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I married when I was 24. I had dated a few guys but was still a virgin on my wedding night. Not just a vaginal virgin; Mike, the man I married, was the first penis I had ever seen or touched. I will always remember the first night of my honeymoon. I had wanted to make love to my husband Mike and had dreamed of that night for years. I was shocked that it was painful to have sex. I had no pleasure that night or for several years. I wanted to like sex but it was always uncomfortable. Having nothing to compare my husband’s penis to I assumed that it was his size that made sex uncomfortable. It was not until after I gave birth to my first child that sex was not painful. After this it was more enjoyable but still not what I thought that it could be. Not until my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer did I start to desire sex with him. He died five months later.

I hid myself in my work for the next two years. I raised my children and worked extra hours to keep myself occupied. I missed my husband but rarely thought about sex and had no interest in dating. I was 43 years old and assumed I would live as a 2nd time virgin widow for the rest of my life.

I was not very handy around the house because Mike had always taken care of repairs. Over the course of his illness and the following two years the house got pretty run down. When the water heater sprang a leak all over the basement I did not know what to do. I had not spoken to Mike’s friend Alex in months but I had no one else to call. I asked if he could look at my water heater. He came over right away.

Alex was four years younger than me and had been divorced for 7 years. He was tall, over six feet, and in good shape from playing several sports. When Alex looked at the water heater he discovered that my house had a lot of plumbing problems. He said that many of the pipes needed replacing. When he told me it would cost several thousand dollars because of the damage already done I started to cry. Alex took me in his arms and I sobbed on his shoulder for several minutes. I did not have any extra money but I cried as much from loneliness as anything. I had not been particularly aware of being lonely until that moment.

After I stopped crying, Alex suggested that he could do the work for me but said it would mostly get done on weekends. I accepted his offer immediately but felt bad because I had little Şirinevler escort money to pay him. He assured me that he wanted to do it and that he felt he owed Mike anyhow.

The next Saturday Alex was at my house at seven in the morning and worked until dinner time. I fixed a pot roast for him and my sons. We ate at the table but it was quiet and awkward. My sons didn’t speak a word. Alex tried to make small talk with them but they were mostly unresponsive. After dinner they both left for friend’s houses. Alex said he had about an hour more to do before he could leave.

I went down to keep Alex company as he worked. He asked me about my job, the boys, and how I was doing. I told him work was crazy and the boys were growing up. Both had girlfriends now and were gone a lot. Mike climbed the ladder to get at some pipes. His head was well up in the ceiling and he asked if I new what a pipe wrench was. I did and handed it to him.

I am only 5′ 4″ so I had to climb the ladder to reach his hand. I found my face level with his ass. He turned to reach for the wrench and my eyes were transfixed by the outline of his erect penis through his jeans. His manhood was very clearly outlined through the fabric. I faltered handing him the wrench and then startled and blushed. Embarrassed I raised the wrench up to him. I was certain that he noticed me looking at his crotch. I was flustered and stepped down from the ladder. I didn’t really know what to do or how to act. I had never considered another man at all. Yet I found myself stirred and my heart racing.

I don’t know how long I stood at the base of the ladder when I found Alex’s standing in front of me and his hand on my cheek. He asked me if I was okay. I stammered a broken yes, then felt his lips press onto mine. My mind exploded. I could not process any real thought. I was consumed with emotions I did not understand and overwhelmed with a desire I did not know I had. I melted into Alex’s arms. I did not kiss back immediately because I was so shaken. I simply felt his tongue explore my mouth and his arms surround me in his strong embrace.

Without being aware, I started kissing him back. My lips worked against his and my tongue wrestled feverishly. I felt one of his hands cup my ass and pull me into him while his other hand stroked my hair and then settled down to my breast. I felt Şirinevler escort bayan like I was being consumed as I inhaled his breath and my nipples hardened under his touch.

Mike and I had dated for three years and did not have sex until we were married. I considered sex an act of marriage. But at this moment I had no conscious mind. I was totally absorbed in the draining of my loneliness and an intensity of passion I had never felt. I don’t know how we worked our way to the basement guest room but I remember being lowered onto the bed which was always made up for guests.

I was wearing a pair of red stretch pants and a white button up blouse. The lights in the guest room were off so it was mostly dark. My shirt was open though I don’t recall how and I felt Alex removing my pants. My cotton panties were soaked and I remember feeling slightly embarrassed. My hands were caressing Alex’s chest, which was very toned. I had never seen Alex in any way other than Mike’s friend. I found that I had missed noticing how strong and muscular he was.

Alex now lay over me and my thighs were spread around his hips. The image of his penis through his pants flashed through my mind. His penis seemed very much like Mikes. I knew he was about to enter me. My anticipation was intense. It had been over four years since I had made love. I did not have time to feel nervous. I felt the head of his penis touch my aching pussy. The sensation almost caused me to orgasm right then. I gasped into his chest. His body loomed over me. Alex paused, whispering “should I stop”? I moaned “no” in a voice I hardly recognized. As he eased into me I realized I was wrong earlier when I saw his penis. I assumed he was erect because the size of his cock through his pants was the same as Mike’s was when he made love to me. But what I saw was Alex’s cock soft.

As I said, I had never been with another man or seen other men’s penis. I did not know how different they were. Mike’s penis was 5″ long when erect and it has seemed too big at the time. As Alex entered me I felt him entering me more and more. He was thick, very hard, and seemed endless. I now know he has an 8″ penis with a large head. My body was overwhelmed with raw orgasmic energy as he entered me the first time. I had never felt anything like this. There was no pain; Just intense pleasure. I cried out escort şirinevler and dug my nails into Alex’s side. When he was fully inside me he paused. I could not see his face well as he lowered to me so I closed my eyes. I felt him deep inside me. It was like a presence all its own. I had never felt so full, so consumed. I felt my body begin to shudder into an explosive orgasm. Never had I orgasmed from straight intercourse. Mike had to use his had to further stimulate me. Now my body pulsed with pleasure. I could feel the orgasm radiate through my thighs, up through my stomach, into my breasts, my lungs, my hands and my legs. My body was an orgasm. It expanded and exploded as Alex started to move his hips and thrust in and out of me. I felt his breath on my cheek, hot and fast. A low moan escaped from his lips as he pressed himself up off of me. His chest was now above mine, supported by his strong arms. Still his hips thrust powerfully, his hard cock stretching me again and again. My orgasm subsided but my passion began to grow as I desired him to cum in me.

He slowed and lowered his lips to my right breast. My nipples were hard. I felt his teeth close gently around my nipple while his hand closed on my left breast. My back arched, straining to make myself more accessible. I long deep moan leaked from my lungs. My nails raked across his strong broad back. I could feel the tension of Alex orgasm begin to build. His thrusting became quicker and more powerful. I lowered my hands to grasp his ass, pulling him even deeper into me. Quickly my own orgasm began to build. Never had I orgasmed more than once while making love. Now my second orgasm approached like a train. I could tell Alex and I were both going to orgasm together.

Alex started to grunt with each thrust, my hips lifting to meet each thrust. My body was awash in passion. I heard myself saying “Now Alex…now”. Then I felt him spasm powerfully as he shot his cum deep inside me. My own body bucked and shivered. I would have been ashamed had I not been so totally engulfed in our raw sex. As the explosion of our orgasm subsided I realized that this was sex, not making love.

Alex collapsed down onto my chest, by breasts pressing flat beneath him. I could feel his cum starting to leak out of me. My body was fully satisfied. My breath came in gasps as I was fully exhausted. Alex lifted himself just enough to gently kiss my lips, then slid off to the side of me, his penis sliding out. Again I was surprised at his length. Even in my exhaustion I felt a lust for his penis to be inside me again. It was a new experience. It crossed my mind that I had just lost my virginity again. This one, deeper inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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