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” Through her erotic haze, she experienced a vague sense of self-awareness. She’d never masturbated in front of a man before, and yet she hadn’t even thought about what she was doing. Instinct had her in its grip. The last trace of self-awareness slips away from her consciousness.”

Ellen has a long slender neck, I love kissing her neck and giving her hickeys. Always careful that hickeys are low near her collar bone, so she can hid them. The majority of men never learn to seduce and make erotic love to a woman. There is a lot more to the rules of attraction and expressing affection than simply making out. Expression is very important in any kind of relationship and it becomes all the more important in case of romantic relationships. Neck kissing is an important precursor to wooing a woman into a memorable session of love making. It’s Sensual, the
neck is one of the most sensual areas for kissing a woman. It either can be reached on the way down from her lips or vice-versa. If you desire to make your girl feel aroused the right way, the manner of kissing or rather sucking, licking or biting her neck does matter a lot. The results can be totally amazing if she is particularly sensitive towards being touched romantically in the neck region.

There are no set rules regarding how to kiss a woman’s neck. The dancing floor is definitely an interesting place to begin this activity. Begin by sending clear signals through moving her hair up from over her neck, breathing lightly on her neck, drawing her closer and closer, caressing her back, thighs, and ass. She will let you know when you are hitting the right chord with her, when she starts enjoying your touch by keeping her eyes closed, exposing her neck and tilting towards you. Start with feather kisses then small kisses on her neck and the area around. With the passage of time, as the passion becomes irresistible, start working your way up to her lips and plant a soft and tender kiss over them. Neck kissing may appear to be just another activity while making out but it serves a serious purpose when having a enjoyable experience. Sensual lovemaking is a erotic feeling and the expression of it must convey the emotion in relaxing way. Neck kissing always makes lovemaking unbelievably sexy and hot. Lovemaking must include neck kissing. The prelude to erotic lovemaking is fondling, neck kissing, and heavy petting, will lead to your nights being more pleasurable. Women love to be naughty and playful in making-out as much as men do, so make it sensual and more exciting. Here are the hot neck kissing techniques I use that women absolutely love and surrender to me.

Start with nice and light interesting conversation with a small intimate hint while holding her hand. Then slowly lean in with little playful kisses on her neck — she will absolutely get aroused with that. When things start to elevate, maintain eye contact and see if she starts to lie low and look at you more deeply — she’s aching for you to do much more. Breathe on her neck and whisper sweet things in her ear. This is a part of the art of seducing a woman. Your warm breath will titillate Sex hikayeleri her senses, making her more aroused and seeking much more intimaticy. Keep doing it until she starts to giggle or moan — that’s your cue to kiss her torridly on the lips. Playfully bite on her lip. Your animalistic tendencies start to kick in. Control your animal tendencies so she doesn’t become overwhelmed and scared. Being to rowdy in your lovemaking with a woman can turn her off. Her bare neck is accessible to your thirsty lips — but light bites are erotic not vampiric bites. Watch for her reaction and when she seems to be enjoying it, then go ahead and get a little more creative. Make use of your tongue. Bringing the neck kissing into a new different level with the tongue — when you start using your tongue, new sensations start to arouse her. By now, you’re both are aroused and want to go further. I suggest you get a room fast. Let your hands get busy. Don’t focus your entire attention on her neck — while sensually giving her the neck kiss, your hands caress her back, wrap an arm around her, hold her tight, run your fingers up and down her thigh then caress her inner thigh — she will be moaning and groaning with pleasure sooner than you expect.

My finger ran along her knee to the middle of her thigh, ending with my hand resting on her leg. She thought she was going to faint as all the feelings in her body hit her like a tsunami. ” Interested really isn’t the right word. It’s more like infatuated.” My voice is deep and gruff, causing her to shiver. Even the simple little meetings had become too complicated for her to power through. She is astonished that after 2 years of playing in all manners of environments, I defeated her. Ellen is also very aware that the warmth of my hand feels like it is burning through the fabric of her skirt. All of sudden, she moves her hand to her chin and brought her mouth to mine. I pause inches from her lips and she feels my arms snake around her waist and pull her in closer, but I’m still not kissing her. Thoughts shot about her brain and ricocheted around, beating all the sense out of her. Why wasn’t I kissing her? Was she not good enough? Did I change my mind? The thoughts got louder and more desperate and she hadn’t realized she started speaking out loud. ” What’s wrong?” panic heavy in her voice, ” You don’t want to kiss me?” She searched my face for any clues as to why I just stopped so close of capturing her mouth. She fought hard to keep it all under control, but is losing. She feels mad that she had somehow thought I might actually want her and she feels the tears welling up in her eyes. Much to her surprise, before any of those fragile drops can run down her cheeks, I kiss her.

I’m gentle and loving as my lips move with hers. Ellen had come to terms a long time a ago that being noisy is just a part of who she is, even in a lover’s embrace. Her past boyfriend thought it was distracting, I didn’t mind. She lost herself in my tender embrace and molded herself against me. Her arms found their way up around my neck and she opened her mouth to receive the attention of Sikiş hikayeleri my tongue. The kiss ended but I kept her against me. We look at each other. She gave little thought to what I would say on account of what she is seeing. My green eyes bore into her with looks that I’d never received from any man before. She most certainly needed more. She tried her best not to act a fool as she spoke, ” I want to kiss you more, but not here.” Her hand rose to my face and she traced the right side of my jaw with the back of her finger. ” Would you mind taking me home?” She is so glad I said yes. My eyes never left her as I followed her out of the restaurant. I gently took her hand on the way to the car, making her heart skip a beat. She can’t wait to get home. The car ride over she is trying to think of ways she can draw my cock out and not tear my clothes off the minute we got inside the door.

We returned to the penthouse, she is very horny tonight and doesn’t care how painful our rough sex becomes, she is anxious to get to being fucked. Ellen insisting I sit down while she found some music to put on. ” Can I get you anything to drink?” She asked. ” I’m good, but thanks.” My answer came slowly and she feels my eyes on her. She spun around to face me once there is some ambiance. Ellen wanted me badly, but she feels like there were some formalities to get out of the way. She looks as sexy as she always does. Ellen made eyes at me and lazily walked over to the couch to sit on the coffee table in front of me. She sat very close bumping knees with me, ” I want to get the awkward part out of the way,” She stated, simply. I sighed and she is scared to death that she had just ruined everything. She really wanted me tonight, but she really did need to get some things out there. She is relieved when I spoke. ” Ok, whatever makes you more comfortable.” She smiled and rested her hand on my knee, ” One night stands aren’t my thing any more. If you don’t intend on cuddling deep into the night and waking up next to me, I need to re-think our relationship.” As she spoke I went from looking surprised to pleased. A half smile plays upon my lips and I found it incredibly attractive. ” That won’t be an issue,” I assured.

” Ellen!” I said. ” I want to fuck you now. With the change in our relationship, you want…then you will accept rough sex every time.” Ellen is scared, no this can’t be true. Her knees were sore from our last session and her tits
are aching from my groping. She got down on her hands and knees. I’m now sniffing her cunt and licking at her hole.
” Lay on your back bitch and spread your cunt with your fingers.” Ellen obeyed as I striped out of my clothes. ” Nice cunt hole you have honey.” I said. I begin to jack off. Ellen watched my cock become harder and Ellen knew she is going to be fucked by me. I threw her a pillow to rest her head on and is told to put her ass in the air. Ellen knew and waited for me to fuck her cunt from behind. She knew now the long session is to begin. I slammed my hard cock into her cunt from behind. ” Take this you whore, your a fucking slut,” I said. She hated Erotik hikaye me for my rough sex. Yet she can’t remember the last time I was gentle when fucking her. She is so wrapped up in my wealth and power and the advantages she enjoys.

Ellen winced as she feels me lean into her. She feels my cock head rubbing up and down her slit, which is getting so wet. I keep teasing, acting like I’m going to put it in and then I just continue sliding it along her slit, which is soaked at this point. She moans fairly loud; if I keep this up then she won’t last long. She feels a lot of pressure at her opening and winces. I shove really hard and got part of the tip inside her. Ellen screams, begging me to stop and pull out, but I keep reassuring her. I laid down on her with all my weight to keep her from trying to sit up and push me off of her. Ellen’s slit is small and my cock head is the size of plum, it is always difficult to penetrate her. Having sex with me is extremely difficult for any woman, my cock head is plum size, my shaft is the thickness of a soda can, it is 9 inches in length with a baseball size knot at the base when swollen. I usual do not penetrate a woman fully, knotting her with my knot like a male dog. I thrust up into her again with so much force that I made half of my length go inside her. She screams so loud and hard that the screams faded into her holding her breath, it feels like I’m splitting her open.

I stop to let her adjust to my cock inside of her. She starts breathing again and I started to slowly push inside of her. It hurts, but she also starts feeling pleasurable sensations. She finally feels my stomach touch hers as I completely fill her now. I pull almost completely out slowly before shoving my entire length inside again fast. She moans, which I took as a que and start thrusting in and out of her like a jack hammer. Ellen starts to scream with pain and intense pleasure as her climax is building. I lifted her ass up and spun her on my cock so we are doggy style and continue fucking her. She feels me kneading her ass as her orgasm hits. Her fists clutch the bed sheets as she screams me name, telling me over and over to fuck her. It starts wearing off when she feels some pressure on her anus. She didn’t have time to protest before I shove my finger tip inside. She winces as I shove my finger in all the way. She groans quietly while I keep fucking her. My cock is slamming her pussy while I added another finger and start to finger fucking her ass. She feels another orgasm building.

I took my other hand that is holding her hip and smack her ass a few times with two fingers inside and I feel her tighten around me. ” Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” She moans. She is orgasming again and I remove my fingers from her ass and roughly grab her hips and start slamming into her faster and faster. I start groaning and she feels me tightening about to release my cum inside her. My balls are slapping her pussy over and over and it sent her over the edge for a third time, which sent me over the edge too. She feels load after load of hot cum filling her. I collapsed on her back and she collapsed onto her stomach. We laid their panting and groaning until I pull out of her and flop over next to her. She feels some cum leak out of her very sore pussy and onto the bed, but she is too exhausted to care.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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