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It was a feeling more than something I saw. But I paused and took a slow look around. No one was looking at me and the only other customer was a lady about my age pushing a cart through the Produce department. There was that young man with the tool belt sitting on the floor working on one of the display cases. On the back of his jacket it was printed “Jakes Air-condition and Heat.” However he seemed to be engrossed in his work.

I moved on to the melons and picked one up to smell it. Holding in both hands in front of me made me look like I had three boobs. I’m size forty-four double D. My breasts are well rounded and my nipples stick straight out even at my age. I’m sixty five now and enjoying life to a small degree.

Up until five years ago when my husband died we were just getting into an all new way of life. We started having sex with other seniors and as hard as it is to admit I was enjoying the thrill and excitement of have a different man show some affection for me even though it was short lived, a few hours at a time.

My husband showed much interest in me after one of our swinging forays. He would make love to me two or three times a day for as long as a week after. I was up to it but he was not.

Toward the end Robert was more content to watch me doing what ever with how ever when ever. During our married years Robert never showed much interest in anything other than screwing me missionary style. Once in a long while he would play around and want me to jerk him off and then when he was about to cum let him shoot into my mouth so he could see it. This only took place a few times over more than twenty years.

However one of his great pleasures was to watch me suck off the guy and so it so Robert could see him come in my mouth.

Well enough of this that was then and this is now five years later. I have not gone back into swinging and have only had sex with a couple of men since I became a widow. For me it was just not the same and even though I did enjoy swinging with out Robert it was not the same.

However something was bugging me and it was some what upsetting. I could feel eyes on me, male eyes and I could feel someone lusting after me. It was a strange feeling yet it was almost arousing and erotic. If I had not been in public I would have rubbed myself to see if was wet. I felt as if I was and this was very different and well exciting at the same time.

Again I looked around and that is when I noticed a small window high up on the wall. It looked like a one way mirror so that the meat and produced departments could be watched.

I pushed my cart out of sight and waited a few minutes to see if anyone came out from the back. It was only a few seconds before a tall young man with a meat cutters apron around his waist came out with a tray of meat. He was cautious not to be to obvious as he filled the meat display. Yet he did turn so he could see me around the corner.

We met eye to eye and he knew I knew it was him that had been him that was watching me. Pushing the cart away from me I walked straight up to him and said “Who are you and why were you watching me?”

He took his time before he spoke. He let his eyes roam over me like a water fall. Nothing was missed and them he smiled.

My name is Walter Gorge. Five years ago I was just home from the Army and I saw you and your husband with my mother and dad. Harry and Marcia Gorge.

I saw it all and was surprised at everything my parents and you did. I remember you. I thought you were so beautiful and as I watched from the kitchen. I did not want to walk in on my parents. So I watched and I got so excited watching you. I wanted to rush in and join in the fun so I could. Well have some of you. I left and went back to my motel room and masturbated thinking of you.

I never told my parents and I never saw you again I for got about it until I was you here today.”

I felt something for this boy and said “I hope you’ll keep this to yourself. My husband died shortly after that and I never kept up with that life style.” I paused and after a second or two I said “I’m Gloria Silver.”

We stood there for a few more seconds and then he said “Gloria would it be out of line if I asked you to meet me for a drink after work. I would love to talk to you. My Dad died also and Mom lives alone now. Meet me at the Corner Street bar at six. I’d love to hear more about my parents back then. Will you?”

It was a surprise to me yet I stood there looking at this young man and gaziantep escort bayan reklamları said “I will.” I turned and pushed my cart to the front of the store and left.

I went home and sat blankly looking at the bedroom walls not seeing anything. In my mind I tried to remember the party with the Gorge’s. For a few moments nothing came to mind then I remember Mrs. Gorge, Marcia Gorge was a tall lean lady with dark hair and petty face. I think Robert got turned on by her. He always said he loved my big boobs but I seem to remember him giving her much smaller breasts a lot of attention. I think she was one of the few women in our twelve

Swinging parties where Robert actually screwed some one. I remembered how I was doing my best to make Mr. Gorge come with my mouth

all the while I was watching Robert screwing the wife. As hard as I tried I could not remember how the evening ended.

Other memories flashed and flittered into my vision as I saw some of the more sensual parties. One that came and went was my first group party. That was the first time I had two men enter me at the same time. Neither was Robert and later Robert told me how excited it made him watching with a cock in my mouth and another in my pussy doggie style. I never told Robert how excited that made me.

I showered and dressed in fresh under garments. A little perfume here and there along with my best uplifting bra. Along with a low cut blouse to show a lot of cleavage and I was all set to go and meet Mr. Walter Gorge. He looked no more that twenty seven or eight and if I remember he wore a wedding ring. I had not looked but I think if remembered one. We’ll see.

I parked on the side of the bar. I had not been here in years but if my memory served me right it was owned now by a school mate of mine. Larry, Larry Newsom yes that was it. I wondered if he would see me or even remember me. I had not seen him in thirty or more years. Time goes by so quickly.

It was dimly lighted so I took a moment standing to side allowing my tired old eyes to adjust. I saw Walter coming my way. He as a tall shadow back lit by the lights at the long bar.

“I’m so glad you came. Please I have a boot there in the back.” He said.

He took my elbow and guided me towards the deep shadows. I slipped into the curved booth and Walter got in from the other side and slid around to be close. A waitress magically appeared and took our orders. Walter placed a hand on my arm and again expressed his pleasure that I kept my word.

He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. I did not pull away. He said “You’re still a very beautiful woman. I remember you like it was yesterday.”

I laughed and said “I think I may have been naked then. Just how much did you see or should I ask how long did you watch us. I think my Robert was very interested in your mother.”

He said “Like I said I had just that day returned from the Army. I knew Mom and Dad did not have room for me at home so I checked into a motel and then just drove over to surprise them. I was the one surprised.

I had heard a few rumors about our town having a swinging group but I had no idea it was mostly seniors and my parents were part of this group.

I came in through the back and heard the voices and music and took a look before barging in.”

I said “you must have been very surprised not only to see your parents naked but … well with another couple.”

He said “I remember you were the first one I saw. You were sitting with one leg over the arm of the sofa and my Dad was standing next to you. You both were watching my Mother and your husband. But my eyes were fixed on you. I love women with large breasts and yours were so beautiful and the nipples were pointed. Even when you were kneeling in front of my Dad I still have eyes for your breasts.”

The waitress came with our drinks and we took a moment out from talking. I was deep breathing already and needed a time out. I slid a few inches away from Walter and looked up at him.

The waitress returned and I wondered why so I looked up to see two women standing there. The tall one was of course Marcia Gorge and the shorter one with full round breasts and a wide tightly confined ass in a pair of jeans was introduced as Walter’s wife Toots.

I was so taken back I could not speak for a moment but finely said “Walter, what is this. I thought this was going to be just you and I. Why are they here?”

It gaziantep escort resimleri was Marcia that filled in the gaps and brought me up to date on current events and the life style these three were living.

All three lived at home and all three engaged in sex when ever the urge arose. I was now between Walter and his mother who was asking me to come over to the house for a drink. What she really was asking was for me to join these three in a wild sex orgy. I told them I did no longer went into swinging and I thought it was not my cup of tea.”

Each time I found a reason to say no one or the other found a way of making me think otherwise.

Maybe it was Walter’s hand and fingers rubbing the back of my neck but after a while I gave in and followed them to their house. There was another car already in the drive with a man standing next to it.

Walter said “Gloria this is my friend Norman we were in the Army together.”

A hand was held out and I took it “Hello Gloria glad to meet you.”

I could see the whole picture now. Walter had arranged this little party as soon as I said I would meet him. So now it was going to be three women and two men having the time of their lives. I wondered how long this had been going on. As I looked around I saw Toots hug Norman and rub his crotch. This was not a first for any one except me.

The wall between the master bedroom and the guest room had been knocked out and a large round bed was in the center of the room and a movie screen hung from the wall. There was a movie camera on a tripod aimed at the bed sitting in the corner. Above the bed was another camera and a lot of lights.

I asked if they were going to film any of this. Walter said “Not if you object. I would love to record us together. I really do want to watch you on all fours bending over me. I know this is a bit much for you but we really do want you to join us. Mom remembers how willing you were back then and how much Dad loved being with you. You can stop any time you wish.”

I said nothing and as soon as we were relaxed every one started getting undressed.

Walter dropped his shorts and his cock sprung out like a large snake. It was long solid and tipped with a long pointed head. I could see Walter was ready for what ever came his way.

Norman was equal except his cock was thicker and the head was flat and bigger around.

Toots was short with an ass as wide as any I’d ever seem. My guess was that Walter was an ass man and fucked if regularly.

Marcia was tall and still slender with smallish tits with long pointed nipples. She was a pretty lady and I could see excitement in her eyes. Walter came and put an arm around my shoulders and turned me so we both could see the other three on the bed. Norman was on his back his thick cock hard as an iron rod pointing straight up. Toots sitting on one side with her plump little fingers around his cock jerking it up and down. Marcia was bending over so Norman could suck on one of her long nipples.

As we watched Walter pulled my hand to his cock. I took it in my hand and so many memories came rushing back.

I watched as the three moved around so Toots was between Norman’s legs with his cock in her mouth and Marcia was on her back with her head between Toot’s legs. I had seen girl on girl before but this some how was more of a turn on then I remembered. Walter and I moved closer and I was motioned to squat down so I could pleasure Walter while he wanted the others enjoying themselves.

I noticed a red light come on on the camera in the corner. I thought I did not want to be in a sex movie but I did not stop doing what I was doing. I could feel Walter getting harder and I knew he was aroused and liked what I was doing. Walter turned so I could see the show on the bed. Marcia was busy licking Toots and fingering her ass. Norman was helping by bouncing his ass up off the bed.

Walter pulled me to my feet and had me get up on the bed on all fours. My knees were on the edge so Walter could get up close as he aimed his wonderfully hard cock at my wet and hot pussy.

I let out a grown as Walter pushed his cock into my tight unused pussy. His was the first cock I had in almost two years. He was also be far the youngest and biggest cock that than ever been in my pussy. I squealed and wiggled my ass uncontrollably. I was on fire and for someone my age I was in heaven. No wonder so many women my age fuck gaziantep escort bayan sitesi younger guys. I let out a few “Oh Gods “and felt the juices from years of neglect run freely down my legs.

Walter grabbed my ass and rammed into me with more cock than I had ever had in my life. I thought he was all in but not so. He had lots more to shove up my cunt when he was ready to cum. His cum was molten hot and he had so much I felt it splash out around his cock to join mine running down my legs. Holy fuck this was the party of all parties. I was again going to be a swinger and in the movies.

I had almost forgotten about the other three but as son as Walter pulled out of me Norman was there to replace his cock.

Walter laid out on the bed so he could watch me get fucked and at the same time his Mother leaned over and licked his cock clean of our joint juices. I had never seen a Mother suck her own son’s cock and it turned me on. If should have revolted me but it sure as hell did not.

Toots came over close and for a brief moment Norman pulled his cock out of me and let Toots suck him clean. When Norman returned his attentions to me I felt his cock rub up over my ass. I had not had a cock in my ass n more than five years. And Norman’s cock was so thick I started to say “No”

But then Toots pulled a jar of K-Y jelly out and applied a generous amount to my ass shoving some in as well.

Norman follow up by grabbing my hips and pushing firmly but not too fast until I felt the large flat head pop into my ass.

I let out a moan of pleasure on pain as he slowly pushed and pulled more and more until he was well up into my bowels.

Marcia said “Fuck her good Norm. Gloria you’ll love his cock in your ass.” Toots said “Fuck her ass. Fuck her ass good.”

I moaned and pushed back into him. Norman picked up speed and started to ram deeper and faster until I screamed that I was coming. Norm rammed deep and I felt the heat of this load fill my ass.

My head was jerked up by my hair and Walter’s cock was forced into my mouth. Walter was coming filling my mouth as Norm filled my ass. I would have screamed with joy if could have. I had never done deep throat but this was as close as it could be. There was cum in my ass, come going down my throat and I was coming like never before.

As soon as Norm pulled out of my ass Marcia was on his cock licking and jerking the last drop out of it. Toots rolled me over and dove between my legs licking my cunt of every last drop of Walter’s cum. She licked my cunt and ass till I was nearly shaking with passion all over again. But some how we all managed to get straight and sit apart from one another.

We all got cleaned up and found our way still naked to the Den where Marcia fixed drinks. Walter said “You were marvelous Gloria. I got so hot watch Norm fuck your ass I had to cum and your mouth looked so sexy I had to come in your mouth.”

No one said any thing as they were waiting for me to answer. I just smiled and said “It has been along time.” I did not say how much I loved it. The feel of two cocks coming in me at the same time. Christ how much better could it have been? I did smile at Marcia and Toots. I wanted them to know I enjoyed them as well with out saying so.

Norman stood by the window looking out as if here were deep in thought. Walter asked “Norm, something bothering you?”

Norm turned back the face the room his cock half hard again. I could not take my eyes off it. I had not enjoyed the sexual attention of one man let alone two for so long I was still feeling the rush of open uninhibited sex. Lustful, greedy wanton sex. At my age I thought I might never feel this way again.

Norm said “I’ve enjoyed sex with Marcia and with Toots and a few more that will remain unnamed. However this evening with Gloria here to share our sexual get together seemed to bring the best out in each of us. I can only say I hope Gloria will see her way clear to visit us again one day soon.”

Each of them looked at me raised there glasses and in a single toast the cheered me. Walter walked over to the TV and turned it on. In a few second the bedroom appeared and the five of us in all our naked glory. I saw my self on my knees sucking Walter’s cock while the other sucked each other on the bed behind me. I blinked and said out loud “Oh God would you look at me.”

Marcia said “I want to see it all the way though. I want to see the expression on Gloria’s’ face when Norm pushes his fat cock up her ass.”

And so it was I was once again into swinging and for an old broad I thought that was pretty fucking great.

Walter said “Look at me.” I did and he had his mother bend over the sofa and had his cock in her up to his balls. Toots laughed saying look at me. I did and Norm had his fat cock up Toot’s fat round ass. So I did watch and I took a long look trying to figure where I could jump in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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