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This is a Story about young love, if you are offended by this don’t read any further…

Logan – Chapter One.

I’m John a 28 year old single male, a self confessed little girl lover and a handyman who makes house calls. I had lived in the neighborhood for 2 years with my house mates Lisa and Gary, they worked and traveled the country so they got me in to look after the house and keep it up while they were gone for 6 months at a time. Mostly I stayed rent free as I was always fixing or upgrading something, and earned a good living from the local neighbors and companies I repair things for.

I am currently sitting on the front porch typing this story on my laptop, ahh there she is now, Logan, an 18 year old girl, full of life, happy moving clothes and boxes with her friends.
Logan and her mother moved in a few years ago, and she had come round to every house around hers introducing herself.

I remember it so well, the first day we met, I was sitting in my recliner reading the latest DIY magazine and I the door bell rang, as I opened the door there stood a very beautiful young girl who looked to be 13 or 14, deep blue eyes, a smile that lit the room, a tanned completion her long sandy blonde hair down to her waist, long slender legs running down from short shorts and her perky little tits jutting out from her tank top, nothing more than an A cup, but for me it a wonderful sight.
“Hi mister, I’m Logan, I’m 12 years old and your new neighbor” she announced with a bouncy bubbly tone that only little girls have. “We just moved in across the street. That’s my mum over there.” She said pointing to a lady across the way pulling a box from the back of a u-haul. She waved back to us.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Logan” I replied, “my name is John.”
“Hi” she smiled back; her beautiful eyes sparkled in the evening dusk, the sunset reflecting in the corner of her eyes. “How long have you lived here?” she asked.
“2 years, it’s a nice neighborhood, tell your parents that if they ever need anything fixed that I will be more than willing to help, I’m the local handyman.”
“Thanks I will do, wow this is a nice house, do you live here alone?”
“most of the time, do you need a hand with unloading?”
“Nah, I think we are almost done, I was helping but mum told me to get out of her way for a while and introduce myself to some of the neighborhood kids.”
While chatting I notice that only females were unpacking the truck, so I asked her “is you dad coming later?”
“no, he left us for some bimbo, mum says he never wants to see us again” she replied with a tear in her eye, I decided this was a sore subject and so to change it I offered for her to come in for a drink.
“Thanks that’d be great, I am thirsty” she said with a small smile.
As I got out the glasses and was putting ice in them I was suddenly bombarded with questions,
“How old are you?”
“Are you married?”
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
“No” as I handed her her drink I noticed a smile seem to creep across her face as if she were happy with my last answer.
“Wow, you have a pool, I love the water, I’m a good swimmer”
“Maybe one day you can come over and use the pool, if that’s ok with your mum..” I saw her walking up to the doorway and looked up at her just as she entered..
“Is it mum, can I come over and use his pool some time?” she begged
“Now we don’t want to bother this nice man Logan, Sorry I’m Julie, Logan’s mother.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet the both of you, if there is anything you need please let me know, I’m John, the local handyman.” I replied.
“Thanks John, I might just do that, we have a washing machine and tumble dryer that needs installing, if you’re not busy?”
“It’d be my pleasure, just let me know when and I’ll be there” I happily replied.
We spent a few more minutes chatting about little things, the neighbors and local things of interested while Logan finished her drink, and then Julie said it was time for them to go.

I went back into the house and continued to read the DIY magazine, all the while thinking about how beautiful Logan was. I couldn’t get her out of my head so I decided I would go and take a shower.
While I was rinsing myself off, thoughts of Logan kept running thru my mind, and being the little girl lover I am a healthy boner soon arose, taking myself in hand I start to stroke my wood, suddenly there was a loud thumping on the front door followed by rapid pressing of the bell. I threw a towel around me and ran to the door. There stood Logan sobbing, “Mr. John, its mum, she fell while carrying a box and now she is won’t get up.”
“Go to her Logan, I’ll be right there” I hurriedly said, as I ran back to my room, grabbed some shorts and threw them on, I ran back out the house grabbing my cell phone in case I needed to dial 911.
As I got to her house I saw Logan running in saying “Mum are you ok?” and I heard a faint; “yes, I’m ok, I just hit my head” as I closed in on Julie lying on the floor scrabbling to sit up. I helped her sit up and checked her over, she was dizzy and had a large lump on the side of her head. I decided I would drive her to the local E.R.
The doctors checked her over and wanted to keep her in for one night for observation. I told Julie not to worry about Logan she could stay with me.

As we got back to my house Logan got upset, she was worried about her mum, so we called the hospital and was transferred to the phone that was in Julies room, she was fine and Logan felt better, after talking to her for 20 minutes she hung the phone up and came and hugged me and thanked me for taking care of her and her mother.
We were both hungry and decided to order a pizza, and watch a movie. We sat around the table and drank cola’s and ate pizza until we couldn’t eat anymore, so we decided to watch the movie. It was a typical girls movie, full of girl power and light hearted romance. During a more romantic part of the movie Logan suddenly moved closer to me saying she was cold and hinted that she wanted me to put my arm around her, so I did. I started running my finger gently up and down her shoulder, my cock stirred in my pants at the feeling of her soft skin, “That feels nice” she said in a soft tone, so I continued, tracing larger and larger circles until I was brushing the sides of her chest.

She stretched out a little more and rested her chest and head on my lap, I started rubbing the small of her back, dragging my fingers lower and lower until I was at the top of her shorts, I started running my finger along the top of her shorts “Mmmmm, that’s good Mr John, please don’t stop!” So I continued, running my fingers up and down her back, every now and then pushing my fingertips into the band on her shorts closer to her beautiful little girl butt. Suddenly I was startled by a small hand on the inside of my thigh, I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts from the mad rush out the house earlier so any slight advance on her part would lead her straight to my now rock hard boner. Moving her head up to look at me she grazed my cock in my shorts, and rather than looking puzzled and asking what it was she simply said “oh, I’m sorry.” Does she already know about the male anatomy, I had to find out, “Do you know what that is” I asked her, “yes, its your thingie, every man has one and it gets big when you are happy, I’m glad that you are happy with me Mr. John” she said sliding her hand slightly higher up my leg. Does she know what she is doing it me.. I slide my hand slightly lower under her short, tracing the very top of her cut little butt, and occasionally dragging my middle finger down to her butt crack and back again. “haha, that feels tickly and good, My daddy used to touch me like that also I miss it.” Was her dad a little girl lover also, why would any man want to leave this beautiful girl. Logan sat up and turn to face me and then sat on my lap, her shorts had ridden up into her crotch and were pulled tight across her mound. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. “I like you a lot Mr. John, thank you again for looking after me” and she scooted closer and unintentionally pressed her sex up against mine. I was in heaven having this pretty young thing rubbing herself against me in a very sexual way without her even realizing, it was great, my cock was throbbing and needed release but I had to put that on hold. She pressed her body against mine and held me in a long hug, “I’m sleepy, could you take me to bed?”

I carried her to the spare room and laid her on the bed, I gently put her down and turned to walk away, I heard some rustling of the sheets and then she called to me “Mr John, please come back Sex hikayeleri and tuck me in” I turn around to see her top and shorts on the floor and she was covering herself with a sheet, “could you lay with me for a while, I’m worried about mum again.” I told her that her mum would be ok, and that she was coming home tomorrow, a laid back on the bed and she cuddled up to my side resting her arm on my lap and my slightly deflated boner. She nuzzled into my chest, and wrapped her arm tightly around me tucking her hands under my shirt onto my bare flesh. It was electrifying, having a little girl rub her hands over my skin, it instantly sent blood rushing back to my cock and it stood proud! “I make you happy don’t I Mr. John”
“Yes Logan you do” I said looking down at the goddess I had laying pressed against me. “You make me very happy, more than you know, but please just call me John, Mr. is not necessary” and I traced a line all the way down her shoulder to the top of her underwear and pushed my hand inside her panties and stopped at the small V below her navel. “Stay with me tonight, snuggle down in the bed next to me, keep me safe.” So I slid down in the bed, she pulled the sheets up and over me and I caught sight of her half naked body, her puffy little girl nipples, her perfectly flawless skin. We cuddled and both fell asleep.

I awoke at 2am to find my shorts had been undone and my shirt was pushed up. Had she been touching me in my sleep? I decided to let it go and took my shirt off the rest of the way. Logan was still fast asleep I took a quick look at her naked back and soon drifted off to sleep. I woke again at 6am to find my shorts wide open and my cock hard as a rock sticking out of my shorts, Logan was lying facing me touching herself and staring at my boner, I stayed still pretending to be asleep, enjoying the sounds of her heavy breathing and taking the occasional peep at her. She was exploring her body, touching her nipples and stroking her little slit. I pretended to stir just a little and let my hand fall beside her mound. She stopped deadly silent, then slowly scooted forward and brush her bald little pussy against my fingers, she gasped and I could hold myself any longer, I pretended to wake and I asked her what she was doing “I’m sorry, please don’t tell Mummy, I’m so sorry” she burst into tears, sobbing.
“Logan, its ok, what’s wrong, why are you crying?” I begged her.
“You hate me now don’t you, its just like daddy” I grabbed her and pulled her close to me, I told her I am nothing like her father, what she was doing was perfectly normal and I love her for being normal. That seemed to calm her down. I told her that she is my friend and she is welcome to be normal whenever she wants. She kissed me on the side of the mouth and rested her head on my chest and drifted back to sleep.

Chapter Two.
The next morning we went to pick up Julie, and we brought her back home. Things returned to normal, I installed their washer and dryer, and came over to fix anything that was needed. Logan occasionally came for a visit, brightening my day. One night I got a call from Julie asking me to come over for a chat about Logan. She told me Logan had told her what had happened and how I acted differently than her father had done. Come to find out her father had molested Logan as a small child and would use her hand while asleep to wank himself off. One night during the nightly molesting, Logan woke and rather than pull away from her father she decided that she would help him and started stroking him harder, this freaked the father out and brought him to his senses, he realized what he had done and what she was doing and slapped her, saying she was evil and needed to be punished. The very next week he ran off with his secretary from work. Come to find out he was sleeping with the secretary for about 3 months.

Julie said she hoped that what Logan had done with me hadn’t put a rift between the 2 of us as friends as she was taking a liking to me rather quickly, I told her the same thing I told Logan, and I had no problem with children exploring the world around them. Julie said I was a very good thing for Logan and that she trusted me with her completely, we decided that while Julie was at work I would look after Logan, and she could come swimming in the pool.

Logan arrived the next morning and waived her mother goodbye at the door, she came running to the house and rang the doorbell, I usually sleep naked so I grabbed a pair of boxers and opened the door, she ran in and grabbed my hand saying “lets go swimming John, Please?” she stood there in a red bikini, her hair tied back in a plat.
“Ok Logan, let me go and change into my swim shorts and I’ll be right there” rather than wait for me she followed me back to my room. She just stood there waiting for me to change. “Come on John, I’ve seen you without any clothes before” I didn’t need any more encouraging than that, so I dropped my boxers and exposed my quickly harden cock to the young princess. “hehe” she giggle, “its smaller than it was the other night, are you not happy?” She reached out to touch it, her delicate fingers brushed the head as I quickly pulled up my swimmers to cover my quickly hardening rod. “I see your getting happier.” She cooed at the sight.
“I’m always happy to see you” I told her. We ran to the pool and jumped in, her skin felt so good in the water and we played and frolicked around, splashing and carrying on like we had been friends forever. A week went by; we would have a routine each morning with her trying to get a better peek at my dick and grabbing at it before I could get my trunks on. We both played and laughed and gently flirted and touched each other under the water, she would occasionally grab my rob and pull on it smiling cheekily at me.

One day after playing in the pool for an hour the weather turned nasty and it started to rain. We ran back to the house and I grabbed towels and dried us both off, rubbing my hands thru the towel on her tight little body caused a stirring in my loins once again. “Your always happy around me, it’s big again in your shorts” she exclaimed as she touched it in my swimmers and made it jump. “Can I see it again” she begged and looked up at me with those baby girl eyes. I couldn’t resist, but I had to, I loved this little girl….. I loved her; I didn’t want to take advantage of her. I said maybe later, not wanting to hurt her feelings and started to turn into the house to change, but Logan had other plans, she grabbed my shorts and swiftly yanked them to the ground giggling as my dick sprang from its cage and slapped her on the nose. Not wanting to tell her off I just stood there in shock for a few seconds, she grabbed my dick with both hands and played with it, pulling the skin back and forth and playing with my balls. It felt wonderful; I was now rock hard and pulsing in her hands. She giggled and held it closer to her face looking at the head and cupping my sack, running her fingers thru my pubes. I picked her up and carried her to the front room and sat her on the couch. She looked at me longingly; she slid her top off and exposed her beautiful girl breasts again. She then stood up and pulled down her bikini bottoms to reveal her tight virgin pussy to me.

Trying to regain control of the situation I grabbed a towel to dry her off, starting at her shoulders and working my way down to her chest then to her stomach and to her legs, finally finishing at her feet, “John, why didn’t you dry my parts, they’re wet too” so not wanting to hurt her feelings I slid the towel up to her mound and gently patted it dry. “Mmmm that feels good, please carry on, don’t stop” I started rubbing her lips and touching her hot little girl clit, she was wet, this time it wasn’t pool water, her pussy was moist and she was getting aroused, I continued the ministrations of her loins, as she started her own actions with my cock. Pulling on the shaft making it twitch and throb with excitement. Her breathing now heavy and quick, louder and louder she got, faster and faster she pumped my rob, “AHHHH OOHHH AHHHH MMMMMM” She cried out, she had cum, her first ever orgasm, and it was with me and my doing. She continued fisting my meat, slamming her hand into my pubes and then pulling almost all the way off before slamming back down again, that was it for me, I blew my load and it landed on her stomach and arm. She giggled with excitement and pulled her fingers thru my jizz on her stomach, she sniffed it and played with it, finally tasting it. “Mmm, salty I kinda like it” I explained to her what it was and what had happened to both of us and why it was so pleasurable. “We need to Sikiş hikayeleri do it again soon, it was really nice!” She said, her voice full of love and hope. “I love you John, don’t worry I won’t tell Mum, this is between lovers only” she blerted out and threw her naked body on me and hugged me. We showered together and occasionally touched each others sex, tickling and loving each other.

Julie came home and soon it was time for Logan to go home also, I walked her to her house and she Kissed me on the cheek goodbye, “John, where are you going, please stay for dinner” Julie called to me, so I did just that. The 3 of us ate a wonderful Chinese take-out meal, we sat around the table talking and laughing for what seemed like hours. Finally a tired little voice said “I’m getting tired, John could you tuck me in bed?” Logan asked stretching and yawning.
“If that’s ok with your mother” I said looking at Julie
“Go ahead John, its ok”
I carried Logan off to her room, and the moment we rounded the corner she started kissing me and hugging me, “Can I see your thing before I go to bed?” she asked
“Logan, its not safe, your mum is in the other room and if she found out I was doing these things I could be sent to jail” I didn’t mean to scare her but tears started to form in her eyes.
“I’m sorry, I don’t want you to leave, I love you John” she gently cried
I held her in my arms and placed her hand on my crotch, and said “I won’t leave as long as we are careful” she smiled at my gesture and gently squeezed my cock thru my pants. I kissed her goodnight and ran my hand down her body to her mound and tickled her for a second before leaving the room.
Julie and I talked for hours, I learned about how all the men in Logan’s life had taken advantage of her one way or another and then left her. She told me that I was the first man to befriend her without taking advantage of her. I said “Logan is very special to me, we are very close.”
“I had a feeling” Julie said, you remind me of a special friend I once had, he was…” she paused not sure if she should continue “my lover when I was 10, it was the best experience of my life, I will forever love him, I still see him occasionally too” OMG, she had her own little girl lover when SHE was a little girl. “Tell me the truth John, are you what I think you are?” Thoughts ran thru my head, panic, fear, nervousness, should I tell the truth… ”Yes, I do love little girls” I blurted out, sweat and panic running down my face.
“Ok, that’s ok, I knew you were, I just wanted to hear it from you, if you had lied to me I would have thought less of you, I am glad you told me the truth, you have been very good for her John, but please tell me now, will you leave her when she gets older? Little girls don’t stay little girls forever…” She was right Logan would in a few years grow to become a woman, but somehow that didn’t matter to me, I loved this little girl and I would for the rest of my days. I promised Julie that I felt differently for Logan and that I would stay with her.
”I’m not saying you can go and have sex with my daughter in front of me or while I am around, but my experiences with my lover and what has happened in Logan’s past, if it is what she wants and you both love each other and I trust you will not hurt her, I think it would be good for her” We left it at that, Julie had given her consent.
I asked her if it was ok if I kiss Logan goodnight once more before I left for my house, she said it was fine, so I crept into Logan’s room to find her once again rubbing her hot little pussy, I closed the door behind me and walked up to her. She looked up at me full of lust, her breath heavy and small beads of sweat had formed on her head. “Help me, I can’t do it alone” I kissed her softly and brought my hand to her soft tender mound, I rubbed her slit and slowly pressed my middle finger into her wet hole, she let out a small gasp and said “more, more” so I slide my finger inside her hot hole to the first knuckle, not a moment later she was humping and rubbing herself furiously, cumming on my finger. She laid there naked on her bed, tired, worn out but content and happy, I kissed her goodnight, I slipped a key to my house on her dresser and left. That night I had dreams of Logan running naked thru my head. Dancing and frolicking.

Chapter 3
I woke the next morning to find Logan lying naked next to me, it was a Saturday and her mother was sleeping in, Logan had woken early and found my key I left for her, her beautiful body was inches away from mine, her hand holding my hard throbbing dick. I started to sit up, she stopped me and said “Please John, I want to do what we did yesterday, Please?” I couldn’t say no, she was already stroking my rob, I reached for her pussy and she pulled away saying “let me do you first, I want to taste that.. that cum again first, I liked it” so I lay back, her tiny hand started pounding away at my 8 inch rob, squeezing and pulling, rubbing harder and faster until I arched my back, she leaned in close and I shot load after load in her face and on her chest, she looked at me for a second and then down at my cock, suddenly she plunged her mouth over my manhood and tasted my cum. I was in heaven, I arched my back and moaned and groaned, she licked me clean starting from the base of my shaft all the way to the hole in the top, swirling her tongue around and around. She then licked the cum off herself and laid back saying “now its my turn” so I leaned forward and kissed her on her young mouth, working my way up and down her neck, I slid my tongue down to her nipples and began to suck on them gently, she cooed and moaned in wondrous pleasure, I traced a line with my finger from her navel and started rubbing her delicate pussy lips, sliding my finger up and down her slit. Her breathing getting faster and harder I slid a finger into her hole and berried it to the 2nd knuckle, she gasped for a second and then humped my finger with a new found passion, I continued to lick her little girl nipples, gently sucking on them while fingering her hot wet twat. She exploded with moans and groans of ecstasy and pleasure. She had never cum so hard before and was exhausted, she fell asleep, I covered her with the sheets and let her dream, she slept for a good couple of hours. When finally Julie came over and asked for her, I told her she was sleeping in my room; Julie looked at me with a little shock. “No, we didn’t” I quickly exclaimed. “We just played around a little” Julie smiled and thanked me for telling her the truth.
“From now on I don’t want to know, I just know that if I walk in again, I will trust you both with whatever you decide to do.”
Julie said to tell Logan to come on home when she wakes up, it was her birthday and she was planning a surprise for her. “Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked.
“Just stay true to her, and be with her” replied her mother.
Logan woke moments later, and the 3 of us went to their house, there were people from all over the neighborhood, some of the girls I had gotten to know, and a large cake in the middle of the dining room table. The party lasted for a few hours and Logan had gotten to make some new friends, they all talked about me and how I had been special friends with a few of them.

That night Logan asked Julie if she could sleep at my house, Julie agreed and looked at me with a “be gentle with her” look, she knew Logan would want to go as far as possible with me. Logan led me back to my house and straight to my room, she tore off my shirt and pulled down my pants, leaving me naked in front of her, she started sucking my cock and cupping my balls, I laid down on the bed, and she climbed on top, throwing her shirt and pants on the floor leaving her beautiful little girl body naked on me. I turned her round to face my cock once again and stuck a finger into her hot little hole, she sucked my cock and tickled under my balls, I fingered and rubbed her clit, I pulled her toward my face licked her hot little pussy. She moaned and threw her head back, holding tightly onto my cock. She came hard and heavy, her beautiful girl juice running into my mouth. She turned to look at me and said, “have sex with me John..”
“Its called making love, Lovers make love” I said to her. I turned her back around and she sat on my lap staring in my eyes “Is this what you really want Logan?” I asked her, I had to be sure, we sat there for a few minutes kissing and touching each other, finally she pulled my cock up between her leg and pointed it up to her pussy. I wiggled it past her young lips and paused. “Logan, are you sure about this, it may hurt the first time” I said worried that my Erotik hikaye 8 inches would rip into her causing her too much pain and scare her off.
“I know, we have had talks about this at school, the girls talk about it a lot and how it feels, its ok, I am ready, push” with that I slowly guided my dick into her love tunnel, the warmth of a young girls pussy is far greater than any woman’s, and soft… wow, it was velvety soft, like fluffy warm moist clouds wrapped tightly around my shaft. I stopped as I felt her hymen against my head, she looked up and at me and grabbed my hands for support she knew what was coming and braced for it, she pushed herself onto me, I felt a small pop and I was planted to the hilt in her hot cunny. She screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure, pausing for a moment to catch her breath and to get used to the new feeling of fullness before pounding herself up and down on my steel hard cock, she didn’t last long and once again she climaxed, once, twice, 3 times, before finally coming back down to earth, she suddenly paused and realized that I too was close to cumming, she whispered in my ear to pull out, so reluctantly I did, little girl cum and a small amount of blood oozed from her pussy and trickled onto the head of my cock, she grabbed my rob and pounded her fist hard and fast and then slammed her mouth over it, I came hard in her mouth, although she was expecting it she gagged a little on the first shot, but recovered and swallowed my load with a wicked gleam in her eye. We lay on my bed, talking; the reason why she wanted me to pull out was because she got her first period a few weeks ago and realized that she could now get pregnant. We decided that we would talk to her mother about her period and maybe getting her on the pill.

Chapter Four.
The weeks and months past, months turned into years, our love never faded, at 16 she got in with the wrong crowd, and she tried drugs for the first time, I was worried about her and decided to go to the same club she and her friends were at, there she was lying on one of the benches, past-out. A boy was sitting next to her trying to get a free feel of her now very ample B cups, something snapped in me and I ran over to her, I grabbed the boy by his shirt and threw him across the floor, I picked her up and put her over my shoulder, 2 of the boys friends turned on me as I was walking out the door, I didn’t stopped, I kicked one hard in the knee and sent him sprawling on the floor, the other I smashed in the nose, I didn’t look back I put Logan in the front seat and drove her back to my house. I undressed her and put her down on my bed and left her to sleep.

The next morning she woke what a start, “how did I end up here?” she asked, I told her what had happened and she looked sheepish at me finding out about her trying drugs, she asked me if I was mad at her, I wasn’t I was certainly upset that she would do things behind my back, but I couldn’t be mad at her.

That night she stayed with me, we talked and drank a few to many drinks and Logan had an idea, “Why don’t we play a game of dare?” she exclaimed, of course I said yes, so we took it in turns doing silly little dares like calling someone up and hanging up on them, or licking sugar from each others body, after that it turned more intimate, she dared me to let her give me a hicky on my upper thigh, then I dared her to let me pour honey on her stomach and let me lick it off, she then had another drink and looked at me with a devilish grin and said “I dare you to lick my butt hole” I was a little shocked at how dirty she had become, I asked her where she got that idea from, and she said “I was at a party with Tammy (one of her friends) and Tammy’s boyfriend was licking Tammy’s ass right in front of Logan, then he pushed his cock in her ass and she loved it.” She drunkenly exclaimed.
She lifted her legs high in the air and said “I dare you” so I did, I ran my tongue down her pussy to her tight little pucker and circled it around and around, I gently pushed my tongue just a little into her sweet hole. She was thrashing and writhing around, rubbing hard on her clitt screaming “don’t stop, oh god, oh John, oh wow!” but I was wicked and decided to pull away from her sweet ass hole.
She looked at me in denial as I turned to her and said “I dare you to deep throat my cock” her eyes widened, she downed the rest of her drink and leaned forward and grabbed my member pounding it hard with her fist, she paused, pulled her hair back, and ran her tongue down my shaft, she the engulfed my cock and slowly slide her hot wet mouth all the way as far as she could, she gagged, but didn’t stop, she look up at me with tears in hers eyes, and pulled off gasping and saying “a dare is a dare” and dived back down, she started sliding her mouth up and down my dick harder and faster, pausing every few minutes to try and slide my cock down the back of her throat, finally after pushing it thru a gag she had made it, her nose was buried in my pubes and her chin was resting on my balls, she gagged again, but held it there, then she did something I didn’t expect, she tickled my ass with her nails, that did it, I couldn’t control myself any more, I started bucking wildly gagging her but she held on, she let go enough that I started to fuck her face, holding her head still she let me slide me dick in and out of her throat, she gagged again, tears streaming down her face, I paused for a second because I thought she wasn’t liking it and she plunged my dick back down her throat, she came back up for air and said “don’t stop its great”, so I fucked her face fast and hard, I blew my load deep and as far back in her throat as I could shove my cock, she gagged 3 times but held her own and swallowed the remainder of my jizz.

We collapsed on the floor, she was still sucking on my deflating cock like a baby would a bottle. She looked at me and said it was great, and that she had actually cum after gagging on my shaft and jizz. “I dare you to but fuck me John” she suddenly announced, I couldn’t believe it I was spent but she wanted more. “Give me a minute I pleaded, my dick falling fast against my leg, she started running her nails up and down the underside of my balls and my thigh, looking in my eyes with a devilish sexy grin, she wanted me hard and she wanted it now. Minutes later I was once again at full mast and she got on her hands and knees and backed her ass up to my face, I plowed my tongue into her asshole lapping and drooling as best I could to help lube up her tiny pucker. She slid forward and engulfed my cock for the 2nd time, this time leaving a large amount of saliva on it. I got behind her and gently pressed the head of my dick on to her brown little hole, she pushed her head down and took a deep breath trying to relax her ass. She had had enough to drink that she was pretty much relaxed already, so I pushed on a little father, and plop, my head passed her sphincter. Wow was it ever tight, I could feel there was little lubrication so I licked my hand and rubbed my spit on the remainder of my cock, and dribbled some more on the joining of the 2 of us. I pushed further in and she reached under neither herself and frigged her hot little cunny faster and faster. I started moving in and out of her ass, slow at first but quickly speeding up, soon I was at full steam and was pumping like a piston for all I was worth into her tiny little hole. I came hard in her shitter and pulled out making a squashy plopping noise. She spun on her back, still frigging her pussy furiously at me, and the next thing I knew she came, hard, so hard in fact she squirted, not a lot mind you but enough to wet the carpet and get some on my leg, I was eager to taste this new girl cum and burried my head between her legs, she screamed and bucked again, multiple orgasms wrecked her body, and she passed out on the floor, I scooped her soaked body up and laid her down on my bed.

Months again passed, although it was an incredible experience we never had anal sex again, but I did lick her ass quite often and she continued to deep throat me, she became a good little squirter too.
As I mentioned at the beginning of the story she is now eighteen and has just graduated college, I promised if her grades were good enough she could move in with me. So that’s exactly what she is doing, moving her stuff into my house. She has just noticed me sitting on the porch and wants to know what I am doing… I told her, she seems very excited about the story, so I am letting her read a couple of chapters… She is picking up the laptop and saying “follow me” she leads me back to the front room and sits me down, she continues reading, she is reaching over to my zipper and pulls them down, she is now wanking my rod hard, I have my hand under her skirt and am fingering her hot snatch….. I think she likes the story don’t you?

The End.

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