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Mary graduated from High school in her small town at the age of 18. She had led a very sheltered life and had no sexual experience whatsoever. She still had a boyish body- having been a champion gymnast in high school with virtually no body fat.

She enrolled in a Christian college about two hours away from her town which meant she was going to live with other girls from other backgrounds. Within the first few days she concluded that most of the girls were almost as naive about sex as she was. She found that for most of her classmates any pre-marital sex was viewed as a major sin but certainly was a more common topic of girl talk.

Being away from home and from the rigors of being a gymnast Mary put on some weight. She was pleased to see a fair portion of her new fat landed in her chest and ass. She’d been told her high activity level in gymnastics possibly held back her maturing physically. Nonetheless, now that she was on her own she felt she should schedule a visit with a new doctor near the college to confirm that her body was healthy.

After a brief physical the doctor found no obvious explanation for her delayed puberty. She prescribed birth control pills with a high estrogen content. The doctor said the notion about young female athletes was possibly correct but there wasn’t really any data to support that conclusion. Since Mary had already developed somewhat after leaving the rigorous training of her gymnastics Mary might be proving that the absence of strenuous exercise might make a difference. In any case, increasing Mary’s estrogen should also help.

Mary was hugely embarrassed filling the prescription for birth control pills at the pharmacy near the college. She was sure the entire store staff thought of her as a slut. Good Christian girls didn’t need such medicine. Getting past the embarrassment she dutifully started taking the pills.

After the first two months on the pill Mary had to buy new bras. She was still under-developed but at least had A cup breasts and felt more like a woman. She began having regular periods- painful but a very welcome sign of her femininity. After a few more months she’d gained another few pounds and bought her first B- cup bra. The cups on the bra were a little loose but she now thought of herself as attractive. Buying her first B-cup bra was a life- changing event to her and made her feel normal.

While her breasts were reaching what she thought of as normal her nipples grew well past that. They seemed very large at rest and obscenely prominent when exposed to cold or if she became aroused. When erect they reminded her of the candy called gumdrops- about a quarter to a half-inch in diameter and a half-inch in height. They were so big she used band-aids to try to keep them from bumping out through her bra.

Mary’s big nipples were also very sensitive. They seemed to be hard-wired to her vagina. Any stimulus to a nipple caused her vagina to tingle and if the stimulus lasted more than about thirty seconds, she could sense that her vagina was getting moist. She didn’t understand this intuitively. It was discovered quite by accident when one of the times that she brushed against a nipple. She was alone in her bedroom and wearing only her nightgown at the time. Her fingers toyed with the now erect nub through the thin fabric of her gown which greatly increased her arousal. While she resisted the idea of touching her vagina her lustful side urged her to see how it would feel. She was shocked to find that her panty’s crotch panel was very moist. Feeling sinful, she pulled her fingers away and distracted herself by reading some dry academic material.

Similar episodes occurred two or three times over the next month until she gave in and touched her lower lips- giving her more sexual pleasure. She didn’t penetrate herself- just played her finger up and down her slippery labia. Greater sin was avoided by her phone ringing. She answered and the ensuing discussion caused her passion to be forgotten.

On the second occasion she was feeling very lonely and thinking about marrying and having sex with her as yet unknown husband. Her fingers aggressively toyed with first one and then the other nipple. Her other hand very deliberately reached inside of her panties and roamed through her sodden lips. Her arousal grew and in due course she had her first orgasm. It wasn’t earth shattering but it was momentous to her as her first.

Mary gained another couple of pounds and using a gauze pad to hide her nipple bumps felt she now filled out her B cup bra adequately. She went to the gym regularly so she was still very fit. In fact, her girlfriends all said she looked much better now that she’d put on weight than when she’d started school. They routinely praised her figure. She was still very petite but that meant that even A-cup breasts were noticeable and filling a B-cup made her feel feminine and even sexy for the first time.

She could buy misses clothing and almost fill out the bust line of many styles. In Tee şişli escort styles she no longer looked like a boy. In fact, when she went to church she stayed away from that style since as a child she’d been taught displaying one’s chest was tempting boys to sin and too scandalous for church. She was thrilled to have breasts and tempted to display their profile but she didn’t want to sin- especially not in church.

Toward the end of her first year of college, Mary turned 19 and all of her friends were at least 18. As the girls got to know each other better there was more and more talk about sexual subjects and less absolutism about the evils of being close with boys. Celibacy was still the accepted norm but many girls recounted their experiences with being felt up, fingered and even confessed to giving hand jobs and blow jobs to their boyfriends. Mary found these discussions educational and arousing. On occasion, Mary even experimented with pleasuring herself.

The girls also shared fashion ideas and most started dressing in shorter skirts and more sporty clothes. Mary joined in the general movement and felt she was gradually growing up. While still a good Christian she now thought of her upbringing as having been too conservative. She no longer thought all of the people on TV or in movies were sinners and developed more tolerance of differing lifestyles. She started wearing shorter skirts and tighter tops. She got make-up tips from her friends and started using light make-up regularly.

Shortly after turning nineteen Mary was in the common living area of the dorm suite of some friends. The group of four girls became aware of sexual noises coming from one of the bedrooms. The girls fell silent and listened as it became clear that one of the suite-mates was having sex. All of the listening virgins were embarrassed but glued to their seats. Guilty glances were exchanged among the blushing faces but no one made any move to leave. Each of them was turned on by what she heard.

Each sexual thrust apparently pushed the headboard of the bed into the wall with a resulting bump that was very distinct. At roughly the same time the girl seemed to grunt. The boy was saying nasty things- some unintelligible and others conveying obvious passion. He repeatedly praised his girlfriend’s tits and her body with several exclamations involving God mixed in.

Occasionally the girl was heard to exclaim “yes” or to encourage her lover to go harder or deeper. This all went on for several minutes. The noise built slowly and spiked with a scream from their well- fucked friend followed by relative quiet. The bed stopped hitting the wall and there were no more exclamations. Little was said by the eavesdroppers- just a few smiles and awkward facial expressions. To those few familiar with it, the smell of arousal in the common room was noticeable. The group broke up with each girl saying a quick goodbye or mumbling an excuse for leaving.

Mary wanted the privacy of her own room to touch herself and she was sure her friends were each on similar paths. She didn’t know about the others but for her the listening experience was the closest exposure she’d ever had to sexual passion. It had been very arousing for her and she was more jealous than judgmental. For the first time she started to think of sex as enjoyable rather than sinful.

Back in her room she replayed the sounds of sex in her head and visualized the couple. She’d met Clare, the roommate who lived in the room in question so it wasn’t hard to picture her on her back welcoming her boyfriend. Mary had never met the boyfriend so she used her imagination to conjure up a hunk of a guy. Mary’s hands went quickly to her breasts as she imagined the boyfriend fondling Clare’s breasts. Mary guessed Clare’s breasts were bigger than her own but Clare dressed modestly so her figure was somewhat of a mystery. It wasn’t hard for Mary to picture her own face on the female body under the boy in the dorm room.

Visualizing herself in Clare’s place, Mary enjoyed the hands on her breasts. Her nipples were particularly hard and sensitive- pushing through her bra and blouse to better feel the hungry hands. Mary visualized the guy’s hands as bigger than her own- very capable of cradling and feeling up each of her modest breasts for their mutual pleasure.

Without any conscious thought Mary removed her blouse and then her bra- enjoying the skin-on-skin touch even more. She’d touched herself this way before but couldn’t remember getting so aroused so quickly. It seemed like these hands were very experienced and talented. They groped her breasts as the boy used crude words to describe them. To him, they were tits or boobs. His fingers pinched and twisted her nipples just like she’d done to herself a few times but somehow his fingers were better.

Mary imagined the boy’s mouth kissing and sucking on her nipples. She had never actually felt anyone’s mouth on her body so the sensations were all imagination. Her arousal grew as she thought of her breasts being ravished by the horny guy. His tongue felt far better than his hands.

She couldn’t resist pulling down her jeans and slipping a hand into her panties. She’d done it before but still felt guilty. It was probably a sin like she’d been taught but she was a woman now so maybe the rules were a little less strict. It felt so good. After getting her pants out of the way, one hand returned to caress and fondle her breast.

The fingers of her other hand reached down further and made a path through her unruly pubic hair. She found her vagina to be moist- a feeling that she’d felt a few times. Even before making contact with her wet flesh, she knew it was going to feel incredibly good.

She’d had two orgasms in the past few months from masturbation. Her fingers were surely going to deliver her third. Listening to Clare had gotten her more than ready. Touching her breasts- or perhaps she should think of them as ‘tits’ as the guy said, had rekindled her excitement. With her breasts being grabbed she focused on her imaginary lover’s hand in her panties. She visualized her fingers being his- larger and with rougher skin. They might hurt her sensitive flesh but it would feel good.

With her imaginary man-fingers she eased into her vagina. She immediately corrected that term to her ‘pussy’- a term she’d never used but somehow seemed appropriate when a young man was abusing the area. The fingers weren’t very experienced but that didn’t matter. Her arousal redoubled as the fingers went in and out of the wet sleeve.

In a moment her fore-finger and middle finger seemed to instinctively find their way to either side of a wet bump in her crease. Mary had read about the clitoris but never touched hers before. Her fingers felt incredibly good in surrounding the little nub. They weren’t really touching it- just rubbing gently on either side.

Mary felt exhilarated in discovering this womanly part of her anatomy. She didn’t know how to touch it but had read it was the most erogenous part of her whole body. Her fingers tried to tighten against the nub. That felt great but with her natural lubrication the nub immediately slipped away. She tried to pinch the tiny organ again and again it slipped out of the embrace.

She found the touch very exciting but losing contact was frustrating. Her fingers tried a variety of approaches and Mary realized her body was tensing with arousal. She’d never felt so sexually alive but frustrated before. Her fingers took a sudden detour to plunge into her pussy a couple of times and then returned to seek contact with her clitoris. Her fingers were even more slippery than before so she had to be more aggressive in trying to capture the elusive thing. Meanwhile, the fingers on her other hand were tightly squeezing and pinching one of her nipples.

Without warning, Mary’s body clenched as it was overwhelmed by a wave of sexual excitement. She froze in place; her muscles all seemed to tighten and stay that way. She could barely breath and realized she was having a full womanly orgasm. Her one prior orgasm had similarities but had been much less powerful. This was sex. This was what all the fuss was about. Wow!

The word ‘sin’ invaded her mind but she dismissed it. She wasn’t hurting anyone. This exquisite feeling couldn’t be sinful. In a strange twist, Mary felt she should thank God for the wonderful feeling he’d revealed to her. She understood that might be more sinful than pious. Perhaps thanking God for something sexual was too much. Nonetheless, as she lay there-practically paralyzed from her giant orgasm- she felt pleased with herself for thinking of God. She thanked him.

As she recovered, Mary realized her vagina was overly sensitive. She’d read about that as a post orgasm feeling but this was her first time feeling that way. She eased her fingers away- the friction of the movement causing her body to shudder. She lay still for another few seconds thinking that sex was much better than she’d imagined. Beyond the physical pleasure she’d experienced on her own she knew that having personal contact with a lover would be far better. Being intimate with another person you really cared about would allow you to give him pleasure. That was love and would make the experience much more meaningful.

From that night forward Mary started to fantasize about being close with a guy. She wasn’t ready to have intercourse but she wanted to experiment with the ‘baseball bases.’ She’d have to do an Internet search to learn what each base involved. She’d start to notice her male classmates more and encourage their attention rather than hiding from it.

It wasn’t long after that evening that Mary met a young man, Tom, who was 21 and a co-worker in the college library where she worked part time. He had a conservative religious upbringing somewhat like hers and they enjoyed each other’s company. They started hanging out together at lunch breaks and soon started dating.

Over several dates they got closer- sharing tales of their similarly sheltered youths. They were both waking up to real life being very different from life in their respective small towns. While evil existed in the world it no longer seemed to be hiding under everyone’s clothes. Virginity was good but having pre- marital sex in a committed relationship wouldn’t necessarily be sinful. They had a shared curiosity about sexual matters as each of them remained a virgin but had sexual urges. Neither of them was ready to jump into bed but they each confessed to thinking about it.

After several dates involving kissing and mild petting, the recurring lack of privacy was more of a restraint on their sexual explorations than their Christian values. They each lived in dorm style suites with roommates. It was rare that all of the suite- mates would be out of the suite when they were on a date and ready for privacy. It had happened only twice which had been the occasions for their petting. They were each ready to repeat those experiences and probably go further but privacy was elusive. Tom’s small car was generally the most private setting they had and it was hardly conducive to nudity much less love- making.

They spoke of many things when alone with each other or on the phone. Mary found it easier to talk about sexual topics by phone and Tom accommodated her. She tried to be honest about how she’d been raised and that she’d been very naive when she started college. She admitted to having lustful thoughts but no experience with boys. Tom listened and shared his own lack of experience. He tried to stay away from any discussion of his sexual thoughts for fear of scaring Mary away.

He shared one insecurity with Mary that intrigued them both. As he saw it, the husband should be in charge of all things- including sexual activities in the marital bed. Tom said he didn’t know how he was supposed to be in charge of marital sex when during all of his youth nobody would talk about sex and no one had taught him anything.

Mary said she understood. She hadn’t thought about it but she agreed the husband should be in charge. She said, “I don’t want to be in charge in the bedroom. Somehow it just seems more natural for the man to lead and me to do whatever would please him.”

“But what if your husband was inexperienced in bedroom matters?”

“Well, I haven’t been seriously looking for a husband yet. When the time comes, I expect I’ll be more focused on the guy’s strength of personality and intention to lead than I would be in his having past sexual experience. I’ll be looking for an upstanding Christian man- not somebody who slept around with loose women.”

“Oh. Well, that’s good. I’d be okay by that standard. It would be pretty clumsy having both the man and woman being inexperienced but I guess it has happened before.”

“I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

“I qualify by your standard.”

“What do you mean?””

“It’s simple. I’m a good Christian with no history of sleeping around. When I imagine myself in a sexual situation, I’m the one in charge. If there’s planning involved, I’m the one who picks the time and place. If it’s a matter of how far we go I’m the one who decides but I try to respect your limits and seek your pleasure.”

“Are you saying it’s me in your mind’s scenarios?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Oh, I like that. I’m embarrassed but I like it. For the record, you have my consent to lead me-us- in sexual matters. You will be in charge and I will try to please you. I’m not sure what I’m agreeing to but you can assume I’ve said ‘Yes, you may do that,’ unless and until I say “red”. If I say red, you have to stop. That’s called my safe word. You have to honor it- no matter what.”

Okay. I will do that. It seems very formal but it’s okay.

My friends say it protects both parties. We don’t want misunderstandings and consent issues between us.

On their next date following that discussion, they’d gone for a casual dinner after work followed by a movie. Tom drove Mary back to her dorm. They both knew she couldn’t invite him in and even if she could there would be roommates. Mary had previously told Tom she wasn’t bold enough to enter the suite and then disappear into her bedroom for sex or foreplay. Her roommates knew of her sexual inexperience. She imagined them all huddling outside her door to eavesdrop.

That left them to neck in Tom’s car. It was a small coupe with a ridiculously small back seat. The front seats were separated by a plastic console which housed the shift lever and storage. Turning in their seats, they could lean across and kiss. They hugged and kissed as best they could for about 15 minutes. Each of them was aroused and wanted to go farther sexually but the options were very limited

They kissed again. Tom was able to fondle Mary’s breasts outside of her blouse which they both enjoyed. The style didn’t afford access for him to even try to get under the blouse unless he lifted the hem way up. Feeling his hands at her waist to grip the blouse Mary said, “No. You can’t do that. Someone could walk by and see me half naked.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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