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I couldn’t help but ogle & admire the woman as she stood in front of the health food counter waiting to be served. I could see all of her save her face, she had long, straight black hair in a plait that hung down to between her shoulder blades, a sleek neck, muscle defined shoulders that I could see because of the tight aqua coloured top she wore, sleeveless mind you, tapered waist down into slim hips & her arse looked great, fantastic, glorious, spectacular… well, you get the picture. She wore a pair of tight black pants that acentuated her long legs as well as her arse & from what I could see the faint outline of a g-string or a t-back, her thighs looked well defined as did her calves, her feet were of average size & she wore in 3/4 pumps black in colour with a thin black strap around her heel, although she needn’t have bothered with the shoes, she looked about 5’10”-5’11″in bare feet.

Over her left shoulder there was a thin black strap attached to a medium sized bag that disappeared around to the front of her body obviously to pay for her meal. For the amount of time it took me to appraise this beauty she had been served which I had been oblivious to!

After picking up her meal, she turned around to scan the crowd for a place to sit & fortunately for me the only spare table was the one next to mine!

As she made her way through the crowd to get to the table, I could see that she moved with the grace & fluidity of an elite athlete or possibly a dancer, she also carried an air of confidence.

As luck would have it she sat down at her table facing me & I was able to study her face in detail, I was also able to see every male head within my line of vision watching her. In a nutshell I would have to say that her face was a cross between Mary Stuart Masterson, Melissa Etheridge & Dana Delaney, overall a very serene & noble package & not overdone on the makeup either.

As luck played it’s hand again, just as I was wandering what her voice sounded like, she looked directly at me & asked,

“Excuse me, do you have the time?”

Luckily, I was sitting in a position to observe a clock on a wall that was situated directly over her left shoulder,

“Ten past one, ” I said

“Thanks, ” she said & smiled a smile that sent a familiar shiver up my spine, it was at this point I knew that before this day finished I would be fucking this gorgeous woman!

We both went back to eating our lunch, as I was engrossed in reading my paper I failed to notice that my beauty had got up & was standing at my table. I was taken aback & it must’ve shown,

“I’m terribly sorry to interupt your lunch, but I was wandering how you managed to tell me the time when you’re not wearing a watch?”

I casually pointed over her left shoulder at the clock on the wall & she turned to look in that direction then back to me & laughed. Let me tell you that that laugh was enough to give me the start of a diamond cutting hard-on.

“Please forgive me, it’s just that my curiosity got the better of me & I just had know, “

“No problem, ” I said,

“Do you mind if I join Tokat Escort you?”

“No not at all please sit down, ” & got up to shift her chair for her, she sat her gorgeous arse down on the seat. I was glad to able to sit down as I was able to adjust my hard-on that I knew was going to make things extremely difficult to concentrate on what she had to say.

“Are you a local?” she asked me.

“Yes , I am actually, within walking distance. ” & I nodded in the general direction of where I lived.

“Is that near the pre-school area?” she asked,

“Yes, it is actually, are you familiar with this area too?” I replied,

“Yes, Ive been living here for the last eight years & you?”

“I’ve been on the peninsula for the last fifteen years & I must say you do look familiar, do you work locally?”

“Yes, I work at the Rockwell’s Gym around the corner. “

“Funny you should say that, I’m actually looking for a new gym to join, my membership with my old one has just expired & the management has just changed hands & from what I hear the new mob aren’t as cluey as the last lot, “

“Well, I’m one of the assistant directors & I would be more than happy to show you a few pakages that we are running at the moment. “

“I’d be happy to take you up on that, ” I was begining to wonder if my luck would hold out!?

“Well, if you’ve finished your lunch we can go & fill out the paper work right now if you like?” & did I see a mischeivious grin & a glint in her eyes?

“Great, lets rock & roll, ” I said. I was glad that I had my paper as I was able to hide my straining cock.

When we arrived at the gym it was all business as I was given the grand tour of the sauna, spa, change rooms, swimming pool, squash & tennis courts then it was off to the office to sign the paperwork. Once that was out of the way, my luck was still holding, as I got up to leave she came around the desk & I thought she was going to see me to the door, then without warning, the next thing I know her tongue is down my throat & her hands were unleashing my throbbing cock, after a few quick strokes she was down on her knees engulfing my entire length with a very warm & responsive mouth. I considered I had at least five strokes to go before I’d blow my load. But it was too late after the third stroke & 1/2 way down the fourth I began to come. She swallowed the lot & didn’t spill a drop, then kept sucking to keep me hard , this girl was good.

She stood up & peeled her top off to reveal a shapley pair of tits, not too big, not too small, but then again my motto is any more than a mouthful is a waste.

“O. K. my turn, get the rest of those clothes off & lay on the floor, “

I took off my shirt & jeans & threw them over the back of the chair & lay down on the floor clad only in my boxers & socks.

“I meant all your clothes, you idiot, including the socks. “, then laughed as she stepped out of her shoes & slowly peeled off her pants, then turning her back gave me a unhindered view of her flawless arse, her clothes landed on top of mine. All the while I’m Tokat Escort Bayan laying on the floor with my cock pointing directly at ceiling.

She turned to face me & strode over to stand directly over my face, she began to descend towards my face & as her nudely shaved cunt faded from focus I swear that I could feel her juice dripping on my chin & neck. She held her body within tongue distance & her aroma was musky, I stuck out my tongue & captured a few drops of quim juice… mmmmmm… nice!

I flicked my tongue up to touch the left labial lip & her whole body shook I was certain she was going fall but she managed to stay where she was & lowered herself further to allow me access to whatever the fuck I wanted, my tongue went straight in between the dripping folds & as far up into her cunt as I could possibly go. At this stage she grabbed hold of my head just behind my ears & began grinding her cunt into my face, her knees came down either side of my head & her hips began a rhythmic fucking motion, I managed to look up at her face & I would swear that she was in another dimension.

Just then a sense of urgency gripped her & her grinding became more forceful, her clitoris was rubbing against my nose, while my tongue was working overtime, pushing her to the edge & when I thought that she couldn’t get any more aggressive, she did, her whole body began to shake, I lifted my hands to cup her arse & squeezed, she groaned loudly, I slipped my right middle finger beneath her torso to lube it up & drove it fair up to the second knuckle into her arsehole, at that , she groaned a lot louder & her body convulsed three or four times as she came, but she kept grinding her cunt into my face to extract every last ounce of her orgasm out of her now sweating body. When I felt her weight shift forwards I pushed her back side up & slid it down my body so that my swollen knob bumped against the opening of her cunt, at the same time grabbing lungfuls of air. Her nipples were hard & pressing forcefully into my chest, my knob breached the entrance of her cunt, her face came down to mine & as she slid her tongue into my mouth to taste her own juices, my cock slid into her moist cunt & she groaned into my mouth.

Her orgasm must’ve still been at a high level, because no sooner had I taken a few shallow strokes, when she began bucking her hips again in the same fucking motion as when she was sitting on my face, her groaning beacme more insistant & her tongue was moving all around the inside of my mouth. I was able to breathe through my nose now, but my lungs still felt tight. I could feel her inner cunt muscles squeezing & releasing my achingly, throbbing cock. The familiar sensation of my impending orgasm started to bounce its way around my body, so I started to fuck her back with a little more verve, she reacted straight away & started to fuck me harder, the sound of our slapping hips & moans were all that I could hear, my eyes were shut, as I relied totally on all of my senses.

Her body gave me the telltale signs again & my own body began to heave uncontrolably, our pubic bones Escort Tokat crashed together, my hands held her hips, I beagn to lift my arse off the floor & pounded my cock into her cunt with everything I had & she was right there with me, both of our backs were arched, I could feel sweat forming in a pool on my stomach, possibly both hers & mine.

Then it happened, I can only describe it as frantic as our bodies released the flood gates of our orgasms, the cum begining its non-returnable journey along the length of my cock & the almost painful contractions of her cunt.

As my cum erupted out the end of my cock it felt like a knotted cord was being pulled from the end of it, our bodies stopped moving, as the convulsions of our orgasms gripped our bodies. Strangely no sound came from me or her. Her cunt spasmed & I felt that spasming through her entire body & I swear we were in another zone! Soon the feelings slowly began to ebb & her tongue lazily drifted out of my mouth, only for me to follow it with mine into her mouth, she sucked gently on it & our breaths gently caressed each others cheek. I lowered our bodies back down onto the floor, my hands wandered aimlessly up & down her back, her hands caressed my head, my cock was still hard as ever & I flexed it a couple of times, her cunt squeezed it back as if in recognition of a job well done. With one final shudder she lifted her head away from mine & we opened our eyes & for the first time today we looked beyond each other.

I felt her body lift up & away from mine, the suction of our sweat soaked bodies & the suction of her cunt on my cock as we disengaged ourselves gave off the most vulgar noises that I can only describe as a wet fart. We both laughed. She sat back on the floor to my right & leaned over my cock to give it one last kiss & I reciprocated by leaning over & giving her left nipple a kiss.

As we slowly stood up, our minds must’ve been working in cohesion, we opened our mouths to say something & we both placed an index finger on each others lips, not wanting to spoil the moment.

She went behind her desk & grabbed a towel, threw it to me then grabbed one for herself. Slowly we got dressed. The silence was heavy, but welcome, I mean, what does one say to a gorgeous woman after a fuck of that magnitude.

I turned to leave & when I opened the door to walk out, I turned back to her, as she sat down behind her desk, she looked up & said,

“It was fortunate that we ran into each other today, as today is the last day of our discounted Full Comprehensive Liftime Membership, the most exclusive we have to offer & I don’t normally sign up our clients, I usually leave that to one of the front counter crew, ” she paused, “And, I’ve decided to take care of your training personally, because I feel that proper & private tuition will be a huge advantage to you. “

The more she spoke, the more I realized that today was more than just good fortune.

I turned to go then realized that I hadn’t asked her her name,

“I didn’t ask you for the most important thing, “

“What’s that?”

“What’s your name?”

“Oh… please forgive me, that is so embarassing, I am so sorry, “

“No problem, ” & I looked at her enquiringly,

“Lucky… Lucky Callmsley, “

“A pleasure to know you, Lucky, “

And with that I smiled at her & walked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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