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The locker room was silent but the entire colosseum literally vibrated with the roar of thousands of people as the game ended. The doors to the locker room slammed open and over a hundred people flooded the room accompanying the victorious team. I had somehow managed to be swept away with the crowd and now found myself in the locker room surrounded by a sea of men. Shoulder-to-shoulder, body to body, the entire room seemed to move as one…and my body was continually being brushed up upon…pressed into…and I was enjoying the excitement of the victory as well as the anonymous touching… whether intentionally given or not.

I caught the eye of one of the team members…his stare was intent on me…as he walked over to stand closely to me…forcing me up against one of the lockers. He placed the palms of his hands onto the lockers behind me and lowered his face, his lips next to my ear…whispered…”want to have you…all of us do….” My groan and weak kneed response was all he needed to know…and the entire crowd was signaled to clear out…leaving the team players and me to begin our own game.

“Wait here,” was all I was told to do…and the steam from the showers began to rise as the men began to strip. Some were intentionally teasing me as they stripped…some hurriedly stripping to get into the shower…and one was standing in the corner, completely naked, having already showered…drying off slowly to my delight.

He came over to me with several towels…laid them down on the bench in front of me and then casually stood behind me, directing my field of vision into the showers as he began to slowly undress me from behind. As he stripped away each item of clothing he urged me to watch the men showering…told me to decide how I would pleasure each one…that he would see to it that I was deeply aroused and that he would be the first to fuck me into oblivion. From behind he stripped me completely…and his enormous hands began to flow over my body…cupping my breasts…pulling and pinching at my nipples. I could feel his cock pressing in above the small of my back…his height bringing his cock higher than I was used to. I could feel his hips rocking slightly, making his cock slip over my back, up and down, his grasp upon my breasts tightened…Then his hands moved lower and from behind spread my legs apart, allowing my hand to easily begin stroking my clit while his hands tempted and teased my entire body…continuing this as I watched the men showering…soap and steam rolling over their bodies…all mine to be had.

My 5’3″ height was overpowered by his nearly 7′ frame as he turned me around…slid his hands under my hips…and easily pulled me up to waist level. I greedily wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me over to the lockers…forcing me up against the cold metal…and using the lockers as a brace…held me against that as his hand lowered to my cunt and inserted two fingers into my now dripping pussy and proceeded to finger fuck me slowly…my juices flowing already over his fingers.

The men were returning from the showers…a few with towels wrapped round their waists…but most with the towels around their neck or carried in their hands. They surrounded the area we were in just in time to see him trace his fingers wet with my juices over the head of his cock and then slide his cock all the way inside with one deepened stroke.

That one movement caused the entire team to begin their shouts and anxious groans. He immediately started fucking my pussy with hard, deliberate strokes…each inward stroke slammed into me, making the lockers rattle with the rhythm of his fucking strokes. His hands held my hips and kept me in place yenibosna escort as he continued to ram his cock in and out of me. The increasing banging of the lockers and his mounting groans signaled his flood of cum that began spurting into my pussy as his now banged into me harder with each successive spasming jerk of his cock. The team went wild as the cum began to drip out over his cock from inside my pussy and he laughed as he pulled me away and down from his pleasured cock. I chanced to look around the room and could see each man now stroking their own cocks…not to arouse, for they already were…but to maintain the pleasure in their near bursting cocks.

Two men came over to me, each one attending to half my body…mouths covering my tits…nibbling at my nipples…I could feel each one of them place a hand on my cunt…then felt two fingers of each slip inside my pussy…spreading me wider…two different fingers sliding over my clit…making my clit throb with each flick of their finger. Then from either shoulder their hands pressed me down lower…kneeling on the floor between the two of them…their cocks mere inches from my mouth. Each of my hands encircled a cock and stroked…feeling their cocks slipping in and out of my grasp. I turned to the side and glided one cock into my mouth and began sucking his swollen shaft deeply, gliding him in and out of my mouth as I continued to stroke the other cock…feeling him begin to rock into each of my strokes. I continued sucking the one and stroking the other until I felt the first pre-cum drops enter my mouth.

I then reversed and began stroking his cock and greedily took the other cock into my mouth…his cock already dripping with cum. His cock was so swollen…nearly engorged to the point of bursting. I could feel each vein pressing against my tongue as I sucked him deeply while my hand flowed quickly over the other cock. The cock in my mouth was hardened beyond belief…arousing me into tiny groans that everyone could now hear. His groans were coming closer and the one with the cock I was stroking was pressing into my hand for more. I removed my mouth from the one cock and grasping both cocks in my hands, pulled their cocks closer to my mouth…the heads of their cocks nearly touching each other…flicking my tongue over both heads at once over and over as my hands continued to stroke them faster and faster.

My mouth moved from one cock to the other, sucking first one several times then the other…hands still stroking as I sucked. Cum was beginning to drip, coating my mouth and fingers as each continued to jerk off or mouth fuck these near bursting cocks. First one, then the other began spurting jets of cum as my hand jerked each one off to perfection…draining them of every ounce they had and then sucking each one deeply as far in my mouth as I could to assure they were completely satisfied.

Three down and 5 to go.

Three men now came over to me…I was now far too aroused to devise what to do next. One laid down on the bench…his hips on the very edge of the end of the bench. Another man guided me over to the bench and had me straddle the man lying down…his cock, erect and throbbing, the head of his cock tapping against my pussy. Hands upon my thighs, I lowered my pussy over his cock and literally purred as his extremely long cock slipped inside effortlessly…the impressive size of his cock was more of length than breadth.

No sooner than I had adjusted to his cock and began bouncing up and down delightfully, the other man reached down and kissed me deeply…his tongue invading my mouth greedily…moaning into my mouth zeytinburnu escort as his hands pressed my shoulders back…causing me to lay down on the chest of the man below me while his cock remained buried within my swollen, pulsating pussy. The man on top’s groans were driving me insane…his desire and heated need electrifying me…and then I felt the shock of him trying to enter my pussy alongside the already throbbing cock inside me.

My clit nearly burst with excitement as I felt his cock slip in so tightly…the intense tightness pushed up underneath my clit making me scream with passion…wanting to cum beyond belief. And then just when I thought it was beyond bearing, the thought of two cocks wanting my pussy….he began stroking that cock in and out of me! Two cocks slipping in and out of me…my clit was a absolutely pounding…almost to cum…barely able to bear the pleasure when I felt a third man straddle my chest…and then lower his cock toward my mouth…his knees bent and now nearly touching either sides of my shoulders, his cock opening my mouth and fucking me deeply into my throat. His cock was enormous and long…my fingers could barely encircle it’s breadth. He continued to fuck my mouth in long even strokes as the two cocks inside me rammed in and out. I could now give in and let my body convulse in waves…cum as I wanted…enjoying sucking this cock and being fucked in my pussy deliriously by two others.

The man underneath me was restraining his own orgasm…holding off as the other began to cum…screaming as his cock rammed jets of hot cum into my cunt. I don’t know if it was the sounds of his cumming or my mouth on his cock, sucking so deeply…but he suddenly began to shudder…holding his cock still within my mouth…told me to use my tongue to stroke him off within my mouth and I flicked my tongue hard and deeply against the underside of his cock until his shudders within his cock were near convulsing against my tongue as his own torrent of cum splashed against my tongue and into my mouth grasping hard as it trickled down my throat. He reluctantly pulled away as the man beneath me signaled it was his turn.

His hands pushed my shoulders upward, placing me in a seated position over his cock and my legs fell to either side of him on the bench, my feet firmly planted on the floor. His hands slipped under my hips and his touch directed me to begin bouncing up and down over his cock. My hands raised up higher…my fingers ran through my hair, my raised arms causing my breasts to be delightfully displayed as they jiggled with each bounce of my pussy against his cock. He was sooooo ready….his cock sliding in and out of me as I continued to bounce up and down over him. His own sounds now were coming faster and I could feel his hips rising up higher…his hands now directed me to hover inches over his cock, to be perfectly still and he now raised his hips up and down, fucking my cunt with his own stroking movements.

My juices were obviously flowing out and down, over his pistoning cock, fucking me so quickly, his cock ramming in and out…his hips slapping against the bench each time he withdrew…his cock making wet sucking noises each time it slammed into my hot, wet pussy. He screamed as the first spurt of cum hit outside my pussy and I slammed my hips down onto his cock and rode him hard…bucking down on to his exploding cock…feeling each spasm…grinding down on to him to get all that I could.

6 down, 2 to go.

Two men now took me to another bench…aroused beyond niceties…they gruffly handled me…nearly forcing me to comply quickly and without acıbadem escort comment. One laid down on the bench on his back…reaching out and grabbing me by the arm…nearly jerking me over and down onto him…his cock immediately slamming into my cock. I was facing him…my breasts pressed down onto his chest…he was already breathing intensely and his hardened grip pinched into my hips.

Just as I was starting to find an arousing fucking rhythm on his cock…he slapped my hips hard…grasped my ass cheeks and pulled me apart…his thighs spread apart further, forcing my thigh even further apart…near splitting…a delightful painful feeling at being so exposed. His cock slipped out of me. The entire room roared seeing what was happening. Then from behind I felt three fingers roughly enter my dripping pussy, about a dozen quick finger fucking strokes, so quick I could barely count…then slowly, soooo slowly he removed his fingers and as I looked back…saw him glide his fingers over his cock…making his cock glisten with my juices.

Below me, the other man once agains slipped his cock inside my cunt. The second man began to bend his knees slightly and move in closer to my completely exposed ass…and the enormous cock that disappeared into my pussy. The head of his cock touched my ass hole…and I immediately told myself to relax….pleasssssse relax…as he continued to press in…no restraint, no pausing…just one continuous invading push. I thought I would split apart…caught between pleasure and pain…while the cock within my cunt brought me to near orgasm by thought of its presence alone.

The man behind me, now satisfied with the fit…began sliding in and out of my ass…in controlled gliding movements…his balls tapping against me with each stroke. The man below me now started fucking my cunt and the two sensations were nearly unbearable. My clit was rubbing hard against the man below me…my pussy near throbbing…my ass invaded and being pleasured with this enormous cock. The two men could feel each others cock sliding in and out of me through the muscular wall separated them from each other…the thought of two men having me two ways at once was unbelievable!…Each once groaning now…wanting to cum inside me…each one’s cocks driving faster and faster…rushing to get to their own explosive orgasm. Faster and faster, deeper still they fucked me…my entire body was rocking…nearly limp as they continued to pound into me.

My own orgasm was building…my sighs were now one continuing shuddering groan changing to a near scream…rising higher and higher as my clit began to burst….pussy muscles began to grasp his cock…feeling his own spasming jerks…daring not to tighten my ass muscles against the other. The two cocks were fucking me wildly now as I began cumming in squealing screams…signaling them to cum with me…Their combined bodies slammed their cocks deeply inside me…my screams nearly drowning out their own explosive shouts. My pussy clamped down on the one, causing him to cum even harder…feeling each jerking spasm of his cock within my cunt. The one behind me slammed hard in four successive deepening thrusts as his cum exploded into my ass…his groans matching each thrust.

I was completely spent…not aware of anything around me now…wasted and smiling in post-orgasmic heaven…had been fucked by 8 deliriously sexually attentive men…8 enormous demanding cocks…and I felt myself begin to drift away, lying on top of the man below me.

I was aroused from this near dream like sensation by the touch of gentle touching hands….I was being pulled up and then was cradled into supportive arms…being carried somewhere…

I opened my eyes just in time to see your face…your eyes, smiling back…you had witnessed the entire thing…that wicked, naughty smile…

You looked back into the locker room and laughingly shouted…”Okay guys…Gang Shower!!!!” Laughter and squeals echoed over the entire building…as now, 9 sets of hands attended to the shower of a lifetime!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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