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Marching Band Cadet– Chapter 25 This is a series about high school males in the late 1970s. They had a secret club in which they engaged in gay sex and BDSM rituals. This series is told from the point of view of a club member who served as their submissive. The initial chapters establish the background and characters. As the story progresses, in later chapters there will be hardcore sex, group sex, S&M, and some raunch and taboo activities. The series is set in the years before HIV, so condoms are not used.

This is fiction. If you object to fiction that includes the activities listed above, then you should read no further and exit from this page.

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Previously: After a very long Saturday, JT and Sam are tired and ready for sleep.

I decided not to ask any more questions. I was feeling very tired. I turned my head and nuzzled my face into his thigh again. We sat in a silence for a couple of minutes.

Then JT announced that it was time for bed. The whiskey had made him relaxed and sleepy. We went to his bedroom, and at long last he took off his boxers and t-shirt and tossed them in the hamper. I pointed out that I had been naked for 24 hours, which was another “first” for me.

JT considered taking a shower, but I whimpered a little and told him that I liked his body odor and I wanted to bask in his scent while we slept. He grinned at my deviant request, but we were both too tired to talk. We got into bed, and as soon as I was snuggled up against my Master”s svelte, sprawling body, I was fast asleep.

I was the first one to wake up in the morning. I somehow disentangled myself JT”s long limbs without waking him up. After a pit stop in the rest room, I went to the kitchen and made pancakes again. This batch was a little tidier than the previous morning.

JT ambled into the kitchen holding a pen and a tiny notepad. I was glad to see he was still naked. “Hip, hip, hooray!” I said.

He sat down at the table. When I brought him his pancakes, he asked if I could make him two fried eggs. When I didn”t know how, he got up and showed me how to make eggs the way he liked them: fried, sunny side up. And then he slid his eggs on top of his pancakes. � “That”s how I like it,” he said.

As soon as we finished Konya Escort our breakfast, he told me to leave the dishes and to come and sit down in the living room, on the floor between his legs, like the night before. I was happy to obey. I loved being hemmed by his long sexy legs and large feet, with my head only twelve inches from his dick. I hugged his legs with my arms. I had a stiff cock even before I got completely settled. My senses were full of the feel, the smell, and the sight of his naked body, and I gave a groan of wanton desire.

“Right now, Sam, I want to go over some important things with you. After we talk, we”ll give you a thorough spanking. After that, it”s boy”s choice. Boy”s choice means we”ll do whatever you want. And after that, it will be time for me to take you home. Do you understand, Sam?”

“Yes, Sir.” At that moment, everything I wanted from JT was lewd and wild. But JT wanted me to focus. So I did my best.

“You know that the first rule is obedience. And the second rule is honesty. Obedience means that if I tell you to do something that you don”t like, I expect you to do it anyway. Obedience. But at some point along the way, I will want to know your feelings about it. For example, I know that you don”t really want to suck Matt”s dick. But if I order you to do it, then you will. I also require your honest feelings about the matter at some point. Both obedience and honesty about your thoughts and feelings. I think you know this already, but I always start from first principles.”

“Yes, Sir. I understand. I remember.”

“However,” JT continued, “it”s also very important that we not do anything that would make our families worried or suspicious. The other night, when I said, `No hickeys!” it was because that might create a problem for me when my family gets home this afternoon. I can”t give you a hickey on your neck, either, because that might be hard for you to explain to your parents.”

“Understood, Sir.” I snickered a little bit at the thought of that.

JT added, “Not only would our connection be over, but the Hot Shots could even be destroyed. So even though I am your Sir, or your Master, I cannot just do whatever I want. So, if I order you do something, I expect you to obey unless it would create problems or concerns for others, especially your parents. The two official rules are obedience and honesty, Konya Escort Bayan but there is an unwritten rule that we don”t do anything that would draw unwanted attention or curiosity to us and to our club. This is important, Sam, so I need you to understand.”

“I fully understand, Sir. It is very serious, and I get it.” The last thing I wanted was for this to end.

“Good, boy. If you ever have any questions, ask, and I”ll clear it up. There are two things I”m planning that could create problems. I expect you to do them, even if you don”t like it. But if it might cause problems with your family, then I”ll have to alter my expectations.

“First,” JT continued, running his fingers through my hair, “I plan to give your hair a crew cut next month.”

He let that sink in. In the late 1970s, boys and men wore their hair much longer than they do now. America had lost the Vietnam War, and military things unpopular. Only a few boys in my school had crew cuts, and I automatically felt sorry for them. It told me that they had autocratic fathers. There was no way that I could suddenly show up with a crew cut and not cause a commotion.

“That”s a big deal, Sir. Everyone will notice. It”s kind of like a hickey.”

“Yes, Sam. That”s why we”re talking about it today. You are moving from junior high to high school. Yes, the other kids will be curious, and some will make fun of you. But I think a new haircut will be easier at the start of a new year, in a new school, than at some other time.

“School is a big deal,” he continued. “My first concern is your parents. Do you think you can complain about your hair for a few weeks? Maybe complain about hot the summer feels on hour head. Ask your parents if they think guys look good with short hair. Stuff like that. The point is to start dropping hints now.”

“My Dad would definitely like it,” I said. “I think my parents would be okay. My Mom usually takes me to the barber shop. Would I just ask the barber for a crew cut?”

“No!” JT exclaimed, squeezing me with his legs. “No. We, the Hot Shots, would give you the crew cut. It would be like a ritual. Each of the upperclassmen would take part. We would be marking you as our cadet. Marking you for the whole world to see. This is a big deal, Sam.”

“Rule of honesty, Sir. I don”t mind the haircut itself. It”s the reaction Escort Konya that I”m going to get when school starts. That bugs me. Will Matt have to get a crew cut, too?” Matt had very nice hair. The kind of hair girls notice.

JT answered, “No, not unless Sir Mark requires it. And I doubt that would happen. But Matt does not set the standard for you. I set the standard.”

JT was firm. His firmness kept my cock firm, even though I was not keen on the idea of getting a crew cut for my freshman year.

“If you were to join the Texas Aggie Band,” JT said, “you would be called a cadet, and you would get a buzz cut.” JT was invoking the most admired college band in Texas. “Athletes and soldiers get crew cuts. Ten year-old boys get crew cuts for the summer. Guys who are physically active and sweaty get crew cuts.

“You”re going to look really good, Sam. Trust me. You”re very earthy, very physical, very direct. Your haircut is going to tell the world what kind of guy you are. You”ll be butch. Your sex appeal will triple. Especially to dominant gay guys.”

JT hoisted himself a few inches off of the couch, then moved a few inches forward. He plopped his testicles on my forehead. I couldn”t see them, but I could feel them. Then he slid backward, dragging his balls across the top of my head. As he sat down again, he said, “That”s going to feel so good when I rub my private parts on your fuzzy head!”

“Besides,” JT said, “the Hot Shots already respect you. Once you let us buzz your hair, the club is going to be impressed on a new level. Whenever we see you at school or in public, we”ll admire your buzz cut and think, `That”s our boy!””

From that moment, I was sold. The fact that it would turn JT on, and turn on other guys, was compelling. The fact that I would look like an Aggie cadet band member four years early appealed to my ego. And if it raised my status with the Hot Shots, then I was all in. Besides, using a hair dryer daily is a hassle.

“I will obey you whether I like it or not,” I said. “But I think I”ll really like this in the long run. And I”m sure it won”t bug my parents.” I turned my head to smooch and lick JT”s thigh. “Did you say you had a second thing you wanted to discuss?”

It”s clear that JT is making plans that extend months into the future. Sam is beginning to understand just how much dedication JT is going to demand. It”s a little scary, but just talking about it makes Sam”s dick hard. There is so much more in store…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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