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Kevin was almost too jittery to eat his healthy meal of chicken, rice and kale at the restaurant as he found himself filled with nervous energy about the next day’s Marathon. Having spent several months preparing, Kevin felt ready to set a new personal best time, and was confident that he would put forth a great performance. He sat with several other equally-excited fellow-athletes whom he had befriended over his 5 years of competing, conversing about anything and everything to distract them from the impending trials of the next day. His reverie was broken as he heard one of his table-mates, Ethan, suddenly speak up with particular animation.

“That’s her!”

“That’s who?” he asked, seeing his friend gesture towards a the door where a few people had just entered the room.

Leaning in and using less conspicuous tone, Ethan pointed discretely at a twenty-something buxom brunette who was making her way to the bar. She was comfortably dressed in a casual low-key sweater, skirt, and flats, and despite her obvious natural beauty, there was nothing particularly conspicuous enough about her to have logically attracted Ethan’s agitated attention. Kevin leaned forward to listen to Ethan’s explanation.

“You know Jim Parkes?” Ethan asked. Kevin nodded, and he went on. “Well a couple years ago he told me a totally crazy story about the night he had before the race in Baltimore back in 2010. He met this chick at the bar while grabbing a bite to eat, and she turned out to be a real freak!”

“How so?” Kevin asked, his attention waning as the tale went on. He had heard enough lurid conquest stories to know that this one was probably as exaggerated as the rest. He let his gaze linger on the beauty at the bar as she pulled up a stool and perched her ample yet firm behind on it. “Nice ass…” he muttered to himself under his breath.

“What was that?” Ethan asked. “Never mind. Anyway, this girl gets Jim to invite her back to his room, and proceeds to keep him up the entire night!”

“The whole night eh?” Brad, an ex-professional hockey player, replied with distain in his voice. “Sounds like Jim has a pretty inflated sense of his own stamina to me!”

“No dude!” Ethan replied. “As in she kept him UP all night. He said she was like an animal, mauling him and keeping his dick hard the whole night. He wanted to have a quick fuck and get some sleep, but this chick, she had other ideas.” Ethan gestured towards the woman at the bar again. “She was a straight-up cum slut man.”

“Yeah… okay.” said Kevin. “Even if Jim did have this experience, how do you know that this is the same girl?”

“Because dude.” Ethan explained, “I’ve been looking for her at every race since then! You would to if you heard from Jim about everything that went on that night.” he leaned closer, conspiratorially, and whispered. “Plus… Jim sent me a few pictures.”

“Of her?” Kevin whispered in return.

The small group of guys all crowded around Ethan as he pulled out his phone and began to search through folders for the promised pictures.

“I’ve kept them all this time. I’m telling you guys, this is one hot little slut!” Ethan said as he scanned his phone. “Ah! Here we go!”

Brad let out a low whistle of appreciation as the first picture appeared on the screen. It was a close up of a young brunette, her lips wrapped around a cock to the hilt, pressing into his belly. Though her deep brown eyes looked up, locked with the camera, it was impossible to say for sure who the talented cocksucker was from the angle provided.

“How can you possibly tell that its her from this?” Kevin asked, glancing up at the girl at the bar and secretly hoping there would be some further proof.

“Because there’s more.” Ethan answered. “Check this out.”

“Holy shit.” Brad breathed quietly.

“Wow.” Kevin agreed.

This time the woman in the photo had her face tilted back to face the camera directly from where she knelt on the floor at the camera-man’s feet. Her large breasts jutted out in front of her, nipples erect and proud. She had a wide and genuine grin on her face as she stroked the cameraman’s dripping penis. Despite what should have been a very revealing picture, it was still impossible to positively identify the woman, thanks to the healthy dose of semen slathering her forehead, cheeks, and nose. A stretched strand of fluid lingered in the eyelashes of her right eye as she stared up into the camera, grinning with a face-full of cum. ataşehir escort All three of them looked at the picture, then at the girl at the bar, and back again.

“You still can’t be sure…” Kevin began before trailing off as Ethan flipped to the final photo.

This time the woman was walking away from the camera, still totally naked with her toned and well-rounded butt facing the camera. Her long brown hair cascaded down her back as she glanced over her shoulder, appearing to laugh with pleasure as she paused at the door to the hotel bathroom. Fresh-faced, and with a glint of mischief in her eyes, the similarities to the girl at the bar were now unmistakable.

“Holy shit.” Brad said again. “Its her.”

Kevin tore his gaze away from the picture to look at the real-live woman at the hotel bar again for comparison and found her glancing back in their direction, a hint of smile on her lips. With the similarity in pose to that of the picture, he was now certain this was the same woman, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Kevin blushed slightly and averted his eyes from the woman back to the picture, reassuring himself that there was no possible way she could know that they were talking about her.

“I knew she had a nice ass.” Kevin muttered.

“So what exactly did Jim say happened all night anyway?” Brad asked Ethan, lust naked in his voice.

“Lets just say that those pictures were only one of many times she sucked him off that night.” Ethan answered. “Apparently she was insatiable, and ate every single drop of cum he had to offer, and kept getting him off long after he started shooting blanks. That picture of her with cum all over he face? Yeah supposedly she scooped it all off and slurped it down!”

“Fuuuuuuuck.” Brad intoned. “Makes me wish I wasn’t married!”

“Well I’m not!” Ethan exclaimed. “And I call first dibs!”

Kevin was surprised to find himself very jealous of Ethan’s claim as he gazed once again at the tight behind of the girl perched on a bar stool. Though he was not normally one to approach women looking for a one-night stand, Kevin found himself drawn to the myth of this sexy brunette. Her thick, luxurious lips, curvaceous body, and glimmering eyes that seemed to ooze sex appeal all promised an evening and beyond of sex that he would never forget. Sadly, “dibs” had already been called by Ethan, and Kevin kicked himself for not blurting it out sooner, despite the absurd juvenility of the act.

“Wish me luck!” Ethan said, licking his chops and smoothing out his hair as to stood and approached the bar.

Kevin and Brad watched in silence as Ethan approached the woman, sidling up next to her at the bar and gesturing to the bartender, and then her drink, which appeared to be a simple orange juice. She seemingly agreed to his offered refill, and in no time she and Ethan were huddled in close together, talking in hushed tones. Kevin watched in shock as Ethan pulled out his phone and showed something to the woman, which caused her to blush and glance back to the table where Kevin and Brad sat. They quickly averted their eyes.

“What the hell is he doing, showing her the pictures?!” Brad demanded of Kevin.

“Blackmail?” Kevin replied, knowing his friend’s unscrupulous nature.

The woman didn’t react with anger, however. Indeed, she seemed, to Kevin’s well-trained eye, to become even more flirtatious with Ethan, reaching out a hand to touch him lightly on the thigh. Within minutes, Ethan stood up, took her by the hand, and led her from the bar towards the elevator, tossing a salacious wink over his shoulder to where Kevin and Brad sulked.

“Lucky son of a bitch.” Brad opined.

“Jesus.” Kevin could barely contain his jealousy that his friend was going to get to spend the night with the buxom brunette. “Why didn’t I see her first.”

Deflated and dejected, Kevin and Brad spent another 30 minutes polishing off their drinks before deciding to call it a night. As Brad split off to his first-floor room, Kevin headed to the elevator, his pants uncomfortably tight with unfulfilled fantasy about the sexy brunette. He resigned himself to spending a frantic few minutes with his member in his hand alone in his room before drifting off to sleep. Head down, and mind on dirty thoughts, he stepped into the empty elevator as the doors opened and stepped inside. Hitting the button for the 4th floor, he leaned back against the wall avcılar escort of the elevator, let his eyes drift back to the floor and his mind wander.

He didn’t raise his head as the elevator slowed and the doors opened, knowing that it was too soon for this to be his own floor. A pair of bare feet, small and feminine with French manicured toenails, entered his view. Curious, he let his gaze rise, taking in her toned calves, shoes in her hand, and then her ample butt hidden behind a loose skirt as she turned around to hit the button for her floor. As his gaze rose higher, she began to turn back to face him, and he found himself looking at a pair of large but perky breasts constrained under a form-fitting and slightly askew sweater. The shock or recognition hit his brain moments before he glanced up fair enough to see her familiar face.

She stood looking up at him, grinning as he blushed in embarrassment when their eyes met. She bit her luxuriously thick lower lip while she blatantly gave him a once-over in return, before locking eyes with him again and smiling widely as she extended a small and delicate hand.

“Hi. I’m Lucia.” she said. “I saw you down at the bar with your friends earlier.”

“I…” Kevin stammered, “Hi. Didn’t you leave with my friend Ethan just a few minutes ago?” he blurted out, unable to contain himself and blushing a brighter shade of red.

Lucia, completely unfazed, let out a hearty and sincere chuckle. “Does that matter?” she asked, reaching out to poke him lightly in the chest. “I saw you staring at me downstairs. You liked what you saw.”

Kevin found her presence, so close and now touching him, so intoxicating he could hardly form a coherent reply. “Yes.” he muttered, taking her in up and down again. “I really like what I see.”

With a mischievous twinkle of her eye, and with her hand lightly teasing his chest, she went on. “And I assume he showed you those pictures his friend took of our time together?”

Kevin, knowing his blushing cheeks would reveal the truth anyway, admitted than he had.

“And what did he tell you about me, and the night those pictures were taken?” she demanded playfully, grinning ear to ear. “Be honest.”

Kevin fought to quell the nervous fluttering of his heart, and thinking to turn the tables back on her, brazenly answered with brutal honesty. “That you were a freak in the sack.” he said with lustful relish. “That you loved to suck cock, and that you were insatiable for cum.”

If he hoped to embarrass her, he was disappointed, because Lucia barely batted an eyelash at his comment, and if anything looked proud. “Guilty as charged.” she said as the elevator reached her floor, and the doors slide open to reveal an empty hallway. Letting her teasing hand drift lower, to his stomach, she went on.

“Sadly, your friend Ethan must have been busy this morning,” she said, miming jerking off a cock with her hand against his belly. “because he had almost nothing left in the tank for me.” she pouted.

Kevin gasped as she pressed her palm against his stomach and suddenly thrust it down the front of his pants to where his half-hard bulge strained against his pants. She moaned softly and bit her bottom lip again as her fingers deftly explored his shaft and balls, cupping them gently.

“Hmmm, it feels like you’re pretty full.” she whispered to him, pressing in close. “Want to come back to my room with me?”

Kevin could only groan an affirmative response as she removed her hand from his pants to grasp his belt by the buckle, and used it to tug him out of the elevator as the doors closed. Guiding him with her makeshift handle, they quickly reached her room, and she juggled her key and shoes with her free hand as she pushed her hand back into his pants to grope his manhood. Unlocking the door, she pushed inside with him in tow, tugging him after her gently with her handful. As the door closed behind him she pushed him up against it, dropping her shoes as she knelt in front of him, both hands fumbling urgently for his belt. his pants quickly followed her shoes to the floor, without hesitation, she tucked her fingertips into the band of his boxers and tugged then down.

Kevin watched as his cock sprang upwards and outwards, completely erect now that it was freed from its prison. He moaned as she reached up and cupped his oversized balls reverently, stroking the base of his shaft with her avrupa yakası escort other hand. She stared at his cock with a look approaching admiration, taking in its flared, circumcised head, and the symmetrical pair of veins running up its thick and pulsing underside. She squeezed his large and heavy balls lightly, and yelped as his shaft jumped in return. She cooed happily as she gave it a thorough inspection before announcing her verdict to him out loud.

“This,” she said in the serious tone of an experienced professional, “is a downright gorgeous cock.”

“I’m glad you like it.” he responded, looking down and running his right hand down her cheek. He gasped as she turned in and nuzzled his hand before sucking gently on first one and then two fingertips.

Pausing from teasing his fingers for a moment, Lucia adopted a serious tone for a moment. Looking up with her big brown eyes glimmering in the low light of the hotel room she asked him if he wanted her to brush her teeth before she continued.

“I did just swallow your friend’s cum a few minutes ago, even if it was a tiny load.” she added with a wink.

“No. I just want to feel those lips on me.” Kevin answered gruffly. “I think its hot that you just sucked another guy’s cock and now you want mine.”

Lucia’s smile grew impossibly wide. “I agree.” she said. “And I don’t want to wait another minute to taste you.”

Without wasting a moment, she thrust her wide-open mouth forward, taking him to the hilt instantly. Holding herself there a moment with nary a gag, her tongue snaked out of her still wide-open lips to lash the underside of his shaft and balls. Kevin moaned and stroked her hair softly revelling in the impressive display of talent and dedication. She held herself there for what seemed like an eternity, her tongue teasing his balls continuously until she gagged once, more from lack of oxygen than reflex. Pulling back enough to gasp for air for just a moment, she plunged her mouth back down, this time reaching forward with her lips as if planting an O-shaped kiss around the base of his shaft before slowly drawing back, letting her thick and luscious lips drag along the length of his shaft until she reached his bulbous crown. Flicking its underside with her tongue once, she dove back down, repeating the sensual motion. Rather than being rhythmic, her bobbing was fast as her mouth moved forward, then agonizingly slow as she pulled back each time. Kevin watched it all, enthralled and feeling his balls already tightening under her skilful ministrations.

“Jesus that feels good.” Kevin moaned, closing his eyes briefly and letting his head rest against the door behind him.

Lucia maintained the same pace and technique for another minute before pulling back and beginning to tongue-lash his now glistening head. Kevin reopened his eyes and watched as she slowly stroked the base of his shaft with one hand, cupped his balls with the other, all while alternately rolling her tongue in circles around his tip or flogging the underside of it. Kevin groaned as she softly kneaded his balls, and felt his breathing begin to come in ragged gasps as he approached the point of no return. He placed both hands onto her head stroking her hair as his legs began to quiver.

“I’m close.” he stammered. “Don’t stop beautiful. Don’t stop.”

Lucia, using long and slow but steady strokes, aimed his cock at her open mouth. “Oh god yes, cum for me baby. Fill my mouth up!” she purred before opening wide and sticking out her tongue beneath his head to catch any errant drips.

Urged on by her begging, Kevin seized a handful of her hair in his fist as he felt his ejaculate surge explosively from his cock. “Uhhhhhhh!” he grunted loudly as his first spurt slapped loudly into the back of Lucia’s throat. As she massaged his heavy balls, his second shot blasted more powerfully than the first, splattering wildly over her outstretched tongue as she gagged reflexively from the first blow directly to her tonsils. Kevin gasped and bucked his hips against the door behind him, shaking it within the frame as Lucia proceeded to stroke three – four – five (!) more spurts of cum into her mouth and onto her face and clothing. She moaned contentedly and swallowed a mouthful while his tip continued to drip all over her hand and forearm.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, leaning hard against the door, his body sagging as he came down from the throes of orgasm and watched Lucia suck the remaining drops of cum from his slit.

A shiver ran up his spine as he watched her, far from satisfied in her hunger, licking the drops and strands of thick white cum off of her hand and wrist. He caressed her hair, causing her to look up into his eyes again. She planted a sticky kiss on his manhood and smiled.

“I want more.” she said with a wink. “I want more cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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