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I know it might be a bit strange to some people, but I have always had this strange fantasy. It started a few years ago when I would go visit my cousin in South Dakota every summer. She was very Sexy. She was athletic with a nice toned body, beautiful long legs, small but very nice breast with perky nipples, a nice round shaped ass, and a beautiful face.

I never really thought about anything sexual with her up until quite recently. We were both about the same age. I was already married, and was twenty four. My wife and I were struggling in our relationship, and we decided it would be best to take a small break, so I would to visit my cousin Jess.

There really isn’t much to do in South Dakota. We spent most of the day on the water or hanging out with Grandpa. I noticed how sexy Jess was when I saw her in her bikini. She really had a gorgeous body, and every once in awhile I would take a lingering look at her. She turned over to sunbathe a bit , and I was able to see a bit of her ‘camel toe’, and of course her sexy ass. “hey, you know my parents are going out of town tonight, do you wanna stay over instead of Grandpa’s?” ..Luckily I was lying on my back, because I got really hard.

“Sounds like a plan” I said smiling at her. I wonder if she also had the hots for me, she had been kind of flirty towards me. We spent the rest of the day swimming in the lake, and talking about our lives while lying in the hot sun. Finally, at around four Sex hikayeleri we decided to head back to her place.

By the time we got to her place her parents were long gone. She turned the air conditioning way up so we could cool off a little. “hey do you want to have a drink or something?” I smiled at her, “sure”. She mixed us some drinks, and we sat at watched TV for a bit to cool off..She was still wearing her bikini, and just through a big T-shirt over her body..I could still see her camel toe once in awhile, and I got more excited when I realized she was definetely clean shaven..I would shift in my chair every once in awhile to hid my rock hard bonder. We kept on having ice cold drinks. She really knew how to make them. I think they were pina coloda’s but i’m not really sure.

“Do you and your wife have you know like lots of sex?” I was a little shocked, because the question came out of nowhere. “to be honest, I wish we had more”. she smiled. “yea since me and Justin broke up, I haven’t had sex in months, I am always so horny. I got even harder. She took her t shirt off. “hey I think I might go rinse off. I am a bit sunburned”. She came really close to me, and sat down right on my legs (I was trying to hide how hard I was). she planted a lingering long kiss on me, with her tongue way down my throat, and reached for my cock..she reached underneath my bathing suit, and started rubbing it. “nice” she nodded her approval..

She Sikiş hikayeleri took off her big t shirt, and undid her bikini top, “so are you coming upstairs?” Well duh after seeing my sexy half naked cousin, with her perky nipples in clear view. She slowly took her bottom part of the bikini off, and made me finger her. “can you get me nice and ready so we can fuck in the shower please?” “of course” I smiled at her.. I rubbed her clean shaved pussy, while she moaned. She reached over, and turned the shower on. She was almost falling over, because of how much she liked it.

We both climbed into the shower, and continued making out. I could feel her breast pressed against my chest, and I rubbed my cock to tease her clit. She was moaning so much. I squeezed her ass really hard, and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I stuck one of my fingers way into her tight asshole..”woah buddy, exit only” She said. “sorry” ..”but you look dissapointed, so wwhy dont we try it again but this time (she took my finger, and shoved it in her pussy) make sure its lubed up” I took my ‘lubed up’ finger and shoved it back in her ass. She moaned so loud “ooooohhhhh that feeellls fucking good”…she shoved her ass on to my finger. “put another finger in, so you can get me ready for your cock” I was dripping so much precum. I shoved two finger in. Of course I made sure that I put them in her pussy first to get them lubed up..

She turned around, and started Erotik hikaye sucking on my hard cock. I grabbed her hair, and shoved her face hard on my cock,,I could hear her gaggin but she did not seem to mind..She was fingering her ass getting her ready for me..she pushed me up against the shower wall..and turned with her ass rubbing on my cock. “Now fuck me!” I readily complied. I shoved my cock way in her ass .”ooooohhhhhhh fuuucckkk ,,,fuck me your filthy man!” I fucked so hard..even in the shower I could see cum dripping everywhere down her leg..She was only able to take it for a few minutes. She made me pull out, and handed me a towel..”dry off” she grabbed my hand, and took me to her parents room.

“I want you to fuck me on moms bed” She threw me down on moms bed, and started riding my cock..She was so good at it.I grabbed her ass hard as I fucked her. I was about to cum, when she leaned forward, and whispered in my ear, “now fuck me doggy”..Ok I figured I could hold off a little longer..I turned her around on all fours, and shoved my hard cock into her tight wet pussy. I started pounding her so hard. She was screaming so much, I thought I was hurting her..I grabbed her, and pulled her hair hard as i fucked her..I reached down, and grabbed my belt. I tied it around throat, and choked her a bit, “I want more, fuck me harder, choke me!” she yelled. I could barely take it..She screamed “im cummming!!” her whole body shook..I flipped her pver, and as she was catching her breath..I came all over her mouth, face, hair, and her sexy titties…

The last day I was there we went swimming together again, and this time nobody was around…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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