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As Louise’s purple Marks and Sparks knickers were rolled down over her soft hips there was sudden flurry of activity on the stage. A day-glo pink gynaecology chair was wheeled on by two men in overalls and a bleached blonde woman who couldn’t have been more than 19 years old wearing a white beautician’s coat entered stage right pushing a trolley on which was a bowl of water, a shaving brush, mug of foam, three pink safety razors and what appeared to be a bottle of some kind of lotion. Louise’s eyes widened at the sight of the chair’s stirrups. She’d always hated those horrid things. Two female production assistants in jeans and t shirts rushed to her side and took a firm but gentle hold of her arms. Louise was buggered if she was going to be dragged to that chair she’d walk by herself thank you very much. And so with her bare legs wobbling slightly, Louise walked defiantly, nose slightly in the air, towards the dreaded chair, the two assistants walking with her just in case any last minute panic meant they had to grab and frogmarch her to the beautician. Had Louise had noticed the camera zoomed in on her plump, white buttocks as she walked, a sudden escape bid may well have been a distinct possibility.

When the small procession reached the chair, the beautician extended her hand. All fake tan and painted on air hostess smile, she didn’t look at all the sort that Louise would normally dreamed of going to for her usual trim and subtle highlights but more the sort that made her living from ghastly extensions.

“Hi-ya Louise” she said in a sing songy Liverpool accent “I’m Chelsea and I’ll be shaving you today”.

Chelsea? What an awful name Louise thought to herself. The sort of name deemed suitable by the sort of parents whose daughter would end up on a show like this. Nevertheless Louise begrudgingly shook the outstretched hand with its gaudy leopard print nails she knew subconsciously that if this Chelsea was going to be between her legs with a razor then it was best not to uspet her and she’s heard how young people didn’t take well at all to being “disrespected”. As it happened and despite her toothy smile, Chelsea was equally unimpressed with the woman stood before her wearing nothing but a cross your heart bra that even Chelsea’s nan wouldn’t wear. Black bra and purple knickers too Chelsea thought to herself trying to stop her smile becoming a snigger. Never mind having her pubes shaved off she’d have died of embarrassment the moment her undies had been revealed! And the look she was giving her. Even stood there with her bum and fanny on display to the world this stuck up cow was looking at Chelsea like she was something scraped off the bottom of her shoe. Well she was about to come down several pegs that was for sure thought Chelsea as she laid a white fluffy towel on the seat of the chair.

“Okay Louise if you’d like to sit on the chair for me please..”

As soon as Louise’s bottom was on the towel, the two assistant girls grabbed her legs and placed them in the stirrups. There were cheers and wolf whistles from the audience as Louise was left well and truly on display. Mericfully she still had her bra on so at least she had some precious modesty left but then in a strange way it made her feel even more exposedas all the audiences eyes would be on the area that Chelsea was now kneeling in front of with a small pair of scissors.

“I’m just going to trim you a bit Louise. Cos it’s a bit long for the razor at the moment”.

As she snipped away Chelsea wondered where they found these women. She didn’t know a single girl who didn’t wax these days. Her poor husband. After a few minutes Chelsea had Louise’s bush down to a manageable length. She thought for a minute about how a dry shave would teach her a lesson in humility but then quickly decided that would be bad for business as there could be hundreds if not thousands of potential clients watching. With a gesture from Chelsea, one of the assistants picked up the bowl of water from the trolley bursa otele gelen escort and held it next to the obscenely displayed and thoroughly disgruntled Louise.

“This’ll be a bit hot ok? But it’ll soften the hairs up a bit” said Chelsea scooping some water with her hand and splashing it on Louise’s curls.

As the hot water was rubbed briskly into her dark brown pubic hair by Chelsea’s soft perfectly manicured fingers, Louise glared at her husband her face like thunder .His smugness had got her into this mess. It was bad enough being naked from the waist down in front of not only the jeering rabble in the studio and god knows whoever would be watching at home , but the prospect of being shaved between the legs sent her mind into a tailspin. Louise had obviously trimmed her bikini line in the past to go on holidays (although she’d never dared wear a two piece)and had read in Femail that some young tarts these days had the whole lot off but it certainly wasn’t her style and now she was about to have it all shorn off and not in the safety of a bathroom or relative privacy of a spa but live on television. She could see on the monitors that one camera was focused on her hips, lower tummy and pubic hair and the other zoomed in on her face. After about two minutes Chelsea stopped rubbing the water in. A few seconds would have been plenty but she was enjoying Louise’s discomfort at a female hand running through her hairs and brushing the skin underneath too much to not make a bit of a meal out of it. After drying her hands on a towel held by one of the assistants, Chelsea picked up the small bowl of foam and the item which had caused much giggling and squirming in rehearsals and which she was immensely looking forward to using on Miss Snooty here.

Louise bit her lip as the shaving brush went along the top of her bush. It tickled like mad which is probably why the swines chose this way to apply the lather but she wasn’t going to give these ghastly people the satisfaction of seeing her giggle like some frivolous schoolgirl. Yes she’d retain her dignity yet. She wished they’d just put the stuff on by hand rather than use this horrid brush. It not only tickled her but this whole part of the process felt so undignified as if her bush was a man’s beard being lathered in some barber shop.

“Hold still Louise” smirked Chelsea as she dipped the pink razor in the bowl of water before beginning the shave. Louise’s soft belly, with its deep navel quivered slightly as Chelsea expertly removed her bush stopping to rinse the blade after each long swoop

When the last of Louise’s soapy brown curls had been removed Chelsea took a pink fluffy hand towel and rubbed off the excess foam. It was over, thought Louise to herself. It had been utterly ghastly but surely this was it now. No sooner had she breathed a sigh of relief though, Chelsea picked up a bottle of some kind of green liquid from the trolley and squirted a big glob into her hand.

“I’m just going to put a bit of Aloe Vera on you love. It’ll stop you getting itchy down there.”

Louise flinched as Chelsea began rubbing the cool gel into the area where her thighs met her mound. She felt so sensitive down there now without the protection of hair and Chelsea’s soft fingertips were now just as dreadfully ticklish as that awful brush had been making her squirm on the towel covered seat.

“Ticklish love?” asked Chelsea condescendingly.

Louise didn’t answer but her flustered expression meant she didn’t need to. “Aw bless” smiled Chelsea her feather light touch applying the Aloe Vera to Louise’s freshly shaved labia and causing her to nearly bite through her lip trying to fight back the fit of giggles she could feel building up inside her. Chelsea gave Louise a saucy wink as her hand went over the squirming housewife’s smooth mound her thumb accidentally on purpose flicking over the hood of her clitoris and causing her eyes to go as wide as saucers. It escort bayan wasn’t that Chelsea was particular partial to touching other women’s clits, well except for that threesome with her mate Carly on her boyfriend’s birthday of course, but the sheer discomfort it was causing to this pompous woman whose clit by the way felt somewhat stiff for someone who wasn’t enjoying having her fanny rubbed up a bit, was such great fun that she was compelled to give it just a little twiddle and see how she reacted. As soon as Chelsea’s fingers were on her clit , Louise instinctively reached out with her hand but was immediately grabbed by the assistants and held still in the chair, she tried to close her legs but the stirrups prevented this. As the tanned finger stroked and tickled her swollen clitoris Louise grimaced and blushed.

“That nice?” enquired Chelsea with a big smile that displayed the diamond in her front tooth. Louise didn’t answer but that was un necessary as Chelsea could gauge her enjoyment by the fact that she could see the housewife’s erect nipples poking through the fabric of her brassiere. Louise had now gone from trying to stifle giggles to trying to stifle moans. The finger felt so gentle and yet firm. Her husband’s idea of foreplay was to fiddle and poke at her undercarriage like it was a dodgy engine but Chelsea’s finger felt so relaxed. Louise wasn’t one of these so called bisexuals of course but she had occasionally wondered what it would be like to be with another woman and had sometimes contemplated what kind of woman she’d sleep with , if she absolutely had to of course. She initially thought she’d have liked to do it with someone pretty and classy like Helena Bonham Carter or perhaps someone with a sense of humour that would put her at ease like Victoria Wood for example but then she was watching that ruddy X Factor show which her husband had insisted on presumably because he likes that ghastly Cole woman, when on comes this positively awful girl calling herself Chloe Mafia or some such nonsense. She was plastered in revolting fake tan and ridiculous tattoos and Louise had never seen anything like the fake eyelashes and nails she had on. She was everything that was making this country go to hell in a handcart personified. However the contempt for this Mafia girl that Louise was generating in her mind was in stark contrast to the butterflies in her tummy and the wetness in her knickers. It was the same feeling she got when that bloody Katona woman was on the telly. Chavs people called them. Disrespectful , vacuous and uneducated. But they made Louise wet and she had no idea why. Now here she was, knickerless, shaved and spread wide on national television with one of them touching her intimately and it was becoming increasingly difficult to convince herself that she wasn’t loving every sordid second of this humiliating spectacle.

As Louise tried to think about anything other than what was happening trying desperately to save herself the indignity of orgasming in front of this rabble she could feel someone kissing her neck and then her earlobe. It was one of the assistants Leanne who then whispered in Louise’s ear

“I think you’d be more comfortable with your bra off don’t you”.

Louise would have protested but she was biting her bottom lip too hard to speak. And soon her bra was undone and her soft but heavy 36DD breasts tumbled free to the wolf whistles of the audience.

“Wow” giggled Leanne “I bet you don’t get many of those to the pound Louise!”

It was a line that even Sid James would have considered corny but it was enough to make Louise blush from her face down to her wide pink areolas. Seeing this reaction Stacey, the assistant to Louise’s right knew exactly what to do , grabbing Louise’s right boob in her hand she gave it a sharp squeeze and made a “HONK” sound effect. “Oh for god’s sake!” Louise exploded as the audience fell about in the aisles in fits of merriment watching her struggle in the mudanya escort chair her bosom wobbling and the assistants holding her tight as Chelsea manipulated her clitoris. It was as if she was trapped in some obscene parody of the Benny Hill Show. Louise was humiliated, angry and turned on like never before.

“Her clit’s really hard” said Chelsea still idly toying with it And the heat coming off of her too”. “She’s loving it” added Stacey. “I bet she’d like a finger in there too”. “More than one I reckon” chipped in Leanne. “I’ll try just the one first” giggled Chelsea and Louise gasped as she felt the beautician’s middle finger part her labia and wriggle up inside her.

As Chelsea made a slow “come hither” gesture with the finger, she began to resume tickling Louise’s clit with the thumb of her free hand causing her eyes to roll back in her head. Encouraged by this reaction, Chelsea put her index finger in too and began to pump both fingers in and out of Louise’s warm, slippery vagina starting slowly at first and then gradually increasing the pace of both the clit tickling and the finger pumping.

“Slow it down Chels” interjected Leanne. “We don’t want her to cum just yet”. “Fair enough then” sighed Chelsea as she withdrew her fingers which were glistening with Louise’s juices and held them up for all to see.

“Lick it off” some oaf from the audience shouted to Louise’s horror. She was even more horrified when another voice this time female shouted “make her lick it off! Make her taste herself”.

A leering Chelsea pinched Louise’s nose and was just in the process of moving her creamy fingers towards a panicked Louise’s mouth when Leanne suddenly stopped her.

“I’ve got a better idea” she smiled. “You and me switch places for a sec Chels”.

And so Chelsea took hold of the struggling Louise’s arm and Leanne moved round to stand in front of Louise who could have escaped as her captors changed positions but yet stayed put proving that she had either lost most of her fight or deep down didn’t want to escape at all.

Leanne reached into the pocket of her jeans and produced a black hair tie with which she proceeded to put her hair in a ponytail and out of her face. She then proceeded to place both her hands under Louise’s firm nippled breasts.

“I just wanna feel the weight of these” she said weighing them in her hands. “They’re quite heavy actually” she contemplated as she began to gently squeeze them together before adding “I bet you give a cracking titwank love” to much amusement from the audience and from Leanne’s colleagues who snorted with hen night laughter.

After a couple of minutes of squeezing and fondling, Leanne released Louise’s plump bosoms and knelt down between her open legs and began to kiss up her pale fleshy thighs then over her hips and tummy, briefly putting her tongue in Louise’s navel causing her to wriggle against Chelsea and Stacey’s grip. Then Leanne kissed further down over Louise’s freshly shaved mound before ducking her head down and putting the tip of her tongue on Louise’s engorged clit. Louise’s eyes nearly popped out of her head and she jerked in the girls’ arms as if she’d had an electric shock. Leanne lolled her tongue over Louise’s clit for a few seconds before taking a series of long ice cream licks up and down her quivering vagina. Louise squirmed and moaned as the two other girls stroked her hair. On the rare occasion that her husband had gone down on her it had been a few timid flicks of his tongue at the spot where he presumed her clit to be before waving his cock near her face. This was different though as Leanne licked, sucked and kissed til her face was coated in Louise’s juices. Just as Louise felt her climax building inside her Leanne stopped and put her hands on Louise’s arms leaning in towards her grinning like the cat that got the cream and then hopping up onto the chair and straddling the sweating quivering housewife like a lapdancer and firmly cradling Louise’s face in her hands before leaning in and kissing her on the lips. Louise flinched as she tasted her own juices but was soon loosening her jaw allowing Leanne’s tongue into her mouth and indulging in her first French kiss with another woman as whoops, whistles and shouts of “you go girl!” went up from the audience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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