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She rolled him over onto his back, and quickly stripped his T shirt and jeans from him, he lay there passive as she ran her fingers lightly over his nakedness, pausing briefly to remove her skirt, she knelt on the bed beside him and began to play with his shaft, it was thick and hard in her hand, she circled it with her fingers and gently started to stroke his member with a slow sensuous rhythm, he lay there quietly, enjoying the sensation, she slipped her hand between his legs, cupping his heavy balls, weighing them, holding him like this gave her a sense of power, she grasped his shaft again and started to wank him gently.

“If you go all the way and make me cum, you know that I will make you clean all that spunk up with your tongue, don’t you,” He told her quietly, she nodded, keeping up the pretence, they both knew that she would enjoy cleaning him up, he wouldn’t need to make her, she would love to take his cock in her mouth and clean all his spunk off, it was just a little game that they played, she liked him to be masterful, in charge, making her do little things like that, she watched as the skin on his cock tightened and relaxed as she stroked it.

As she watched a large glistening bead of pre-cum appeared on the end of his prick, leaning over him she delicately gathered it with the tip of her tongue, she turned to face him, her tongue extended still so that he could see what she had gathered, when she was sure he was watching her, she made a show of closing her mouth, savoring the taste of his fluid, before she lowered her head again and took his shaft into her mouth and began working on him, enjoying the feel of his hard shaft in her mouth, the fullness of him, the taste of him, knowing that he liked her to give him oral just as much as she enjoyed doing it for him, she loved having his cock in her mouth, filling it with his maleness.

Within a few moments he had grasped her head in his hands, pulling her head down on to his shaft as he tried to fit its full length into her mouth, she could feel the bulbous tip of his prick in her throat each time he pushed her head down, he was strong, and she knew he was trying to get as much of his shaft into her throat as he could, she knew that if she carried on like this he would cum, she also knew that he would force her head down onto his shaft as he shot his spunk deep into her throat, she didn’t want him to cum yet, they had plenty of time, time to prolong this, savour it, enjoy it more, she shook her head and pulled his shaft from her mouth and took several deep breaths, before climbing over him in a 69 position, she felt his fingers lightly stroking her cunt lips, then he was pulling them apart opening her, hot breath made her tremble, his fingers were pulling back the sheath covering her clitoris, exposing her hard pink bud, making it stand out, and then she felt his mouth on her clitoris, his tongue flicking lightly over the sensitive pink button, the feeling was exquisite, his lips circled her clit, he sucked it into his mouth, his lips pulling on her clitoris, “aaah,” she sighed contentedly, it was lovely!, her clitoris was super sensitive, he knew exactly what she wanted, as he began to suck her clit gently.

She was in heaven, she loved it when he did this, it was wonderful, apart from her lover, no one had ever done this to her, the thought of her clitoris in his lips excited her, she felt the fist ripples Tekirdağ Escort of her orgasm start, they seemed to flow outwards from her clitoris, gently at first, then each one slightly more intense than the last, he had all her clit, and its protective sheath of in his mouth now, sucking at it strongly, it was indescribable, the waves of passion flowing through her seemed as if they started, and finished, at the sensitive little button between his lips, they flowed out and seemed to flow right back with increased intensity as if they were merging into one, she could not stand this much longer, it was too intense, she could not cope with his shaft in her mouth, she was moaning and gasping now, almost at the point of orgasm, she rested her head on his thigh and contented herself with just holding his prick, and began pushing her cunt back into her lovers face, trying to extract the last possible ounce of pleasure for herself, she felt a hot flush pass through her dripping wet cunt as he continued to suck her clit, her juices were flowing freely, the thought of filling HIS mouth with HER cum heightened her pleasure and she pushed her cunt hard into his face, willing him to drink her copious juices, as she reached a shattering orgasm.

He lay on his back, his face glistening with her love juice, she straddled his naked body, leaning over she kissed him full on the lips, tasting herself, her cunt, in her juices that were coating his face, reaching between her legs she slipped a finger into her cunt, it slipped in easily, GOD!!! she was wet, she opened her cunt lips and lowered herself until she was sat with her cunt over the thick length of his hard shaft, she maneuvered her body until she was positioned just right, she wanted her cunt lips to lie down each side of his cock, so that she could rub her cunt up and down his shaft without it penetrating her, he moaned softly in anticipation, she loved doing this with him, he knew that, sometimes he just whispered to her how good it was, how he could feel her wet cunt slipping up and down over his hard prick, other times he turned her on by quietly talking about two other men watching her as she rubbed her cunt on his prick until she came, waiting for their chance to fuck her, he was talking to her like this now, she let her imagination loose, the thought of having other men take her was exciting, he told her how wet her cunt felt as she rubbed it on his prick, how sexy it would look to anyone watching, and she had cum almost at once, just by letting her mind supply the details to his scenario, now he had grasped her hips in his strong hands and was moving her body against his, rising to meet her as he drew her to him so that the tip his shaft was rubbing her clitoris, this was another of his little tricks, making her keep going until she had cum again.

She could feel herself rising to a climax again when he let go of her hips and put his arms round her, she kept moving, she was too close to stop now, suddenly her head was grasped and lifted, she opened her eyes in shock, another man was there!!!, his hard shaft right in front of her face, her lover was holding her tightly, whispering to her that it was ok, before she knew what was happening the second man was pushing his cock into her mouth and her lover was holding her hips again, pulling her, pushing her, moving her cunt on his shaft, a thrill went through her, the cock in her mouth felt Tekirdağ Escort Bayan enormous, it’s owner was holding her head, forcing her to take it all in her mouth as he began to fuck her face, she felt a sudden tremor run through her, a sudden wet warmth flooded cunt as she started to cum, she was surprised by it’s intensity, she mashed her cunt down hard on her lovers shaft, riding him for all she was worth, she moaned with delight as she felt her mouth suddenly fill with hot creamy spunk, she swallowed hungrily, wanting to take every drop of the strangers spunk, she could not have stopped sucking his prick if she had wanted to, she came with a mind numbing intensity, her cunt was throbbing as wave after wave of her incredible climax flowed through her body.

Without allowing her time to recover her lover rolled her onto her back, and spread her legs, she lay there, her eyes closed, she was aware of fingers gently probing her cunt, hands gripped her legs, the hands holding her legs raised and opened them, she moaned softly as a thick hard shaft entered her, she felt the weight of a body resting on hers, arms encircled her, suddenly she was rolled over, she was on top again, this time though she had a strangers thick hard cock deep inside her, she kept her eyes closed, hands cradled her face, she knew immediately that it was her lover, “Are you ok with this?” he asked her, she nodded, her eyes still closed, she trusted her lover, she knew that he would look after her, keep her safe, besides that, the hard shaft in her cunt was getting her very interested again.

She was enjoying this immensely, she wondered if her lover was going to fuck her face like the stranger had, in answer to her thought she felt a cock rubbing against her lips, she opened her mouth, taking the stiff cock deep into her throat, hands grasped her head, they felt strange, hands grasped her hips, she knew the feel of those hands, that touch, this meant that there were now three men wanting to touch her, wanting to play with her naked body, she had a cock in her mouth, a prick in her cunt, she knew now that they were all going to use her, ultimately they were all going to fuck her in turn.

She suddenly felt a very cool wet feeling on her rectum, someone had put some lubricant on it, with this thought she realized that it could only be her lover, then the realization hit her, they were not going to take her in turn, They were all going to fuck her at the same time, then she thought to herself if someone was going to take her up the arse for the first time ever she wanted it to be her lover, he held her hips firmly, slowing the movement of the man beneath her, he inserted a well lubricated finger into her anus, she realized that he was making sure she was well lubricated, ready to accept his hard member, she could feel the tip of his prick probing her rosebud, his hands were grasping her hips again, he had strong hands, and he was holding her tightly, “relax!,” he told her, she stiffened as she felt his shaft begin to enter her, it didn’t hurt, it just felt different! “Relax!” He said again, “I won’t hurt you, just relax!” She felt his prick sliding firmly, but gently into her anus,

She gasped! “MY GOD!! Oh my god!!,” she moaned as he slid into her, she was so full of hard prick she couldn’t think,

She pushed the man away from her face for a moment or two, as she started to pant heavily, Escort Tekirdağ she had to catch her breath for a moment, her head was swimming, suddenly it had become too intense, her lover moved against her, grasping her hips in his strong hands, pulling her back to him as he gently slid his cock deep into her anus, then almost but not quite withdrawing, before slowly sliding his hard member deep into her again, the feeling was not unpleasant, the man beneath her joined in the slow strong rhythm, she moaned with the sheer pleasure of it, it was so different, as her lover pushed his prick deep into her anus she gasped again, she had never experience a feeling like this before, she felt so FULL, finally she was able to open her mouth and allow the probing shaft to slide between her lips, she still felt incredibly full but she thought that she could manage all of them now, the rhythm that her lover was setting as he thrust into her was forcing her forward onto the prick she had in her mouth, forcing her to take it deep into her throat, the man began to match the slow steady rhythm that the others has set, he was holding her head and pushing his hips forward to take advantage of the thrust the others were producing, she was doing all she could to take as much of his prick into her mouth as she could without gagging on it’s length.

OH GOD! She thought, they had made her into a three man fuck sandwich, and she was loving it, for the first time ever she had three men fucking her at the same time, and she was loving it, absolutely loving it!!!!, she thought of them filling her with spunk, her mind was working overtime, vivid images of how the four of them coupled like this must look filled her head, the mental video running in her mind was overpowering, she began to moan, the feelings she was experiencing being fucked by the three men like this were exquisite, they filled her mind, it was fantastic, she knew that she was going to cum again, she couldn’t help it, the waves of passion flowed through her in an overwhelming tide as she had a mind blowing orgasm.

The men didn’t pause, they continued to fuck her with the same steady rhythm, her cunt was throbbing, she began to moan loudly as she had another shattering orgasm, still they continued to fuck her, before she had chance to recover from the previous orgasms she started shuddering uncontrollably, she was moaning loudly now, her body could not take much more of this, it was too much, there was a limit to what she could take that was fast approaching, she was being well and truly fucked, every possible hole was full of prick, they were going to fill her with their spunk, she heard her lover moaning, he was muttering that her arse was lovely and tight, she was making him cum, she pushed back against him, he moaned again, and she could feel the hot spunk shooting into her as he shot his load in her anus, she was mildly surprised that she was moaning and grunting uncontrollably again, the very thought of her lover shooting his spunk in her virgin arse, made her cum in another mind numbing orgasm.

Suddenly her mouth was full of hot creamy spunk, she swallowed it down quickly, she was determined to take every drop of their spunk, she ground her cunt onto the cock inside her, he responded quickly, soon he was panting heavily, and he moaned softly as he spunked in her cunt.

She felt totally drained, all she wanted now was to be left alone to sleep, one by one they disengaged and flopped down, panting heavily, each sexually sated, totally exhausted, content, each of them lying where they had dropped, arms and legs akimbo, untroubled by their nakedness, as they began to relax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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