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We had met a couple times already….

But so far we had only done fairly vanilla playing. I was walking to the train station to meet you for what I thought was going to be a quick check-in between trains- which gave us about half an hour. It was gorgeous and sunny, so I was hoping it would please you that I was wearing a sundress with nothing under it… and maybe that would make it easier to have a quick fuck in the time we had.

I leaned back on the platform railing a moment before I heard the train approach, and waited for you to step off and find me. Then you were there, wrapping my ponytail around your hand a couple times, you pulled my head back and kissed me, hard, pressing me back into the railing with your body. I melted.

You stopped and said we should try to find somewhere hidden to play, and we headed off the platform, your hand at my waist as we walked quickly noticed there were no panties under the fabric of my dress. “Good girl”, you murmured in my ear, causing a shiver and smile.

To my surprise, you guided me under the platform yalova escort and back up on the inbound side- toward the parking lot- I fully expected you to stop me in the tunnel for a quick fuck. I must have looked puzzled, so you told me “we can do a bit better than that”. Then we started to walk through the lot.

You rather suddenly pulled me between two larger SUVs and pressed me face first into one. Pulling both hands behind my back, you held them by my crossed wrists right at the small of my back- keeping me pinned forward. Then you lifted the back of my dress over my ass and pressed the fabric in my hands.

“Hold” you said, and I clenched it tight, freeing your hand to grope over my ass and down between my legs. You found me already getting wet, and pinched my clit a couple times, rubbing your thumb in circles around my opening. Then, your hand disappeared from my flesh and I whined a little before I heard you unzipping your fly and shifting your clothes.

“Spread” you said with a toe tap to the inside of one of my ankles, and I widened yalova escort bayan my stance, automatically pressing my ass back and up for you before you drove your cock to the hilt in one thrust.

You proceeded to drive up into me over and over, and you reached your free hand up to pull the top of my sundress down, baring my tits, and turning me sideways so that i was no longer able to lean onto the car. I was completely dependent on you to remain upright, and massively turned on by the control you were exerting over me.

You continued to hold my wrists at my low back, so the pressure now had me bent forward at the waist, tits hanging and bouncing with each thrust. As I struggled not to scream in pleasure and call attention to us, you grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head up so my back was bowed, tits thrusting forward.

I opened my eyes to see a man had stopped in his tracks and was watching us, rubbing his hand across the bulge in his pants. He could clearly see my dancing tits, but the front of my skirt still hung low enough to block his escort yalova view of my pussy. the angle would also make it difficult to see.

He didn’t seem to mind the partial view, his eyes kept unwavering focus on my tits. as i watched, he lowered his zipper to slide his hand inside my pants to stroke himself.

I came so hard, my tight, slick pussy squeezing and pulsing around your cock. Then you came deep inside me, triggering a second orgasm that nearly sent us both to the ground. All of me was pulsing and shaking with aftershocks.

I managed to open my eyes, and saw the stranger had a wet spot in his pants and was clearly breathing heavily, still staring at my tits. He suddenly smiled at me and began to right his clothing. He winked at me, picked up hi briefcase and moved on.

You pulled out of me, unlocked your Jeep, and opened the passenger door. “Get in. We are nowhere near finished. I knew I was going to need more than a quickie so I drove here to catch the train today.”

My eyes widened, and i climbed into the vehicle, our combined fluids dripping down my thighs. I began to pull up my sundress as you climbed into the drivers seat. “Just enough to cover those hard nipples, babe, no more. and pull that skirt up to your waist, I want access while I drive.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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