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When I was 13, we used to live about a block away from my first cousins. We always left the doors open when someone was home, and we didn’t bother knocking; we just walked in. It was sort of like one family living in two locations — we were that close to each other.

One day I visited them, figuring I would find my cousin Jim, and we could go to the park together and play basketball. Well, I opened the door and the radio was on loud, playing music. So I closed the door and happened to walk in on my 20-year-old cousin Mary, dress flipped up, panties off, lying on her bed, masturbating to the music. Her door was open and I figure she didn’t expect anyone to be coming home. And there I was in her doorway, looking right down her crack, with one of her fingers inside it, and the other ones scratching around it. And she is looking me straight in the face.

And she said to me, “What are you looking at, twerp. Haven’t you ever seen a pussy before?” Actually I hadn’t, and I was too stunned to make a sound. She said, “Come in. Over here. Hasn’t Alf taught you anything?” (Alf was my older brother.)

Finally I managed to get it together enough to say, “I — I was looking for Jim.”

“Mom’s buying him clothes. They are not going to be home for at least a couple hours more.” Meantime, my eyes were still locked on Mary’s pussy. She said, “Man, you are dumb. Time you learned a few things. Get over here.” And I did it, like a robot, because the sight of that crack with the hair around it seemed to lock my eyes like a magnet, and I didn’t realize that I was getting a hard on, but Mary picked up on it fast. “Sit on the bed here, next to me,” pointing.

I was unprepared for the next thing — completely unprepared. Sex hikayeleri She grabbed my right hand, specifically my forefinger and middle finger, put them up to her mouth, and spat on them. Then, without ceremony, she shoved them both into her pussy and put my thumb on her clitoris. She said, “Now, those two fingers inside press up against your thumb and you pull them in and out nice and slow. Meantime, rub that clitoris with your thumb — that’s my outside where you have it right now — I like it kind of like in a circle.” I was a bit klutzy at first, so she said, “Pay attention to how I’m reacting. Like if I start breathing deeper and slower it means I’m feeling it. I’ll tell you when I want you to move them faster. “

Like an automaton I did exactly what she told me to, halfway in a trance, barely able to absorb what was happening to me. “Oh, yeah, you got it, that feels good…” Next thing, without wasting a second, she lifted up her T-shirt and she didn’t have a bra on. There was a gorgeous breast with nipple sticking straight up. I knew I had a hard on and couldn’t keep my eyes off that nipple.

“Hey twerp! Don’t stop rubbing!” I resumed pulling my forefinger and middle finger in and out of her vagina while I rubbed her clitoris in a circular motion with my thumb. But my eyes were still locked on that nipple standing up. Suddenly, two hands grabbed the back of my head and shoved it right onto that breast so that my mouth encircled that nipple. “Don’t bite it! Get your teeth out of the way and suck on it, easy, and you can lick it with your tongue.” With a couple more instructions, I was sucking on it like a pro while getting her turned on more and more with my thumb and two fingers.

I Sikiş hikayeleri realized at that moment that I was getting instruction that you couldn’t pay for with gold or diamonds. This was a once-in-a-lifetime teaching session that probably was delivered to me by God himself for being a good boy, or something like that. Meantime, Mary was getting hotter and hotter and beginning to moan, and she told me to start speeding up the rubbing with my fingers. I was catching on real quick by then.

“Keep doing it, Ronnie.” She began breathing faster and faster. Suddenly her body began to shiver and jerk around and her back arched. I was wondering if I should get my fingers out by then, but a hand jammed itself over mine in no uncertain terms, telling my hand to keep doing what it was doing. So I did, and in about a minute she became quiet and limp. “That was a good one. You did okay.”

Then she had enough presence of mind to look down at my pants and see that they were wet. She got up on her knees and suddenly threw me down so I was lying where she had been a few seconds ago, and said, “Just shut up and let me do the rest.” With great expertise she zipped my fly down and pulled out my cock, practically in a single motion. It was immediately apparent to me that I wasn’t the first one she did this with. She said, “I don’t want you to wet my bed, so don’t worry about what you’re doing, I’ll swallow it all, piss and cum.”

I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but suddenly her head dived at my cock, and in a second it was deep inside her mouth. I was lying down, so I couldn’t faint, but my heart felt as if it was going to jump out of my chest while my cock felt the most fantastic Erotik hikaye sensations, way better than anything I had ever done to it when I masturbated. One of her hands lay down on my belly and began rubbing it in a circle. I couldn’t talk. She began licking the underside of my cock rhythmically with her tongue, as she jammed it deeper in her mouth, so that the tip of it was actually in her throat.

If there was anything that I didn’t like about that experience, it was how fast I came down her throat — I wish it had taken longer — but she swallowed it all as if she had been doing this all her life. It wiped me out. Nothing on earth could possibly feel that good — that cumming into her throat. And then she lay her entire body on top of mine, and said, “Ronnie, you did good.” And the next thing I knew, her lips were around mine and her tongue was practically down my throat. I automatically hugged her and she searched around for my limp cock and slipped it into her pussy. And we lay there that way for a few minutes while she scratched my head and I rubbed her back. Then she slowly got up and said, “Don’t piss on my bed twerp.” Beginning to put her panties on, she stopped. “You put them on, twerp. You need the experience.” And I did, and she approved, because I got it right the first time. I went to the bathroom and emptied out a load of pee. When I came back, we naturally fell into each others’ arms and kissed like crazy, licking tongues, a first for me.

And she said, “You made my day, twerp. Man, I haven’t had a cum like that in a long time. You are going to be a lady killer. Come back in a couple years when you’re dating and you need to know how to get into someone’s pants and you want to do it right, and we can do a little fucking then, and I’ll show you the ropes.” And you know something, I did, about three years later, and I want to tell you she was a hell of a lot better lay than my girlfriend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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