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The sun was just beginning to touch the tops of the trees at the west edge of the lake when Shelly asked if anyone else was hungry. The four of us, Shelly, her boyfriend Dan, Shelly’s roommate and my “date” Laura, and myself, had spent almost the entire day at the park, swimming, partying a little and enjoying the perfect Michigan summer day. Although none of us were anxious to leave the idyllic repose of the quiet late evening and return to Dan’s city apartment, we all had to admit that we were unsatisfied with the snack food we had been nibbling at all day, and ready for a real meal. So we loaded up Dan’s old car and departed with regrets for the impermanence of our shared pleasure.

Back at Dan’s apartment we all pitched in to prepare a fine vegetarian meal (Laura being a strict vegetarian). Before leaving the park I had pulled on jeans and t-shirt. Before starting fix the meal, Shelly and Laura had changed out of their swim suits. Perversely, I found Laura’s choice of attire now to be even more provocative than the pink and white two-piece suit she had worn most of the day. Clad now in a white halter top and tiny, clingy white skirt it was hard to keep my eyes (and hands) off of her. Although we had dated casually a few times and even shared a couple of steamy kisses during which she allowed me to hungrily caress her small breasts through her blouse, our relationship had not yet become and intimate one. If I had any doubts previously, I was now convinced that escalating our intimacy was a definite priority.

Laura’s dark chestnut hair fell softly against the bare, tanned skin of her shoulders and upper arms. Her large dark eyes flashed seductively from her pretty, delicately featured face. Her exposed back was like the graceful bole of a young tree, and in my imagination I had always thought of her as some kind of changeling stepchild of hamadryad and sorceress pedigree. Perhaps the most enchanting of her many peerless physical charms were her legs and appealing formed bottom enticingly displayed by her tiny white skirt. And the heeled sandals with criss-cross straps that twined up her finely turned calves held me in even greater thrall.

After our meal, the four of us were relaxing in Dan’s small living room, listening to music. Laura snuggled next to me on the couch and Dan and Shelly were sharing the worn recliner chair that Dan refused to retire. My left arm was wrapped around Laura’s waist and I could feel the warmth of her skin pressing against my forearm and my fingertips rested lightly on the taught flesh at the edge of her skirt. Shelly got up to use the bathroom and came back a few minutes later saying. “You perv, Dan! Look what I found!” She held up a magazine for all of us to see.

In her hand was one of those newsstand erotic letter publications. The cover picture featured an attractive woman in scant attire and bold promises of daring sexual variations depicted within. Dan was not too embarrassed by this revelation and smiled insouciantly while his girlfriend paged through the magazine. “So what,” she asked “you read this and jerk off.”

“Not unless you leave me no alternative,” he responded, and Sinop Escort Shelly nudged him playfully with an elbow.

“So which of these letters do you like anyway?” Shelly asked.

Dan took the magazine from her and paged through it apathetically. “I don’t know. Whatever appears interesting at the moment,” he laughed.

“Why don’t read us one you like?” Shelly suggested.

Dan took a pull on his beer bottle and looked at Shelly’s taunting grin. “Alright,” he agreed. He took a minute or two to turn through the pages then proceeded to read a straight forward account written by a man relating his successful seduction of his sister-in-law while his wife was away on a business trip. The sex described was fairly conventional, but the setting and situation were unique and presently in a somewhat comic tone. When he finished, Dan handed the magazine to Shelly and said, “Your turn. Read us one you like.”

Shelly blushed a little, and then coyly said, “I will……if everyone does. Okay?” She and Dan looked over at the two of us on the couch. “Why not?” I said and Laura nodded her consent with a twinkle in her eyes that made me squirm a little. Shelly took what seemed like a long time looking through the letters and finally selected one authored by a woman revealing her unanticipated pleasure when she eventually succumbed to her husband’s desire to penetrate her anally. The writing was vivid and sensuous and when Shelly was finished we all looked flustered and uncomfortable. After a moment Shelly broke the silence by telling Dan that it was getting late, and maybe he should drive her home as she had to work in the morning. No one was convinced by her reasoning, but then, it was obvious that she wanted to be alone with Dan and that was just fine with him. They soon departed leaving Laura and me alone.

The two of us started to do some cleaning up in the kitchen, but as she stood next to the table I ran my fingertips down her bare back and she turned her head to kiss me over her shoulder. Our tongues dueled lightly and I enjoyed the softness of her pretty mouth. She wiggled seductively against me as I slid my hands up her body and cupped her braless breast through the thin fabric of her tank top. I kissed the back of her neck and continued to fondle her breasts. When Laura reached up and untied the halter straps at the back of her neck and let the fabric slip off beneath my hands, I knew that I was being invited to enjoy her delicious body. I stroked her puffy nipples and areola that stood up like candy kisses on the tips of her small, pert, almost cone-shaped breasts, kissing and flicking my tongue all over her neck and shoulders.

I am obsessed with giving oral and my mouth was watering in anticipation as I whispered in Laura’s ear, “May I? I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”

“Do what?” she asked.

For answer I slipped down to my knees and pulled her skirt up around her waist exposing the perfect globes of her ass. A white thong that tied at each hip was all that covered her lovely backside as I planted kisses all over her warm skin. She leaned forward and rested her elbows on the Sinop Escort Bayan table while my lips and tongue roamed over her bottom. When I tugged open the tie at her left hip she gracefully stepped out of her panties as they feel to her ankles and turned around. I kissed her lower belly and followed the pencil-thin trail of pubic hair that remained above her smoothly waxed mound. Laura opened her legs as I pressed my head between her thighs and my tongue began painting a slow path up and down her parted lips. I licked and sucked at her feminine sex. She began to moan softly and ran her fingers through my hair. I covered her entirely with my mouth and sucked at her erect clit and then strummed her bud rapidly with the tip of my tongue. I dipped tongue lower to drink up the honey that dribbled from her excited opening but found it difficult to wedge my tongue inside her while she stood with her legs straight. I gently took her by the hips and turned her around again and immediately plunged my tongue deeply into her wet hole as she bent over the table.

Laura groaned out loud and climaxed suddenly as my tongue probed into her slit and alternately lashed at her clitoris. I kept my tongue on her as she slowly stopped trembling and then gently began to work it in and out of her sweet sex. She began to respond again very quickly, wriggling her hips and mashing her lips against my mouth as my tongue thrashed around inside her. I was intensely enjoying the sensation of her pussy caressing my tongue and would have happily kept going when she huskily told me, “God that feels good. I want you to fuck me.”

I pulled back for a moment and licked up some of the moisture from her thighs and kissed each flawlessly curved cheek. “I’m afraid I don’t have any birth control with me. But I would love to continue like this if you would.”

She moaned her arousal and disappointment. “I really want to do it though,” she said. “I really want to fuck!” I resumed my oral attention to her open lips and thrust my tongue back and forth, trying to give her a satisfying fucking with my wet tongue. After several minutes of this she squirmed away and tugged me up to my feet behind her. She turned enough to kiss me deeply and whispered into my ear, “Maybe we could do it like that letter……….the letter that Shelly read”.

“Do you want that?” I asked in surprise.

“I don’t know. You seemed to like my butt,” she laughed. “I’ve never done it before. Have you?”

“Not exactly. I mean, I’ve played back there before, but not exactly had sex there. You know?

“No,” she said. “Played how? Show me.”

I kissed her again and ran my hands up and down her back and over the sloping curves of her buns. I gently kissed my way down her spine and skipped over her butt to nuzzle at the sweet spots where the curve of her ass melts in to the top of each thigh. She was perfectly formed and rounded with not an extra ounce of padding, and bent forward on her sexy heels her propped up ass naturally parted invitingly and displayed her puckered bud. “Like this,” I told her and unable to resist any longer I ran my tongue up Escort Sinop her cleft and danced the tip gently around her pink sphincter. “Oh God,” she moaned as my tongue swirled around her virginal bud and coated it in slippery spit. I placed a fingertip on her swelling clitoris and rubbed in a lazy circle, matching it with circles of my tongue around and around her tight star. When my spit began to dribble down her bare pussy lips, I stiffened my tongue and focused my efforts on delicately inserting the tip inside her clenched anus. Laura cried out in surprise but pressed her hips backward and pulled her cheeks wider apart with her graceful long fingertips. Before long she was breathing heavily as I sank my tongue as deep as I could into her soaked chute. She dilated in excitement and I began to bob my head back and forth, thrusting my tongue like a piston in and out of the slippery cylinder of her distended asshole.

I stood up and ripped my pants off my painfully hard erection. Laura looked back over her shoulder as I approached her backside and began to line up my pole with her butt socket.

“You have a delicious ass,” I told her. “We don’t have to if you don’t want it, you know.”

“Do it,” she groaned. “I want to. Just go slow. Your licking me there felt awesome. But I’m afraid it will hurt. You have a really big dick.”

My shaft was rigidly erect and as unbending as a steel post. I placed the tip against her ring and pressed gently forward. She instantly squirmed away and told me “Slower.” I pressed it against her again and this time let her wiggle and twist her hold slowly back over the flared head of my cock. It took several minutes and more willpower than I though I possessed but slowly Laura worked her dilated anus down over my throbbing dick until the ridge was beginning to stretch her ring. With a sexy grunt she thrust back and the entire head slipped inside her. She reached one hand back to touch my chest and we held entirely still like an erotic statue for several seconds. Then her breathing resumed with a shuddering inhale and together we coaxed the thick stalk of my cock deeper into her asshole. My hands roamed all over her back, cheeks, and thighs and reached around to cup her stiffened nipples. Our breathing was coming in panting gasps and gradually my organ sank deeper and deeper into her body. Just as my tightening balls pressed against her slick, bald pussy, I felt her body open before me. I penetrated her with the full length of my corpulent stalk and I could feel that the pulsating head had thrust past the length of her clutching rectum and invaded her colon.

Laura began a chanting moan of “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me….” And I delightedly complied, filling her butt again and again with every inch of my cock. In a crescendo of sudden lust we both began thrusting against each other. Laura climaxed with a growl and mashed her ass backward and upwards as I unloaded in her superheated chute, lubricating each stroke with a thick grease of slippery semen that oozed around the gripping ring of her violated anus.

Slowly our bodies stopped moving and I reluctantly withdrew my throbbing penis from the gaping sheath of her sweet asshole. Laura turned to kiss me deeply and squirmed against me rubbing her firm breasts on my chest as I groped and fingered her freshly fucked butt. “I think we have our own letter to write now,” she laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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