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Ashley Adams

**This is my fist story for a long time, so I’d be grateful for any comments or feedback**


Monday morning seemed like a mile away just a few days ago!… I had been so relaxed and excited to finally meet the girl I’ve been fantasizing for the past few weeks, a girl that seemed just too good to be true even from the further reaches of my imagination. But here I was turning the fantasy into reality.

Throughout the 4 hour drive, I felt the continuous pressure from the tight cage encasing my cock, with the only key attached to the necklace I had brought her early this week. By the time I had made it just a few miles to the motorway, my anxiety levels had peaked and fear was mixed with excitement to a level a hadn’t experienced before.

My phone sat in its holder on the dash, permanently on to our messenger screen, just waiting for my beautiful Miss K to wake up, and see that I had left to begin my journey to submit to her. I knew her name.. K being just an initial, although I knew better than to say it allowed. Miss had been very clear in her instruction as to how I should address her, and I had no intention to disappoint.

Having left at 6am, I was almost half way through my journey by the time Miss opened my message. There was absolutely no reply.. I could see she had read it, but had clearly chosen to make me stew just a little longer. I reached forward frequently touching the screen, ensuring the phone did not have a chance to lock.

All I had was the post code she had sent me. For all I knew, I could arrive and find myself beside a field, but my desperation to meet her, and truly worship her forced me to overcome any fears or sensible actions, and I just continued to drive. Throughout the journey my mind was continuously replaying conversations that we had shared over the past few weeks.

Miss K knew exactly how to control me! My cock has been completely untouched now for the past 4 of weeks. Not always locked, but couldn’t even feel the urge or ability to become aroused unless I was thinking of her. Every picture she sent me, every message I received, and every word she had spoken went straight through me and instantly had me wanting to drop to my knees. I felt like a teenager from one of those corny American programmes, where they talk of getting butterflies in the stomach every time they see each other. Well that was exactly how I felt every time, and I hadn’t even seen her in person.

As the sat nav counted down to just a few miles to go, the steel rings around my cage felt under even more immense strain as her power over me began to peak like a magnet reaching its match. As if Miss knew my location, my smile burst into life as I received a message giving me directions to her door. I looked at the screen again and nearly flew off of the road as I momentarily lost all concentration. The shock of almost crashing my car did nothing for my nerves, and left my fingers tingling.

Finally I pulled up on a long straight road, making sure to park far enough away so that the walk would help me regain some sort of composure. I stood beside my car, dressed in a light blue shirt and navy trousers, very presentable, but I really didn’t know what to expect. How long I would be staying clothed, would we just talk, would she kiss me… I can’t say how desperate I have been to feel my lips on hers. Snapping out of my day dream, I eventually started to walk. Tripping on the curb almost instantly seemed to sum up my clumsy panicked and school boy behaviour as I made my way along searching for the door number. The road was very quiet, not like where I had come from, and there was a fair distance between each house. I wondered how many of the neighbours might be home, and whether they would be able to hear and loud cries from one house to another. Again I paused as my journey was complete, and took several deep breathes as I reached the neat wooden gate outside the address. Forcing myself up the garden path, walking quietly between the pretty well kept flowers, I finally knocked on her door and waited nervously.

I’ve seen Miss K in photos and over a webcam, but still I was taken away with just how beautiful she looked, as the door slowly opened. Her perfect hair, sexy glasses, and gorgeous curves completely blew me away. As I instinctively looked at her entire body, right down to the 4 inch heels, I saw the heels turn, and I realised Miss K had turned and started to walk away. As she continued further along the hallway leading inside, and having barely said a word on my arrival Starzbet I paused again wondering what I should do. Trying to at least pretend I was a little relaxed, I stepped inside tentatively not knowing what I should do or say, and closed the door behind me.

The light clicks on the dark wooden floor from her heels as she walked away filled the hallway with a sound and echo that’s impossible to describe, but caused a shudder across every inch of me.

Our conversations over the phone and online had very much been based around our interests in domination and submission, but there was another side to our discussions, a side where I was desperate not only to kneel before her, but to take care of her, cuddle and hold her. I wasn’t sure just how reciprocated these feelings were, although Miss seemed not only to know how to control my cock, but my every whim and emotion.

I stood in the hallway again unsure what I should do or say, as suddenly Miss walked back towards me. Reaching forward with a gentle slap against my trousers..

“Good boy” she exclaimed feeling the cage she had instructed me to wear. Suddenly she reached up and gave me a light kiss on my cheek before walking through an archway and in to her living room. She walked around to the sofa and put her feet up.

“Leave your clothes there boy.. you won’t be needing those” and she picked up her magazine, relaxing back into the grey cushions of the large sofa.

I nervously removed my clothes, standing completely naked with the exception of the steel cage held locked in place. Composing myself I entered the living room and walked around the sofa and kneeled beside Miss K’s feet. Again she called me her good boy, and raised one foot ready for me to begin to massage and caress.

I dared not to try and remove her shoes, the long slim heel was something Miss knew I was completely weak for, and so continued to slide my hands over them massaging, and feeling them.

My eyes cheated me again, as I and Miss K felt them wondering up her beautiful legs, and over her body. Her legs covered by tinted stockings, a short dress, cut low enough to reveal her amazing large breast, mixed with her seductive office style glasses started to completely take all of my attention. Although my hands continued to work against her feet and ankles, the slight glimpse of a strap holding her stockings high caused me to shudder and pulse once more in my cage.

I spoke, and informed Miss K that I had a gift for her.. strangely having completely forgotten until now. The slightest smile landing across her lips as she told me to fetch it. I handed her the wrapped box, and watched as she slowly unwrapped it. As she finally opened the box, Miss held up the necklace complete with key attached and I watched as she placed it around her neck, allowing the key to disappear between her breasts.

“That’s enough of that boy.. kneel up straight.. you need to warm up those balls for me!”

Her instruction took me off guard for a moment as I was drifting away peacefully realising that I had just handed control of what had for many years been my favourite thing, but I did as instructed and pulled my caged cock up towards my stomach and began rubbing my other hand across my tight swollen balls.

“slap them..!’ And so I did.. her unimpressed look informed me to continue, followed by repeated instructions of ‘Harder’. I could see and feel that Miss was enjoying me kneeling and hurting myself, as her body began to move, and thighs tightened together. Eventually, after what must have been 5 minutes, and a few hundred slaps to my own balls, I began to buckle over and struggle to continue.

Miss teased me with several breaks, allowing me to catch my breather before quickly having me return to amusing her.

“That’s enough for now… I can’t let you have all the fun”.

Miss K instructed me to pick up a black leather crop from beside her. I crawled and round the edge of the sofa, and handed over as if presenting a sword. She moved close to the edge of her seat and tapped her thighs, telling me to bend across them.

The first 10 blows were slow but firm, leaving a sharp but pleasurable sting.. However Miss K moved into full swing, and clearly started to enjoy inflicting more and more pain across my cheeks and the backs of my thighs. My cries became louder as I could feel the markings across my ass burn and become raised.

Suddenly Miss grabbed my balls from between my legs and pulled them backwards, squeezing Starzbet Giriş them in firm and hard bursts with in her fist. Finally she released me, and then gave me a hard spank across my cheeks with her hand.

“Up… on to the chair!” Her instruction was suddenly filled with passion as I scurried across to a solid wooden chair around the other side of the coffee table. Immediately Miss straddled my legs, forcing my thighs together. She clenched my hair, and pressed her tongue into my mouth. I sat motionless as she kissed me in a way I hadn’t felt in years. My first taste of Miss K had left me completely helpless, as she reached down and grabbed hold of my defenceless balls once again, pulling them up and resting on top of my thighs and then beginning to squeeze without warning. The harder she squeezed, the more passion I could feel from her lips and tongue, and my arousal was peaking more and more.

“You remember this don’t you boy…” referring to a scene she had described to me a few nights earlier.

She released my balls for a second, and ran her fingers across the tip of my cage, wiping the large amount of pre-cum spilled from my denied cock, and then placed her fingers into my mouth. Instinctively I licked and sucked them clean before she returned to kissing me, and crushing my balls between her fingers, while digging her nails in hard.

After a few more minutes Miss K took my hand, which had been securely placed against her beautiful round bum, and directed it between her legs, pressed against her lace G-string panties. I could instantly feel the warmth radiating from her, sending a sense of pride and pleasure through me.

“Put your fingers inside me boy.. Feel how wet you have made me”…

Her instruction now was with panted breathe, and I immediately followed my commands, moving behind her G-string, and feeling her pussy for the first time.

I softly rubbed against her clit, before pressing two fingers inside her in a smooth repeated motion. As my fingers worked to please Miss K, I sat with such concentration, desperately wanting to impress her, as if I was a young lad again touching a girl for the first time. The warmth and wetness just made me even more aroused as she continued to kiss me, and crush my balls harder and harder.

After a few minutes Miss K’s breathe quickly became much faster, as her grip on my balls became stronger than ever. Although she was receiving the pleasure, I felt in ecstasy as her orgasm clenched my fingers and she quicker grabbed my wrist forcing me held deep inside.

Miss released my balls, and pulled my hand covered with her delicious juices up to my lips, and then into my mouth. My moans of pleasure almost matched hers as I was allowed to taste her from my fingers.

We sat in the same position holding each other few several minutes as Miss took her time to recover, before she lifted her self off me, and took me by the hand. Although I remained in considerable pain, as our hands linked, my emotion instantly changed. I smiled and had a sudden shot of happiness run through me.

Miss led me through the back of the living room, and towards a staircase. Again the click of her heels drove me crazy against the wooden stairs. Walking behind, I continued to grasp her hand, with a smile fixed across my face. As we entered her bedroom I was taken over to her bed and pushed backwards on to the soft duvet. The black steel frame of the bed, on white covers set the tone for the room. The whole room was crisp and modern, clearly designed with care, the same as the rest of the house.

As I relaxed Miss lifted off her dress above her hips, over her gorgeous breasts, and then tossed a side. As I instantly learned forward, I was quickly pushed back down onto the covers, allowing me to take in her beauty. Her smile now shone across her face, as the strict demeanour slowly began to fade.

She reached for the key between her breasts, and moved to unlock my cage, quickly removing both the cage and ring, before I instantly became fully erect, although quite unexpectedly I felt a sudden shot of pain as blood rushed through to the head.

Miss K teased my cock with slow strokes, feeling me get close to my own orgasm, before withdrawing her hand expertly before I got too close. She drove me to the edge multiple times, just as she had described, leaving me trembling and praying for a final release.

Suddenly Miss removed her G-string, and crawled up onto the bed, quickly positioning her self over Starzbet Güncel Giriş my waiting mouth, facing my feet as I was allowed to lick and taste her. Again I found myself in ecstasy with permission to be allowed to taste pussy, although this last just a few minutes before she abruptly lifted just out of reach.

Then came the first blow!. Holding my cock up to my stomach, Miss began to plant firm slaps to my now fully exposed balls. She demanded I keep my legs wide open, as the ball busting really began.

Again Miss K pressed down on my face, but having moved forward slightly, I knew that she wanted me to worship her arse, and I gladly teased my tongue across her tight hole, before pressing against her more and more.

Miss continued to punish my balls, and the more pleasure she received, the harder she hit. My body began to curl up involuntarily from the last few blows, which completely stole my breathe, but I did not pause from my task of pleasuring her for a single second.

Then I felt one hand grabbing below my balls, stretching them low, and making them tight and exposed through her fist. That was when I felt her long red nails then dig in, scratching and tearing into my vulnerable balls. Miss repeated a cycle of scratching followed by hitting whilst she grinded across my face.

For the second time I felt Miss Orgasm, almost immediately after offering me her pussy again. Although this time, I could taste every drop, as I desperately licked and sucked, eager for her to fill my mouth.

Miss K leaned forward and placed a lick across my beaten and bruised balls before slowly stroking my cock again for just a few seconds. I thought I had felt her tongue slide around the tip of my cock, but I couldn’t be sure my mind wasn’t just play tricks with me.

I felt her lift off of me, and then turn and straddle me with my pulsing fully hard cock pressed against the opening of her beautiful wet pussy. Despite the intense pain she had inflicted on my balls, my cock remained fully erect and throbbing.

After what felt like an eternity of teasing, Miss K finally pressed down, and allowed my cock deep inside her. Her nails dug into my chest and she rode my cock slowly, in a way to tease me in to an uncontrollable state. As I become closer and closer to orgasm, Miss leaned forward and whispered into my ear…

“Every drop of cum you fill my pussy with, is going straight back into your mouth!”

Those words instantly sent me over the edge, and finally after several weeks without a pleasurable orgasm, I felt my cock pulse and cum shoot deep inside the beautiful goddess on top of me.

As Miss felt my body and heard me starting to orgasm, she pressed down on me, holding me perfectly still, reducing the pleasure right at the point I needed it most. Sitting motionless until she was sure my orgasm had completely subsided, and her pussy had been completely filled, she then leaned back towards me and passionately kissed me again.

Feeling completely spent, I relaxed back into the bed amazed by what had happened, however true to her word, Miss had other ideas and placed her hand completely over my mouth and nose. Confused, unable to breathe, I felt her lifting off of my softening cock, being sure to clamp her lips together. Miss then moved up over my body, positioning her well fucked and full pussy directly over my mouth.

The intent to lick my cum from her had completely dissolved, but I was going to have no choice in this decision. As she removed her hand from her pussy, I saw the thick white cum directly above me waiting to drip into my mouth. Miss then removed the hand covering my mouth and nose, just as I was struggling to breathe and I sucked in a deep gasp of air, fully taking in the taste of both her pussy and my cum waiting in side.

Then with just a single word, and in a calm sweet voice… “Lick!”

I reached up towards her returning instantly under her control hearing her instruction, and drew a long lick between her lips, taking a large think drop of cum into my mouth.

“That’s is boy, swallow it all down.. Make sure Miss’s pussy is beautiful and clean again.. And don’t you dare stop until I tell you”

Eagerly I licked, and then sucked my own cum from her, feeling it fill my mouth, swallowing as much as I could. Miss then pressed down on me again and roughly fucked my face. I was shocked when heard her moans as she again managed to reach another orgasm.

As we both relaxed, laying spent and exhausted from our first meeting, Miss K laid her head on my chest as I ran my fingers through her hair, feeling a smile across her face, and held her close to me.

I was again laying in complete ecstasy as we lay together, having dreamt of having her in my arms for so long, never wanting the moment to end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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