed dressing room. There was a chaise lounge and side table in one corner and a dark red roman couch lined an opposite wall. The entire room was softly lit, but the glow was magnified by the large mirrors hung on every wall, some of them floor to ceiling. I didn’t think that this was a regular dressing room, but I wasn’t about to object.

“I have to have your measurements in order to fit you properly,” she told me.

“I am a 36C,” I said.

She shook her head and laughed softly. “No, I need to take your measurements, myself. All of them,” she said pointedly, taking a small tape measure from a decorative little box on the side table. “Please take off everything except your panties.” I hesitated only a moment before following her instructions. Her voice was silky and I found myself focusing on her shoes again. I could hardly believe that this was the way that the average customer was treated. And the open displays of female flesh in the viewing room. What was that all about? All of this ran through my mind as I stripped with trembling fingers.

She watched me with hooded eyes and I shook slightly as I undid the zipper on my slacks and stepped out of them. And I couldn’t quite bring myself to met her eyes while I undid my bra and pulled it off my shoulders. I wasn’t wearing any hose, and I shivered when I finally stood up straight. My nipples were hard, and I was praying that she couldn’t tell how turned on I was. She approached me with the tape measure, a gleam in her eye.

“You are beautiful. You don’t have to hide your body from me.” Her voice was captivating. “It’s my business to enhance women’s beauty. I am going to enjoy brining out your wilder side,” she said grinning at me. I felt a little more at ease, and let her move my arms out of the way behind my neck. I felt so open and naked. She bent to mecidiyeköy escort wrap the measuring tape around my torso and her cheek brushed my hard nipple.

“Oh!” I exclaimed involuntarily. I blushed beet red all over and held my gaze to her toes.

“Tsk,” she clucked at me. I felt like a scolded child. I couldn’t believe that her actions were an oversight, but she was so business like that I had no response.

She finished her task without further interruptions and soon, she had my measurements written on a small slip of paper. I had returned my arms to my sides, but didn’t move otherwise when she tapped twice on the hotel style bell sitting next to the decorative box. The red-headed model entered still wearing the black corset and took the piece of paper from Emily’s fingers. She stopped and gave me an appraising look from head to toe. I blushed more than I ever had in my entire life, and she laughed low before exiting.

“Her name is Cindy,” Emily said to me as she walked in a slow circle around me. “She is my co-manager.” I gasped and looked up to her face. She laughed a merry chime at my surprise. “She likes to be more…daring, in her sales approach. I expect you won’t be able to resist her pitch.”

She completed her circle while she continued to talk. “You are very beautiful. I am going to enjoy dressing you in pretty, frilly things. Like a doll. My little plaything.” she leaned over and whispered gently in my ear. Her words made me shiver and if my nipples stood out before, they were diamond hard tips now. My pussy was throbbing, and I knew right then that I would let these women have their way with me. I giggled briefly when I realized that I would also pay for the privilege when they charged my credit card for the merchandise.

Emily gave me a questioning look, but I gave my head a shake. I was beginning to fall under their spell, and I didn’t want the sound of my own voice to break it. I just wanted to go where they led me. Shortly, Cindy came back with the garment that Emily requested and a shoe box underneath one arm. This time, she ordered me to put my hands behind my neck. I complied immediately.

Cindy sat in an overstuffed chair and draped her leg over the arm. She wagged her foot with nonchalance, but her bare pussy was completely open and on display. Her puffy lips were spread and clearly wet. “Like what you see?” Emily asked me. I snapped my eyes back to hers, but there was amusement in her eyes. “It’s okay. Cindy is our exhibitionist here at Lingerie Lounge,” she said to me. “She loves to show off.” I was shocked, but more aroused than ever. I wondered for a moment if this was what Linda had intended for me to find when she sent me to this boutique.

“Take a deep breath and hold it, please,” Emily said to me. I did as I was told and she started doing up the clasps going up the front. It was a tight fit, but I knew that she still had to do the laces in the back. I held my long brown hair out of the way and my tits jiggled and bounced as she tugged on the ribbon laces behind me. Cindy just sat and leered at me during the whole process, a sly smirk on her beautiful face. The pair of women were an odd contradiction. Cindy was the one dressed in Mistress gear, but Emily seemed to be the one in charge.

“There. All done with that. Now for the garters.” She rolled up a thigh high white stocking and held it down for me to step into. Cindy rose from the chair and came to steady me.

“Keep your hands up,” she whispered in my ear. I watched in almost horrified silence as Emily rolled the delicate stocking up my leg. I could feel her breath on my thighs, and I knew she could smell my juicy pussy. She stroked up my leg to make sure it was smooth and I trembled with lust. Her touch was so delicate, so different from my husbands. But it was so erotic, I was helpless before these two. She did the snaps that attached the garters to the stockings and then we repeated the process with the other leg. This time, however, Emily leaned in close, about two inches from my exposed pussy and inhaled deeply.

“You smell delicious,” she told me. And then she leaned in to plant a kiss, right on my bare lips. I gasped sharply, but was held in place by Cindy’s hands on my elbows, still holding me up. There was no doubt anymore what these ladies had in mind. Emily rose from the floor, licking her lips. “Delicious,” she repeated.

She picked up the shoe box and drew forth the most beautiful pair of shoes. They were while leather sandals, with chunky, curved high heels. The straps were the same white satin ribbon as the corset was anchored with and she tied the ribbons in a white bow behind my ankles. She stood up and backed away, studying me. Cindy came around to my front to do the same. A wide smile cracked both of their faces when their glances met. I desperately wanted to look in one of the mirrors, but they were standing in the way of my view. I got the feeling that they were doing it on purpose.

“With your hands up, walk towards us. Keep your eyes on us,” Emily told me. I took about ten towards them and stopped. I was painfully aware that my breasts were thrust up, nipples still rock hard. “Now backwards.” I hobbled a little bit going back, unsteady on the plush carpet. I wanted so bad to just steal a peek, but Cindy still had the crop, and I really didn’t want to have a run in with that.

Cindy shook her head. “Something isn’t quite right. Put your hands behind your back and clasp your elbows with your hands.” I did like she said, and looked down to see that my breasts were thrust completely out. I blushed anew, and felt a jolt run to my pussy.

“You were made for that outfit,” Emily told me. They moved aside so that I could get the full effect of what they had done to me. “Isn’t it so strange that just a change of color and accessories make such a difference in the same outfit.” I just stared at myself in the mirror. It was me, but not. My legs looked a mile longer, my breasts were hard and swollen with desire. My eyes were bright and shiny, and my pussy was definitely glossy and wet, with it’s frilly, lacy garter strap border.

I was even more aroused by the fact that I had let these women dress me like such a little doll slut. And pose me as such, too. My whole body was throbbing, and I felt like I was going to boil over. Emily seemed to notice my state first and came over to me. “Shhh. You are a good girl. You have been so cooperative with us. You have done everything you were told.” She reached up to stroke and pet my breasts while she spoke. I was almost in tears, and I tried to calm myself. I took in deep breaths and closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes again, Cindy was circling me. “Walk in circles around the room,” she directed. The room was large enough for me to maneuver, but I was still a bit unsteady on the high heels. I felt awkward, but the ladies were murmuring between themselves and I caught a few words that sounded encouraging.

“Stop,” Emily commanded. I turned to look at them. She approached me and came to a stop just a few inches from me. She looked me in the eye and then kissed me full on the lips. I was startled, but returned her attention. Her lips were so soft, I flicked my tongue out to lick them. She snaked her tongue out also, and the next thing I knew, I was full out French kissing this commanding woman. Her breath tasted oddly like roses, but it was delectable just the same. I was completely engrossed in the kiss with Emily and missed Cindy coming up behind me. She ran her fingers through the hair at the base of my neck and pulled my head back to expose my throat.

I whimpered, but they ignored me. Emily ran her oh so soft lips down my throat and brushed my nipples. She sucked and laved gently on the underside of my tits while Cindy did the same with my neck and ear. I wanted to feel her sucking on my nipples, but she seemed to be taking her time, as if savoring the flavor of my skin. Her warm hands molded to my ribcage and made me throb inside.

Cindy was the next to kiss me. Her tongue darted out immediately, more demanding than Emily had been. I sucked on her tongue and lips, kissing her eagerly. She held my head back by my hair while I still had my hands clasped behind my neck as best I could. “Spread your legs wider,” she whispered against my lips and I did as I was told. The rich carpet made it difficult, but for some odd reason, I wanted to please her as best I could.

Emily continued downward until her lips grazed my pubic hair. I keep it trimmed short, but it’s wiry, and I could feel her little pink tongue making circles in the fur. My head was really spinning now. I could hardly believe that I was here doing this. The mirrors did not lie, however and I could clearly see Emily’s head between my thighs as well as Cindy’s tongue roaming to my still exposed throat. It was so electrifying to watch that I thought I might swoon when Emily’s tongue found my slit and delved in. She zeroed in on my clit immediately, and put just the right amount of pressure between her lips to send me skyrocketing. I couldn’t help myself, I started lunging my hips forward as far as I could to find some contact with her darting digit.

I knew that my juices must be flowing nicely, and Cindy let go of my hair to put her face closer to my gash. Mmmph and mmm noises were coming from Emily’s buried lips and her tongue kept darting in between my clit and my juicy hole. She seemed to be trying to gather the moisture there and lap as if it was nectar. My whole body felt as if it were on fire, and I felt my knees buckle. Luckily, the chaise lounge was right behind us, and Cindy gently guided me while Emily, still on her knees, held my legs open.

This new position was much easier to bear, and Cindy crossed my wrists over my head and told me to keep them there. Emily said nothing, but resumed her frantic licking of my pussy. I was getting close already, and told her so. She backed off some, then and started licking me with long, slow, lazy strokes with the broad side of her tongue. Cindy moved lower to watch her and suckle my exposed breasts. I could still see all in the mirror, and I looked like such a wanton slut spread out for them to play with.

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