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Chapter 6 – Conversations

A large circle of people sat in a Circle in the aftermath of a superb dinner served by Chef Bobbie – miniature Beef Wellingtons with a natural sauce served with fresh Belgian asparagus. The group had just finished praising the Chef as she sat naked in Aaron’s arms incessantly teasing him by grinding her pussy against his bathing suit covered cock.

“Keep that up, Babe, and I’ll have to do something about your forward nature.”

“Oh, dear, ” Bobbie feigned with a wrist to her forehead, “I can only hope you’ll take advantage of this poor, defenseless girl.” The others around the table laughed. For the past month, they all knew, that Bobbie had taken a shine to Aaron and been specializing in being his little fuck doll and adoring paramour. Likewise, he had become very devoted to her.

Elsa was visiting with the Circle rather than spend the weekend at The Meadows. She was comfortably wrapped up in Ken Toomey’s arms, but alert and engaged in the conversation.

Elsa said, “I have a request and an invitation from the Worthington clan for all of you – and I mean the entire Circle and your close friends. We want all of you – and I know that means about a hundred of you – we want all of you to come for Halloween weekend and play with us for a huge party at The Meadows.”

Ty leaned forward, “Does that mean a fun-filled, sexually-active, orgasmically-pleasing weekend intermixing between our two groups?”

Elsa pointed at Bobbie and laughed, “Just what she said; I can only hope you’ll all come and take advantage of all our poor, defenseless women … and for the women our men. So, the answer is yes, definitely.”

“That’s not for over two months,” someone observed.

Alice pointed out; “We would have planned our own get together, so it’s good that we know this far ahead of time. On behalf of everyone, I accept. Of course, there are lots of questions about what we can do to help, how raunchy we can be with our costumes, what the boundaries are, if any, and so on.”

Pete leaned over to Elsa and thrust his iPhone into her hands. “Here’s a short video clip from when I panned my camera around our patio about an hour after last year’s party got started. You can see we were pretty lewd and naked regarding our costumes. Some costumes were painted on nude bodies.”

Elsa watched the sixty-second video clip accompanied by the sound of conversation and laughter. Finally, after the clip ended she passed Pete back his phone. “That could be our group, too. We all think alike. Yes, nudity and crazy risqué costumes are encouraged. Mark and everyone will be so happy that you’ve accepted. We are definitely liking all of you and want more interactions between us – of all kinds.”

Alice ignored the teasing aside, “I volunteer to be your contact here at the Circle to help with planning and such. We can talk off line about it, Elsa.”

Elsa nodded.

Don Abrams, the screenwriter, had been sitting with a nearly naked Athena in his lap. They’d become quite affectionate, as he’d worked day after day with Cricket on the screenplay for what had become her second book, Crystal Clear – not that he and Cricket hadn’t also been considerably affectionate. Cricket had told those at her dinner table that night that Don and she had even started notes on the screenplay for a third book, Crystal Castles, because there was so much material to work with in her book.

Don said, “I hope I’m still here for that party. I definitely want to be there.” He’d been peering over Elsa’s bare shoulder watching the video as she held Pete’s phone away from her body so those beside her could also see his clip.

Cricket stated, “Of course you can stay instead of going home. We’d love to have you for two more months. Maybe we start working on my fourth book by then.” She giggled.

Athena snuggled into Don’s arms with her head on his shoulder, “I’d love him to never leave.”

Don said, “I have to go back to California sometime, Baby. That’s where my real life is.”

Scarlett laughed, “That’s not a ‘real’ life, Don – that’s California. That gets all phony and wrapped up in ‘who you know’ and other games. This place – the Circle – is real. It’s where you come to rediscover that you have a soul, a spirit, and where you find true love and acceptance in quantities so immense you can’t fathom how good it is to be here. Maybe you haven’t felt it yet, but this place puts California to shame.”

Don nodded and hugged Athena. He added, “You’re right. This really is where you find true love many times over.” He hugged Athena and kissed her on the cheek. For weeks he’d been worried about the twenty-year gap in their ages, and suddenly it appeared that was no longer an issue. He turned and blew a kiss to Cricket.

Even Athena looked surprised at his statement because it was clearly directed at the relatively innocent woman in his arms. Athena had become less innocent every day as she loosened up, a process she’d declared was being overseen by several of anadolu yakası escort the Circle women who she thought of as her mentors: Joan, Nancy, Erin, and Holly. Of course, Scarlett was her big mentor as well as her ‘boss’ and Scarlett thought the Don-Athena relationship was a match made in heaven. She also knew that Cricket had been mentoring the naïve young woman.

Tali watched the couple with a sweet look on her face. She tried to deflect the embarrassment Athena was exhibiting by redirecting the conversation; “I hope I’m a Circle member by Halloween. I could make Halloween my cumming out party.” She purposely put her emphasis on the words ‘cumming out’ so everyone knew she was thinking of sexual things. Tali was the sister of Julia Ann, the porn star that Dave and others had befriended at the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas the previous January. Since accompanying her sister in visiting the Circle a few weeks after the awards she’d become a fixture, getting to know everyone and aiming for full acceptance into the group. She, too, like Julia Ann, was a hot looking blonde with generous but not augmented tits. Julia had gone back to California. Tali lived about thirty minutes away by car in Venice and worked as the social director for a luxury resort on the Gulf Coast.

Bill Lewis was in the conversation circle sitting next to Tali, and he actually blushed as she turned to him as she completed her lewd remark. She whispered to him, “Sorry to embarrass you. I thought a sex therapist wouldn’t react that much.”

Joan reacted to the words, “Sex therapist? I thought you were a psychotherapist.”

Bill said, “I’m both actually, more of the psychotherapist, but I do counsel individuals and couples about sexuality and related matters.”

She laughed, “Oh, we’re going to talk. This place needs you.”

Taylor was sitting on Bill’s other side, “He can’t tell you, but I can; I’ve engaged him to help me work on Alec to loosen up and be accepting of our Circle lifestyle. I think he’d be a great addition to this place, but Alec is still hung up on all the old paradigms about relationships, sex, and women. I think he’ll eventually come around though.”

Bill rolled his eyes. He whispered something to Taylor and she said aloud, “Oh, everybody will know sooner or later what’s going on. WE don’t have secrets from each other here. We’re very open with each other.”

A beautiful woman named Marcia who was also part of Mark Worthington’s clan spoke up, “We would also benefit from a group therapy session with you sometime, Bill. Maybe we could schedule something up at The Meadows on some weekend if you’d be willing.” She was laughing as she spoke, and the others joined in.

Alice knew from an aside with Elsa that Marcia had been one of Elsa and Mark’s bodyguards until he enticed her to become part of his intimate circle of friends, with an emphasis on the intimacy. She still worried many of the security issues for Mark, and Alice thought that she might be checking out the Circle facilities and people just to reassure herself that her lover and boss was in good hands when he visited.

A quick glance and one wouldn’t think Marcia any kind of threat, but a closer look at her body revealed muscle tone everywhere. Alice learned she had a black belt in something called Urban Survival, a really dirty form of martial arts that took no prisoners and left no bone unbroken. A still closer look when she wasn’t sitting half naked to blend in with the rest of those talking, and one would see she also had a nearby shoulder bag with enough firepower in it to decisively end any type of small war that might start. She was also an expert marksman and could wield a knife like no one else.

Candy was sitting near Bill. She said, “If I can get my boyfriend to cooperate, we’ll schedule with you. He’s still reeling about inside his head living in a threesome with two hot women, having a daughter in this lifestyle in the Circle, and now having us trying to loosen him up further so we can start our own version of the Circle up in Ohio. We have friends up there that are interested.”

Bill was curious, “Candy, who’s the daughter you mentioned? Is she here?”

Bridget laughed from a few seats away, “That’d be me. My father is still a bit confused about which family model he wants to live in. He did get inducted here, but he back slides now and then and starts to worry about the illicit things going on in the family. He is fun to tease.” She laughed.

Bill chuckled, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Shakespeare’s Hamlet said that. Tell your father that, and tell him to stop casting ‘bad’ judgments on himself or others in this or any other lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what family model he’s thinking about; they’re all valid and good.”

Candy said, “Well, in the old one I was his secret mistress. Now, I’ve become his second wife in a threesome marriage.”

Bridget smiled, atalar escort “And she’s a cool second mom, too, and even better as one of my sapphic lovers.” She giggled and that in turn made Candy blush, and then make a face at her younger cohort. They were six years different in age.

Joan asked, “Candy, not that I’m complaining, but why didn’t Daryl and Karen come down as well?”

“There’s some big deal social function that Karen’s parents want them to attend with them tomorrow night, and there was a good chance that they’d also come by the house. As I think you all know, we’re keeping our threesome a carefully guarded secret. Fortunately, neither Christiana nor Sean have said anything about my presence in the home as a second wife and second mom. We have our fingers crossed that they won’t slip up as nine and twelve year olds with secrets are prone to do.”

Bill shook his head; “I’ve seen this situation in other relationships. Rest assured, it will explode on all of you some day. I hope you’re prepared.”

Candy nodded, “I think we are. I’m sure I know what I’ll be called; we’ve talked about it and role-played the situation where they come to the house after their discovery. Daryl will be castrated if there’s a sharp weapon nearby; and Karen will be excommunicated from the family and their church. The trouble is that the shit storm will likely also spread down here since Alice and Julie are Karen’s sisters and Daryl’s sister-in-laws. They’ll be accused of being a very bad influence on their older sister at a minimum. There was some influence there, but this would have happened in some form without them.”

Bill tapped on the arm of his chair for emphasis, “My recommendation is that you don’t leave yourselves in a position where you’ll end up reacting to the situation. Take control from the start, including the revelation about your relationship. YOU pick the time, place, information you choose to share, and how to share it. Don’t let one of the children get involved either; they could be seriously scarred by something like this getting out of hand.”

Candy said in a pensive tone, “Thank you. I’ll talk to you a little later about what you just said. Think about the ‘How to’ for your advice given our situation.”

“I will. We can talk later or tomorrow.”

Ty stood, “I think it’s time to put on some comfortable dance music.”

There was murmur of positive remarks about the idea as Ty went inside to where the electronics for the patio sound system were. Soon some very danceable music started to drift over the patio.

Several couples got up to dance and that started a trend all over the patio. Dale invited Elsa to dance with him, and soon they were very close together. Since they were both topless, she took to teasing him by raking her breasts and erect nipples across his chest. Dale chuckled and told her, “Dave warned me about you.”

“Oh, good, then you know what I want as an end result.”

“Orgasms, I believe. Lots and lots of orgasms.”

Near them Athena and Don were also starting the mating dance, right beside Wolf and Carolyn. Candy had snagged Bill Lewis, and Tali and Ty started to make out as they stood swaying to the music. Taylor was suddenly wrapped in some hot kisses with Dev as they swayed to the music. Beside them Dori and Doug were grinding their hips together as they also kissed. Doug motioned for Dori to notice the other couple beside them – the cougar Donna and young Jake. The pair worshipped each other and he’d taken to living most of the time at her townhouse with her.

An hour later, Dave arrived back on the dimly lit patio with a gorgeous brunette on his arm. KC was another woman from Mark Worthington’s close family. They’d met a couple of weekends earlier when he and some others from the Circle had visited The Meadows for an overnight one weekend. KC had been part of the overnight and they’d been very comfortable with each other, just as he had with Elsa and Sheila.

KC looked back over her shoulder at Dave, “Everyone’s dancing. Did I leave you with enough energy to partake?”

“Oh, yes. The evening is still young.” He wrapped his arms around the pretty woman and they started to sway. KC was naked, and Dave had resorted to wearing his loincloth ‘costume’ since it required the minimal amount of effort to dispose of when any serious loving started to take place. He wasn’t exactly flaccid after their lovemaking, in any case.

He whispered to her, “If you want me to introduce you to anybody, please just tell me. Like your own group, we don’t have jealous feelings here, only compersion. I think you should meet more of our Circle friends.”

KC kissed him yet again on his bruised lips. She’d been quite passionate as he filled her pussy as she’d had a mind blowing orgasm only twenty minutes earlier. She said, “Let’s see what happens.”

On their third dance, Bjorn cut in on Dave and KC. “May I. I am strongly attracted to this woman’s beauty, ataşehir escort but we haven’t met. From your closeness, I know you are of like mind to the rest of us. I’m Bjorn.”

She gave a warm smile, “I’m KC, and I’d be delighted to dance with you.” They paired off and talked softly to each other as they started to sway. In seconds, their bodies were very close together and some shared kisses started.

Dave turned and had Morgan in his arms before he could take five steps. She teased, “Why thank you for asking. I’d love to dance with you and anything else you can think of to occupy the rest of the evening. I am partial to large orgasms on your hot cock, just to warn you.”

“Well, hello, Morgan. I love you, too.” The pair kissed and not just lightly or casually. The kiss was a show-stopper and left both of them panting.

Morgan whispered, “I’m serious about now or later. Aunt Steph gets off soon, and she made me promise to try to line you up for the two of us to have a threesome with you as soon as she gets here. Am I too late? Have you already made commitments?”

Dave kissed her again. “You’re not too late, and I like that idea. I apologize for not having been with you or your aunt for many weeks. Why don’t you text her and tell her it’s a done deal, and to hurry. Say something to make her wet between her legs.”

Morgan got a devilish grin, “I know what I want to do.” She pulled her cellphone out from the back of her monokini where it has rested against her bare butt cheek, aimed it at Dave’s loincloth from an angle that left a slight indication of what lay beneath, moved her small hand into the picture to pull the cloth aside, and took the picture. A few keystrokes and Dave heard the little swoosh that indicated the text and picture had been sent. Morgan looked up, “I told her that you had over eight inches of delicious man meat just for her as soon as she arrived.”

Dave laughed, “I hope she doesn’t get a speeding ticket or have an accident.”

Morgan and Dave were naked, on a chaise fifteen minutes later when Steph arrived and found them. Steph stood beside them peeling off her hospital scrubs piece-by-piece, and then her underwear. “God, why does it take so long to strip off this shit,” she cursed as she got hung up trying to remove the upper half of her pullover scrubs. Dave stood and helped her, his erection standing out in front of him at a ninety-degree angle. Morgan had been lightly sucking his appendage in her mouth as he’d eaten her in a modified sixty-nine as they waited for the third member of their ménage-a-trois.

When Steph was naked she launched herself into Dave’s arms. Morgan was instantly there also collecting hot tongue kisses with her aunt and again from Dave.

Dave asked quietly, “Do you care who goes first?”

Steph grinned, “Yes. Me, please. I’ve been working on my feet all day, and I need several HUGE orgasms to set me straight again. Morgan can clean me up, that is if Julie doesn’t get to me first, and then you can make love to her. Plan on repeating that sequence several times.”

Morgan laughed and nodded; “Go ahead. I’ll watch and play around the edges.”

“Oh, no,” Steph said. “I want your sweet little pussy on my mouth as I lie here and Dave fucks me. I’ve missed your taste all day long, too. I am very needy for your female sexual fluids.”

Dave chuckled, “Then fluids you shall have – male and female.”

He went down on Steph, initially slavering onto her pussy and duplicating some of what he’d been doing to Morgan part of the time before her aunt arrived. She moaned and thrust her lower body up to meet Dave’s eager tongue. She gasped, “I’ll give you all year to stop … God, never stop.”

After a few minutes of watching, Morgan carefully mounted the chaise and lowered onto her aunt’s face her sweet little moist pussy that she’d been rubbing. Dave could see Steph’s tongue instantly go to work licking and lapping and relearning the geography of Morgan’s cunt as he kept his own doing similar things to the hot-looking nurse that was one of the newer Circle members.

Steph eventually made little hand signals to him that she wanted him to start to fuck her. He chuckled to himself as he changed position – such an onerous task. He stroked his cock several times to encourage the last bit of hardness to the purple beast, and then slowly sank his meat into her eager cunt. She tilted her pussy upwards towards him as he thrust slowly into her velvet quim. She wanted to encourage the coupling. The moan from beneath her niece certainly indicated that she liked what had just happened.

Morgan was the first to succumb to an orgasm from Stephanie’s talented tongue. She moved off of her aunt’s face and lay next to her, romantically kissing the older women as Dave pumped in and out of her body at a steady pace and Steph moaned in happiness.

Dave’s orgasm came after three more from Steph, and then a passionate kiss from Morgan. Dave pulled out for the last couple of shots, drenching the pussy he’d cum in with more of his cum. The result not only leaked from inside his partner, but also dripped with the white coating he’d sprayed on her.

Morgan’s mouth instantly ingested his cock, cleaning the shaft and sucking out the last bit of semen, and then lapping, sucking, and working to capture every last morsel of man juice that he’d left in and on her aunt.

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