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Cock Slap

“OK Lydia, you win. I know when I’m whipped.” Larry spoke to her in a whisper, his voice racked with sobs. He sat gingerly on the stained red duvet of the cheap motel where he stayed.

His life of poverty and struggle had exploded into a dream turned nightmare when he had literally been hit by Lydia, a barely 18 year-old very freckled red-head who ran into his car in a parking lot. He had tricked her into thinking she would get in trouble if she didn’t cooperate so he jerked off into her panties and then made her wear the sodden mess, while her emerald eyes poured tears.

Next he had blackmailed her with a video he pretended to have of the first act, then pulled a gun and forced her to fellate him, blowing his cum all over her crimson tresses. Finally he had coerced her into another nighttime rendezvous in which he had planned to sodomize her.

Things went off track when she pulled her own gun, but then forced him to in fact butt fuck her while holding an unloaded gun so that she could blackmail him. They both had cum so hard they lost control and she admitted she had no bullets. He wasn’t sure whether he had tricked her or vice versa.

Then the world came completely unhinged when a tall chesty blonde police officer had arrested him on pedophile charges. She turned out to be in fact a close friend of Lydia’s, and had not only forced him to drink her urine direct from the source but had assisted in caging his cock in shiny silver.

No, he knew when to cry Uncle. Yesterday would do.

“So you admit defeat?” Larry could hear the purr in Lydia’s voice as she responded.

“Yes. Whatever you want. I can barely walk my balls hurt so bad. It takes me an hour to pee. Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it, if you’ll unlock my…cage.” He barely managed the final word.

“OK, kitten, just stay there…” She hung up.

Her eyes surveyed her image in the mirror. Blood red hair plaited in one large braid over right shoulder, Check.

Make-up perfect, a smudge of green eye shadow (Urban Decay – Mildew- I know; sounds gross, but Şirinevler escort the color is so good…) to make her own verdant orbs glow. Check.

Black eye liner, because men always got harder with black. Check.

Pink lip gloss, (Love Alert) that worked with her flaming hair. Check.

Maybelline Blackest Black Mascara (See eye liner) Check.

Clean Undies, freshly trimmed bush. Check.

The perfume that she never told anyone was “Britney.” Check.

She took a deep breath and headed out to Larry’s motel.

When she arrived, he was a pitiful sight. He really was a beaten man. Good.

“Larry, I want to tell you a story, and I want your full attention.” He looked up, and she knew he would listen. “Kylie and I have been friends forever; I’ve always shared everything with her. But a few years ago we started talking about boys… we even learned to kiss by practicing on each other, God her mouth is so… Wait, focus.

Anyway, she let a boy feel her tits. I got jealous and I told her a little fib… I said I had let a guy feel me under my bra. She was shocked.” Lydia dropped her eyes to the grimy motel floor.
“Since then, she has spread her legs a lot, and I’ve always out done her. But the thing is, well, my stories have all been lies.” She colored blazingly as she met his eyes. “Your cock is the first one I’ve ever seen in the flesh.”

Larry stared in amazement. Could this be true?

“I wanted you to notice me, and you didn’t, so I rammed you with the car, but… well I never… well, when you tricked me into watching you jerk off…I couldn’t sit still I wanted to touch it so much!” She visibly swallowed, and paused to lick dry lips. “When you squirted your juice in my panties I nearly had an orgasm on the spot. I was so aroused I started crying.”

So that’s why she cried?

“When I got home I sucked them clean… I planned a way to force you to teach me some stuff so I would know more than Kylie. I thought that if I broke you like a wild mustang, if I humbled you, I could be vulnerable Şirinevler escort bayan with you and still be safe. Was I wrong?” With that, she met his gaze, and tears leaked from her eyes, damaging her previously perfect make-up.

“I would have taught you, willingly.”

“Would you have accepted that I knew nothing except empty words? Would you have shown me how to make love, how to receive and give favors? Do you agree to do all that?”

“I do,” he whispered in the silent room.

She knelt before him and with one quick motion unlocked and removed his cage. Tenderly she kissed his swelling head, and licked him clean of the filth from his nasty personal jail.

He looked down at her roseate locks as they covered his mounting excitement, and knew that all he wanted was to make her cum in every way he could.

He pulled her shoulders, lifting her to her feet, and locked eyes with her. Wordlessly he undressed her, button by button, zipper by zipper. When she stood naked and flawless he gathered her in and kissed her. She grasped his erection with her little hands, and gently stroked him as he removed his clothes around himself, pausing only to slip it out of his briefs, and back into her palms.

Then he laid her back onto the bed, sweeping the dirty coverlet away to place her on the somewhat cleaner sheets.

His hands cupped her breasts, and forced a squeak from her lips as he softly pinched their tips to hardness. She slid her hands up and down faster as he sucked those hardened nipples into his mouth, left, then right, then left again.

His right hand mimicked hers, as he enfolded her mons and found her wet and eager. Spreading her slipperiness, he spread her chandrashala, touching within it the tiny attic housing the little cantilevered newel which made her moan and shiver.

Below he slid a digit into a chalcidicum dripping with desire, and slowly assumed a proud posture, galleting the wet mortar of her dromos with his engorged and yearning phallus.

He found that even though he had penetrated escort şirinevler her anus, and filled her gut with his seed, her maqsurah still remained latticed, and he had to squirm against her to enter. She pushed back with equal vigor, and even while bracing herself against the obvious pain continued to slither around his column.

At last he felt his shaft fill her, the cincture below his capital fully ensconced within her newly opened membranes, and then –

Suddenly that part of him convulsed in undignified haste. It writhed like lightning, and disappeared into the black hole, the earth-lipped fissure in the wall-front, abramble with sinewy rose-red vines.

He withdrew, and the dew dappled and bloodied snake poised at the water trough, in the deep, strange-scented shade of the great dark carob-tree of Larry’s body, and trailed his pink and purple Nyabinghi slackness soft-bellied down, over the edge of the fleshy trough. He lifted his head from his drinking, as cattle do, and looked at her vaguely, as drinking cattle do, and flickered his two-forked tongue from his lips, and mused a moment, and stooped and drank a little more, carrying her as a Lord of Life into a world she had never before known.

“Oh, Jesus Christ, Larry. I never…. I… hold me forever, please.”

“Lydia, I will be your slave or your master, I don’t care… I just want to do that again….”

“I planned to have you fuck Kylie tomorrow; now I don’t think I can ever let you go, I want you only for myself, a million times over.”

“Lover, no woman can give me what you just did. A quick tryst with Helen herself would not keep me from a return to your lips and body.”

So, following the original plan, Larry met Kylie in another room (Lydia wouldn’t leave his bed) and schemed to tell her how superior Lydia was to her in carnal knowledge and skills.

“Larry, I’m sure you know that Lydia and I have shared secrets all our lives, right?”

“That’s what I understood. I’m just one more notch in the bedpost.”

“Well, there’s one thing D doesn’t know, and you can’t tell her, OK?”

Larry lifted eyebrows as a shrug.

“All the stuff I’ve told her was made up. I’m a virgin. The only man’s thingy I’ve ever seen is yours. Please don’t tell her I’ve just been boasting to make her jealous, because she’s so much more experienced than me.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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