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AUTHOR’S NOTE: all characters are over 18 years of age.

This story is dedicated to Zoroaster. Thank you for inspiring me again.


The dining hall’s white Provincial walls shone with golden accents. Crystal chandeliers hung at regular intervals over the mahogany table that seated 20. Every surface in the room glittered with the ambience of wealth.

Sterling Douglas sat at the head of his table, presiding over the festivities. He was six feet tall, blue eyed with sandy brown hair, well muscled, and had an air of authority about him that no one questioned. The Douglas family wealth survived eight generations before Sterling, who increased it exponentially.

Douglas stood, and surveyed the mixed crowd at his table. Everyone was resplendent in formal wear, none more so than Douglas himself.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Douglas intoned, “thank you for your attendance. I am excited and proud to reward my nearest and dearest conspirators.” This brought general laughter. “My servants have specialty dessert cocktails for you in the Red Parlor. My colleagues and I shall attend to business.”

“No rest for the wicked,” quipped Ezekiel Jones, Douglas’ second in command. This merited nervous laughter.

“No rest, indeed,” said Douglas, with a devilish smile.

The ladies all rose, escorted into the parlor by the attending male servants. The Douglas estate was the largest in the county. It was more of a hotel than a private residence. The parlor in question was located in a separate wing from the dining hall. It was isolated and quiet. “Gentlemen,” began Douglas, “as you’re well aware, you were invited here tonight as a reward for jobs well done.” Applause broke out. “As you’re also well aware, I prefer rewards that are, shall we say, unorthodox. I can tell by your glances that you’re uncertain of the nature of this reward. I assure you, gentlemen, you will all enjoy it.”

Douglas stepped away from the table, and signaled to a nearby servant. The servant left the room. When he returned, he was not alone. The woman with him was stunning: blonde hair, green eyes, and a lush figure partially hidden beneath a close fitting satin robe. “This is Magdalena. She has consented to being your reward tonight.”

There were equal parts confusion and excitement among the menfolk. Magdalena seemed to take it in stride. She walked up to the dining table, and dropped her satin robe. She was naked, with full breasts, full hips, and completely shaved pudenda.

The servant brought in a massive silver platter, three feet long, with handles on the sides. He placed the platter atop the mahogany table. Magdalena climbed upon the table, lay back on the platter, and bent her legs until her knees were either side of her generous breasts. Her vulva was completely open and exposed.

“There are a few rules to follow, but I’m certain you will find them amenable,” said Douglas. “First, gebze escort you are to share Magdalena. No more than two at once. Second, do not haveintercourse in her anus, per her own request. I have acceded to this, provided she behaves herself. Third, use her pussy well. She is disease free, and cannot get pregnant. Fourth, you are all sat round the table according to rank. Please use her in the correct order. Finally,the first man to make her squirt receives a substantial cash bonus. ” There was nervous whispering among the men.

“Sir,” asked Jared Miller,”do I understand correctly? We are allowed to do whatever we like with Magdalena, provided we follow your ground rules?”

“Yes,” said Douglas. “That is correct. I shall oversee the entertainment, to assure Magdalena’s safety. Anyone breaking the rules will be ejected from the party.” At this, three large servants appeared at the doorway. The smallest was 6’5″ and 300 lbs. “Magdalena’s safety is paramount tonight. Now, Jonesy, as due your rank, you may have her first.”

Jones needed no prompting. He sat next to Magdalena’s platter, and started stroking her vulva. She was already sopping wet. He pulled her labia apart, and gently probed her opening with one finger. Magdalena moaned. Jones leaned in, and began to suck her clitoris. She squirmed, and breathed heavily. Jones kept sucking her clit, while gently probing her with one finger. He then added a second finger, making her moan again. His passion rose. He stood, unzipped his fly, and freed his erection. He grabbed the platter by the handles, and moved Magdalena close enough that he could enter her. She gasped and writhed. He then began to fuck her, slowly at first, then picking up the pace, into almost a frenzy. He didn’t last long. He came inside her as she continued to moan. Douglas began the applause.

“Well done, Jonesy. You’ve broken her in for the lads. I’m sure Magdalena enjoyed herself.” “I did,” said Magdalena, in a velvety alto voice. “Thank you, Mr. Jones.” Jones nodded, and slid the platter to the next seat.

Walters took the platter, and spread Magdalena’s labia wide. He stared, as though inspecting her for flaws. He put both thumbs into her vagina, and spread the walls apart, as wide as they would go.

Magdalena cried out. Her discomfort wasn’t painful, but it was close. She looked at Douglas, who merely watched the action.

Walters kept his thumbs inside her, and licked around her clit. She alternated between sighs and groans. He kept pushing his thumbs farther apart, keeping pressure up. She squirmed, trying to get away. Walters spanked her ass, and she held still. He reinserted his thumbs, and started sucking her clit. She cried out again, feeling her orgasm build.

Alas, it was not to be. Walters removed his thumbs, stood, and slowly penetrated her with his massive erection. His was the largest göztepe escort cock she’d taken so far. She understood why he used his thumbs: it was his clumsy way of preparing her for his massive prick. Once he was fully hilted inside her, he slowly pulled out, and slowly pushed back in. Her opening was stretched almost to its limits. She was grateful he tried to stretch her before fucking her.

She was tight to begin with. Walters sped up as much as he could. Her pussy clung to his enormous dick, reluctant to let it go. He did not last long, either. He finished, and passed the platter down the table.

Miller happily accepted. He stood, erection at the ready, and without any preliminaries, slammed his hard cock into Magdalena. She groaned, in equal parts pleasure and pain. Millerpawed at her large breasts, tweaking her nipples, making her call out. Miller didn’t last quite as long as Jones or Walters. None made Magdalena squirt, although she was still wet from her own excitement.

Miller slid the platter down to Carver. Carver put his face into Magdalena’s vulva, sucking her labia. He loved the taste of her, the sweet and sour flavor she exuded. The taste of the men who had used her added a piquant trace. It turned Carver on, knowing Magdalena had been thoroughly used.

“Sir,” asked Carver, “Am I allowed to rim her anus?”

“Yes, you are,” said Douglas. He grinned, with a wicked twinkle in his eye.

Carver needed no prodding. He flipped Magdalena over onto her stomach, and putting one hand on each full buttock, pushed her ass open to better access her rosebud. Magdalena visibly tensed. Ass play was not her favorite. Carver lowered his head to her ass, and gently began teasing her anus with his tongue. Magdalena gasped as his tongue entered her tightest hole. As he slowly tongue fucked her hole, he penetrated her pussy with two fingers. He increased the speed of his tongue and his fingers at the same time. Magdalena began to writhe and sigh. Her orgasm had been building since she entered the room. Nothing turned her on like being naked in a room full of clothed men.

Carver slid his tongue all the way into her anus. He finger fucked her hard and fast. Suddenly, Magdalena screamed. Carver was sprayed in the face with female ejaculate. Magdalena thrashed on the silver platter, spewing cum, while Carver kept his tongue deeply inserted in her ass.

“Gentlemen, we have a winner!” Douglas laughed. “Congratulations, Carver. You found the key to Magdalena’s squirting. You may collect your bonus at the end of the evening.” There was begrudging applause. Carver grinned.

“Thank you, sir. The pleasure was all mine. She is delicious.”

Magdalena whimpered. Her orgasm was all consuming. All she could do was lie on the platter and shake.

Carver passed the platter to Davis, who was next to Garcia and Ivanov. haramidere escort The three exchanged glances, and nodded.

“Sir,” asked Davis, “Must we use her individually? We’d like to share her.” “Go right ahead,” said Douglas.

The three men moved the platter to the edge of the table. They helped Magdalena up onto her right side. Davis moved to her head. He’d been watching her beautiful face all night, staring at her full lips. He pushed his erection towards her mouth. She opened her lips, and sucked him inside. Her mouth was warm, wet, and inviting. Davis took his time, fucking her face deliberately.

Garcia and Ivanov went to either side of Magdalena. Garcia was in the front, and knelt in front of her pussy. Ivanov did the same by her ass. Magdalena raised her left leg high in the air to give the men access. Garcia plunged his tongue into her pussy at the same time Ivanov tongued her anus. With Davis’ cock in her mouth, Magdalena could only murmur her pleasure. Garcia and Ivanov signalled to each other, and moved their tongues in and out of her in perfecttime. Garcia put two fingers inside her pussy, keeping time with the tongues plunging in and out of her.

Magdalena couldn’t hold back. She moved away from Davis’ cock, and screamed her delight. She squirted again, drenching Garcia and Ivanov equally.

“Well, that is a first!” Exclaimed Douglas. “Magdalena has never squirted more than once in a session. She is really enjoying herself tonight. As this is a momentous first, gentlemen, all three of you will receive a bonus tonight.”

Astonished looks and applause passed through the room.

Kelsey and O’Reilly were the last. They whispered, and came to an agreement. “We would also like to taste Magdalena together, sir,” said Kelsey.

“Certainly. She seems to enjoy it more than anything, the naughty minx,” said Douglas. Magdalena was still shaking from her orgasm. She didn’t think she could take another tongue or cock tonight. But she had no choice. She had agreed to pleasure every man in the room. The platter slid to the far end of the table. Magdalena was on her back again. Kelsey put her right leg on his shoulder, O’Reilly did the same with her left. They began petting and stroking her labia, dipping down to penetrate her vagina, moving up to circle her clit. There were four hands moving around her pussy, constantly stimulating her clit, her labia, her well used pussy opening. Kelsey leaned down, and sucked her clit as O’Reilly used two fingers on both hands to enter her. They moved in unison, machine like in precision. Magdalena’s breathing increased. She knew she was going to orgasm again.

Kelsey and O’Reilly sped up their ministrations. O’Reilly slammed his fingers into her. It sent her over the edge. She squirted for the third and final time. It was too much stimulation: she lost consciousness. Two servants immediately picked her up, and led her to a nearby bench. “Gentlemen,” said Douglas, “this is unprecedented. It was astonishing she squirted twice. Three times is a record not likely to be beaten. I think you have ALL earned a bonus tonight.” This met with cheers and applause.

“We shall have cocktails in celebration. When Magdalena has sufficiently recovered, we shall begin round two.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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