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A number of years ago my wife Marg and I emerged from a life that had been dominated by debt and child rearing. We adjusted quickly to our own version of the empty-home syndrome.

The most wonderful part of it all was that our sexual desire for each other rekindled in a big way. We no longer rushed through our love making sessions; discovering that sex was best done slowly. Our foreplay could now last hours versus minutes.

We had time for each other and began to rebuild our social lives through friendships with people of our own age and circumstance. Regular house parties now formed a significant part of our life.

Our nights of passion soon included fantasies about others we might like to take to bed. We would lay side by side with Marg’s leg over my hip and my cock teasing her pussy as we discussed this formerly taboo subject in explicit terms.

As an example one night Marg said, “Hal makes my pussy wet. I can sense his desire for me by the way he holds me when we dance.” Her comment was followed by me ramming my cock into her frantically and hard.

I groaned, “Do you think about doing it? Screwing Hal I mean? Has he asked you to meet him? What would you say if he did?” My heart was pounding while I awaited her reply.

“I don’t know. He hasn’t asked. I would probably meet him somewhere if he did. Sometimes when you are fucking me I pretend it is Hal. Oh God baby it makes me so hot.”

The thought of my wife getting laid by Hal would drive me almost senseless with passion. But after the sex was over it would not seem that it would be so desirable. It took some time for me to totally adjust to the possibility that it might happen.

We did not seriously consider arranging “wife swapping” encounters despite fantasies about our friends. The risks of embarrassment were too high in our little social world. We continued to enjoy and use the parties for our own arousal. However, fantasizing did tend to loosen our restraints regarding fidelity. It did not seem that it would be such a big step for us to actually fuck others.

Marg had been a stay-at-home mom throughout our married life, something we both had preferred. But now she needed something to fill up her daylight hours and accepted a job in a high end Ladies clothing boutique owned by her divorced friend Audrey.

Marg was very successful as a sales person in Audrey’s shop and also became involved in the purchasing part of the business. The fact that she was out in the public resulted in her meeting many more men than she had met as a housewife. She admitted to enjoying the attention she received from them but told me that she kept it strictly business. In a word, she blossomed in our new life.

The once negative thought of her screwing another man was now a regular erotic fantasy. I convinced myself of course that it would be just sex and pleasure for her. I could not allow myself to imagine that there would be any love and affection involved on her part.

One night after long extended foreplay, I confessed to an affair that I had experienced a few months earlier. We were slow fucking at the time and were close to switching to the short strokes when I began to relate my story. She dug her fingernails into my ass as she listened.

“Last fall when you joined Audrey at that Buyers Conference back east, you recall that Brad and I went on a business trip to the coast. You know how Brad is away from Judy, he is always on the hunt for strange pussy.”

Marg intervened at this point, “I know how Brad is. I think he would fuck me in a minute if he had a chance, despite him being your closest friend.”

“He convinced me to join him at an over Thirty Singles Bar. We were only in there a little while before he guided me over to a table where two ladies were sitting. Brad asked if we could join them for a drink and they accepted. It turned out that they were sisters; one recently divorced and the other still married.

We had a few drinks and I danced with the divorced gal. Brad had moved right in on the married one. The guy must be psychic. We were all quite relaxed. It was just a pleasant evening in a bar with a pretty woman. I had never done anything like this during our married life.

Brad invited the ladies back to our hotel suite for a drink. We had rented a suite in one of those apartment style hotels. I was surprised when the ladies agreed to join us.

We had only been in the room long enough to gaziantep escort bayan ilanları open a bottle of wine and pour drinks, when Brad led Sue, the married gal, into one of the bedrooms. The other lady, Linda was her name, looked a little embarrassed when it happened, and I suppose that she could read the same signs on my face.

We shrugged and sat down on the sofa. We watched a porn movie that Brad had rented. It did ease the strain between us as she giggled a little and I laughed at our situation. It was as if we said without words, ‘What the hell.’

We kissed tentatively. It was pleasant and we relaxed even more. We were two people finding themselves in a situation that neither could have imagined just hours prior. Another warmer kiss and I began to feel her. She offered no resistance at all and within a short while I had her bra loose and her tits hanging out.

Meanwhile we could hear the sounds of the other two fucking in the bedroom. There were little cries and grunts and the sound of the bed banging against the wall.

Linda lay back on the sofa and I lifted her skirt to her hips and removed her panties.”

Marg was very aroused by this time, “Oh god, you must have wanted it. Did you want it? Did you really want to fuck her? Did you suck her nipples?”

“There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to have my cock in her. Her eyes were closed as I pulled her panties down. I stood up and kicked off my shoes and stripped down. I settled between her legs and just as I was about to stick my cock in her, she jumped up from under me. She was crying, ‘I can’t do it, I’m sorry, I can’t go through with it.’

She grabbed her panties and closed her blouse and with me just sitting looking stupid, she was out of the door.

I pulled my shorts on and sat down on the sofa, wondering what I had done wrong. The bedroom door opened and Sue said, ‘What happened? Where is Linda? Is she alright?’

I explained the situation and what had occurred. She seemed to understand and said. ‘Oh I am so sorry. I should not have pushed her to come out. It was her first time since her divorce and I wanted her to start fresh and to begin to enjoy life again. I am afraid it was too soon for her.’

She looked down at the tent in my shorts. She smiled and turned to Brad, ‘Go back to the bedroom Brad and let me look after your friend.’

She stood in front of me and removed the bra and panties that she had just put on in the bedroom. Her tits were covered with hickies and her nipples were swollen. Her bikini bush was matted and wet. I was still sitting on the sofa as she knelt in front of me and pulled my shorts down. I was hard and getting harder.”

Marg could no longer contain herself. She was writhing and twisting her hips around my cock, sucking and pulling and vibrating all at the same time.

“I thought I might get a blow job, but she simply kissed the knob and straddled me with her legs and guided my cock into her with one hand. She whispered in my ear, ‘Just come baby, let it go, fill me, I want it, just go.’

She clamped her arms around my neck and lifted her ass up enough to give me room to fuck her. I began driving my cock up into her sticky cunt. She began to twist and turn her hips as I fucked her and I was soon off.”

Marg was wrapped around me like an octopus and she began to cum almost violently. The results of my story went far beyond my expectations; it had not only turned Marg on but me as well. As we settled down side by side, her leg over my hip, she wanted to talk.

“What was it like to put your cock in a pussy that had another man’s cum? I would love to do that for you. Would you watch me get laid? And then mount me with my pussy all full of cum?” She was panting with excitement and moved her body against mine as she whispered.

“Ah God, I think so, it sounds exciting.” I was hard at the thought of it. “But you would have to have fucked another man first.” She did not answer me, but for some reason I suspected that she had a story to tell.

It would be a few days before I had the opportunity to press her about it. She was on top of me and grinding away on my cock. I could feel her entire body rubbing mine and I knew that she was cranked up about something.

“Have you been with another man? If you have I want to hear about it now. I have confessed to you about my crazy gaziantep eskort bayan experience, now I want to hear yours.”

I could sense her gathering up the courage to tell me her story. After a few soft encouraging kisses she began to talk.

“It happened when I went to the Buyer’s Trade show with Audrey when you were away on business with Brad.

Audrey obtained a suite in the Convention Hotel. The first night we went for dinner and it was obvious that Audrey knew a lot of people. There was someone coming to our table all evening long.

The next day during the Trade show, Audrey asked me if I would like to join her for dinner that evening with two men that she knew well. I was nervous because Audrey made no secret of the fact that she had enjoyed sex with a wide variety of men. I suspected that these two had been with her before. But I was curious and accepted.

We met the two men that evening at the restaurant. Mark was a very tall bony looking guy and Tony was of average height and build. They were a little younger than us and were both good-looking guys.

I was most attracted to Tony who had a Latin or Italian look about him. We went to a lounge after dinner and I danced with both men. Tony held me close as we danced and I did not object to his roaming hands. He was very attentive to me and obviously very experienced with women. I was flattered by his interest.

When we returned to the table Audrey asked me to join her in the ladies room. She asked me if I would be alright with inviting the men to our suite. She looked closely at me to see if I caught the drift of her meaning. She said, ‘you know what they will expect Marg. If you are not prepared to fuck one of them, now is the time to let me know.’

I knew what she meant alright so with pounding heart I said, ‘Yes, will I get Tony?’

She smiled and nodded, ‘Yes, he wants you. And I can tell you from experience that he is very good.'”

When Marg came to the invitation part of her tale I reacted by shoving my cock hard into her. I could sense her gaining more courage as she recognized my excitement.

“As soon as we entered our suite Mark kissed Audrey and led her into the bedroom. Tony turned me around and unzipped the back of my dress.

I had been nervous about this moment. After all, you are the only man who has seen me naked for many years and I was afraid that Tony might not be turned on. But he was very reassuring, telling me that I was beautiful and my body was exquisite and like velvet under his hands.

He kissed the back of my neck and unhooked my bra and felt my tits as they came free. He played with my nipples and slipped one hand down my belly and right into my panties. He used his finger tips to rub my shaved mound as he pressed his cock against my butt. I was lost to him in that moment and rubbed my ass back on his stiff cock.

He said, ‘I am going to fuck you Marg like you have never been fucked before.’ I turned my head and he slipped a big thick tongue into my mouth. He had my answer.

He slipped two fingers into my pussy and murmured, ‘Ahhhh, what a nice wet cunt.’ I moved my hips back and forth on his fingers and could think only of what his cock would feel like in me. Oh how I wanted him baby.”

I was frantic and rolled Marg to her back and stroked her wildly. But I wanted to hear more and soon forced myself to relax and return to slow grinding strokes to permit her to continue her story.

“He was very slick and he seemed to be able to read my thoughts. He pushed my panties down and licked and kissed his way down my back. He ran his tongue up the crease between my cheeks and made me tremble with desire.

He turned me around and stepped back from me to undress. He had olive colored skin, a sleek hairless chest and slim hips and hard looking belly. He pushed his under shorts to the floor and I could not take my eyes off of his long slim dark cock. He pulled me to him and rubbed his cock along my belly and crushed my tits against his hairless chest and his tongue licked around inside of my mouth.

He moved his lips around my face and neck, ‘How do you want it? On your back?’

He kissed and licked and felt me all over and said, ‘How about you ride me and let me suck your tits at the same time? Or maybe we could doggie and I could hold your tits as I fuck you.’

I had decided to get laid back on gaziantep bayan escort the dance floor and I did not want any delay now. I said, ‘Fuck me any way you want to, just fuck me.'”

We both came at this point in her story, but I was still hard and she picked up her story as I continued to slow fuck her with a softening cock.

“He picked me up and carried me into the bedroom where Mark and Audrey were fucking. I caught a glimpse of Audrey riding Mark with her tits flailing away as she humped him. Tony set me down on the side of the other bed and pulled my head to his cock.

‘Hmmm baby, give it up for me, lick and suck it a bit, make it slippery enough to find the bottom of your cunt in one stroke.'”

I said, “Ah God baby don’t tell me you gave him a blow job!”

This startled her for a minute, not knowing if I was upset that she might suck the guy. And I suppose that I was a little taken aback. But it was too late now and she realized she could not take back the words.

She said, “Well, there was not much I could do, and he only wanted it slicked up and hardened. I held it in my hand and slipped my mouth over it. He groaned as I ran my tongue around his knob. He could not take too much of that however and soon eased it out of my mouth and pushed me to my back on the bed.

He knelt down between my legs and gave me one gigantic cunt lick, from my butt hole to my clit. I almost passed out. He pushed me fully on the bed and lifted my ass as he moved his cock between my legs.

God my love, I wanted that cock in me. I wanted to feel another man’s cock for the first time since I was single. Just as Tony finally sunk his cock into me I heard Audrey crying out.

He went at me non-stop; I raised my hips up to receive him it felt so fucking good. It did not take long for both of us to get off.”

I was a wreck at this point; the image of my wife being fucked wildly by another man seared my mind. I was in turmoil but I was very hard. We began to come again, not violently but deliciously; the type that curled ones toes. We collapsed for a while; Marg seemed to be relieved that she had confessed while being aware that her story had turned me on.

We caught our breath and our bodies slumped together. I asked, “What happened the rest of the night baby? Was there more or did the guys leave?” I was really not sure that I wanted to know more, it sounded like she possibly had enjoyed it all too much.

“We crawled under the bed sheet and drifted off to sleep. Sometime in the early morning I awoke and he was fucking me again. He was more controlled this time but went at me steadily until he got off. I was so sleepy that I do not recall an awful lot except that I did get off. I felt so contented having pleased and been pleased. He left shortly after; I heard him dress and leave the suite.

I slept for a while and got up quite early. I smelled of sex and went in for a shower. I was just standing there with the warm water soaking my body when the door to the shower opened and there was someone behind me. I thought that it might be Tony who had returned to fuck me again. But it was Mark; he was so tall that without seeing his face I could sense him towering over me.

He said, ‘You didn’t think you could give it up for Tony and not me I hope.’ He started soaping my tits and rubbing his cock along my butt, trying to poke through between my legs. I thought maybe I could get away with giving him a hand job so I reached around behind me and grabbed his really big cock. I started pumping it but he was having none of that.

He turned me around and lifted me high enough to suck my nipples. Then he lowered me until his knob was jabbing at my pussy. His knees went between mine and he pushed my back against the shower. I just went for it and put my arms around his neck and held on. He worked his cock in slowly which allowed me to adjust to his size and then he hammered hell out of me. I had a sore pussy from all that happening in the space of 12 hours or so.

That was it for me. Audrey was ready for another go that night but I asked for a pass on it. This had been a big step and I had enough to relate to you if I ever would find the courage. She told me that I was going to miss something special but I smiled and said that I had enough ‘special’ already. Apparently it was a tall Jamaican guy quite famous in fashion industry circles.”

I was hot again at the end of this tale. I told her that she had been a lot busier than I in the infidelity area but that she had excited me with her stories. We had each taken steps that would not have entered our minds just a few years prior.

We both agreed to hold things there for a while. We could use our experiences to fuel our arousal when we made love together. For now, I was exhausted but exhilarated with the thought of more pleasure to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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