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It was a shitty morning. Everything was out of place, people were not showing up to work, and jobs were not done. I was taking the brunt of the complaints, all morning trying to sooth client’s concerns. DAMN! I hate making excuses and apologies for other people’s stupidity. I’m not fond of my own stupidity either, but at least I can own it. I suppose I needed to make some stupid mistakes on my own, and so was vulnerable to the rest of the day.

I couldn’t take it any longer and left for lunch early. I kicked rocks as I walked down the street to the local bar. Their hamburgers were pretty good, and on Tuesdays the wait-staff wore tank tops. Looking at some beautiful tits and a beer would help get me out my funk…. At least I hoped it would.

My head was down, my focus on the nearest rock I was going to kick fifty yards, when I spotted a black sedan. It was coming really fast, and straight toward me. I glanced up, hoping the thing would plow me over. A few days in the ER would be a nice rest……

The BMW screeched its tires as it skid just to my side. The passenger window rolled down and all I saw were breasts. Wondering who my attackers were, I looked the woman in the face. She was beautiful, soft features, cute pointed nose, blonde hair and green eyes. I had never seen her before, but instantly wanted to know everything about her. I stood there looking at her when I heard, “HEY SEXY!” coming from deeper in the car. I craned my head to see who was piloting the death mobile and saw the biggest grin; all teeth, long brown hair and the familiar cleavage of Mel. Damn that smile could melt a freezer full of meat. It always made my cock stand to attention. Mel (Melanie) worked in the building across the way. She was the secretary for the Office Condo Community President. We had worked together on a few projects, and had known each other for a number of years. She was HOT. I wanted to suck on those nipples the first time I met her and often found excuses to visit and flirt with her in her office. I met her husband one day when he came to get her for lunch. He was taller, darker, cooler, and richer than me. It was disappointing, but I could see why she married him. I knew I’d never have a shot at her and so, became content with just flirting and fantasizing about that body. Still, every time she smiled, a little bit of pre-cum leaked out. I was instantly leaking as I gazed into her face and chest.

“What are you doing, Don?!” Mel asked, her voice bouncing along with her breasts.

“Just headed to lunch…” I returned, trying to make my voice sound less dejected than I felt.

“So are we! GET IN!” She said looking at the beautiful girl in the passenger seat.

I followed her gaze to see if the blonde was ok with the invitation. She looked at Mel, looked and me and started to smile. Boobs and grins. A ray of sunshine on a grey day. The beauty in the passenger seat touched my hand resting on the car door and told me to get in the back. The day was starting to look up. Two stunning women had just invited me to lunch!. I climbed in the back of the car through the passenger door, and dove for the back seat. Before I could get situated, the car was off, at the same break neck speed it had approached me earlier. I wasn’t sure if Mel drove like this all the time, or if she was just really in a hurry to get to lunch.

Mel introduced her friend. “This is Ronnie. Veronica actually, but I like to call her Ronnie!”

Mel took her gaze off the road and looked longingly at Ronnie. She turned back to the road and put all her attention into the drive. She was on a mission now. I introduced myself to Ronnie, told a few things about myself and said, “Man, I feel like the luckiest man alive, driving around with two smoking hot babes! This is awesome!”

Ronnie grinned, looked over to Mel, grinned and said, “Don’t blow your wad just yet baby, it only gets better.”

I was stunned. Holy shit. What was going on?

I looked out the window to see that the car was heading toward the freeway. There are a few crappy chain restaurants out that way, but several motels…. My eyes became huge as we turned into the place with the red roof!

Mel parked the car, looked at Ronnie and then the two of them turned around to look at me. They could see the dumb look on my face, and they both started to giggle.

Mel started to explain, “You see, Ronnie and I have been playing together for a while, and we’re really good at it, but we really need an audience, and we can’t tell our husbands about this, so we’re wondering if you’ll hang out and give us pointers….”

“Fuck Yeah! ….. but I don’t know if I can be just a casual observer…” I warned.

“Well, we did promise you lunch,” Mel countered, “and we’ve got pussy on the menu!”

“What a coincidence… I LOVE PUSSY!” I exclaimed.

The girls grinned, and climbed out of the car. Ronnie folded the car seat forward and reached her hand out to help me out. Her skin felt so soft. Her breasts peaked out from her top. I drank in her perfume as I pulled kozyatağı escort myself up to her, and I threw my arms around her pulling her into a tight embrace. “It’s very nice to meet you…” I said. She seemed to dissolve in my arms, going completely weightless.

Mel turned back looking for us. “Hey! What about me?” She said, a little out of breath.

“I’ll hold you all day long! Get in here!” I said to Mel.

She ran over, threw her arms around me for a quick embrace, then shoved both Ronnie and I into the hotel through the back door.

“I live for your hugs!” Mel started, “but we might want to be a little more discrete…”

She grabbed Ronnie’s hand as they skipped to the hotel room. Room 146. Mel dug the room key out of her oversized purse. Ronnie stepped behind me and pushed me through the door as soon as it was open. Mel followed us into the room and attacked me before the door closed shut. She was squeezing me so hard I couldn’t breathe. Her body felt warm. Her breasts heaved. She bit me on the neck, then pushed me away.

While in Mel’s clutches, I could hear Ronnie on the phone. “Yes, that’s right. Thank you.” Was all I heard as she hung up her cell.

Now it was the girl’s turn. They reached out for each other and quickly started kissing… then French kissing, then pulling at each other’s clothes. I stepped in to join in the embrace and Mel pushed me away. She ran to the desk, pulled over the padded chair to the foot of the bed, and shoved me into it.

“You sit in the chair and watch!” She directed.

I did as I was told.

Mel reached over to Ronnie and began unbuttoning her blouse. Ronnie posed for me, her clothes slowly falling to the floor. When she was standing in her bra and panties, she turned her attention to Mel, only she didn’t stop at Mel’s underwear. She had pulled the spaghetti string tank over her head, freeing Mel’s breasts, then she worked Mel’s jeans to the floor. Ronnie dropped to her knees, and began pulling Mel’s mint thong down with her teeth! Mel stood there looking me straight in the face. She cocked her hip and lifted her foot to let Ronnie pull away her panties. I was seeing her in all her naked glory, and she was daring me to look. I had fantasized about her for so long. She wanted me to see her. Our eyes connected. Something electric passed between us.

Ronnie stood up and Mel turned her around so that her back was facing me. She made Ronnie bend at the waist and slowly lowered Ronnie’s black satin thong to her knees. She was showing me Ronnie’s bald pussy and began emceeing the show.

“Ronnie has the tightest, cutest little pussy…..”

She reached down, unclasped Ronnie’s bra at the back and had her stand up. Ronnie faced me. Her thong was at her knees and her bra was hanging loose.

“Show him your breasts!” Mel ordered.

Ronnie reached out, pulled the matching push up bra off her arms, and took a step toward me.

“Aren’t they incredible!?” Mel breathed in a passionate exclamation.

I looked into Ronnie’s eyes.

“They’re magnificent….. Thank You,” I said sucking in air. It was humbling to see such an incredible creature.

Mel took Ronnie into her arms and they both walked to the bed, Ronnie’s panties falling by the way as they left. Ronnie sat down at the edge of the bed facing me. Mel wrapped her long legs around her and straddled her. She took Ronnie’s face in her hands and began kissing her. Ronnie reached out and began tracing Mel’s breast with her fingertips. I squirmed in my chair, my hard on growing. They sucked on each other’s tongues, rubbing each other’s breasts and touching each other’s faces. Mel was the first to change positions. She swung herself around behind Ronnie and cupped both her breasts. Ronnie tried to kiss her, but her face was too far away. Mel reached down and with her thumbs spread Ronnie’s legs. Ronnie resisted at first, but gave in as Mel pushed harder. Her pussy lips clung to her thighs as she spread her legs. Ronnie stared at the floor embarrassed, then looking me in the face, opened her legs wide, inviting me to gaze at her silky smooth and dripping wet cunt. From the look on her face, I could see Mel’s delight she pushed her own pussy into Ronnie’s back, and Ronnie’s eyes rolled back into her head. Mel continued grinding her pussy for a few minutes while Ronnie rubbed her thighs, every once in a while checking to make sure she had my full attention. My mind had shut down completely. The blood was all gone.

Mel shifted again, this time pulling Ronnie to the middle of the bed and up on top of her. Ronnie is about 8 inches shorter than Mel’s 5′-10″ frame. She positioned Ronnie’s ass over her belly, and hooking Ronnie’s legs with her knees, she spread Ronnie’s legs wide apart. Her own legs were now wide open as well, and she positioned their pussies so that I could enjoy looking at both of them at the same time. Ronnie groaned as her legs parted. Mel let out a gasp in approval.

Ronnie’s hands küçükyalı escort found Mel’s side and she rubbed up and down. Mel fondled the breasts of the woman on top of her and let her fingers slide down her tight stomach to the soft folds of skin no longer covering the primal opening. She traced the folds lightly and briefly grazed her clitoris. Ronnie gasped when Mel, brought her other hand down and pulled the two labia lips further apart. With one hand holding open the passage, Mel stuck two fingers into her playmate. She swirled them around and brought them to Ronnie’s mouth.

“Suck!” Mel demanded.

Ronnie complied, eagerly sucking the sticky fingers. Mel worked the sloppy pussy with her other hand as Ronnie sucked.

Ronnie moaned as Mel alternated her hands between Ronnie’s pussy and their two mouths. Ronnie started to squirm and she pushed her ass into Mel’s groin.

I couldn’t take it anymore! Staring into the gaping holes, smelling their combined scents of their sexes, it was too much. I sat at the edge of my chair, loosened my tie and pulled my shirt over my head. I threw it on the floor and jumped to the foot of the bed on my knees. I reached out and ran my arms under Mel’s legs pulling them both closer to my mouth. I kissed Ronnie’s thighs, licked the sides of her labia and bit Mel’s thigh. Mel smeared Ronnie’s juices on my face and let me suck her fingers, then I dove in to suck those pussies. Ronnie’s was juicy and sweet. Mel’s was hidden under the flesh of Ronnie’s ass, so I pulled out my arm and reached to finger her. To be honest, it was heaven. Ronnie was incredible. But I NEEDED Mel’s pussy! I had to have it. It was so close, and after all those years of masturbating about what it would be like, it was so close!

I got two fingers into Mel and had Ronnie in my mouth when Mel pulled away. I moaned in frustration. She wiggled out from under Ronnie, climbed off the bed and came around behind me. She looked at me, our eyes met, and her palm forced my face into Ronnie’s pussy, hard.

“Keep eating! Make her cum!” Mel ordered. I willing obliged.

Mel crawled behind me, undid my belt, unhooked and unzipped my pants, and grabbed for my erect cock. She rubbed the head, spreading the gobs of pre-cum around with her thumb, then squeezed the shaft as hard as she could. The blood pounded in my cock. Mel walked around the side of the bed, climbed up over Ronnie and lowered her pussy onto the waiting mouth. This put her face to face with me, and she watched as I ate out her friend. They were both is ecstasy. I looked up to see Mel’s face wince as Ronnie got a hold of her clit with her teeth. I smiled at her pleasure. Ronnie bounced underneath her and her hips rotated up.

“Quick, get in her.” Mel directed.

I stoop up while Mel fingered the waiting pussy. As I moved my burning hot member toward the pink hole, Mel grabbed it again, kissed the tip, then directed it into her friend. She got me into Ronnie about 3 inches before the beauty on the bottom started to buck in protest.

“No, No, Not without a condom!” Ronnie begged in a muffled squeal.

Mel grabbed my ass and shoved me all the way into her friend’s hole. I couldn’t have escaped Mel’s grasp or exit that pussy if my life depended on it.

“It’s ok! It’s Ok!” I shrieked back. “I had a vasectomy a few years back and I’m clean!”

I tried to reassure her. Whether it worked or whether she was lost in her own pleasure I didn’t know. She parted her legs as far apart as she could. Mel started pulling me hard into her friend. She had my ass in both hands and she frantically pushed and pulled me back and forth. Ronnie’s vaginal canal was proportionate to her petite frame. The head of my cock was pounding against her cervix, and with each hit, she let out a guttural moan. She bucked underneath us. Mel pushed her pussy back into Ronnie’s mouth muffling the screams.

Mel looked at me and screamed “NOW! CUM!”

My eyes rolled back into my head. My hands quivered, and my body began to convulse. Mel grabbed my pulsating member, yanked it out of her friend and sucked for all she was worth. Ronnie was working her good because Mel began to shake, my dick caught between her back teeth. She sucked and held me so that I didn’t dare risk pulling out of her mouth. Her whole body was convulsing like she was in an epileptic seizure. She scared me, but she came back an instant later.

Mel was the first to move. She climbed off of her friend, and made her way across the bed to me. She grabbed my naked torso, pulled me close and kissed me long, hard and deep. Our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths. I thought I was going to black out. This was our first kiss.

Ronnie moved to my side and joined us. We were alternating kissing each other. Ronnie leaned back, pulling her head from Mel’s hands and reached down to find my cock.

“So this is it huh? This is what you’ve been wondering about all these years!?” Ronnie teased Mel. “Well I have to say, mutlu kent escort you have good taste. It’s beautiful, and it feels great inside me.”

“Wow! Thanks!” I said to Ronnie while looking deep into Mel’s eyes. “Your pussy is incredible. Thank You!” I said as I turned to Ronnie.

“You better get hard quick,” she warned. “Mel’s been talking about your dick for as long as I’ve known her. I’m sure she’s dying to get it inside her!”

I looked back to Mel. She looked like she might cry. My dick became as hard as a steel pipe.

I positioned Mel on her back in the middle of the bed, turned to Ronnie and said, “Teach me how to make her cum.”

Ronnie jumped on the bed next to me and we both went down on Mel. Ronnie directed my licks, talking me through everything she had learned in their earlier adventures together. She rubbed my head, Mel’s stomach and cooed in my ears.

“That’s perfect… look at her skin go flush….. you’re getting her really close…” Ronnie encouraged my efforts.

There was a knock at the door! Ronnie jumped off the bed leaving me between Mel’s legs. Man I could stay there for hours.

Mel groaned from her spot on the bed. “Please fuck me! Fuck me now! Stick it in! I’ve got to have you!”

I’d been waiting to hear those words for centuries.

I repositioned myself on the bed, and placed my cock at the mouth of her engorged pussy. Mel was stretching her long legs as wide as she could, and with her hands, pulled the vaginal lips apart. I was mesmerized! As I watched my angry purple cock enter the tight vagina, I looked up to find Ronnie. She was bouncing across the room to her purse, grabbed a $20 bill and opened the door. Mel groaned loud as my cock reached the back of her vagina.

I looked over to see the young pizza boy look at the naked Ronnie (damn that girl is fine) then look over to us on the bed.

“HOLY FUCK!” He shouted.

I thought he was going to drop the pizza. Ronnie grabbed the box, stuffed the twenty in his shirt pocket and pushed his face back into the hallway. I heard her put the chain back into its slot. I was staring into Mel’s eyes. She was more beautiful than I had ever imagined! She looked back at me. I bent down to kiss her. Something electric passed between us. Her skin felt so soft and so hot. She was on fire.

Ronnie jumped back on the bed. She could see her friend nearing her orgasm. She reached out and grabbed her hand. She comforted Mel like a midwife would as Mel’s orgasm rushed over every inch of her.

“Please, come inside me… ” Mel begged, looking straight into my eyes.

I looked back, pulled her down, and began pumping her frantically. My body went stiff, my eyes closed, a string of drool fell onto Mel’s breast as she clamped onto my ass and pulled me deep into her. I shook for what seemed like hours.

“That was so beautiful!” Ronnie shouted. “You guys should make movies together!”

We were all frozen in place. The gravity of the afternoon weighing down on each of us.

Ronnie was the first to break the silence. “Pizza’s here!” She said. “You gotta eat if you’re gonna make it through round three!”

I reluctantly pulled out of Mel. She kissed my chest as I moved away from her. I bent down and kissed her on the lips. “You are incredible!” I said. “I don’t know how many rounds I can go before I never let you go back to him….”

She winced at the comment. She kissed me deep and said, “Get something to eat!”

I laid on the bed watching the two beautiful naked women devour the pizza. Their bodies were perfect. As I watched them eat, my own hunger surfaced and my stomach started to growl.

I stood over Ronnie’s shoulder and asked, “So what kind of pizza do your girls eat? Vegetarian?”

“Fuck that shit!” Ronnie said.

“We love MEAT!” Mel exclaimed, as if this wasn’t already obvious.

I grabbed a piece and headed back to the chair, content to watch the two lionesses devour their lunch. My head shook as I tried to wrap my mind around the beauty of these two girls. “Wow!” Was all I could process.

In moments, the two were sitting on my lap. Ronnie reached down and played with my dick. It was tired, but still willing, and she was able to coax a semi out of me just playing with it.

Mel took Ronnie by the hand and pulled her to the bed. “Now I have you to myself!” She exclaimed. “We’ll give him a good show and soon he’ll be hard enough to service us again!”

Ronnie climbed onto the bed, put her face to the covers, and stuck her ass in the air. She knew the drill and was a very willing costar in this production. Mel moved around behind her. She stood right in front of me and bent her knees sticking her ass in my face. I rubbed it and kissed it and then bit her leaving a mark.

Mel turned back, gave me a grin and said, “Watch it tiger, or I’ll get out my whip!”

I gave her a puzzled look, and pulled away, not know how literal that comment might be. Mel went to work.

She bent down and kissed Ronnie’s pussy, then sticking her tongue out, rubbed it from the top of her clit to past her anus. She kissed all over Ronnie’s ass then let some spit out to run down over Ronnie’s puckered hole. She started fingering and teasing the soft entry and looked back over her shoulder to make sure I was watching. I had my cock in my hand, unable to take my eyes off the two beautiful women.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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