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Sheona Carr’s stomach had those butterflies. She recognised the feelings of anticipation, desire and fulfilment, curiosity and playfulness all floating a little too freely within her. In any case, she knew her gut feel was transmitting real thoughts, as many neurons in her belly as in her brain. A light-headed motion sickness sort of feeling.

Yet driven by standard desires and coming into sharp focus for her quicker than planned. Much quicker in fact. This wasn’t meant to be now. Her carefully controlled process had been quickly undone by Tom Kanchelskis in one swift request to borrow her iPhone charger. Did he know she would have to go back to her hotel room to get it? And she had casually heard herself say “walk up with me if you like”. And he did like.

Near yet far from the other epidemiologists at the annual conference, hastily reconvened in light of new information from the WHO and the Wuhan labs about COVID-19.

The walk from the elevator to the room was slightly – awkward. Heading for a hotel room with a professional acquaintance was not a standard procedure for either of them it seemed. Now the butterflies in place of the easy conversation from earlier in the day. She navigated to her room number 405 more by visual cues and noted that she was slightly out of breath. Not like her to almost forget a room number. Her grasp on the details were unusually hazy.

And now here they were, in her hotel room. Had she imagined the slightly narrowed eyes, an almost imperceptible edge to his tone “I don’t suppose you have an iPhone cable I could borrow”. She quickly replayed the scene in her mind as she bent over her suitcase left carefully on the floor earlier. “It’s in here somewhere”, not remembering several of the things Eryaman Rus Escort she had recently packed. She played for time and considered the edge in his voice and the butterflies in her stomach. The next ten seconds were going to make or break her plan for Mr Kanchelskis. Fool or fantasy fulfilled. She was about to choose and wanted some more time. Denied.

Sheona straightened up, clutching the cable a little too tightly, and saw that Tom was casually leaning back on the dresser, crisp white business shirt set against his healthy complexion. He had obviously enjoyed observing her rummaging around in her case. Was she over-thinking his look, his edgy tone? What was undeniable was he was in her room.

Enough time before mandatory dinner downstairs. Government approval of the national medical strategy conference meant no skipping dinner. This was going to have to be quick. Last chance, now or never.

“Now that we are here” she began, throwing the cable back on top of the suitcase and sitting on the bed, which she patted with a playful hand. The pause for his reaction seemed an eternity of time – enough time for her to recall her plan.

This conference was the first time she would meet Tom in person. Yes they had many multi-person video calls and even a few one-to-one calls where she had enjoyed being able to observe him closely without him being aware. In fact it was during one of these calls she had realised that he was probably one of the only 3 men (always men) to have the most direct influence on the way her country responded to COVID-19.

Sheona surprised herself with how quickly professional respect turned to a darker erotic anticipation. It was Sincan Rus Escort a huge turn-on for her not inconsiderable intellect to be involved with the Tom Kanchelskis. But she had planned for many process stages to get to being anywhere near where she now found herself.

“Now that we are here, what?”, he interrupted her thoughts. And yet he wasn’t seriously asking for an answer as he simultaneously moved over towards her. It was his movement, not his words which signalled the butterflies to leave her tummy, to be replaced by a new voice much deeper in her pelvic region. A much more persistent visitor with an unmistakable message. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me, they would have said if they had needed words. But the tightening feeling of tingling in her pussy didn’t require vocabulary. It just was. She just was. Sheona unbuttoned her blouse as Tom sat beside her on the bed. “Now that we are here” he repeated, as he moved in to kiss her, one hand encircling her waist.

Sheona became aware of Tom’s light scent and closed her eyes. The touch of his hand around her waist was extreme intimacy for two colleagues for a first basic physical contact. No words, although Sheona suddenly felt very self-conscious. Why had she just unbuttoned her blouse. A bit needy maybe, or perhaps a sign of loss of control. “Whatever it’s done now” she thought – “he gets the message”. The kiss lasted even longer than she hoped. A brief pause for breath, no release. Keep kissing. She moved her head slightly – it was uncomfortable side by side on the hotel bed. Tom was probably taller than average and Sheona started considering in-bed mechanics. Perhaps push him back on the bed playfully and get astride Etlik Rus Escort him? Put on a little show for him maybe? Decisions seemed to have a branching effect in her logical category brain. Every choice leading to more choices. Keep kissing, his hand moving around her neck now, mixing in and under her hair, strong hands she noted for a science researcher. Gripping her scalp almost, more intimate and urgent than his hand on her waist. She willed for his hand to tug at her blouse, release it from her skirt waistband, barely able to wait for the touch of his hand on her soft warm skin.

Apparently Tom had been making some decisions too, and had also unbuttoned his shirt, as if to invite her hand to wander inside – an invitation that needed no words or explanation. Sheona ran her hand inside Tom’s shirt and considered his firm chest, well muscled and just enough hair to make it attractive. She didn’t like hairy men, somehow they were just too much for her. Over his nipple now, nice and hard, needing caressed by her fingers and she felt him twitch slightly as she did so. “Mmmm” he managed as he broke off the kiss. Sheona wasn’t sure to be mischievously happy about the reaction or sad the kiss was over for now at least. Both.

“Now that we are here, we may as well see what you have got for me – is that what you were about to say?” he questioned her, breaking the moment. She hadn’t really considered the second part of her sentence. Her logical brain still just functional, urgently supplied options. Agree, say something funny or to just get on with fucking him. She chose all of the options – in this mood she had greed for all options. “Now that we are here, perhaps you care to reveal more about the real Tom Kanchelskis, the epidemiologist who went viral”. He smiled at the well-worn joke, deployed at every conference speech, usually to much alcohol-fuelled laughter. It was true she thought – he had gone viral. Probably the most famous epidemiologist in the world right now, and he was pulling at her blouse. “And I was hoping you could maybe fuck me a little before dinner as well.” Sheona concluded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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