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I knocked on Kris’s door and heard her soft “Come in, Jan.” I opened the door and went in. She lay on the couch holding her young daughter on her chest. The baby was nursing, her small head bobbing softly, her little cheeks hollowing as she sucked. My clit actually twitched at the sight. I could see only a small portion of Kris’s soft, blue-veined breast, but the thought of her nipple being sucked really made my pussy tingle.

Kris is a young mother in her late teens, a beautiful girl with long reddish hair down past her shoulders. I looked at her straight nose, strong chin, and thought that she is a truly lovely young lady. Long lashes set off her beautiful blue eyes. She wears little makeup and her classic features needed little embellishment. Her long legs were stretched out on the sofa. She had on a blouse and skirt that didn’t quite reach to her shapely knees. Her rather thin dress hollowed at the junction of her thighs, and I could just make out her Mount of Venus.

We had been friends for a few months since she and her husband had moved into the neighborhood. We had become acquainted as I was a nurse and she was pregnant. I told her anytime she needed me to feel free to call on me. I had done a stint in the OBGYN section of the hospital and volunteered to help her through her pregnancy.

She didn’t need much help, but the fact that I was there if she needed me comforted her. I helped her with her exercises and we took long walks together. We came to know one another quite well. She was very shy and very religious. I soon learned that her husband was not all that good a lover. Not that she complained, but from talking with her, and about sex, she seemed very naive. Just the slightest off color joke made her blush. By subtle questions, I found out she was a virgin on her wedding night. Sex was for procreation, not recreation or fun.

She grew to like me and lean on me for advice, and I grew to really like her. Like? I grew to lust for her. She needed to learn about life and how good sex could be. I put that in the back of my mind, as I knew her religious beliefs would not let her enjoy sex for sex’s sake. Or so I thought. I was to be proved delightfully wrong on that account.

She made such a lovely picture lying there, that I wanted to lean over and kiss her soft luscious looking lips. I would have probably scared her half to death. She has always been the shy one, blushing at a ribald joke. As I said, she was a virgin when she got married, and I would have wagered no one had ever laid a finger on her pussy.

I sat down and we talked quietly as I watched the baby nurse. I crossed my legs and unobtrusively squeezed my thigh muscles. I can sometimes reach a climax that way. I tried to maintain an outward calm as I squeezed my pussy rhythmically watching the two in front of me. I could feel my pussy lubricate as it does when I get very sexually excited.

I am bisexual, if you want a label for me. I have a boyfriend, and a girlfriend also, and both know of the other. I have had strong leanings toward women since I was small and my best girlfriend and I found out we liked kissing each other. Being young and experimental, it became naughty fun to kiss each other. We heard of, and tried French kissing! Wow, what a revelation that was, tongues rubbing and probing. We soon became quite adept at it.

We watched movies of men and women kissing for pointers, and tried it with each other. We went further as we began to develop sexually till we were kissing and caressing nude when we spent the night together. One fateful evening we went further and explored each other’s budding sexual virgin pussies. We decided to see if kissing them was as much fun as French kissing each other’s mouths. It quickly went from there till we were enjoying cunnilingus, or a 69 at every opportunity. The smell and wonderful taste of a female vagina was, and still, is a powerful aphrodisiac to me.

Neither of us ever looked back. We made love to each other whenever the opportunity presented itself, or we very often made the opportunity happen. We came very close to being discovered many times. I truly think my Mom knew, but didn’t object. She’s quite a liberal lady where love comes in. I have seen subtle signs that strongly suggest she has lady lovers also – but that’s another story.

I sat, thighs squeezing my dripping pussy slowly, teasing myself, as I didn’t want to climax right then. I don’t think I could have kept my orgasm a secret from Kris, as it’s usually massive when the stimulus is this intense. I watched her baby suckle, and wistfully wished I could try sucking on her breast to taste her flowing milk. That thought made me even hotter! I looked at Kris’s face and noticed that she seemed to be having trouble hiding her emotions. Was it my fantasy coloring my perception, or was she really getting off on the baby’s sucking? I had heard of this happening.

I am an RN – Registered Nurse, and when we had classes in child rearing, one of the subjects was nursing mothers, and how it affected them. I remembered kocaeli escort hearing that some of the mothers had reported feeling a strong sexual stimulation as their babies sucking lips stimulated their nipples. Several had reported a near climax when having their breasts sucked by the baby, and others said they cut the breast feeding short, as they thought it was morally wrong to become sexually excited by their own babies. That opened my eyes!

At the time I laughed inwardly and thought if it got me sexually excited, I would certainly go with it! Several other nurse trainees said the same thing – outside class! We though it would be wonderful to feel that sexual excitement. Of course we were horny young nurses with hormones flowing strongly in our veins! My roommate and I were lovers and sucked on each other’s breasts wondering how it would feel if we were lactating. It gave us a fantastic scenario that led to several massive climaxes. We couldn’t look at a lady with a baby in her arms without a giggle and a knowing glance at each other for months after those classes.

Watching the two in front of me brought those discussions, and our breast sucking, back to my memory. Kris closed her eyes and got a dreamy look on her face. I looked down at her thighs and saw that she was squeezing her thighs together and her hips were thrusting upward just slightly. I would have missed it if I hadn’t been looking for it. Damn, she was getting hot too.

With her eyes closed I concentrated on her partly revealed breast and squeezed my thighs harder. Close, close, then with a long sigh, my climax shot through my body. I bit my bottom lip hard and suppressed a cry of ecstasy as my pussy exploded, and bolts of joy shot through my body. My nipples seemed on fire, and I knew my pussy was drenched. My head went down as my climax ended. Damn, that felt fantastic! When I finally opened my eyes, I found that Kris’s eyes were on me. Had she seem me? Damn!

“You OK?” She asked. She was flushed and breathing a little hard also.

“Yes, just had a shooting pain in my head.” I said, still a little weak from the climax. ‘Pain my ass, I just had a wonderful cum!’ I thought, ‘I wonder if you did too?’

She looked at me a little funny, as if she didn’t believe me. Shit! Oh well. I wondered if she’d climaxed too. She took the baby from her breast, as it was now asleep. When she moved it away, I got a close look at her nipple.

Her areola was chocolate brown; the gleaming wet nipple was long and erect from the sucking. But my eyes went wide as there was a drop of delicious looking white milk hanging on the tip of her elongated nipple. My mouth watered at the sight. I licked my lips thinking I would give anything to try a taste of her milk. She saw me staring and hastily pulled her nursing bra closed, shutting off my view of it. Well damn!

She put the baby down for her nap.

“Do you put cream on your breasts?” I asked her when she came back into the room. “If you don’t it will make your nipples sore and they may crack.” I said, hoping she didn’t.

“Usually. I’ll do it later.” She said reddening just a little.

“Well, Nurse Jan says you should do it right after nursing, otherwise your nipples will dry out and get sore, and you can get an infection too. That’s what they taught us in Nursing School.” I said with a grin, teasing her a little.

“Oh, OK. I am just a little embarrassed by this. I know you are a Nurse, but I’m still a little new to this.” She said dropping her eyes.

“Get your cream and I’ll help you, no charge for a house call.” I laughed, my mind soaring. Hot damn! My kind of day had begun! Sexy thoughts ran through my wicked mind.

She got the cream and opened her bra and began to rub it in.

“Don’t you wash your breasts first?” I asked. She shook her head. “You need to wash them with soap and water afterward. Your skin has bacteria on it; the milk on your skin will feed the bacteria. Also as the nipple may leak, it makes a perfect wet place for germs to breed. Come on, let Nurse Jan help you out. I don’t want to you get an infection.” She hesitated. “Come on, I’m a professional at this, just think of it as your friendly family pediatrician talking.”

“Well, alright, if you think it’s really necessary. I’m just a little timid, that’s all.” She said rather reluctantly, as she got up and we headed for the bathroom.

“Take off your blouse and bra.” I said in a tone that broached no resistance on her part. She dutifully slipped her blouse off and unfastened the front clasps on her nursing bra. She slid it off a little self-consciously, and I almost gasped.

Her breasts were absolutely beautiful. Swollen by the nursing, they were full rounded globes, white with pale blue veins beneath the skin. The areolas were chocolate brown, large and dome shaped – what I have heard called ‘puffy’ nipples. The nipples themselves were long and the left one very erect from the baby’s sucking on it. Both were about as big around and as long as the first joint of my little finger. They made my clit kocaeli escort bayan tingle and my lips want to suck on them. I swallowed.

Without a word, I turned the water on, took a washcloth and when the water was warm, wet and soaped it. Without asking Kris, I put one hand under her breast. She shuddered as my hand touched her hot soft flesh. I lifted her breast just a little and almost felt faint it felt so good in my hand. I tried to hide my lust as I took the cloth and washed her breast softly and gently. I cleaned it thoroughly, then washed her other beautiful breast. Gleaming wet, tiny iridescent bubbles clinging to her skin, they looked even more erotic.

I could tell this was having an effect on her. Her eyes closed and she caught her breath several times while I washed her perfect breasts. My hand under her breast seemed to have a mind of it’s own, lifting and stroking her soft full mound. God, it was getting me so hot. I squeezed her breast just a little and a droplet of milk slipped out of her nipple and ran down her breast. I had to use all my willpower to keep from leaning over and licking it off as it ran down her soft white skin. I wiped it off with the washrag. Wasting it! Damn. I realized I was salivating like Pavlov’s dog!

I spent a lot longer than was really needed washing her beautiful breasts. She didn’t object, and finally looked down watching as I rinsed them carefully. I took a soft towel and patted them dry. Then without asking I reached over and got the cream and began to slowly rub it in. The lotion on my fingers felt so sensual rubbing it over her skin. She didn’t seem to mind, so I put more in my hand, rubbed them together getting it all over my palms and fingers and stroking it over her firm mounds. My pussy was so wet, and my nipples were standing up. I wonder if she noticed my nipples tenting the cloth, as I didn’t have a bra on.

I almost came it felt so good to be massaging her breasts. I stroked, more than rubbed, and I could tell it was having an effect on her. I was getting her hot. Hell, it was getting me hot too! I kneaded her breasts gently, sensually, rubbing the cream in.

I put a little more on my fingertips and rubbed it into the firm nipples. She gasped as I rolled her nipple softly between my fingers and pulled it gently rubbing the cream into her nipple. I avoided pulling too hard and expelling milk. Despite this, a drop formed at the end. I took the towel and blotted it off. She watched silently, but I could tell she was sexually excited by it. I put still more on my fingertips and rubbed it in. Finally I ran out of excuses to keep rubbing the lotion in, and told her that that should do her, and to always repeat that after every feeding and she shouldn’t have any problems.

She started to put her bra back on and I told her she should get a fresh one. She turned and walked out of the bathroom. My knees went weak as I watched her full breasts bob and bounce as she walked. A picture of beauty, they bounced slightly up and down, and moved from side to side a little too. I followed her into the bedroom watching as she leaned over to take a bra from her dresser drawer. Her lovely breasts swayed as she bent over, elongating slightly to two beautiful long ovals. God they were magnificent. My salivary glands kicked into high gear and I actually felt my pussy lubricate too.

I watched as she slipped her bra on, and then reached to tuck her breasts in.

“Is that bra comfortable?” I asked.

“Not really all that comfortable.” She sighed.

“Take it off and let me show you something a friend showed me, the way she puts her bra on. She’s a DD and showed me a trick you might be able to use.” I said suppressing a wicked smile.

She handed me the bra. “Lean over. Let your breasts settle into the bra instead of pushing them into it.” I said. She bent forward. I took the bra and slipped the straps over her arms, put it in front of her and using my hands lifted it till the cups slid over her perfect breasts. I slid my hands along the sides letting her breasts nestle down into the cups.

“Now straighten up. Isn’t that better?” I asked standing close to her. We were almost touching. I fastened the bra clasps and leaned over and gave her a little kiss on her lips. Soft, innocent, but it made me feel a lot better. I stepped back.

She colored a little, but thanked me and said the bra felt a lot better. I squeezed her arm and left.

I almost floated home, but I was on fire. I ran into the bedroom, and almost ripped my clothes off. My panties were a mess, the crotch soaked from my climax, and the excitement. I lay on the bed, and I spread my thighs wide. When my fingers found my hot slit it was drenched. I closed my eyes and slowly ran my fingers up and down my pussy softly, teasing myself. I moaned out loud, it felt so good. I ran my fingers upward till I found my swollen and aching clit. I stroked it over and over. I pictured Kris’s lovely breasts, the soft hot flesh, the blue veins just under the alabaster surface, and the feel of her izmit escort soft firm flesh under my hands.

I pulled at one nipple rolling it between my fingers, remembering how hers felt between my fingers. My fingers rolled my clit faster, harder, around in circles, I though of her beautiful nipple, seeing the drop of white, warm milk gleaming on the tip. In my mind’s eye, I leaned over and licked it off with my tongue, tasting her hot fluid as it flowed over my taste buds.

My fingers flew faster and faster. I pulled my nipple harder, rubbed it, squeezed it till it hurt deliciously, the pain going to my clit like a bolt of electricity. I screamed out as my climax neared. My hips came off the bed, thrusting upward.

I took my fingers from my nipple and thrust two deep inside my pussy, hard, deep, plunging into my depths in one fluid motion. I was so wet and slick, they slid inward with no resistance. I curved them and found my g-spot and rubbed it. I came almost immediately and my cries of passion rang throughout the house. My head jerked down as I came, and in the slow motion of a climax I saw a spurt of my pussy juices shoot out, hanging gleaming in the air, silvery gleaming globules of my passion juices shooting outward. Then, another and another, spurted out till I screamed one more time and fell back spent.

I must have drifted off to sleep for when I awoke it was almost dark. I sat up, my fingers sticky with my passion juices on them. I looked down and I could still see the small damp circles on the sheet where I had shot out my pussy juices. They were just past my knees.

I grinned at the memory of Kris’s body, and my climax, triggered by the thought of it. I wondered if I would ever get to try her breast, suck her nipple, and taste her sweet milk. Perhaps! I licked my fingers, tasting my salty juices. I slid into the shower and ran my fingers up and down my pussy gently. My pussy felt so wonderful. I resisted another cum; I wanted to tell Amy, my girlfriend, about it. I knew it would get her hot, and we’d wind up making passionate love together. I picked up the phone.

It was three days later before I got back to see Kris again. Yes, Amy and I did make very passionate love talking about Kris and her sweet lactating breasts. I told Amy every juicy detail of my visit, and how I had washed and almost caressed Kris’s beautiful breasts. We sucked each other’s breasts while we talked of sipping the hot milk from them, pretending we were lactating. A fantasy that made us both very hot, and we came explosively.

I knew what time Kris usually nursed and timed my visit to coincide with her nursing schedule. She came to the door and invited me in when I knocked, and at first I was disappointed as I thought she had finished already, but she said she was about to nurse and I could stay and watch if I wanted to. I told her I would keep her company. She seemed a little nervous for some reason. I wondered if she had actually seen me climax while I watched her nurse. If she had seen me, and it bothered her, why was she asking me in? My mind turned the possibilities over.

She got the baby and this time she pulled her blouse open wider. She opened her bra up instead of dropping the nursing panel in it, exposing one beautiful breast to my avid gaze. I was delighted. She hesitated a long moment before she put the baby to her nipple giving me a clit hardening view of her swollen, milk-filled breast. It was so full, when she grasped it to direct her nipple to her baby’s mouth; a small stream of white milk ran down her alabaster skin. I almost fainted I was so excited by it. She blushed slightly, something she seemed to always be doing. The baby found the nipple and began to suck on it. I pulled a chair up close to Kris, so I could have a good view. I crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs gently as I watched. I was really enjoying this.

I watched her face and she seemed to be enjoying the sensation. Her face was flushed, and I could see her squeeze her thighs together slightly. All this was exciting her too.

She looked over at me and I grinned at her. “You two make a beautiful pair. I love to watch you nurse her.” I said quietly so as not to disturb the baby.

“Thank you. May I ask you a question? A Nurse kind of question? I don’t want you to think, well, I, I don’t know how to ask this. I’m sorry, I’m almost embarrassed to ask.” Her discomfort was obvious.

“Kris, go ahead, please ask. I don’t mind. I get all kinds of personal questions from friends. It’s OK.” I said reaching out and stroking her cheek. She smiled and touched my hand softly.

“Well, do other, uh, do women – do other nursing mothers feel a kind of, well, you know, sexual pleasure from nursing their babies?” She finally managed to get out, and this time really blushed, I saw her skin flush clear down her chest.

I suppressed a laugh, and bit my lip to keep from smiling. This was very serious to her and I didn’t want her to think I was making fun of her. I kept a straight face. “Yes Hon, in our nursing classes when we were learning about new mothers and their nursing habits, it was brought up that some mothers felt a great deal of sexual pleasure from the stimulation of their nipples from the babies. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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