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Just wanted to say thanks to the authors of the ‘sex confession’ type stories on this site. I prefer the stories based on what really happened, with all the details as to why it was memorable…

I am interested in your feedback, so please give your comments and thoughts on my story.

The following encounter happened to me 10 years ago in Mexico. It was my first experience of bedding a MILF, and I think it was her combination of initial primness and subsequent dirtiness that stuck in my mind.

I had just turned 30 and was backpacking alone in the Yucatan peninsular. It was part of a bigger trip I’d wanted to take for many years, but since my girlfriend had dumped me some months earlier I was travelling alone. This part of southern Mexico has a wonderful climate in December, and lots of colonial Spanish towns and Mayan ruins to visit. You can get around by bus easily and it’s cheap to eat and get a room in small guesthouses. I had purposely avoided the big coastal resort of Cancun, popular with package tourists and conferences etc. I just wanted to see part of the real Mexico.

It was whilst waiting for a bus south towards Belize that I met Amy, a 40-something divorcee from the US. She’d been attending a conference in Cancun, and was spending a week seeing the Mayan Riviera before heading back home to Boston. I didn’t immediately fancy Amy at first sight, she looked a bit tired and dusty with the heat, in T-shirt and shorts, but she had a bubbly friendly personality and seemed smitten with my English accent. She was pretty, but beginning to struggle with her weight a little.

I’m no Brad Pitt so I’m not being mean…just saying how it was. On the bus and later that evening I began to see her more favourably. She scrubbed up well, and her jeans were amply-filled, straining the material tight across her arse. I love it when any clothing is stretched taught and wrinkles in that certain way that says there’s a curvy woman inside. She had a cheeky smile and was quite tactile. Her attention was most welcome…

Later that evening Trabzon Escort we had a ‘moment’ after eating in a restaurant near our ‘dive’ of a guest house where we both had rooms. I’d had a few beers and kissed her on the beachfront on a whim. It was a little awkward as I was horny as hell, my erection awkwardly unrestrained in my boxers. I was somewhat surprised by the whole situation as she was more than 10 years older than me, but she seemed keen. I ran my hands over her back, feeling her soft warm skin below her T-shirt. My cock jerked when my fingers found a hint of cool satin panty protruding above her jeans-clad arse. Amy moaned slightly as I teasingly tugged at the smooth panties. Her tongue pushed deeper into my mouth, deliciously filling it and exploring. She said I was making her feel like a teenager again.

We got back to her room and she said I could come in if I promised to behave myself. She told me she always kept her clothes on a first date, and that she wasn’t a slut. I nodded earnestly. Frankly I would have agreed to anything to get into Amy’s room. I was expecting a fairly chaste snog after this talk, and in some ways it was pretty innocent. After a dry period, I was super-sensitive to this woman’s touch, and feeling her weight on me was magic. As we kissed her hands were all over my clothed body, caressing my chest, stroking my stomach, cupping my crotch through my trousers, fiddling with the zipper, rubbing my cock, and squeezing my arse. Later I was on top of her, running my hands over her full tits beneath her bra and top. I was lying between her legs, grinding my crotch into hers, feeling the sweaty heat between us, as she raised her pelvis off the bed in time to my thrusts, moaning quietly. Her hands massaged my bum through my trousers, and periodically her fingers probed the material into my arsehole. I told her I was in danger of creaming my pants and she giggled and told me she hoped she was having that effect. I jokingly told her she would have to clean up the mess if she made me come in my dressed state. I told Trabzon Escort Bayan her how hot she was, apologised for how turned-on I was, and lied that I wasn’t normally in danger of ejaculating just from heavy petting.

Amy admitted I was making her desperate for cock, and that she badly needed her pussy filling, but she wasn’t a bad girl and wanted to take it slowly.

When she was lying on top of me, I could feel the denim jeans sliding deliciously over her smooth tight panties. She had a fine arse, and liked having it cupped and kneaded. She playfully licked my nipples through my T-shirt, then smiling wickedly as she gently bit them through the cotton. Later, when she called time I sadly left for my room.

In the morning we both checked out, and caught the bus to the next town. I nervously suggested we book just one room at the next guest house as we were both on a small budget and Amy matter-of factly agreed. We spent the day seeing the sights, and I got to know Amy a bit better. She was more subdued than before, and I wondered if she was going cold on me. I was on best behaviour that evening, taking a quick shower and then retiring to the bar next door while Amy freshened up in the room. I was being the perfect gentlemen, slightly ashamed of my raging desire to unload my balls in her sweet hot pussy. It’s hard being a man…

After a meal and beers, we made our way back to the room. I was trying not to appear too keen, but my cock felt full, heavy and hard. I’d had to resort to tighter boxer briefs because of the effect Amy was having on me. I didn’t want her to think I had a one track mind, but I wanted to fuck her oh so badly.

She grabbed me as soon as we got into the room, and soon we were writhing together on the bed. Things got serious when she took her top and bra off, and I started kissing her full breasts and licking around her nipples. Soon her fingers were unzipping my jeans and rubbing my hard cock through my briefs. I pulled off her jeans to reveal tight white satin panties, with a small patch Escort Trabzon of dampness over her pussy. Sweet…

As we kissed I cupped Amy’s panty-clad pussy, my fingers lightly (ever so lightly) moving back & forth over the smooth wet material. The sheer material at first stuck to her warm pussy lips beneath, but within minutes Amy got wetter, a lot wetter. The satin became saturated in her pussy juice, becoming super-slick as she soaked the material. Amy was moaning heavily and pushing her pussy into my hand. The panties were tight but full-cut, covering all her pussy. I didn’t want to take them off too soon, but knew that wonderful panty-peeling moment was close. The panties were so thin, I could feel her engorged pussy lips, her short curly pubes, and her wet heat. The sodden material was stretchy enough to allow me to gently probe her pussy hole with a couple of fingers, the satin sinking slightly into her hot love-tunnel.

‘Don’t you want to taste me?’ Amy asked. For a moment I wasn’t sure what she meant. I began to kiss my way down her body, then around and over her soaking panties, licking her through the thin sodden material. Her matted pubes surrounded her pussy lips, and I push the satin into her hole with my tongue.

Amy demanded I take off her panties and tongue her out. It wasn’t a request, and I ate pussy till she came hard, her cunt twitching on my tongue, and her stomach clenching as she climaxed, one hand on the back of my head pulling my face into her. She looked down at me, open mouthed in pleasure.

Afterwards she took delight in slowly french-kissing me, cleaning her juices out of my mouth and from my lips. I confessed that I needed to fuck her badly and she made me put on a condom which I filled in record time as she insisted on running her fingers over my arsehole as I slowly sank back and forth into her wet hole.

We spent the rest of her holiday together, and I learnt she liked to suck cock slowly. She surprised me several times by running her tongue around the inside of my foreskin before I got completely hard. She knew she was blowing my mind when she did this, and liked the blowjob to end as messily as possible. Once she playfully pushed her wet satin panties into my mouth before sucking my balls one by one, and later insisting I come in her mouth. Who was I to refuse?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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