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Double Penetration

I’d had a tough childhood and a torrid time during my teens. I had spent most of my time in depression. I had however had many girlfriends until I was 18. After that point my depression got worse and so meeting new people got more difficult as I didn’t leave the house. So when Jenny came along I had been short of practice.

Jenny was smart, extremely sexy, sweet and very funny girl. We met through a friend and she was always very keen to talk to me. I had no problems talking to girls, I only had problems being motivated to leave my house. One day she took my phone number from our mutual friend and called me. She made up some excuse about wanting to ask me who to pick for her work’s fantasy football league. One thing to another we ended up talking for four hours. The next day we met, we kissed and that as the beginning of our relationship.

I had not had sex since I was 18. I was now 25 and although she knew this, I asked her to be patient with me and that she should be aware that it may be a while before we do it. She being the amazing girl she was understood and had no problems with it.

During the first couple of months we’d meet at least three to four times a week. Whenever we’d make out she couldn’t resist not grinding me when she was on top. I was always hard and she knew it very well. In a way it was a tease for her. She was very gentle and was very passionate as a person, I was too so we matched up well.

Four months had passed and it was Jenny’s birthday. kartal escort bayan I had decided to take her out all night in a limo to go wherever she wanted. When we got back she told me that I should know that what I did was far too cute and that I was in for it when we got upstairs. That really turned me on, more so because I was thinking the same. I had already covered the entire bed with rose petals and placed candles everywhere. I told her that I would have to blindfold her as it was a surprise waiting for her. I picked her up blindfolded and took her inside. I lay her down and before the could try and take off the blindfold I took each wrist one by one and tied them to the headboard. She was a little shocked at this point and looked uneasy but said nothing. In seeing this I put one hand on her head and with the other I stroked her cheek. I kissed her check lightly and then her lips very softly and told her for the first time I loved her. I heard her let out a moan, and her heart started beating faster.

I put Enigma music on very loud and so she couldn’t hear what I was doing. I lit each and every candle. When I finished I went close to her and gave her a soft but long kiss. I took off her blindfold to let her see the room. Her mouth opened wide and was speechless. She looked at me and when she realised she couldn’t move her hands to grab me, I saw her shed a tear. I licked it off and whispered in her ear that I wanted to make love to her and that I wanted escort maltepe to that night. She let out another moan and tried to move her hands again. I smiled and kissed her forehead and told her to just enjoy me enjoying her. I said this and put her blindfold back on. I started taking off her clothes, I did this painfully slowly and pretended to struggle at times to prolong it. Whilst doing this I made sure to kiss extremely softly all the naked flesh I uncovered. I had never seen her body and I felt like I was going to cum just seeing her. I left her there like that with the music still on she didn’t know I had left. After a while I came back with some other tools for the night. At this point she was struggling crazily with her hands, not knowing where I was she just panicked. I ran the back of my finger up from her bikini line up to her neck going right through the middle of her breasts making sure to miss them. Her body jumped. I started running the back of my finger randomly in lines in different parts of her body trying to be as unpredictable as possible. I did this around her thighs, her arms, her sides, her neck and cheek. I made sure still not to touch her breast or pussy. ‘Please’ I heard I cry. Knowing what she meant, I asked her if she was ok and why she said please. She told me she wanted me to touch her everywhere. That’s what I wanted, its such a turn on compared to a girl who thinks all you want to do is touch her and tries to not allow you to. I decided pendik escort to start with kissing her passionately and touching her stomach and sides. I moved my kissed down to her neck and started touching her thighs. I would go really close to her clit but then move away at the last moment. She would let out moan every time.

I moved from her neck to her chest area and petted her chest very softly. When I was satisfied with its redness I started kissing her sloppily but softly on her breasts whilst I still ran a finger up and down her thighs. I kissed them both avoiding her nipples which were very hard. I left them and kissed down her body to her now very very wet pussy. I licked in a line around her thighs and she was trying to break the headboard. I started on my baby’s sex. I teased her clit and went on to lic her out. At the same time I reached up with my hands and teased her breasts again before starting to play with her nipples. I licked her clean.

I then took of her blindfold and kissed her. She kissed me back in a way she never had. I knew I was in her good books. I looked her and asked her if shed do something for me, she said she’d do anything, I move up her body and put my cock out before her mouth and told her I really wanted to see her suck it. She didn’t even wait a second, she reached out straight away and sucked hard on it. She was brilliant and I hadn’t felt a mouth there for years, within 4 mins I came really hard in her mouth and she spat it out slowly. She told me she’d never let anyone cum in her mouth before but didn’t think twice with me.

I lay with my head on her shoulder for a while before I untied her arms. When I did that she sprung on top of me and held my arms down, I thought she was going to tie me up…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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