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After our last session Lucia commented that she was surprised how much she enjoyed the actual full on sex , usually much preferring oral sex. I joked that I had been selfish in wanting all of her body, not just her mouth and tongue, and I’d have to make it up to her sometime. We kept up an e-mail conversation for a few months before I decided I needed more of her and asked for another date. I told her it would be a special one and she better start conditioning her jaw muscles! She readily agreed and we set upon another date for me to visit her,

The agreed upon date finally arrived and I made the long drive to her town and quickly checked into the hotel. I had made sure to trim and then shave everything below the belt to maximize the amount of pleasure I knew Lucia’s mouth would deliver the day before so no razor burn or irritation would be left by the time of the event. A quick shower to cleanse the travel from my body and I was ready to go. I slipped on the hotel bath robe and called Lucia to let her know I was ready for her. Her voice was nervous and excited as she asked for the details and whether I had any special requests for attire. I told her to wear some black thigh highs, a tight dress with no bra or underwear. She laughed at the specificness of my request and said she’d see what she could do.

An hour later there was a knock on my door and I went to open the door. She was standing outside the door in a little black dress that must have been two sizes too small pushing her tits up and together in a perilous position, I’m sure if she sneezed they’d pop out instantly! She wore some light makeup, and had her hair pulled up in an elegant up do, and her legs were adorned with slightly slutty looking stockings, the top bands of which just crept below her scandalously high hem line of her dress. She turned to shut the door behind her and I enjoyed the view of her round ass sculpted by her tight outfit.

“So good to see you Lucia!” I said quietly. “I intend to be a little more demanding of your ‘services’ this time, I hope you don’t mind?”

“Not at all… ” She blushed as she replied.

“Good, that’s what I wanted to hear. Why don’t you sit down?” I motioned to the overstuffed hotel armchair.

She slowly wiggled her way to the chair, the dress obviously a little uncomfortable, and sat down carefully.

“Are you wearing any panties?” I asked meaningfully, glancing down at her lap with an eyebrow raised.

She smiled coyly and spread her legs slightly before crossing them. The motion pushed the skirt of her dress up revealing a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair before she modestly tugged the dress back in place.

“Good!” I murmured as I walked over to the chair and placed a hand on the back of her shoulder and stroked. “No bra straps either!”

I slid my hand from her shoulder around to her chest and gave her right tits a little caress. “I like that you took my requests seriously.”

“I know I have been selfish in the past, and I mean to rectify that. I am going to use your mouth for our entire date and I mean fully use it…” I opened my bath robe and motioned for her to lean towards my cock.

“First task: make it hard.” I commanded. Lucia grinned as she leaned in and kadıköy escort took my flaccid cock immediately into her mouth. I have always loved have my cock sucked before it’s hard, there’s a subtle difference in the sense of pleasure that I really enjoy. She applied a steady firm suction and swished her tongue back and forth and around my cock as it danced in her mouth. I laid a hand on the top of her head and leaned back slightly and enjoyed the intense feeling of warmth and wetness on my now hardening shaft. Lucia reached up and cupped and tugged gently on my balls.

“Hands are OK there, but I want only your mouth on my cock.” I warned her with a smile and a wink. Now that my cock was fully hard I pulled back, my cock slipping out of Lucia’s mouth with a slurping noise.

“OK, I want you to open your mouth and I will see how far you can swallow me. Try not to gag please, I don’t like it.”

“Um, I’ll try…” Lucia replied timidly. She leaned forward a bit and licked her lips liberally before opening wide and staring up at me. I stroked her cheek fondly and smiled and slowly pushed my cock into her mouth. As we were just getting started I only went in about half way, paused for a moment and withdrew. She moaned slightly on my cock and smiled, and I stroked her soft dark hair. I pushed my cock back in a little slower this time, but deeper, about 3/4 of the way in, paused even longer feeling Lucia try to stifle a gag before withdrawing slowly with a contented sigh. Lucia’s mouth was beginning to drool copious amounts of saliva as a result of my cocks invasion of her throat and long strands of saliva trailed from the head of my cock to her open mouth.

Once more I slowly entered her mouth, this time not stopping till I was fully inside her mouth, my cock head firmly inside her throat. I paused a second to let her get used to it before flexing my cock inside her throat to see if she could take it. She choked slightly, her throat constricting and spasming nicely on my shaft before quickly regaining composure and accepting my cocks presence inside of her, and I patted her head again and slowly pulled free. Drool and thick saliva from her throat came out with my cock which had increasingly been drooling out of her mouth onto her chin and chest.

“Maybe you should take your dress off before it get’s ruined.” I suggested. “You are doing really well Lucia, I am quite impressed.”

Lucia smiled shyly and stood to take off her dress. She turned and indicated her zipper on the back of the dress and I helped her undo it. She pulled the dress slowly down her body and over her hips, bending over slowly and stepping out of it, her ass spreading slightly only inches in front of my hard cock. I resisted the urge to grab her hips and have my way with her from behind, reminding myself that this visit I promised to be generous and sate her hunger for swallowing cock.

As she stood and turned back towards me, I reached out and took her hand and led her silently to the king size bed. She crawled on to it and turned back to face me on all fours. I laid a hand on her shoulder and motioned for her to lay flat on her stomach with her head at the foot of the bed. She got the message immediately and positioned kadıköy escort bayan her mouth to be level with my cock.

“Fuck me with your mouth Lucia. I am so happy you are able to accept me fully without rejected my cock by gagging. Show me how much you want it!”

“I really want to swallow your cock Andy! I’d never reject it, ever.” Lucia said with a smile.

She inched forward on her elbows and took me into her mouth, quickly pushing forward till her nose pressed against my closely cropped pubic hair and slowly snaked her tongue out to lap my balls a couple times before pulling back. She didn’t pull back all the way however and immediately shoved herself forward quickly, my cock head hitting the back of her throat and forced downwards. I grunted with pleasure and resisted the urge to thrust back, wanting Lucia to take charge and show me how much she wanted me in her mouth and throat. Lucia began rocking her whole body back and forth throwing her mouth onto my cock in such a sudden assault that I momentarily staggered back a step in surprise and intense pleasure. She shot out a hand to grab my by the back of my thigh and pulled me back towards her greedy mouth without breaking her rhythm. She began making little growly noises in her throat and started swiveling her hips and ass around in the air as if on some invisible cock.

She got back up on her knees and elbows to get a better angle on my cock and bobbed her head up and down on me while occasionally stopping to run her tongue up and down my shaft sideways, drooling and spitting on my shaft as well.

“Do you like oral sluts baby?” Lucia asked sweetly in between devouring me. “Yeah, I bet you do! I’m the biggest cock-sucking slut you’ll ever meet!”

Hugely turned on by her dirty talk I grabbed her head and started slowly face fucking the dirty little slut. After a minute or two she pulled backed to catch her breath and stuck out her tongue to lick the underside of my cock head. I grabbed my shaft and flicked it up and down on her tongue, lips and face making soft smacking sounds. She turned her head sideways and I continued rubbing my cock up an down, smearing her saliva and my precum over lips and face. I held her head sideways and pushed my cock back into her mouth, fucking slowly into her cheek while reaching down to cup her heavy swaying tits. Watching my cock poking her cheek as I fucked her mouth I thought how lucky I was to be with a girl who knew how to really please a man.

After a few more moments grabbed her shoulder. “I want you on your back!” I commanded. She rolled over and scootched up to the end of the bed and laid her head over the edge. I squatted slightly to bring my cock level with her mouth and let her lick it from the underside while I surveyed her lush body. Her tits swayed gently on her chest as she moved and I could see even from my viewpoint that her snatch was literally dripping in excitement. I leaned in closer and she took me into her mouth again, rocking her head back and forth as she sucked and licked on the end of my cock.

As she continued to fuck my cock with her mouth I leaned forward and groped her large soft breasts roughly. She took me fully into her mouth and used her tongue escort kadıköy and suction from her mouth to fully enclose my member in pure pleasure. I reached further forward to her wet pussy and started rubbing my middle finger up and down her slick slit causing her to moan louder and suckle on me even harder, working her jaw in little circles while furiously rubbing my shaft with her tongue. Not wanting to come too fast I stood and pulled out of her mouth and brought my balls up to her mouth. No words were necessary and she immediately took the cue and started licking.

“That’s great Lucia!” I gasped and continued playing with her hard nipples. Lucia gently took my balls into her mouth and applied just the right amount of pressure, not too much too cause any pain or discomfort. She reached back with her hands and rubbed my thighs and backs of my legs.

“OK you can use your hands now…” I whispered. She grinned around my sack and took hold of my saliva coated shaft and stroked while continuing to lick and suck on my balls. With her other hand she reached down and started playing with her pussy, teasing her clit and pausing to dip her fingers into her wet snatch every now and then. Not being able to stand holding back much longer, I pulled her hand from my shaft and once again shoved my cock into her mouth. She grabbed the bedspread in her hands and arched her back and leaned her head back further in order to accommodate the sudden invasion of her throat of my man meat. She dug her heels into the bed as I increased my pace.

“gurk, gurk, GURK!” Lucia could no longer hold back her gag reflex as I pounded into her mouth.

“Fuck! Yeah fucking swallow it you little slut!” I shouted as my orgasm built.

“Quick, on your knees!” I yelled as I felt the eruption approach, and Lucia half fell off the bed and knelt in front of me.

She grabbed my shaft and jacked me as she lunged forward and took me in her mouth. She had her hand near the end of my shaft and rubbed her thumb under my cock head as she sucked. All the while she stared up at me, and when she saw my face tighten and felt my legs stiffen, she slowly pulled her head back slightly so that my cock head was resting on her outstretched tongue while her hand continued jacking and rubbing just in time for me to watch the first of seven heavy streams of cum to erupt onto her soft waiting tongue. All the while she frigged her clit with her other hand, making soft wet sloppy noises from her wet pussy.

“FUCK!” I moaned as she used the tip of her tongue to flick at the underside of my cock head while the cum filled her mouth.

“Mmmhmmm, mmmmm, mmmmHMMM!” She moaned in approval. After my cum slowed, she gently started sucking my shaft into her mouth while jacking my shaft again, until my legs went shaky. She giggled and pulled back and opened her mouth to show she hadn’t spilled a drop of my cum, rolling around her tongue with a sly smile on her lips before pursing her lips and sucking back into her mouth with a little whistle and swallowing.

“Mmmmm, yummy.” she whispered with a grin, and opened wide and stuck out her tongue to show it was all gone.

I shakily stepped back and collapsed on the chair with a dreamy spent smile on my face.

“Jesus! That was mind altering!” I exclaimed. “OK, now I want you to lay down on the bed and rub your clit for me till you cum…”

Lucia, got up from her knees with a smile and crawled onto the bed as a I laid back in the chair to enjoy the show…..


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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