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“Watcha’ doing, Lynn?” Sami asked of me when she entered the kitchen area, reaching for a mug and the coffee pot.

“Scrolling through the photos you’ve taken since we’ve been here,” I said, my eyes studying the images on my laptop’s screen.

“Uh, have you gone through them all yet?” She asked, a bit of concern on her face.

“If you mean, have I seen the shot you took of Mel as she was going down on you? Yeah, I’ve been through them all,” adding, “that shot aside, Sami-girl, you have a really nice ‘eye’ for photography; good symmetry, nice light balance, really a very nice group of shots.”

She did; she had an incredibly great sense of photography, I saw it within the first few shots she had taken since we’ve been here.

“Have you always had a good feel for photography,” I asked, trading places with her so that she could check her email.

“Yeah, I guess,” She said, “I’ve always considered photography a true art medium, and though I’m ‘okay’ with pen and ink and charcoal, I really prefer the camera, when it’s all said and done.”

“You want to work with me on some of my projects when we get back?” I asked, serious with the offer.


“Yeah, I think that’d be a good thing for you; a little field experience never hurts,” I said, adding, “Now, get your ass in gear, our tee time is in an hour,” heading off to the shower.


As golf games go, this was a day to throw back into the water.

Simply said, we stunk up da joint! Both of us!

Licking our wounds at the club’s grill, we both ordered a tall Scotch and water; easy on the water, please. Food? Yeah, we’d probably get around to ordering some but right now, a little Scotch-induced short term memory was in order.

“Damn, I feel like I’ve gone backwards with my golf,” Sami said, dejectedly.

“Welcome to the game of golf; tell me why we play this fucking game again,” I said.

“Because you’re into inflicting pain on yourselves,” we heard Anita say as she walked up, pulling out a chair to sit with us.

“Yeah, but Anita, damn, we were horrible out there,” I said.

“Probably a message in that for you both,” she said, “You two have played every day for the past five, most days 36 holes. That’s grueling on the body and I think the body is asking for a break.”

I thought about that for about a second and realized that she was probably right on the money with that assessment.

Fuck it! I still played horrible and I ordered us another round after Anita left to get ready for her next student.

“So what time does Ali’s plane arrive,” Sami asked between bites of her BLT.

“Four-fifteen,” I answered, if it’s not late.”

“Oh hell, that’s four hours from now,” Sami said, licking the mayo from her fingers as I finished my salad.

“It’d give us time to play nine holes, if you’re game,” I suddenly said, surprising myself.

“I’m game, sweetheart; fuckin’ game isn’t going to whip my ass,” Sami sternly said.

We should have stayed at the bar, drinking.


“There’s my babies!” I heard Ali’s voice yell from the Jetway, causing an old man walking in front of her to flinch.

The three of us caused a bit of a roadblock as we all hugged and kissed each other, tears of happiness streaming down all of our faces. Walking towards baggage claim we took up a goodly piece of the concourse, walking side by side, our arms around waists and all.

“Pleeaase tell me that you have a bit of ganja in the car for the trip to the condo,” Ali said to us, “I finished the last of our herb at the house and the new stuff hasn’t come in yet.”

Sami smiled broadly and said, “Ali-girl, you are absolutely not orhangazi escort going to believe the shit that Lynn got from her friend.”

Grabbing her bag from the carousel, she said, “Well then, let’s go and check this shit out, ladies, don’t you think?”

We threw her bag into the spacious trunk of the caddie, the top having been put up when Sami and I arrived at the airport. Sami climbed into the back, Ali giving her fine ass a little squeeze of appreciation as she got into the car.

“Oooh, Sami, Sami, Sami; you just have the most adorable ass, girlfriend,” Ali said as she got into the passenger seat.

“Thanks, but I think that you’re possibly a little biased and, probably, a lot horny,” Sami laughingly said.

“Guilty on all counts, sweetie; Now, Lynn Marie, where is this delightful weed I’ve been hearing about from you two.”

Producing the joint I had rolled for the ride home, I fired it up, cautioning Ali on its potency, cautioning her not to take a big hit, and passed it to her.

Damned kids, they never listen!


We decided to drive to Lahaina for dinner, before going to the condo, the drive scenic enough for Ali to appreciate the stone she was carrying. Sami, like me, only took one hit; don’t have to hit me twice with a hammer for me to know enough to move out of the way. And besides, Ali was starving, choosing to sleep on the flight over from San Francisco, rather than eat.

“Lordy Lynn, you told me how beautiful it is here, but did you sell it short,” Ali said in a slow, stoned manner. Ali’s never been out of the continental forty-eight.

“What we should do,” Sami said from the backseat, “is open a Lynn’s Alley West and sell to all these rich fucks that vacation here,” her voice a bit stoned as well.

What? Say that again!

“Repeat that, Sami?” I asked in a slow stoned manner.

She did and I just nodded my head, deciding to store that in the back of my mind. Huh! I thought, that’s not a bad fuckin’ idea; then my stoned little brain started a mish-mash of thoughts of a high-end gallery out here, buying a tax-deductable home out here……..Huh!

Well, fiddle-dee, Ms. Scarlet, I don’t know nuttin’ ’bout birthin’ babies, but I damned sure know a good idea when I hear one.

Finding a parking place was easy; deciding on what to eat? Not so much.

Having finally had enough of the fifty-two million changes of mind, I took hold of the situation and said we’d go to Margaritaville for some ‘Cheeseburgers in Paradise’. All of a sudden, it made perfect sense to them, so off we went; look out Lahaina, the girls were back in town!

We ordered O-rings for an appetizer and quickly ordered another one; Pete’s weed gives you the serious munchies! The food arrived, the beer was cold, and the meal was fabulous. Leaving our waitress a thirty-dollar tip on a fifty-dollar tab was a bit excessive but hey, she had a great ass and some nice Ta-Ta’s, okay?

We each took a hit; Ali having learned her lesson already, took a ‘safe’ hit, and as I got ready to start the car, Ali said, “Sami-girl, is there room for me back there with you, baby?” Ali looked at me questioningly. I leaned over and kissed her deeply and passionately and said to her, “Plenty of pussy in this car for everybody, baby; let me drive and let our little Sami-girl get your motor running.”

Sami, of course, heard the exchange and grinning, told Ali that there might even be enough room for a quickie.

“Ooooh, I think you need to be punished, you naughty girl,” grinning at me, as she got into the backseat with Sami.

Positioning my mirror so that I could catch quick voyeuristic glimpses of my two girls, nilüfer escort I pulled into traffic, the mellow stone overtaking me now.

Lynn’s Alley West, huh? Huh!


The drive home was, well, it was very interesting; I was able to keep the car safely on the road as my eyes traveled quickly between the windshield and the rear view mirror. Ali and Sami were lovin’ it up in the back seat, big time, and my left hand was working over my crotch through my shorts. Oh yeah, I was way past damp watching the porn show in the backseat of the caddie.

There really wasn’t enough room for them to have a ‘real’ quickie, but there was enough room for Sami to get her hand between Ali’s legs as she sucked on Ali’s titties, her hand masturbating Ali to a very nice orgasm, it seemed.

“Oooh, baby-girl, you have no idea how much I needed that,” Ali said to Sami, her voice sultry and soft, the pleasure she just experienced, very evident.

“I’ve been a horny little bitch ever since you guys flew out here,” Ali said, buttoning her blouse, “in fact, the other night I was so damned horny I almost called Sharon to ask her to come over for a little play-time.”

“Why didn’t you?” Sami asked, buttoning her own shirt.

“Screwing Sharon, while it may be good, in the short term, has its price, in the long term.” Ali replied, continuing, “Sharon is high maintenance where sex is concerned, and I just wanted a one-night thingy, you know?”

“Too bad, you didn’t,” I offered, “Sharon is a good lay.”

“Yeah, but Lynn, you know she’d be back sniffing at our asses and I didn’t want to deal with that, you know?” Ali answered.

Well, that was true enough, I acknowledged to myself. Sharon seems to have found other playmates, and that was fine with us, especially with Sami living at the house now. Last thing we need is to have Sharon thinking we were her private playground again. Been there, done that, don’t need to do it again.

Changing subjects, Ali asked when Sami’s flight home left the island.

“Day after tomorrow,” Sami answered, as she fished the doobie from the rear ashtray, lighting it and passing it around.

“Good, because we have some business shit to go over before you leave, but I really don’t want to get into it tonight; I’m a bit tired and a whole lot stoned,” Ali said.

“Anything serious?” I asked, as I turned into our enclave off the beach.

“Nah, nothing at all that can’t wait until the morning,” Ali said.

“Okay, we can go over whatever it is in the morning but we have a one o’clock tee time tomorrow, okay?” I told her. Sami would use a loaner set from Anita, now that Ali was here.

Ali loved the condo, abso-fucking-lutely loved the beach access, just out the back patio gate, and stood open-mouthed at the sight of the full moon casting it’s light across the gently breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean, onto the beach.

“Oh, girls, this is just so damned gorgeous,” she said to us, her voice soft in the night air, the Bougainvillea that was in the back yard of the condo lending a fragrance to the air, assaulting the senses in a good way.

The three of us were just standing right out of the back gate, enjoying the view, when Sami’s cell phone chirped. Sami let it go to voice-mail, seeing that it was Mel who was calling, explaining that it wasn’t probably anything more than a ‘booty-call’.

Her phone chirped again, this time indicating that she’d received a text message, which she retrieved.

Sami laughed aloud as she read the text, saying afterwards, “Seems like Ms. Mel wants to do some more ‘research’ and was wondering if I was available.”

Scrunching up her face, as if türbanlı escort in thought, she asked if we’d mind if she borrowed the car to pay a visit to Ms. Mel, promising that she’d be back later tonight, so that we could discuss the business shit that Ali had alluded to, in the morning.

“Besides,” she added, “you two probably would like a little time together and the three of us could have some playtime tomorrow night, before I fly home.”

“Sure, baby,” I said, tossing her the car keys, “you go right ahead and help Mel with her research,” laughing as I said it.

“Hey, I do what I can to further higher education,” Sami laughingly said, grabbing the keys in mid-air, and then, kissing us both, she left to attend to Ms. Mel’s needs.


Ali and I showered together, teasing and tempting each other, but saving the orgasms for the bed.

We fell into each other’s arms in bed, the ferocity of our love-making beyond anything we’d done before. Since we’ve become a couple, Ali and I had never been apart as long as this past week or so, and we missed each other more than either of us suspected we could.

Our love-making was tender, and yet at the same time, animalistic in its intensity. Tasting her again after being apart this long was like the first time, and it was all good, sending us into a well-earned, sex-fatigued sleep at around two in the morning. I heard Sami coming in as I was falling asleep, Ali’s sweet-tasting juices still wet on my lips.

Life was good, I thought, as I drifted away into dreamland.


“Mornin’ kittens,” Ali sleepily said to Sami and me as we drank our coffee.

“Back atcha’ baby,” I said, smiling at her, and pulling out a chair for her to join us at the table.

“How’d your ‘research’ go, Sami-girl?” Ali asked, smiling at the delicious tasting Kona-blend local coffee.

“Very well; Dani joined us when she returned from the library, no arm twisting needed for either of them,” Sami commented, “But remember, they’re not ‘gay’,” laughing afterwards.

Ali knew about the ‘not gay’ thing with Mel and Dani, and laughed along with us.

Standing up, looking for and finding her carry-on bag, Ali sat back down, pulling out a ton of bound papers, tossing them on the table with a loud bang.

“What the fuck?” Sami said as she stared at the paperwork on the table.

“I hereby call the board meeting of Lynn’s Alley, inc. to order,” Ali proudly said in her cute southern drawl.

“We’re incorporated, ladies, or at least we will be after we’ve all signed the paperwork that my lawyer put together; there’s three set of incorporation documents, all of them have flags where we need to sign. Now, you can read it if you’d like, or you can take my word that I’m not screwing either of you…”

“That’s not true,” Sami butted in, both she and I laughing at the comment.

“As in this incorporation thing, Bitch!” Ali said, trying not to laugh at what Sami said, “Now, as I was saying. If you choose to read it all, that’s fine, but someone show me where the weed is so that I can amuse myself for the next five hours.”

“Why do I need to sign anything?” Sami asked, skimming through the first couple of pages of documents, as I was.

“Because you’re an officer of the corporation,” I replied for Ali; “She and I have been talking about incorporation since we’ve opened and the lawyer was putting it all together and needed the names of the officers, suggesting that there be three.”

“So, bingo, kiddo, you’re number three,” Ali said smiling.

“So, it’s just a ‘paper’ thing,” Sami said, “okay, that’s cool, where do I sign?”

Ali and I looked at each other, smilingly, and Sami’s jaw was about to drop to the table..

“Not quite;” Ali said, “to keep it all above board, Lynn and I are giving you a ten percent share, Sami; if the fucking ship sinks, you go down with us.”

“Which is different from going down on us,” I quipped.

It took a few seconds but they got it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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