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Asian Anal

Please consider the preamble for Day 1, as an integral part of this episode.

Also, at almost 23,000 words, this episode is much longer than I had intended. You may want to set aside a few hours to read it, or approach it in several stages.



This episode contains a lengthy scenario, involving a pre-arranged simulated lesbian gang rape. Although the story makes it quite clear that all parties are aware and fully consenting, if you feel you may be offended by the content, I recommend that you please skip this part.

You have been warned 🙂

Words: 22,810


Title: Lust on the High Seas: Day 4 — At Sea.

After having had such a great time yesterday, I was determined there would be no holding back today. Georgia had hinted at something special, so I wanted to make myself look as sexy and desirable as possible.

I plaited my hair in my favourite pigtails, tied at the ends with small black ribbons. ‘Cute’ I thought as I admired the look in the mirror.

I chose a fairly loose, semi-transparent white blouse that showed off my tiny dark nipples quite clearly. I love this top because, like many of my others it allowed my pert little breasts to ‘jiggle’ enticingly as I walked, and I knew there would be quite a bit of jiggling to be done if I were to inspire Georgia’s afternoon guests the way I hoped.

To complement the blouse, I had a short black wrap-around skirt which showed most of my thigh, almost up to my bum cheeks. Having a single clasp at the side, it was surprisingly easy to remove; that would be of paramount importance of course. I couldn’t risk anyone have difficulty getting my skirt off.

Beneath it, the briefest pair of white lace panties you ever saw, which barely covered my freshly shaven pussy.

On my feet were a small pair of matching white lace ankle socks, showing just three inches above my black, patent leather buckle-up shoes.

I checked my appearance in the long bathroom mirror, smiling at myself with a certain conceited satisfaction. I recall thinking, ‘If I saw me out somewhere, I would want to fuck me’, so I hoped it would have the same effect on the guests that Georgia had hinted I might be meeting. I had little idea who or how many, but I was certain that Clarita would be one, probably Dina and Preeti too, and I hoped Shreeya as well. Despite being a little less attractive than the others, Shreeya kissed beautifully and I dearly wanted to taste her sweet tongue again.

My imagination began to wander as I thought of the five of them surrounding me, their hands on me, lifting me bodily and kissing me all over as they slowly stripped me.

‘Stop that now, you sinful child,’ I scolded myself. ‘If you carry on like that you’ll be getting wet and spoil your pretty panties, and you don’t have another pair to match the socks.’

One final touch before I could go out. I had to change my skirt. There was no way on God’s good earth that my folks would let me go walking around the ship looking like this. It wouldn’t matter this afternoon, because I could get to Georgia’s suite by staying in the corridors, except for having to use the lift to go up a couple of floors, and maybe there would be some dirty minded old guy I could tease in the lift on the way. ‘Hmmm… and idea for another day,’ I thought, mischievously.

I changed the skirt for a longer, neat little red number with a hem half way up my thigh, and a zip up the side. It still looked sexy, but not as blatantly juvenile as the short black one, and it hugged my neat little bum nicely.

I decided to change the panties too. I wanted to keep them as fresh and clean as possible for my afternoon of sordid fun, ‘…and if I’m coming back to change my skirt anyway…’, I thought – especially as they matched my socks…

‘Oh my goodness! The socks!’ I thought. ‘I can’t let the socks get pongy can I. What if they like toe sucking? Better change them too’, I thought. ‘Goodness?’ I thought to myself as I was changing. ‘Goodness won’t be getting much of a look in today,’ I sniggered.

I found a pair of baggy red cotton knickers with a fairly loose fitting gusset, and a pair of small red cotton socks. ‘May as well change the shoes too,’ I thought. Then everything will be clean and fresh.

I took another look in the mirror to check the new image. ‘Yes,’ I thought, ‘that should do.’

“Are you nearly done in there?” my dad called. “There’s three of us to get ready you know,” he said.

“Just coming,” I called back.

I slipped a matching red, light woollen cardigan on over my blouse, and buttoned up the front.

Only my top was left from the original outfit, and I wasn’t changing that. I had some serious teasing to do before I was likely to earn my just deserts at Georgia’ s.

“That looks lovely,” my mam complimented me as I finally vacated the bathroom.

“Thanks Mam,” I said. “I like your hair that way. It makes you look much younger.”

“Why thank you honey,” she said with a happy smile.

“What made you change it?” I Eryaman Escort asked.

She coloured up slightly. “Oh… I just… fancied a change,” she replied, hesitantly.

“Well it looks lovely.”

“It needs cutting,” she said, looking in the mirror and pulling at it.

“Nonsense,” I told her, “but there’s a hairdressers on board if you really think so. Go on. Treat yourself. In fact, no… I’ll treat you,” I smiled.

“You? And what will you be using for money?” she asked, in a haughty tone.

“I’ll treat you with my $10 a day casino allowance that I won’t be needing,” I said, with a sly wink.

She gave me a sideways look. “Huh. Some treat that will be,” she said indignantly.

We both laughed. “You’ll have to be careful though,” I told her. “You’ll be having all the fellas chasing after you,” I teased.

Her smile fell away in a second and she gasped, guiltily looking past me at Dad. I turned to see him drop his gaze to the floor as he ducked into the bathroom. I had to smile to myself.

“It’s so nice to see you wearing decent clothes,” my mam said, quickly changing the subject.

“Don’t I always dress in nice things?” I asked.

“Oh honey. I didn’t mean that at all. What I meant was… so many girls dress looking… well…” she mouthed the word ‘slutty’. ‘Good thing she hadn’t seen me ten minutes ago’, I thought.

We went up to the buffet restaurant for breakfast. I decided to get myself a good hearty breakfast today, because I had a pretty shrewd idea what would be happening later in the day, and I’d rather be hungry all afternoon than be full of food and make myself sick with all the twisting and turning likely to be going on.

While having my breakfast, I got to thinking about what might be in store for me this afternoon, and I was feeling pretty excited about the prospect.

“A Penny?” my mam asked.

“I’m sorry?” I replied, absent mindedly.

“A penny for your thoughts,” she expanded.

“Oh… Nothing,” I said.

“Must have been something,” she insisted. “You were smiling all over your face.”

“Well you won’t get them for a penny,” I laughed.

“A pound then?” she pressed.

“Nope. Not even a pound,” I told her. “Fifty more like… even then I’m not sure,” I laughed.

“Well… If it’s as valuable as all that I probably shouldn’t be wanting to know, she said.” I looked up and I swear she was smirking. ‘She probably thinks I’ve met a boy’, I thought to myself. I couldn’t dare tell her the truth.

After breakfast I thought I’d wander around the ship for an hour. I had a quick look around the upper decks and explored outside on the promenade decks, but it was too cool and breezy to be comfortable. The only reason that I endured it for longer that a few seconds, was because the beautiful cool breeze playing across my pussy through the loose gusset of my panties felt so good. There were a couple of old guys lying on loungers out there, determined to enjoy reading on the deck, despite having to wear overcoats and scarves.

I stopped a few feet up from them and leaned forward on the handrail, looking out to sea while spreading my feet apart slightly, for no other reason than to let them have a good long look. I knew the wind was blowing my skirt up and I could feel the gusset of my panties flapping in the breeze. I was thinking, ‘If they’re gay it won’t bother them at all, and if they’re not… well it might be a nice little treat for them,’ I sniggered.

I waited there for a few minutes, and just before I turned away, I unfastened my cardigan. As I turned, the cardigan blew open to reveal my breasts jiggling inside my flimsy blouse. “Oh my goodness!” I declared, taking a surprisingly long time to catch the garment and pull it back around me, before making off toward the door back in to the public area. As I did so, I peeked across discreetly. Both of them had a hand in their pockets, and I wondered what on earth they might me doing. ‘Surely it would be difficult to turn the pages with one hand?’ I thought, smirking.

I decided to go and have another look at the amusement arcade. I wondered if those lads were hanging there. I was still in a mischievous mood and I thought it might be fun to tease them for a while.

I walked in to an unholy mixture of crashes, explosions, bleeps, a few seconds each of about three different awful tunes all jumbled together, and lights flashing everywhere. ‘I don’t know how much of this I can stand,’ I thought. ‘The constant bleep noises in the casino was bad enough.’

I looked around and sure enough two of the lads that I’d seen on the first day aboard were there, but there was another lad there too. He seemed older and he had his head buried in some ‘beat-em-up’ game. He looked quite young, but he was cute — a bushy flock of dark, curly hair and an almost rugged look to his juvenile features.

I unfastened my cardigan and slipped it off one shoulder, leaving my left breast just visible through the thin material as I walked over to where he was playing. Sincan Escort

I stood beside the machine, just in his line of vision, watching in silence. It was only a few seconds until his attention was drawn from his game to something a little closer. There was a ‘Aaaghh’ sound, and his man was down. “Oh. Sorry,” I said. “Did I distract you?”

His expression changed from one of dismay to pleasant surprise as he looked up to see me smiling at him. “Oh. Err… Hello. No… it’s OK. I was almost done anyway,” he said. “I’ve not seen you in here before,” he commented.

“I came to have a look on the first day,” I told him, “but there were only a couple of young lads here.” I glanced across to where the other two lads were involved in some racing game.

He glanced across. “Yes. They’re in here every day. Don’t you play the machines then?” he asked.

“Not the machines… no,” I said with a smile, “but I do like games,” I told him as I let my cardigan slip to one side to give him a better, close-up view of my breast pressing against the semi-transparent material. He gulped.

“It’s a bit noisy in here isn’t it?” I complained.

“Yeah,” he agreed, not picking up on my hint.

“I don’t know how long I could stand all this noise,” I told him, staring into his eyes, pointedly.

“Oh… Err… Would you like to go somewhere else then?” he asked.

I thought it a bit bold as I’d only just met him, but that wasn’t a bad thing. “I don’t know. Where would you suggest?”

“Maybe a walk along the deck?”

I looked at him sideways. “Have you been out there?” I asked. “We’re at sea and it’s winter. It’s a bit blowy. I’m not really dressed for it,” I told him, opening my cardigan and flapping it around.

The poor lad’s eyes nearly popped as he watched my titties jiggle. “Err… Hello?” I laughed, pulling his attention back up to my face.

“Eh? Oh. Sorry. Well, where would you like to go then?” he asked.

“Maybe you’d like to take a lady for a drink somewhere?” I suggested.

“Who?” he asked. I gave him my most intense look of pathos. “Oh. Yes. Of course,” he said.

“Anyone would think you didn’t like me,” I said. “Do you like me?” I asked, purposefully gazing into his eyes.

“Oh yes,” he replied. “Yes I do. Very much.” I looked down and there was the discreet but undeniable evidence of his liking for me, clearly on display.

“You might want to nip in there…” I suggested, nodding toward the Gents, “to… rearrange things first?”

He coloured up. “Don’t worry,” I told him with a smile, “most ladies find it flattering that a man likes them that way.” He seemed surprised, and pleased that I called him a man.

He came back after less than a minute to find me watching the other two lads playing their racing game. “You ready then?” he asked.

“Are you?” I replied, my voice low and seductive, giving him an alluring smile. ‘At least he’ll be able to brag to his younger friends when he gets back, if nothing else,’ I thought.

“Want to go to the burger bar?” he asked.

“Where’s that?”

“On the top deck,”

“No… I’m not hungry. Let’s go to the Champagne Bar,” I suggested.

“Oh…” he said, sounding cautious.

“Problem?” I asked.

“Well… he hesitated, I don’t drink,” he said. He looked a bit bashful.

“Neither do I in the morning. They serve soft drinks too,” I smiled. He still looked unsure. “Come on,” I told him, grabbing his hand and smiling as I pulled him along. “I’ll get them.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Don’t worry. You look 18,” I smiled.

“You don’t,” he said quietly.

“You didn’t tell me your name?” I asked as he trotted along beside me like a little puppy; actually, a big puppy.

“Daniel,” he replied.

“Nice to meet you Daniel. I’m Macey. Do you have a girlfriend Danny? Oh, is it OK if I call you Danny?”

“Yes of course, I mean no, I mean…”

I laughed. “I should ask one question at a time shouldn’t I.”

“Err… Yes you can call me Danny. Everyone calls me Danny, and no I don’t have a girlfriend.” I smiled up at him and he looked far more confident than just two minutes earlier.

We walked through the main concourse toward the bar and as we came into a clearing I spotted my mam and dad walking toward us. “Oh my God,” I whispered, pulling my hand from his. “It’s my folks.” My mam smiled as we darted into a shop. I know she saw us, but maybe it was better that she saw me with him. At least she wouldn’t be worrying that I might have met up with ‘those dubious women from the Jacuzzi,’ as I had heard her say to my dad a couple of days ago. ‘Good thing she doesn’t know what I have planned for this afternoon,’ I thought.

We got to the bar and my favourite waiter came hurrying over to serve us. Danny asked for a cola and I had my usual tonic. “May I check your card sir?” the waiter asked. “It’s OK. Put them both on mine,” I told him. “I still need to check the gentleman’s card miss,” he insisted.

“For two soft drinks?” Etlik Escort I challenged him.

“Err… Of course miss,” he declined.

“I’m sorry, I don’t like to be called miss,” I told him. I slipped my cardigan off, pretending to be struggling with it a little, while turning my head to one side to give him a good long look at my neck and a little bare shoulder, not to mention the nipples pushing my semi-transparent top out into enticing, mobile little bumps.

“I’m terribly sorry ma’am,” he said. “Will there be anything else ma’am?”

“No thanks. Just the drinks please?”

“Oh. Yes. Of course mi… I mean ma’am.”

I smiled sweetly as the waiter turned to leave us, and I turned toward Danny. “So…” I asked him. “What would you like to do until lunchtime?” His eyes were transfixed on a small area about a foot below mine. “I’m still up here,” I said softly, smiling affectionately.

“Oh. Yes. Sorry. I’m just not used to…” His voice trailed off as I raised my arm to rest my elbow on the back of the seat beside him. And I smiled sweetly.

“An… An… Any… Anything you like,” he seemed to stammer.

I gave him a longing look. “I don’t really think we can do that Danny,” I said looking a little glum. He looked confused. “Not if I need to buy my own drinks,” I added. It was an ‘age check’, but he didn’t seem to realise.

“I would have bought them, he replied quickly.”

I smiled. “I don’t want you to get me a drink Danny,” I said, looking up into his eyes. “You do like me Danny, don’t you?” I asked.

He leaned forward and tried to kiss me.

“No! Not here,” I told him, putting my hand up to stop him. We’ll be thrown off the ship.


“Displays of physical affection are not permitted in any of the public areas,” I recited.

“Oh. Where then?” he asked.

“I need to ask you something first.” He looked back at me, still puzzled. “Do you like what you see Danny?” I asked, jiggling my titties at him, just as the waiter brought the drinks. There was a definite lump in the front of the poor guy’s pants again.

He left the drinks and hurried off without a word. “He does,” I sniggered. Danny looked embarrassed.

“Would you like a better look Danny?” I asked softly. He nodded silently. “If I show you… what are you going to do for me?”

“I could show you mine?” he offered. I ‘tutted’ the way my mam does, rolling my eyes back in a ‘Oh Lord preserve us’ manner.

“How did you get here Danny?” I asked.

“By car,” he replied. “What’s that got to do with anything?”

“No Danny, I didn’t mean how did you get to the ship, I meant, how did you arrive on the earth?”

“My mum had me?”

I was tempted to ask ‘why did she bother,’ but for the sake of what could be a good relationship I persevered. “Because she was…?” I prompted him for the obvious.

“Happy?” he offered.


“Wanting a family?”

“So she got…?”

“Pregnant!” he blurted out excitedly, just a little too loudly for our current environment.


“Sorry,” he whispered.

“And how did she get pregnant?”

“Ohhh…” the light was gradually coming on.

“What did your dad do to help this situation Danny?”

“He worked overtime.”

“Oh. Lord preserve… Sorry. I’m sorry. Do you know what your dad did to get your mam pregnant Danny?”

“Well… they… they…”

“You can whisper it if it embarrasses you,” I smirked.

“You’re making fun of me.” He looked upset.

“No Danny,” I said quietly, taking his hand, “I want to ‘have’ some fun with you,” I told him. “Do you think that’s something we might be able to do sometime?” I asked.

He gulped. “What sort of fun?”

“Oh sweet Jesus!” I whispered under my breath. “Have you ever been with a girl Danny?” He was silent and his face went red. “It’s OK you know. Everyone has to have a first time,” I smiled, and he smiled back, bashfully.

“Have you kissed a girl before?”

“Not really,” he admitted.

“So… if you and I were to do what I’d like for us to do, it would be your first time for everything?” I asked. I gave him a kindly, not really sympathetic, more an encouraging smile this time. I was watching his eyes but he seemed to be avoiding mine.

“I guess so,” he said quietly.

“Do you think you might like that?” He just smiled and nodded.

“Can you wait for it?” His face dropped. “We can’t do it today Danny. I have an appointment this afternoon.”

He looked upset. “Are you seeing someone else then?”

“I have to meet a couple of lady friends of mine,” I told him honestly. The smile returned in an instant. “Oh. That’s alright then. So, I could meet you this evening, could I?”

“Afraid not. I’ll be with my folks and my dad would be very upset if he saw us together. We wouldn’t want to upset him, would we.” I was pretty sure dad had already seen us, but I hoped Danny wouldn’t pick up on that.

“Tomorrow morning then?”

“Possibly…” I hedged. “I may have to go into Cadiz with them but…” I was about to say I was free in the afternoon, but of course I wasn’t. I’d promised (well, almost promised) to meet Seiko at the department store cafe. I couldn’t let her down. She was adorable and I really wanted to take full advantage of what Seiko had to offer. “Might not be for a couple of days,” I told him. “Can you wait that long?”

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