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Big Tits

(note to the readers who said that high school students cant be a teacher: yes they do!!! maybe not in your country, but here, most of the high school passed students and even the school passed students can teach upto primary level. they are called temperory teacher and teach for about an year. if they plan to study further they quit after an year but the ones who plan to be a teacher continue teaching and become a proffesional teacher while completing the requirements by studying alongside)

ok! so, i got postive ratings(more than 50% is positive) on the earlier story so here is the part II of the story! as i told before, i have no idea how huge she was until that day and i won’t tell you that yet…you will find out what i mean by “HUGE” as the story goes on…

so, where was i? oh yes! last week, i had been to one of my primary teacher’s house where i fucked her younger sister and before we could dress up, she came home and i was scared like crazy about what would happen if she found out what we had done….that was what had happened in brief…so, she came home and we were completely naked and didn’t have enough time to get fully dressed (heck! i hadn’t even found my underwear. i must have thrown it somewhere when i opened it).so, namrata went to the her sister and tried to delay her…and it worked…i got dressed and had enough time to wipe the cum all over the floor with my feet…my teacher came in and said,”ew! what’s that stench?”…i was so sure that my plan worked but i had completely forgotten about the smell…i had to think of something and fast…it was then that an idea hit me…i said, “what? you don’t like my cooking?”(yeah! i know that it was a bit of a luck as well) she was kinda suspicious about that but just to be hospitable towards a guest she said “oh!!! no…um…that’s not what i meant…” and then we went to the living room to chat. she was so surprised to see me after so many years that she kept talking on and on for eternity. i just had had a sex so that was all in my mind. i carefully analyzed her. huge boobs, big tits(it was way too easy to notice under her clothes). in fact, i didn’t even hear a single word she said. soon after that, she went to the bathroom to get fresh… as i said earlier, sex was all that was on my mind, so i thought if i could peek in…she had the door locked and all i could see from the keyhole was her bare back and slightly the crack of her ass…but then my conscience kicked in…i fucked her sister, that wasn’t a big deal. we didn’t know each other that much and she wasn’t related to me. but having sex with my own teacher….well my morality didn’t give in…and although her body was way better than namrata’s, she still was my teacher and i couldn’t do that…it was against the social norms…so, i thought that was şişli escort enough already and rested back in the couch in the living room…she came out in her casual dress…looked even more beautiful than before…her tits which were somewhat unclear from her earlier dress was way too clear and i was forcing myself down cuz that would be a tabboo… she went to the kitchen to see the food (which she believed i had cooked) was ready or not…due to the recent clash of morality, i totally forgot to check if everything was clear or not and i hadn’t even remembered this until she came back…i was like “ooh shit!!! i hope i didn’t leave any evidence back…” but she looked calm and i was pretty sure that i was clear. so, we had the lunch(yes!!! in our country, we have lunch before noon) and then namrata left for her classes(don’t know where) and i planned to go about an hour later or so…

now, things started to get really crazy after that… i had no intention of fucking her but something made me stare at her time and again. i don’t know what it was(it was not the boobs)… she turned the tv on and sat by my side. i wasn’t sure if this was her advances (girls do have crazy ways of advances) and i wouldn’t risk falling into a false one. so, i sat and watched the programme like an innocent boy who knows nothing about sex…she did seem to try to seduce me, but i still wasn’t sure…she finally seemed to give up and said, “you are too boring”…i had to act surprised, so, i said, “huh? what do you mean?”. she didn’t say a word and left the room. i thought something was up her mind and i wanted to know what, so, i followed her. she went into the kitchen and faced me. i asked “what happened”. she took her hands in the air and scooped it through something and placed it in fornt of me…shit!!! it was the sperm and that…no it couldn’t be…it should have dried by now…yes it had…just the smell was there but it was enough for her to find out everything that had happened when she was not home…

so, what was i gonna do now? maybe i should leave…that’s the first thing that came in my mind. but for some reasons i couldn’t move…perhaps the heat of the situation didn’t let me…after all, she found out that i fucked her small sister…what was i to do? i just stood there faced down and waited for a slap…but then she pulled me closer to her and hugged me tightly…she was senior than me but our heights were almost equal so, i was face to face with her…ooh!!! her boobs pressing against me…that was truly sensational…but she was my teacher and “no…this is wrong” slipped out of my tongue like a reflex…she didn’t listen to what i said and faced me and gave me a deep kiss…i tried to resist(a little) but i had to give in…it was the hottest kiss i had ever had…then it hit me “she may be your teacher but she is a girl…” and i lifted her and took her to her bedroom…kissed her and kept kissing her and made her lie in the bed…i took a time out to unhook her bra (and just unfold her upper cloth)…that was amazing…her boobs were so huge…so much bigger than her sister’s…i was glad that my morality didn’t kick in just yet…i gnawed upon them like a hungry mouse…kept doing that…she had her eyes closed when i was rubbing my hands against her boobs and i think she was that way while i was sucking it…so soft and so huge…i had to get my both hands to properly rub it…i don’t know why but i always loved girls with huge tits no matter how ugly they look…but this time it was a jackpot…she was beautiful and had huge boobs…perhaps that’s what made me hard and unlike last time, i couldn’t control it and my erection was totally visible the outside(not that it would matter but i was hurting myself!!!). i again took a time out to undo everything i wore and left my underwear for later. she looked at me and was getting aroused by the view. perhaps it was my erection or the fact that her student was about to fuck her…now, i had to get her dress down which i did in almost 5 seconds…everything was down at the floor and her pussy was giving a delicate aroma…i kept sucking her breasts(now i was lying beside her on the bed and i was over her just a bit to suck her boobs).i was working my way there when she started to feel my body and started stroking my penis from the outside…the feeling was simply amazing…she was more experienced than her sister and i had real smooth time with her. then she slided her hands inside my underwear and started gently stroking my cock…it was my habit to first do the oral myself but this time i thought i would let her go first. she was lying on the bed and i moved over her, placed my cock in front of her and then gently placed it inside her mouth. i must say, she was way better than her sister because that was the most amazing feeling i ever had. she first started licking the tip of my cock, then she went in taking the full length of my cock in her mouth which wasn’t possible so i had to deepthroat her. simply amazing…felt like she was my bitch…and the feeling that my teacher was sucking on my cock(or the fact that i was deepthroating her) made me cum rather quickly…all inside her mouth…maybe this time i cummed lesser than before cuz she didn’t throw out anything…or maybe she swallowed the whole thing…anyways, it was simply amazing…

i thought of kissing her but i was way too hasty to get down and bury myself within her…so, i went rather quickly and decended kissing her stomach and her went lower and lower and buried myself in her genitals…i started licking her clit and stroking it with my hands…i started to finger her but there was something that was stopping me…oh my god! she was a virgin…her small sister wasn’t…but i didn’t ask her why…i was way too pleased with myself…she was a virgin…huge boobs…and strikingly beautiful…that was the luckiest day of my life…

now, i had to break her virginity so i placed my cock in front of her pussy and slightly kept it inside her…i hold her tight and with a huge effort, i broke all the barrier…it was so tight…for a momment, i wasn’t sure if it was she or i that was bleeding….but i continued…with the usual remarks and mourns(you know like “please go on”, “faster”, “oh my god” etc.) from her…so, i kept on fucking her and went on and on…2 to 3 times (with intervals of course) in the missionary position and then doggy style, then nailing…so many poses that i was totally exhausted and had nothing left in me….so, i slept by her…with my underwear on(she was partially clothed too, just in case)… we had this little conversation(after we woke up about after 2-3 hrs):

me:”wow! that was amazing sita…you are sooo good”
sita:”please call me ma’am…it makes me feel kinky!”
me:”ok! then tell me ma’am…if you are a virgin, how come you are so good in bed?”
sita:”oh! that…namrata brings a lot of prono and while she’s attending classes, i watch them all over and over…”
me:”still, personal experience should have been involved!”
sita:”well…one time, sita had her bf home and he had fucked her…i was too scared to ask her bf to fuck me…but this time…i was lucky and found someone who fucked her and knew me as well”
me:”wow! he fucked her in front of you?”
sita:”of course not! he fucked her in her room…and they didn’t know i was home…when they were done, i went to the bathroom just so that they would think i heard nothing”
me:”cool! so, ever tried lesbian sex with your sister?”
sita:”are you crazy? that’s so wrong…”
me:”well you just fucked your student…compared to that…lesbian sex is a holy job”
sita:”still…that can’t be much fun!”
me:”believe me! it is…i have witnessed a few lesbian sex and the partners nearly forgot that i was watching them…”
sita:”really??? is it so exciting?”
me:”don’t believe till you try it!”

(just then the bell rings…her sister was home)
she was like “shit!!! she is home already! perhaps the class was over too quickly today…” i thought of an interesting plan but didn’t think it necessary to let her know…i went to the door and looked through the peephole(just in case there were her friends with her…luckily, there weren’t…so, i didn’t waste my time and opened the door…
(i was on my underwear…while sita was just starting to get dressed)

stay tuned for part III…it had lesbian sex and threesome…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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