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I was 15 and I was masturbating in my room.

A friend had come over and my mom let him in and said he is up in his room.

Tony walked in and I was laying on my bed naked and wanking like mad. My hand was going 20 to the dozen around my cock up and down. I had been beating myself off for about three or four minutes and I was getting close to cumming.

I saw him there and I was so far into cumming I didn’t stop and let my cock spurt my cum all over me. I had cum spread out from my chest to my balls where it had spurted and flown around as I pumped it out hard and fast.

He stood there wide eyed – we all knew we masturbated but he had never seen anybody do it to themselves although I had been in a ring a few times with three or four other guys all beating ourselves off having races to see who could cum first.

Shit he said that was amazing – I have never seen anybody do it before. Can I look at the cum.

I said ok.

He came over to me and he looked at the cum splashes all over me and he put his finger onto a drop that had landed on my nipple and he rubbed it.

I had never believed that that would excite me but it felt awesome and I smiled at him and then he just bent down and licked it off me which immediately got my cock hard again.

After he had licked me a bit he stopped and said this surprised you didn’t it – I often drink my own cum and rub it in – yours tastes the same as mine. Have you ever donr it.

I said no – not yet. I was going to do it a few times but I chickened out after I had cum.

He then began to lick the rest of my cum off me and as he did he started to drop his pants and before I knew it his hard cock was sticking out and he was stroking it.
I put my hand on his cock and he realised I was prepared to do it for him.
I took his cock in my hand and then he left off licking me and he started to suck my cock.
It felt awesome – nobody had ever done that for me before.
He continued to suck me and I was laying there letting him do it and enjoying every moment.

After a few minutes he stopped and took the rest of his clothes off and climbed up on the bed and positioned himself over me and had his cock over my face and then resumed sucking m cock.
It was obvious what he wanted – me to suck his cock while he sucked mine.
I had never done that before and as I looked at his circumcised cock I became mesmerised by it and then took it into my mouth and began to suck it like he was sucking mine. I could not believe how good it felt with his cock in my mouth, I was concentrating on sucking him and had virtually forgotten he was sucking me but he started to rub his tongue around the top of mine and it really made me excited and I didn’t know what to enjoy most him sucking me or me sucking his.

I had never enjoyed anything in my life like it before doing what I now know to be 69ing each other.

We were both at each other for about 5 more minutes and then he moaned and I felt my mouth fill with his cum. I was not expecting it or knew he was going to do it. As I was completely surprised I swallowed it and he refilled my mouth with another lot. It wasn’t until then I realised what it tasted like. It wasn’t really bad but had a strange taste and felt slimy. It was then I relaised what I had just done. Sucked a guy off and swallowed his cum. I had never ever wanted to do it or done that before, or tasted cum. After about a minute he resumed sucking me and almost immediately I came and he drank my cum down and sucked me until I was completely empty.

It was then he got off me and he came around and kissed me. I didn’t like that but I let him kiss me and then realised I was tasting my own cum on his tongue and he must have been tasting his or Sex hikayeleri the mixture of both our cum. He realised I didn’t like kissing and stopped and he looked down at me and said that was lovely – I could do that every day with you.

For some reason I said I could too.

After that we both got dressed and he asked me if he could kiss my cock before I put my underpants on and he offered his cock to me to kiss before he dressed himself too.

After that he and I sucked and masturbated either ourselves or each other almost every day. We both loved the experience and never ever refused to do it to each other or together. We often 69’d but mainly sucked each other off individually.

After about 3 months he asked me to fuck him up the bum. He had special jelly to use so it was slippery and at first I wasn’t keen to do it but I did. The first time we faced each other with his knees over my shoulders. The next time he was on his hands and knees and he asked me which way I liked doing it to him. I liked facing him as I could see his face as I fucked him. Every time I fucked him I came inside him and it felt awesome squirting my cum up his bum. He loved it when I came in him. He always waited until it started to leak out before he went to the bathroom to shit it out. For some reason I never got shit on my cock. I never found out why.

He always washed his bum and I washed my cock and afterwards we would suck each other off again. I would never have believed how good it was and how much I enjoyed doing and having it done to me.

He fucked me up the bum once and it hurt and I didn’t like it when he came inside me so I asked him if he minded if I didn’t do it again. He was cool about it but he kept asking me if I would fuck him and I did, and really I quite liked it particularly when I came in him..

We were like that for almost a year.

Then one day I was wanking with another guy I did it with occasionally – but we never sucked each other, and his sister walked in on us.

She didn’t take any notice of us and just sat on the edge of the bed and watched.
She was 2 years younger than us and my friend said would I like to fuck her. I was not sure and he said its ok she will let you, I do it to her sometimes. She said if I wanted to I could, she didn’t mind. I didn’t think much about it and said ok. I imagined it would be like fucking my friend up the bum.

She undressed and I got onto her like I used to fuck my friend and fucked her cunt rather than her ass. It felt fantastic, better than his bum and she said she liked it too and we kept doing it while her brother watched us and wanked himself.

I hadnt realised she had no hair on her cunt and after about five minutes she had this fit while I was fucking her and it frightened me at first and said are you ok. She was shaking and nodded her head like she was telling me yes. Her brother laughed and said its all right she is cumming – just like we do. I said I never realised girls could or did cum before that. Not long after that I came and shot my cum into her cunt.

She said I hope that doesn’t give me a baby and I hadn’t realised – what I had done was ejaculate into her and it was possible she could get pregnant. I said shit what do we do now, can we get it out.

Her brother said don’t worry she is not old enough to have periods yet when that happens we will have to stop cumming in her. I realised I knew nothing about getting girls pregnant so I went home and read up on the net about how it happens and what to do to stop it. A few days leter she came to my place and asked me if I would like to fuck her. I did and after that I fucked her nearly every day.

I had told my friend that I wanked off and fucked his Sikiş hikayeleri bum. I asked him if he wanted to fuck her as I am sure she would let him.

He said no way would he fuck a girl and told me he didn’t want me to suck him any more if I wanted to fuck her. He got really shitty with me and I told him fucking her was better than fucking him so he said he and I would never have sex together again. I realised a few days later that he was gay and thats why he didn’t want to have anything more to do with me. It didn’t matter because I had her to fuck and I didn’t miss doing things with him. After a month or so she and I were sucking each other as well as fucking and she drank my cum just like him.

I hadn’t seen her for a couple of days and I felt like a fuck and went to her place and she came out and told me she was having a period and I couldn’t fuck her during her period. I said whats that and she explained what periods were and what it meant. Her brother saw me there and he said we cant cum in her any more or she will have a baby now if we do.

I went home and read up on the internet and found out I could use condoms to fuck her. I asked another guy I knew who is older if he could get me some. He did and I showed her and her brother what they were and I fucked her with one and came in it rather than her.

A couple of weeks later her mother caught her and her brother fucking and went really mad at them and said if he got her pregnant she would have a deformed baby and scared shit out of him and forbade her to ever have sex with him again. Her mother didn’t know she had sex with me as well. Then she said she had to tell her when she had her next period. She thought it was to make sure she wasn’t pregnant but it turned out she wanted her to start taking pills ever day to stop her getting pregnant. Her mother said it was to make sure she didn’t get pregnant and that she didn’t trust her. She told her once you have started having sex it is hard to stop.

She and I fucked like we did before and she said the pills would stop us making a baby too so we could do it.

About a month or so later she was having a period and she was sucking me off and her mother caught us.

Then she asked if we were fucking and we told her we were. I said the pills stop her getting pregnant what is the problem. She said it was wrong for kids our age to be fucking and if anybody found out she would be in big trouble. Then she said if I ever felt like fucking anybody to talk to her. I asked her if we could suck and finger each other and she said no to that too.

Lucy and I still found ways to fuck but she would never put her pants on after we fucked because she said she saw her mother checking them for cum stains when she was doing the wash. She said she was just looking for blood from her period but she always told her when she was having one so there had to be another reason. Not long after that she found us fucking again and then said if we wanted to fuck it had to be in her house – she didn’t want anybody finding out as it seems there was no way to stop us. After that I would go to her place and her mother knew why I was there. She made jokes about the two of us and occasionally she came in while we were doing it and talk to us. At first it felt funny fucking Lucy with her mother watching us but we got used to it. She kept saying she didn’t want anybody else to know that we were allowed to fuck together. She said we must love each other to do it as often as we did. We also kissed a lot too. She said even after she was married she has never done it as often as us. I don’t know if I loved her or not but I do know the both of us loved having sex together.

One day Lucy was having her period and Erotik hikaye her mother told me to go to their back room and then she told me to take my pants off, she wanted to look at my penis. I really didn’t want to but she was pretty insistent so I did and it started to get hard and she put her hand on it and stroked it and it got really hard. Then she said I had a beautiful cock and pretty big for a boy my age.

She had seen it before when Lucy and I fucked so I was curious. Then she said because I let you fuck

Lucy I want you to do something for me .

I said what was that.

She said fuck me.

I said no way.

Then she said if you don’t you wont be allowed to fuck Lucy any more.

I said shit what will she think if she knows.

She said she wont unless you tell her and I cant imagine that.

She undressed and I was shaking with fear and my cock softened a bit but she stroked it until it got hard again and then I finished undressing and began to fuck her. She didn’t have as much hair around her cunt as Lucy even though she was growing it, she had just a small strip of hair above her slit and I said why was it like that and she said she removed the hair with a razor and one day Lucy would possibly do the same. I had to admit it looked nice.

It felt strange fucking her and she had a bigger cunt than Lucy and when she asked me if I was liking it and was she as good as Lucy, I said Lucy’s cunt was tighter but I still liked the feeling of fucking her. Another thing I noticed was as I fucked her, her tits which were much bigger than Lucy began to wobble as I fucked her and they looked good. She told me I could play with them and to touch her nipples and she told me what to do to make it feel better for her and she said go gently on Lucy when you do it to her. I told her I dont touch hers as she hardly has any. She said now they will start to grow once she has periods and so will her hair. I had noticed her hair growing and she had quite a bit already but I was going to ask her to shave it like her mother.

It wasn’t long before her mother came and she really made noises as she came – Lucy mad some but not as loud or as many as her mother.

After she came she said come on hurry up – get yours over with I shouldn’t be doing this.
I went hard and fast as I do with Lucy and this made her tits really bounce and I came pretty quick and it felt strange putting it in her. She said I can see you two have worked it out and no doubt the two of you enjoy good times together.

I said we do as I climbed off her and I could see my cum all around her cunt. I said do you take those pills too.

She said of course – you are not the only one to do this with me – I have men that I let fuck me too, but I am glad Lucy is getting it done to her properly, you are not bad for a boy.

After that I was allowed to sleep over a few nights when her mother was obviously sleeping with some other guy and wasn’t coming home. Her brother stopped wanting to fuck Lucy too as he found another girl to fuck.

In the next year I fucked her mother four or five times. It was only when she asked me and I did. Lucy never knew we did it. It was always when Lucy had her periods which her mother always knew about so she never realised I was fucking her mother as well as her.

After about two years her mother started to live with another man and they moved away so I never got to fuck her again. Before they left her mother got me to fuck her the last time.

Lucy and I would talk on the phone every week or so and then one day she told me she had another boy to fuck her and we stopped ringing each other. She said he wasn’t as good as me. Her mother told Lucy that I had fucked her and to forget me. She did and I have never seen or heard of her since but I realised that I had really liked her more than I realised and the fucks we had together were always great fun.

the end of the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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