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She had met him in a coffeehouse in New York while trying to balance a plate of fruit, another plate with a sandwich, and a large mocha. The steam from the food had been dripping down her arm, warm and gooey. It had blown in her face and had made her all flushed and warm. Suddenly the sandwich plate had been taken out of her hand and the cool air stroked her face, causing her to shiver. She looked up and saw him standing there, just looking at her.

“Thanks,” she said breathlessly as she tried to recover and look him over as well. He had brown hair, intense eyes and a smile that smelled of sexiness and boyishness at once. He moved over to a table where he silently placed her plate. He pulled out a chair and sat down, stretching out his jean-clad legs. He turned his head and gave his attention to the people outside. She tenderly put down her fruit and _mocha on the table and sat down across from him. He looked over at her and flicked his fingers to indicate that she was supposed to sit next to him. She complied, not knowing why, and could smell his scent. He smelled of sunlight, sweat, and a masculine woodsy scent that she couldn’t fathom in the city. He continued to look at her and insisted she eat her lunch. She felt self Tokat Escort conscious while eating but enjoyed the feel of him next to her.

“Close your eyes, enjoy your food.” She did so. Wait a minute, she thought as cool air contacted her legs where the feel of her long silk skirt used to be. She started to open her eyes but was stopped by a hand over her eyes. She felt the air warm as he leaned over close to her ear. “Don’t,” he said. Simply “Don’t.” But she knew what he meant in that one word. Don’t open your eyes, he meant. Don’t protest, just relax, sit back, enjoy. She centered her attention onto that bit of her body where the air kissed her skin. The skirt moved to her knees and stopped. She held her breath in anticipation. A warm large hand traced her ankle. It moved lightly up her leg where it stopped at the knee to explore the contours of the flesh and bone. It continued up, touching the lower thigh, then the upper. She let out a little air in a small gasp as she felt her panties getting really wet. The hand moved upwards and touched the fabric of the panties. It moved slowly to the inner bottom of the panties, lightly brushing knuckles across her pussy. The hand withdrew and she immediately felt disappointment. Tokat Escort Bayan Was that it? She wondered…

No. The hand came up and stopped under her nose. She breathed in her scent. The scent filled her senses and she thought about what his cum smelled like. It would be similar but different as well. Unique to him, as a man. The hand moved down and traced her lips. “Lick,” he commanded out of the darkness. She touched his fingers lightly with her tongue. She tasted herself, but she tasted him as well. She moaned softly at the flavors. She couldn’t get enough of him. She nibbled at his finger, wanting something else instead. She took a little bit of skin between her teeth, pulling and licking it. He withdrew his finger from her wet, warm, mouth. The finger came back with a hard dark blueberry. It slid across her moist lips with the bittersweet taste. When she tried to place it into her mouth, he withdrew it.

She could feel his hand moving up her leg again and into her panties. There he moved the blueberry against her pussy and around the edges of her clit. Tracing the folds and bumps of her very wet pussy. At the entrance of her pussy he circled the blueberry again. Around and around, he traced Escort Tokat till he finally placed his finger and the blueberry into the warm, very wet pussy. He kept his finger there, not moving. She moaned again and pushed her head against the top of her chair. He withdrew his finger and moved over the folds of her pussy again. At the top side of her clit he pushed down slightly and moved his finger in a circular motion. The streaks of passion mounted through her body with each circle. She begged and pleaded. Moved her body with the motion of his hand, but only in her mind. Outwards she sat still, with her hands clutching the bottom of the chair. One last stroke, she thought and exploded into the orgasm.

She sighed softly and slumped against her seat in total relaxation. She felt his finger move into her soaking pussy and retrieve the equally soaking blueberry. She opened her eyes and stared into his. He brought the blueberry up to his mouth, paused for a moment and smiled at her with satisfaction and then closed his mouth around the blueberry. As he devoured the blueberry, he moaned softly with pleasure. She felt herself getting aroused all over again as she imagined the taste of her juice combined with the blueberry. She glanced down and saw that her legs were uncovered up to her thighs. She moved the skirt down again where it lightly hit her ankles, moving like his fingers against her skin. When she looked up again, he was gone. She did not even know his name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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