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Thanks to volunteer editor BlueEyed5ftAngel for helping to review this story and providing some advice.


Leslie got out of her chair and began walking over to the set. Her small two inch heels illuminating the now silent room with echoes. Everyone knew that they were several days behind schedule, and the Leslie was beginning to get upset. Stopping at the edge of the set, Leslie just stared at Norann and Bonnie, the two young actresses that couldn’t seem to get the scene correct. After a minute, the silence was broken.


Bonnie glanced at Norann, the more experienced of the two actresses, and then looked up at Leslie, her Director. She quickly said, “I’m sorry Leslie. I know I can get this right, just give me another chance.”

Norann pulled Leslie aside and voiced her opinion. They had worked together several times before. “Leslie, I believe this girl can do her part. Let’s wrap this up and go home. Tomorrow, if she can’t nail the part, then let her go with no pay and I’ll do the entire movie for half of what was promised me. How does that sound?”

Leslie thought it over. It was a good deal. Norann was popular enough that her name alone could draw in the money. With the way Bonnie has been, Leslie felt confident that Norann’s promise wouldn’t pull through. Plus, the savings from Norann doing her part for half the price would make up for the lost days of shooting. She turned to Norann, pushed her finger into Norann’s chest and added, “Fine, but I’m going to hold you to that!” Turning around, she begins to walk away, yelling “THAT’S A WRAP FOR TODAY! EVERYONE MEET BACK HERE AT 9:00 AM SHARP!” Leslie kept walking off the stage, mumbling to herself and waving her arms.

Bonnie watched Norann walk back to her and before anything could be said, thanked her immensely, promising she would not mess up again tomorrow. Bonnie was about to walk away when Norann stopped her.

“I want you to see something. This might help you. Let’s go.”

Thirty minutes later, Norann pulls into her driveway and Bonnie parks alongside her co-star’s vehicle. Stepping out of her car, Norann motioned for Bonnie to follow her inside.

Once inside, Norann locked the door and walked Bonnie over to the couch in the living room.

“Wait right here.”

“Whatever you say,” Bonnie replied, sitting down on the couch.

As Norann walked away, Bonnie turned her body adding, “I hope this works. I can’t afford to lose this chance. I’ve never been with another woman before and that was making me nervous.”

“I’ll be right back.”

Norann left the room and headed to the bedroom. Grabbing a handkerchief, she heads back into the living room.

“Okay, I’m going to blindfold you if this is going to work.”

Bonnie nods her head in approval.

Norann wraps the handkerchief around Bonnie’s head, covering her eyes, tying it off in the back. Holding her hand as she helps her off the couch, Norann guides Bonnie back into the bedroom. Setting Bonnie in the chair, Norann goes to her dresser and opens a drawer. Pulling out a pair of opaque black thigh-highs, she heads back over to Bonnie and begins to pull one of them over Bonnie’s head.

“What are you doing?” Bonnie asks. The feeling of entrapment by the stocking over her head was worrying her.

“If you want to be ready for tomorrow, just trust me.”

After pulling the nylon down all the way, Norann begins to remove Bonnie’s blouse. Undoing all the buttons, Norann helps Bonnie wiggle out of her blouse, exposing her lack of undergarments. Norann then removes Bonnie’s shoes before helping her to stand. She begins to help Bonnie out of her jeans and silk panties before sitting her down again. With the removal of her socks, Bonnie now sits fully exposed, minus the hose on her head. Bonnie runs her hands along her smooth skin before her hand gets slapped.

“No touching!” Norann yelled.

Grabbing the remaining thigh high, Norann then walks back over to her dresser and quickly strips down. She quickly finds another pair of black thigh highs and one of her favorite body stockings and adds that to the single piece of hosiery she already has. She grabs a thigh high and slides her left arm into it, pulling it completely up the length of her arm before repeating with her right arm. She grabs the bodystocking and looks it over before slipping into it. It is one of her favorites because not only does it cover her body, but it has full length sleeves, a turtleneck top, and is one of the few she has found of this style that is not crotchless. Finishing it off, she takes the opaque thigh high and slides that over her head, stuffing the edges underneath the turtleneck top of the bodystocking. She then walks back over to Bonnie, who is having trouble not touching her own naked body.

Norann kneels on the ground in front of Bonnie.

“Are you ready to prepare for bursa yabancı escort your role?”

A hesitant yes nod is all she gets in response.

“Hands behind your back and keep them there!”

Bonnie does as told without hesitation, beginning to realize maybe this wasn’t what she was expecting.

Norann then places her hands on Bonnie’s feet and slowly begins to run her hose covered hands up Bonnie’s legs. Reaching her thighs, Norann spreads Bonnie’s legs as her arms begin to run along them. With her hands beginning to slide up Bonnie’s belly to her breasts, she leans her body into Bonnie’s.

It takes a second before it registers with Bonnie what she is feeling. With Norann’s hose covered body sliding against her own, she begins to feel a bit excited. Wrapping her legs around Norann, she then brings her hands out from behind her body and feels for Norann’s head, violating the command given to her by Norann. When she finds it, she pulls her up and kisses her. With two layers of fabric separating their mouths, all she can do is press her tongue out and touch it to Norann’s. The feeling of pantyhose wasn’t a new sensation for Bonnie’s legs, but to feel them like this was different. Running her hands all over Norann’s body, she realizes she is beginning to enjoy the sensation.

Norann reaches back and ensures that Bonnie’s legs are still wrapped around her waist. She asks, “Wrap your arms around me and hold tight.” Bonnie wraps her arms around underneath Norann’s arms, and clasps her hands together tightly. Norann stands up, with Bonnie hanging on with both arms and legs. Walking carefully, she maneuvers over to her queen size bed and positions herself so that Bonnie’s ass is resting on the edge. “Okay. Now let go.”

Listening to Norann, Bonnie releases her legs and arms and leans back on the bed. Norann then gets up onto the bed and lies down next to a still blindfolded Bonnie. Leaning over, she gives Bonnie a kiss as she roles over onto Bonnie.

Bonnie, feeling the pressure of Norann’s body on top of her, quickly reacts and pushes her off.

“Did I go to fast?” Norann asked.

“Sorry, you just caught me off guard.” Bonnie responded. Bonnie waves her arms a bit, trying to find Norann’s body. “Please come back. I won’t push you away again.”

“You better not. Now roll to your left.” Norann instructed.

Rolling to her left, Bonnie’s body rolls smack into Norann’s body after one full role of her body. Wrapping her arms around Norann’s body, she pulls herself closer to Norann. Feeling for Norann’s face, she finally finds the spot she was looking for and gives Norann a kiss.

“Can I explore?” Bonnie asked.

Norann thinks about it before saying “Go ahead.” If it will help Bonnie become more comfortable, then it will be okay.

Bonnie begins feeling Norann’s body more intimately, beginning at the top. Giving little pet kisses, she explores the feeling of Norann’s pantyhose encased body against her pantyhose encased face. Pretty soon, she moves down to find Norann’s 34C breasts. The nylon covered breasts take on a whole new feel from what Bonnie was trying to play with on the set. Playing with the nipples, pinching them, pulling them, licking and even nibbling on them, the nylon just adds a whole new erotic effect to the whole experience that Bonnie had never explored before.

After spending some time at Norann’s breasts, Bonnie moves down to explore her stomach. After spending some time there as well, she moves on to her pussy. Bonnie wonders to herself, if nylon can make breasts more erotic, then would it also make the pussy more erotic.

Norann had been waiting for this as well. Her breasts take a backseat to her pussy whenever she masturbates with nylons on. Bonnie had been showing some serious improvement from what she had seen the last three days. The biggest improvement Bonnie was making was that she was actually engaging in the activity instead of acting like a mannequin. The question was whether this was a result of the lack of cameras, or the addition of nylon. As Bonnie fumbled her way around down below, Norann wondered what she could do to test her question.

“Ohhh. Not so hard baby.” Bonnie paused as Norann added, “I like that, don’t get me wrong, but if you squeeze too hard it does hurt.”

Norann remembered the camera she got last year as a birthday present, and decided to try using that later.

“Here, let’s try this.” Norann reached for Bonnie’s left hand and helped Bonnie find the skin covering her clit. “Just gently rub your thumb around that spot. You don’t want to start squeezing everything.”

Norann closed her eyes as Bonnie began massaging her. She covered Bonnie’s hand with her own and helped guide her through the motions.

With some effort, Bonnie showed that it didn’t take much guidance to teach her.

“Okay, keep doing that. This is what you need to be doing on the set.” Norann instructed.

Norann reached up for Bonnie’s face and pulled the thigh high up enough to expose her mouth.

“Now I bursa sınırsız escort want you to move around so that your face is down there too.”

Bonnie had to stop with the massaging a bit to reposition herself, but quickly started up again after moving.

“Now, what I want you to do is begin to use your tongue a bit. Begin by using easy movements up and down my pussy, but don’t stop with what you are doing already.”

Bonnie hesitated with this, making Norann question even further if Bonnie had told the truth about her prior experience.

“Trust me Bonnie. This is something you are going to have to do. You might as well begin now.”

That seemed to work, as Bonnie began following Norann’s instruction. Bonnie starts a bit clumsily at first, but quickly fixes her technique as Norann leans back and enjoys the treatment.

All of this stimulation was helping Norann’s body begin to react and she starts to leak a bit of fluid. Bonnie stops a second, and as Norann looks at her and begins to say something, Bonnie licks her lips and continues on.

After a few minutes of this, Norann realizes she is close to emptying a load and leans forward to place her hands on the back of Bonnie’s head.

“Keep going. You’re doing great. It feels wonderful Bonnie.”

A squeal comes out as Norann holds Bonnie’s head in place while her bodystocking, and subsequently Bonnie’s face, soaks everything up that she orgasms. It wasn’t the best, but it also wouldn’t be the last.

“Lick everything clean my sexy learner. You don’t want to leave a mess behind.”

Bonnie was already starting this before Norann finished saying it. Within a few minutes, Bonnie wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Norann’s cum and her own spit.

At this point, Bonnie wanted to remove the stocking from her head so she could see again.

“Can I take this off yet?”

With an okay from Norann, the stocking and blindfold were off in a flash.

“Wow. That looks incredible.” Bonnie said, admiring Norann’s encased body.

Bonnie was already beginning to run her hands over Norann’s body again.

“Can I try one on too?” Thinking for a split second, Bonnie then added, “I want to see how it feels having my entire body covered in nylon.”

“Not yet.” Norann sternly said.

Bonnie was hurt. She wanted to explore the feeling as well.

“Don’t worry. If you are a good girl I may let you try one on later. First you have to pass some more tests. Lay down on the bed and I’ll be right back.”

Norann started for her closet and stopped. Looking back, she rolled her eyes and turned to face Bonnie.

“Stop touching yourself. I didn’t give you permission to do that. I just said to lay there.”

Turning back, Norann continued to her closet. After opening the door, she reached in and hit the switch to turn on the light inside. Walking in, she turns to her right and reaches up for the case on the shelf running along the wall above her clothes rack. Reaching into the corner next to the door, she grabbed the tripod and left the closet. Setting up the tripod, she opened the case and pulled out her video camera. She checked the batteries and made sure a fresh tape was inside. Latching it onto the tripod, she moved the setup near one corner of her bed. Aiming the camera for a wide side shot of the bed, she starts recording.

“What are you doing?” Bonnie asked, lying on her side.

“Lay on your back.” Norann responded dryly as she walked to her dresser.

Pulling some long stockings from her dresser drawer, she walks over to the bed opposite the camera.

“Give me your arm.” Norann asked Bonnie.

Grabbing Bonnie’s left arm, she ties one end of the stocking tightly around her wrist. She then ties the other end to the post of her queen size bed. Walking along the bed, she grabs Bonnie’s left leg and does the same thing. Walking around to the other side of the bed, she grab’s Bonnie’s right leg and ties it up, making sure it is tied tight and that Bonnie’s legs are spread wide apart. She then repeats the process for Bonnie’s right arm. Stepping back, she watches as Bonnie struggles a bit, feeling the restraints.

Bonnie asked, “Can you loosen this a bit, it is kind of tight.”

Norann looked at Bonnie and responded sarcastically, “What do you think the answer is?”

Bonnie shakes her head, realizing the answer is no.

Norann kneels on the floor and reaches under her bed. Finding the shoebox she kept under there, she pulls it out. Opening the box, she selects one of the dildos from her collection. It was red, about seven inches long and an inch and a half thick, and looked very much like a real penis. It was one of Norann’s favorites, and had seen its fair share of use. She couldn’t even remember a time where it had not completed its job.

Heading to her dresser, she grabs another stocking and slides it over the dildo. Walking over to the bed, she quickly shows it to Bonnie before climbing up between her legs and rubbing it over her clean shaven görükle escort pussy. After rubbing it over Bonnie’s pussy a couple of times, Norann uses one hand to spread apart Bonnie’s lips before sliding the stocking covered dildo inside.

As the dildo slid into Bonnie’s vestige of womanhood her body tenses up. Bonnie did not have much freedom of movement as Norann slowly slid the dildo in and out. As Norann worked the dildo, Bonnie could feel Norann twisting it during the movements. While Bonnie had played with herself before, the feeling of pantyhose running along her vaginal walls was both rough and pleasurable at the same time. She wanted to reach down and thumb her clit a bit as this was going on, but the restraints prevented this.

“Can you please play with my clit as you do that Norann?” Bonnie begged.

Bonnie got her wish as Norann began massaging Bonnie’s clit. With all the stimulation Bonnie was being exposed to, it was no surprise that the stocking was pretty well soaked after only a few minutes. Softly biting her lip, Bonnie began to wiggle her ass in what little movement was available to her. Soon, a long, high pitched squeal was let out as Bonnie’s body finally decided to release the building pressure.

Norann heard the squeal and quickly replaced the dildo with her own tongue. She was just in time too as less then five seconds later, Bonnie’s moist hole became the Mighty Mississippi. Norann realized that her plan had worked as she began to taste the salty, yet sweet taste of Bonnie. The fluids seemed to continue for minutes, but in reality, it lasted about 40 seconds.

“Did you enjoy that?” Norann asked as she lifted her head up from between Bonnie’s legs.

An enthusiastic nod gave Bonnie’s answer.

Norann asked back, “Do you want more?”

Another enthusiastic nod.

Moving towards her head, Norann shows Bonnie the dildo.

“Why don’t you show the camera how much you enjoyed that.” Norann says as she places the dildo over Bonnie’s mouth.

Bonnie didn’t need much encouragement as she lifted her head and practically swallowed the dildo, followed by a cleaning of the cum soaked stocking covering it.

The rest of the entire night was spent with Bonnie being introduced, or better yet, subjected to various forms of sexual stimulation.

The next day, a tired Norann showed the tape to Leslie as proof that Bonnie was ready to shoot the scene. The scene went off without a hitch.

Leslie walked up to both the girls and leaned over into Bonnie’s face. Whispering, she said, “I see that Norann has more than prepared you for your job. I hope that this will not be a problem again.”

With a quick no from Bonnie, Leslie continued.

“Good. Now why don’t you two go clean up, and Norann, I want you to get dressed for the next scene.” Leslie leaned over and kissed Bonnie, though it lasted slightly longer than just an average kiss. Breaking the kiss off, Leslie added, “Bonnie, I want you back in two days for your next scene.”

When Bonnie and Norann finished cleaning up, Norann brought Bonnie into the women’s dressing room.

“Thank you so much for helping me.” Bonnie quickly said after the door closed. “I can’t wait for the next scene with…”

Norann stopped her. “Your next scene will be with Clyde, not me. I hope you are ready for THAT.”

Bonnie quickly okays it, mentioning that men are not a problem for her.

“Now, I am tired, but my work is not done yet. Take that robe off.”

Walking over to her bag, Norann pulls out a pair of pantyhose. Turning back to the now naked Bonnie, she shows her what is actually an altered pair of pantyhose.

“I have made some changes to this pair. You’ll notice the dildo that has been sewn into the crotch of this pair. Well, it’s actually a vibrator and it works pretty well.”

Handing the pair over, Bonnie examines the short but wide vibrator attached to the pantyhose. It had a small flat base over which Norann had stitched what appeared to be two or three layers of nylon to help hold it down.

“Now I want you to put that on.”

As Bonnie started putting them on, Norann asked, “Where are your clothes?”

Bonnie points to the closet.

Looking through the closet, Norann grabs Bonnie’s black leather skirt and red sweater.

Bonnie slides the vibrator in and pulls the pantyhose completely up, then bends over to smooth out the wrinkles as Norann places the clothes on the chair.

“Now put your clothes on.”

Bonnie takes no time at all sliding into her clothes.

“Spread your legs.”

Norann gets down on her knees and reaches up the skirt. Finding the small switch underneath the vibrators base, she flicks it on, causing Bonnie to grab the nearby chair.

“I know it feels both awkward and good. I want you to join the crew and watch the next scene. And this will stay on the entire time. If I find out you turned it off, there will be serious consequences.”

Bonnie nods her head.

Norann quickly dresses up in the French Maids outfit that she needs for the next shot and walks Bonnie back to the set. Allowing Bonnie to sit in one of the chairs, Norann quickly walks over to Leslie and whispers a few words. Looking back at Bonnie, Norann smiles, points to her eyes, then at Bonnie, sending a message of “I’m watching you.” She then goes to the set, and prepares for her scene.

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