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“What the hell are you doing here?” I just blurted it out, right in the middle of the Three Cups Restaurant in the Village as I stood in line to pay my bill. Steve Northmount, an old friend of mine from high school, was finishing up a business dinner with a client.

“Steve…I thought you’d ever went east of the Rocky Mountains..what gives?”

A multi-millionaire dollar contract that’s what…”

“Oh I peered over at his table for his omnipresent wife. “Where’s Becca?”

“Back home..she hates leaving Cali. You know how she is.”

In typical brusque style, Steve took the bill out of my hand. “I’ll get that.”

“I’m staying at a friend’s house on the island. He and his wife are in France for the summer. Let’s go back there.”

He said it abruptly as no-nonsense as one of his merger deals. And I knew he didn’t wanna discuss business. He drove me to Long Island in his rented Mercedes.

“You’re like a man who only dates bimbos. You only sleep with good-looking morons. Have you ever had sex with a man who was your intellectual equal?”

Only Steve could say it so bluntly. He was right though, and I felt like a superficial idiot.

You make me so warm inside come here he leaned over and kissed me on my lips gently playing with me – a long, sensuous kiss

“You should fuck your equal for once.” He whispered. He unbuttoned my blouse and laid me against the pillows he had propped up.

“May I?” He tugged at the small white patch of satin that doubled as my underwear.

“Yes.” He pulled down my g string.

“Kneel up against the headboard.” He commanded.

“You can’t waste this anymore. This body, this energy of yours. Don’t cast your pearls before swine anymore. Don’t do it anymore. You’re too good.”

“Did you ever fantasize about me?” I whispered.

“A few times,” he answered, “when I was alone in the house.” I thought about your ass – how shapely and beautiful it is – how I wanted to” A shudder demetevler escort welled up in his chest. “Worship it.”

“So you’re an ass man”, I giggled.

“And have you fantasized about me?” He slid a long skinny finger along my shoulder and down my breast, absentmindedly flicking at my nipple as I spoke.

“For the longest time I never thought about you in a sexual way. But a few weeks ago, when Jay and I had dinner with you in Santa Barbara, I watched you. I really listened to you instead of being charmed by Jay.” In the candlelight his face, which could look so harsh in the daylight, was as vibrant as it had been when we first met as teen-agers. He gently guided me over his knees. He kissed the curve of back met my ass. Then spanked me.

“You can do whatever makes you happy.” I assured him. “I have condoms and lube in my purse.”

“You’re always prepared, aren’t you? I never think to bring condoms. Not that I would need them.”

I slipped one out of my purse.

I knew he resented using them. He had been loyal to Becca for so long, he probably hadn’t seen a condom since high school.

“If Jay is any indication, of where you’ve been, we might need to use two of these,” He mumbled as I slipped the condom out of the package.

“I’m sorry if I don’t met your standards, Mr. Perfect…”

“Don’t get pissy, okay – sshhh,” The heated exchange just made him grow harder in my hand.

I fingered his cock and kissed it before sliding on the condom. He put his arms around me and enveloped me with his tight warm body, then nuzzled my neck like a lovestruck teen-ager. The gentleness of his touch amazed me; just the press of his skin against mine made my pussy moist. Where other men had to manipulate me with fingers and vibrators and huge cocks, he only needed to touch any random part of my body to arouse me.

He transformed into the primal teenage Steve I had known, the same exuberant escort demetevler boy I remembered from high school photos. That’s what he looked like as he took me from behind.

It felt so good to welcome him inside my pussy. His measured breath on my neck and in my ear, along with his insistent finger in my pussy, rendered me speechless. “Kneel down, it’s time,” gently he pushed his cock in my pussy “Ohh, that feels so good.” It felt even better when I looked back and watched who was doing it. I had always known that he had stockpiled his dirtiest fantasies for the one night we finally got together. He channeled years of dormant desire into my body, not in a reckless or hurtful way. He was slow, savoring. He knew, as I did, that nothing we consummated in this borrowed bed could be repeated, much less mentioned to anyone else. We fucked for what seemed like an hour, neither one of us in a hurry for orgasm. The feeling of hard cock and velvet pussy was enough to sustain us for awhile. When he came it was natural sweet, not labored at all. We fell asleep quietly and when I awoke, he had slipped another condom on a new erection. “Your ass is mine.” He whispered. But it was not a threat.

Steve took the small bottles that I had put on the nightstand. The cold squirt of lube filtered into my ass, followed by warm baby oil. Then he slid his fingers in one, then two then three with his other hand he rubbed my ass cheek. “Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready for you for a long time.” I purred.

When he eased it in, so gently at first, I thought I would faint from merely watching his angry red cock slowly sink inside me. It glimmered with warm oil as he got a rhythm going. His hands dug hard into my ass cheeks. Gripped by indescribable pleasure, I winced as he entered, then eased into the devilish cadence. All the supposed “bad” boys I had been with had never fucked me so ravenously. There was something to be said for waiting demetevler escort bayan to execute a lustful obsession. We had greased the inside of my ass with so much baby oil and lube that his cock glistened more each time it dipped out of the hole. When he plunged it back in, the squelchy sound of the oil and lube, and the way it dripped over my ass and his cock, heightened the sensation. When he spurted his cum straight on my crack, I could barely control myself. I had never experienced such unbearable carnal joy. Steve fell back on the bed. “Even better than I imagined. ” He laughed and slapped my buns for good measure. “Your ass is mine.”

“You bet. So you’re a nasty boy after all.” I complemented him.

We hardly had time to recover when his cell phone rang. He grabbed it and disappeared into the foyer. That’s when I knew it was over. I could barely walk but somehow I made it to the bathroom and showered. When I came out, he had left a note on the bed. “Have a meeting in Manhattan – I’ll shower in the other bathroom and meet you outside.”

I finished quickly and rushed outside, remembering what Steve was like when his work beckoned. He stood by the Mercedes. “Got to be on Wall Street by ten o clock. You live in Tribeca, right? I’ll drop you off.”

“Are you all right? I didn’t make your beautiful ass too sore, did I?” He said.

“I’m fine.” We kissed until he pulled away from me. “It’s a really important meeting. A contract with a construction company in Miami.”

Thirty minutes later we were at the front door of my apartment building.

“Thank you for making my fantasy come true.” He kissed me and very gently, reverently patted my ass. I was not wearing underwear beneath my sheer pink dress.

“I’ll call you before I leave New York – Just don’t do something idiotic like ask for an encore.” He said.

“I’m not that dim-witted.” I shot back.

“You weren’t supposed to agree with me,” Steve said, looking a little hurt.

As he slipped away, into his Mercedes, melancholy washed over me. He had morphed back into Mr. Northmount , the quick to anger, world-conquering businessman and once again, I was Lorilei, the free-spirited, platonic female friend he didn’t take seriously.

Amazing how daylight changes things.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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