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I had a business to run, small as it was, it still needed tending and that forced me to come to realistic terms with the hurt and anger I felt over Alice.

My mother always said, God never closes one door without opening another. I found these words to be true in the past and hoped this time would be no different.


I was spending the night in the truck, at a truck stop off the Atlanta Loop. I had just parked and was pulling my curtains closed when a young blonde came up to my window and asked if I wanted a good time. I rolled my window down and looked closely at her. She was actually attractive, shoulder length whitish blonde hair, nice complexion, good teeth, no bra and a Georgia Tech. T-shirt that allowed a suggestive view of firm nice size breasts with nipples that jutted out.

“You don’t look like the average hooker at a truck stop. You wouldn’t happen to be a cop, would you?”.

“No,” she replied firmly. “Me and my roommate do this once a month, to help pay the rent. We each choose a decent looking trucker and for a hundred show him a good time”.

“Climb on up and give me five minutes of free conversation and I’ll tell you what I want, then you tell me if you’re ok with it.”

She agreed and 10 minutes later we were still talking. She told me, her name was Carla and she was fascinated by the thought that I could make her squirt. I told her exactly what to do and what to expect. She was eager to give it a try.

I gave her the hundred, up front and she stripped, not that she had much to take off. She wasn’t wearing panties or bra, not even stockings. I put a towel under her butt and my rain slicker down by her feet, with a couple of extra towels just incase.

She was now ready and I began.

I got the tube of hand cream and was ready to lube up my fingers, when she asked me to open her small belt pack and get out the warming jell she had.

I did and spread a liberal quantity on my fingers. Her pussy was completely shaved. It felt good and incredibly soft to my touch. I wanted to see how long it would take for her to mentally relax and give herself over to the pleasure of it.

I got my answer the minute I slid my fingers up her slit and found her wet and responding.

I took hold of her clit with my thumb and first two fingers, pulled it out and pushed it back, just like I was jacking off a tiny prick. I could feel blood pumping into it. It began growing longer and wider in my fingers as it throbbed.

I also noticed she was playing with her right nipple.

Now was the time to move on. I slid two fingers into her and immediately felt her now swollen peritoneal gland. This girl was two steps ahead of me.

I started with tapping it several times and pulled out of her, sliding my palm and fingers over her clit, and was rewarded with my first real moan of pleasure. I slid my fingers back in and tapped several more times, which made her back arch and she produced a disappointing sigh as I pulled my fingers out, to rub her clit again. It was only a few seconds of my fingers playing with her clit, before driving them back in.

I was now tapping her responsive spot repeatedly as I pushed my hand tight against her mound, rocking it back and forth then applying a steady pressure to that now enlarged spongy spot.

She started to buck and I kept pumping her and telling her it’s ok just let go.

When she finally did her body became rigid. I could not tell if she was having a climax, but a teaspoon of thin liquid pooled in my hand, Her body was still rigid, as if frozen in mid climax.

I started moving my fingers again, further in and further out than before and was putting more pressure on the spot with each stroke. I was literally slapping my palm against her labia as I pushed harder against the swollen tissue, when suddenly she screamed “Take it out. — Take it out, Take It Out.” The second I did she erupted, bucking uncontrollable while crying, “Oh God” over and over as five short spurts of clear liquid burst from her cunt.

When she had calmed enough to catch her breath all she could say was “fuck me again, I need it. – I need it NOW.”

These words came out of her more as a demand than a request or plea.

As I plunged my fingers back in her, she kept saying “Fuck me, yes, fuck me , faster, Don’t stop, More, More,” until she yelled again, “Take it out, Take It Out!” When I did she began her spasms even stronger, noticeably stronger than before and her pussy pumped out large streams with even more force than before.

I found myself wondering how much liquid could a body hold. When I herd her say, “I need it again.”

This time it was a plea. Her body was still going thru after shocks of her orgasm and she still wanted or perhaps even needed more release.

I slid my fingers back into her and started pounding her as she hoarsely began saying, “Yes, yes ,yes — Oh – Yeah.”

My wrist and forearm had lost all their strength. I had to resort to using my other hand to help with the thrusts. escort istanbul I was relieved when I heard her gasp. “Take it out.”

She then began to contort herself in an arch that left only her heals and the top of her head touching the mattress as her pussy shot out another quarter cup of female cum.

I found myself breathing a sigh of relief when she finally collapsed. My hand and arm were sore but I also felt elated by the thought that I could make this attractive young thing come and squirt in a manner that rivaled the sex video I had first seen.

She moved and I watched as she put three of her fingers in her cunt, then she brought her legs together and her knees up and squeeze her hand between them as she lay on her side, not moving. Her eyes glanced up at me and a tiny smile curved her lips as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“That’s just fucking great”, I said aloud, “Here I am with a fucking hard on and no one to even give me a blow job.”

I was so damned horny and pissed, that I figured I’d jerk off on her teats. So I pulled my dick out and started to jack-off when I hear a cell phone ring.

I know it’s not mine, by the ring tone, mine plays the Ode to Joy. This was coming from the same tiny belt pack that I got the warming jell from.

“Crap!”, I said out loud. I hate dilemmas like this.

Carla was still out cold while her phone rang and rang.

I knew if I picked it up and said hello, it would be her mother and I’d have to tell her, “I just finger fucked you daughter and she came so much she passed out and can’t come to the phone right now.”

Or better yet it would be Carla’s big bruiser of a boyfriend who worked for the FBI and he’d trace the call and come down and beat the shit out of me.

Finally, the phone stopped.

“Shit!” I said aloud, the thought of Carla’s boyfriend kicking the crap out of me made my dick go limp.

Suddenly, Carla’s phone started to beep.

Crap, Crap, Crap, I thought, not that message beep that goes off every minute. I nudged Carla’s arm, just as her phone began to ring again.

That did it, I shook her arm more forcefully and said, “Carla your phone.”

She half opened her eyes, half smiled and in the sweetest voice you could ever want to hear, said, “Get it for me please.”

Hypnotized by that angelic sleepy voice, I reached for the phone, opened it and said, “Hello.” Only to hear the female voice from hell scream. “WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO CARLA YOU FUCKING PERVERTED BASTARD, IF YOU’VE HURT HER I’LL SEE YOU’RE STRUNG UP BY THE BALLS.”

The tirade was still going on as I forced the phone into Carla’s hand and begging her, said, “Please Carla wake up and answer this.”

She managed to move the phone to an ear and said softly “hello.”, pause, “no I’m fine, better than fine even.” Pause, “no I’m not on drugs, I was sleeping.” Long pause, “fine I’m getting up.” Pause, “ok.”

Carla slowly sat up and asked, “What color truck is this?”

With a puzzled look on my face I told her, “Red, it’s a Cherry Red Freightliner with a big chrome bumper, chrome stacks and California tags.”

She repeated my description into the phone, another pause, and with a meek. “ok, I’m sorry.”

She closed the phone.

“Do you mind me asking? Who was that?”

“That, was my roommate. We’re supposed to send a quick text when we find some one and again when we’re done. Because we were talking so long, I forgot to send the first text and I fell asleep so I forgot the second and now she’s pissed at me, because I forgot the rules.”

To me, seeing and hearing her talk, she seemed like a puppy who had just been reprimanded for leaving a puddle on the kitchen floor.

She dressed, and before leaving, kissed me, full on the lips, and said, “Thanks, that was the best.”

With that, she opened the door of the truck, just as a car horn started to beep. Carla looked up at me, smiled and said “That’s her.”


With Carla gone, I cleaned the walls of the truck, flipped the mattress over, remade the bed, put the wet towels in my laundry sack and sat back. Reminiscing and pondering everything that just happened. Carla was the second woman I have made ejaculate and I was getting a major hard on as I mentally compared the two women.

I was just getting ready to reach for the hand lotion, when there was a knock on the drivers door. I moved the curtain aside, and there was Carla, with an Asian woman behind her.

At first, I thought Carla may have left something personal behind, so I rolled down the window and greeted her, “Long time no see. Did you loose something?”

“No.”, she replied, “Ike, doesn’t believe me. I told her you made me squirt and she thinks that all you did was make me pee. Can we come in and talk?”

With a shock of surprise, I said, “Sure, there’s not much room for three, but you’re welcome.”

I opened the door and slid out of the drivers seat to sit on the back bunk, while Carla and escort bayan istanbul the Asian girl climbed in. Carla moved back to sit next to me and noticing the bulge in my pants said, “Were you thinking of me”.

“As a matter of fact, I was.” I replied.

Carla looked up at the other girl, who had not said a word.

Carla began, “Ike, this is John, the guy I told you about. John, this is Ikekia, I call her Ike for short, she’s my roommate.”

I stood and leaning forward, extended my hand, offering a hand shake, while saying, “Oh yes, we talked on the phone.”

She blushed at that, took my hand and said, with no hint of an Asian accent, “I’m sorry John, for yelling at you, but we have to be careful, there are some real crazies out there.”

As I sat back, Carla put her hand on my crotch and said, “I can relieve that for you, if you’ll do me a favor.”

I looked Carla in the eye, saying, “You definitely have my attention.”

She smiled and I noticed for the first time Ike’s face became animated.

Carla continued, “I want you to make Ike squirt, just like you did me. I want you to make a believer out of her.”

“Carla,” I said, taking her hand in mine. Exactly why I don’t know, but it seemed the thing to do. “You are only the second woman I have ever made ejaculate. Granted, I have only tried it on you and another woman, with much the same results, but honestly, I don’t know enough to make any promises. I’m not sure if I can make every woman squirt, but if Ike is willing to give it a try, so am I.”

It was Ike’s turn to respond, “How will I know if I’m having a real orgasm and ejaculating or if I’m just peeing as I come?”

“That, is easy. We can go into the truck stop and pee, you need to make sure your bladder is empty. That way you’ll know. Though, I believe that you will still have the feeling that you have to pee. Once you see and smell and if you want to taste it you’ll know.”

By the time we got back to the truck, Ike was starting to loosen up and even seemed to be a little excited at the possibility of having the kind of orgasms that Carla described to her.

As Ike stripped and to my pleasure, so did Carla.

I got my last two towels out and noticed Carla pulling two dildos out from her pocket book. She handed the larger one to Ike, saying, “When you’re done, you are going to want to have something inside you, because you’re going to be pulsing like crazy and you’ll feel the need to have something to push against.”

Ike nodded and took the dildo. “The other one’s for me. I just know I’m going to get turned on by watching this.”

“I’m all ready turned on,” I said.

“Quit being a crybaby.” Carla responded, “No matter what, I’ll take care of you after you get Ike off.”

I could tell Ike was getting a little nervous. I think she felt the pressure was on her to perform and achieve the earth shaking contractions Carla kept talking about.

“Ah, John, before you begin, Ike needs something so she can have a good orgasm.”

Oh shit, I thought. If this has anything to do with drugs, I’m kicking their naked asses out.

Carle reached between her legs and put her thumb and fore finger in her cunt and began to pull a shiny yellow thong out.

I watched in amazement as it stretched while she dramatically removed it. She thrust her hips forward, spread her lips and gave a quick wipe to her open pussy. She then proceeded to stuff it into Ike’s open mouth and then kissed her on the lips.

I couldn’t help myself. “I know that wasn’t in there when you were with me, I’m sure I’d have noticed.”

“No, this is just one of the things that Ike likes me to do for her. Now, Ike, lay down and let John make your pussy squirt.”

Not the answer that I thought I would get, but if that’s what she wants, who am I to judge.

I looked down at Ike. She had small breasts about like a young girls, her nipples and areolas were dark, dark brown. There was very little meat on her bones and she looked considerably skinnier without cloths. She had neatly trimmed jet black pubic hair and either she was really turned on or she had a fairly large clit.

I looked into her eyes and whispered, “Relax Ike, all you have to do is respond to what you feel. I’ll take it real slow. Remember, this is all about me making you feel good, so relax and enjoy.”

She nodded, but it was easy to see she was still tense.

I didn’t rush, instead of diving right in to her pussy, I started by playing with one of her nipples and you could see the surprise on her face, as this was not what she was expecting.

Slowly, her nipple began to harden and I brought my head down and began to lick her entire breast. She seemed to be softening under my touch.

I brought my fingers down to her slit and as I did, I sucked hard on her breast. There was a slight moan as my fingers slid over her clit.

I pulled my mouth away from her breast and she quickly replaced my lips with her hands, pulling on both bayan escort istanbul nipples as I concentrated on her clit. The feel of it fascinated me, as it seemed to have a heavy texture. It had grown to over an inch long and as I stroked it, sliding my fingers to each side, she started to hump as if she were trying to fuck with her clit. With my thumb and first two fingers, I took hold of the tiny shaft and let her fuck it, just like her clit was a prick and my fingers were a cunt.

I was so fascinated by her actions, I almost let her cum that way. She was on the verge, so close, that when I took my fingers away, she, in a needy voice, whimpered a muffled “noooo.”

I paid no attention to her protest and slid my fingers in side her, immediately finding that soft spongy area, all ready large and extended.

I was afraid that if I pulled out of her and rubbed her clit she would have a normal clitoral orgasm, so I kept my fingers in her and pumped hard. As I did, I felt her start to raise her hips, so I pushed down with my other hand, just behind her mound as I pumped into her.

Suddenly, with a wild muted cry and a jolt, she pulled my hands from her and began to go into convulsions, thrashing every where and squirting dozens of small spurts, one after the other, seeming not to stop as her body jerked in spasms.

That shot a jolt of fear through both Carla and myself.

We both moved to help restrain her thrashing, to prevent her from hurting herself. My first thought was to get those panties out of her mouth so she wouldn’t choke on them. I grabbed her jaw and parted her lips. When she noticed what I was trying to do, she bit down on the panties so I couldn’t take them out.

When at last she calmed down, Carla took the dildo and literally rammed it into Ike’s cunt, and held it there as Ike assumed the same position that Carla had.

Carla looked at me, shock still on her face and asked, “Did I react like that?”

“No, but you had one very small orgasm and then three separate bouts of squirting. You did buck, but no where as severe as her.”

“God, that was hot to watch,” she said. “I was really close to my own orgasm when she frightened me out of it.”

She looked at the wet spot I had produced and said, “I see by your jeans, you were close too. Let me fulfill my promise to you now”.

I reached up and lowered the second bunk.

“That’s convenient” she said, as I lifted her up and climbed up myself, leaving my jeans on the floor of the truck.

I was hot and needed to bury my prick into a wet warm pussy. Alice was the last woman I fucked and I needed it.

I took Carla’s legs and lifted them onto my shoulders, bringing her cunt up high so I could feel deep penetration as I thrust into her. Fast and hard I thrust into her and she arched even higher as I crushed into her.

I knew I was going to cum quickly and tried everything I could to hold off and get Carla to cum with me, but her cunt was throbbing and kneading my prick as it slid in and out.

I couldn’t last mush longer, when I heard her yell, “Take it out, take it out.”

As she tilted her hips, my dick slid out just as I was starting to cum, and then I felt it.

She was squirting on my dick. The first hard splash hit and I lost control as we were both squirting. Our cum mingling together.

Shit, what a turn on, I was lost in the moment, when I heard her say, “Quick put it back in me.”

I did as ordered and was rewarded with a pussy massage on my dick, as I collapsed on top of her. We were both out of breath and just lay there in each others cum soaked arms.


We were both, just recovering when we heard a moan come from below and became concerned for Ike. When we both jumped off the top bunk, we were startled to see Ike moving her dildo in and out of herself so fast, it was almost a blur.

“Well, that’s nice”, Carla said.

Ike came to an abrupt stop at her voice.

“Don’t you think you owe John at least a nice blow job for doubting his abilities.”

Carla shoved me in front of Ike’s face, saying, “Open up and I’ll replace those panties with a nice soft prick for you. I know you’ll like it. It’s coated with my cum.”

Ike pushed the now drenched panties out of her mouth as Carla continued.

“Come on John, I know its soft now, lets see what Ike can do with it.” Carla took my dick and held it to Ike’s lips. Ike opened her mouth and sucked my soft dick in.

“Wow”, was all I could say, this girl was good, my dick was far from soft now and was growing harder by the second.

Carla must be an instigator at heart, because, once she saw I was hard she said, “Come on John why don’t you show little Ike what your prick is really capable of.”

“Now, Ike, take that silly little dildo out of your snatch and let John fill it for you.”

I went to climb in the bunk over Ike and Carla said. “No John, like this.”

She grabbed Ike by the legs and spun her to where only her back was on the bed and she spread her legs, putting them up toward my shoulders. “Do I have to stick your dick into her for you,” Carla asked.

“Only if you want to,” I replied, not to be out done.

With Ike’s hips up high, I slid my prick in. I was surprised, for such a tiny woman her cunt was far from tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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