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Big Tits

I sat on a chair by the bed, just watching her sleeping soundly. She made the sheets draped around her look sexy, her hair a hot mess on the pillows.

I heard my phone vibrating again but I didn’t want to lose the moment, didn’t want to think about anything else except…. I sighed and looked around. Ironically, there was a laptop on the desk. I went over and flipped it open, it was hers. I tried the old password I remembered her using. Surprisingly, it worked.

I accessed my Cloud and loaded my work. I yawned in exhaustion but I had to figure it out or I might as well go back to unemployment tomorrow.

I don’t know if I passed out or just concentrated too hard that I didn’t notice the movement behind me until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned quickly in surprise, welcomed by a soft, still sleepy face.

“Still jumpy, old man?” she said between yawns.

I grinned and turned, she was sort of wrapped in the covers…. Or were the covers wrapped around her…. My brain was tired mess. I pulled her over to my lap, where she rested her head against my chest. “Did you have nightmares, little girl?” I teased, wrapping my arms around her.

“Nightmares of you,” she teased back.

“Oh really? Doing what?” I laughed

“Very naughty things,” she joked.

“Ahh no wonder you’ve been moaning and writhing all by yourself.”

She laughed and tried to push me away but I held on tighter.

She turned her head and realized her laptop was open. “Are you going through my stuff?”

“Oh god no! Sorry, I needed to finish my … well the same thing from earlier. I can’t get it to work and …. I didn’t want to wake you up but I didn’t want to leave either… I..” Her fingers on my lips stopped my insane babbling.

“It’s alright,” she smiled, “I can’t believe you remember the password.”

“There’s nothing about you I could ever forget,” I grinned, hinting at things other than the computer.

“Oh shut up!” she laughed.

“Someone’s grown a mean bone to her,” I said, loosening my hold as she sat up and turned to look at the screen.

“And you’re having…. Work problems,” she said, turning away from me to face the screen. I sat back and admired her bare back as the sheets parted and fell off. Only her hand against her chest was keeping it on her.

She started typing stuff while my hands roamed her back, running 8 figures back and forth. I leaned closer and planted soft kisses, trying to pull the rest of the sheet away. She was too fixated on the screen that her hold loosened and the sheets came off. I reached for her breasts and kneaded and toyed with them.

She tried to make my hands stop, “Behave!” she said, not really firm enough to make stop though.

I leaned closer and kissed her skin, up to her shoulders, my hands still on her breasts, the other moving lower down her tummy. “Is that screen turning you on?” I teased.

“No, but it’ll be turning you on soon,” she hit one button and moved sideways, making room for me to see. I stared in disbelief and turned to her, “You got it to work, how’d you figure that?”

She grinned, “If you’d have paid attention, you wouldn’t to ask now, would?” She bit her lower lip as she sat back on my lap, facing me, arms around my neck.

“Oh but I was paying attention” I smiled, leaning down and closed my teeth around her hard, pouty nipple. I managed to pull the sheets off of her and down on the floor. Leaning her back against the desk, pulling her legs against me while I feasted on her creamy, round mounds, my hand reaching between our bodies, grasping my cock and slapping it against her pussy, sliding it up and down her clit.

She gasped as my tongue and cocked teased her body. I slipped my hard cock all the way inside her, leaning over her and wrapping her arm around my neck, supporting her back, I pulled her back onto me as I sat back on the chair. Her full weight on me making drove my cock deeper inside her. I could feel it spreading her open again, god, the feel of her on me. I basked in her scent as she groaned in pleasure at every motion our bodies made together. I sucked and teased her nipples, knowing how it turned her on. I squeezed her ass-cheeks as she rode my cock, faster and faster. She leaned backwards, holding onto the edge of the desk, me onto her legs as we thrusted against each other. She was going mad as she neared orgasm.

“Ohhh yess…..Cum for me, luv,” I urged her, standing up a bit for leverage, holding her legs in my arms and pumping vigorously into her. She needed no more encouragement as her body shook and tremored, her mouth parting to utter out a hard cry of pleasure. I pulled her against me and held her close as she came.

I stood her up and turned Ankara escort her around, sitting back on the chair, I pulled her back onto my cock, burying it inside her again. I sat her still as I reached over and activated the camera on her laptop, aiming it properly. She gasped as our bodies came into view, the sight of her bare pussy, hugging around my thick meat. It was damn naughty but I could sense it turned her on.

“It’s not recording, don’t worry.” I assured her, “I just want you to see how beautiful you are, especially when you cum.” I bit her earlobe and spread her legs wider. I reached for her clit, rubbing it with my fingers, leaving her to work my cock with her pussy. I could feel her grinding onto me, the sight of her, spread open, stuffed with my cock, clit tortured by the flicking nad rubbing of my fingers…. just turning her on, juicing her up some more.

I pulled her back against me, holding her in place as I eased my cock out of her slowly and then back in. She groaned loudly as images on the screen showed my cock glistening with her juices, pushing deeply into her. I fed her pussy long, deep strokes, I could feel her hands gripping at my arms. Gingerly, she sat up, finding her balance, burying my full length inside her. She gyrated her hips, making me groan at the sensation, lifted herself up and back down, riding my cock slowly at first. But as her moans got louder, so did the speed and force of her body dropping down on me. I held her ass, supporting her as she bounced on me. I could hear her moans getting louder and much more erratic, I held her against me as I got up, bending her down against the desk, my feet parting her legs. I held onto her hips and powered my cock inside her, making her whimper in pleasure. I pulled her hair back and smacked her round ass as my cock showed her no mercy.

I pulled her off the desk and squeezed and kneaded her breasts before pushing her down on her hands and knees to where the sheet had dropped earlier. Parting her ass, I buried my face between her and sucked and licked at her juices. She squirmed and writhed in pleasure, but I held her in place. My tongue around her ass, I slipped my fingers inside her dripping pussy. She cried out, rocking back at my fingers and tongue, so hot with need.

“ohh… please…..” she begged.

My fingers increased their speed and force, ramming into her as I kissed and bit at her ass cheeks. I turned her sideways and lifted her leg up, entering her again. I held her in place as my cock elated itself in the warmth of her pussy again, fucking deep and hard, powerful thrusts. She did her best to meet them but she would only cry out again and again, her screams filled the room as she came. One scream, a sexy, needy, lusty one, called out my name and sent me over the edge.

“Fuck, I’m cumming…” I called out, pulling out of her and shooting my load onto her chest.

I eased myself down on to the sheets beside her, exhausted beyond belief. I closed my eyes but felt her arm drape over me, snuggling against me.

I held her close, “Mmm if you want to get back on that bed, I’m afraid you’re going to have to do it yourself. I can’t find any more strength for you.” I groaned out.

She pinched my side as she said, “shut up, old man.”

I laughed weakly, “You call me old one more time, and I’m going to have to take you again.”

I woke up about 3 hours later. Yeah, it was morning. I groaned, wondering how I was going to get through the day with just the three hours. I opened my eyes and smiled, definitely worth not sleeping though. Katie stood by the couch I had her bent over on last night, clad in a shirt, towel wrapped around her head, panties…. She’d just finished a shower and was checking her phone… oh wait, my phone.

“You have like a hundred calls from Tara,” she said, holding out the phone to me as she sat back on the chair beside me. I grumbled as I got up, taking the phone from her.

“girlfriend?” she asked, casually.

I stared at her for a moment, gathering my sensible thoughts, little as they were still. “colleague,” I answered.

She grinned, “Colleagues call once or twice, girlfriends call 25 times.” She started to get up but I held her onto her hand. “Katie…”

“It’s alright, Adam,” she shrugged, “things have…changed. It’s not like we’ve had some real sort of relationship before.”

I looked down, feeling a bit hurt inside. “So what now?” I asked, unsure of the answer I was expecting from her.

She shrugged, making a pot of coffee, “I don’t know.”

I sat up, “We said a lot of things last night.”

“Yes, we did….”

“Are we going to…. Talk about them?”

“I don’t know…”

I got up and walked over to her, Ankara escort bayan “I think we should. I admit I’ve done stuff I’m not proud of but… I can’t deny I’ve loved every second I’ve had with you since.” She didn’t say anything or look up at me, “Katie…”

“Please Adam,” she stared out the window, “let’s not talk about it.”

I sighed and kissed her cheek before heading to the shower. As soon as I got out, there were clothes laid out for me. I grinned, “Are these…”

“No, they’re new.” She was still in the shirt but the towel on her hair was gone. “I think they’d fit you.”

It felt a bit awkward but… I couldn’t exactly run down naked. I donned them and swore I’d pay her back for them. “I have to go.”

“I know,” she handed me the flashdrive with my project saved on.

“You still haven’t told me how you figured it out.”

She smiled, “I’ve learned a thing or two from Hunter, he does the same kind of stuff that you do.”

I smiled back, can’t fault him for that I guess. I entered the elevators and headed back to the convention hall.

Everyone was at the booth by the time I got there.

“well, well, look who decided to show up,” Gary, from accounts, called out.

Tara looked up, she didn’t smile. She just…. Stared for a moment and looked back at the screen in front of her.

I sat on my desk and loaded the file into my laptop, which I picked up on my way, changed to my clothes as well. I was glad the room was empty. I’d loaded the file from Katie and checked for certainty that there weren’t any shots or clips from last night that might’ve sneaked into it.

As soon it finished copying, I loaded it into the software. Tara finally approached me, “where were you the whole night? I’ve been calling you, but you never picked up.”

I scratched the back of my neck, fighting off the anxiety of getting interrogated especially when I was so sleep-deprived. “I was just having some trouble, alright?” I looked up at her, hoping she’d just let it go.

Of course, she didn’t. “What kind of trouble?”

“Tara…” I tried to hide the exasperation.

“Was it because of yesterday?”


“Your friend, from your old job.”

I sighed, and just nodded, hoping an admission would make her stop. “A little bit yes. But it was mostly to find a fix to this thing,” I pointed to the sketches on the screen.

“And did you? Find a fix?”

I ran the file and the modules filled the overhead screens. The guys behind me cheered and applauded. Tara forced a smile and patted my shoulder, “must’ve been some fix,” she said as she headed back to her table. I rested my forehead in my hands in relief but also in worry at the current predicament I had found myself in.

A few hours and a couple of inquiries from visitors and viewers and I was again, back at the vending machine forcing my brain to just pick something. There was just nothing that looked good.

“Want to grab lunch?”

Tara had followed behind me and now had her arm locked into mine.

“Umm… yeah, sure. Will they mind?” I pointed to the direction of our booth. She shook her head.

We walked to the exit and I’d just caught a quick glimpse of Katie chatting with some of the staff at another booth. She had a crisp, white blouse on and a tight black skirt, stockings and heels to match. Insanely, I wondered if she must be wearing underneath all that.

“Are you still with me?”

I blinked and realized Tara had been talking and I hadn’t heard a word. “Of course,” I lied.

“What are you looking at?” She started to turn but I pulled her off towards the exit.

“I’m just sort of dozing out every now and then. I really need coffee.” I rubbed my tired eyes and hoped she would accept the answer.

“I can’t believe you spent the whole night on that.”

“Tara…” I started to lose control of my irritation.

“It’s not like they’re paying you more for it.” She continued.

I sighed.

“Hmm how about we have some fun to get you… pumped up a little,” she grinned and wrapped her arms around me.

If it had been some other time, I would’ve indulged her, but I was dead tired. “I’m sorry, Tara. Another time?”

Obviously, the lunch thing didn’t go too well and I was back at the exhibit hall half an hour later. I still had extra time off so I decided to roam the floor, check out the other exhibits. As I reached the end, there were some areas purposely closed off for private meetings or VIP conferences. In one of them, I saw Katie chatting with the same group from earlier. It seemed like a really serious meeting that I couldn’t get my curiosity off it.

Ten minutes later, the group started to leave the room. Escort Ankara I waited until I was certain that only Katie was left before entering. She had her back to the door, she was going through some papers on the desk.

“What was that about?”

She turned in surprise, and exhaled loudly when she saw me. “You scared me!”

I smiled, “Now, who’s being jumpy?” I walked over to her and kissed her forehead.

She put her hand on my chest, a motion to keep me back. “Not here.”


She looked at me, a bit of annoyance at the question.

“What was that about?”

She turned back to her papers and pushed them into an envelope. “It’s not your business, Adam. I don’t owe you any explanation for things that don’t involve you.”

A bit harsh but she had a point there. I’d forgotten we didn’t belong to the same boss anymore. I took a step closer though, enough for my breath to hit the back of her neck. “Well, I think it is sort of my business….” I put my hands on her waist, “when you wear something like this.”

“Adam…” she tried to fend me off but I stood firmly behind her so she was trapped against the table and me, my hand reaching around her, between her legs, up her skirt. Fuck, I thought to myself. I felt her pussy covered in only a tiny bit of material and a string running down and between the cheeks of her ass. She turned to look at the doorway.

“Don’t worry, it’s locked and covered.” I grinned. I turned her around to face me.

“Adam…” she pleaded again but her cleavage, as visible from the opening of her blouse, was heaving and I had already felt her moistness. I pulled her skirt up to her waist. Damn, she wore the tiniest G-string and a garter belt to go with.

“You’re so naughty today, Katie,” I’d forgotten all about how tired I was. I lifted her onto the desk and pulled her legs up and open, burying my face into her pussy without waiting for an invite, licking her through the string in between, tugging at it so it went deeper into her asscheek, rubbing her puckered hole and her clit as my tongue licked and fucked her pussy.

“OHhhh… fuck…..” she moaned out.

I pulled the string sideways and slipped my longest finger into her pussy, fucking it together with my tongue a couple of times before pulling it out. I pulled her panties aside and pushed her legs higher up, opening her ass for me.

“god please…. Not here….” She begged again, but her body wanted it. I went back to eating her pussy again, filling the rooms with her cries of pleasure while my finger searched and teased her ass, then pointing at the entrance, slipping slowly, gently, inside. I could feel her body tensing up in anticipation and lusty excitement. My tongue didn’t go easy on her as my finger buried itself inside her ass. I could feel her tightening around it instantly.

“Ohhh….” She was biting on her fingers to keep from moaning to loud.

My tongue ran from her clit back to her slit, entering it with my tongue while my finger started pumping at her ass, slow thrusts at first but as she writhed and bucked on the table, it’s speed and intensity increased. My finger was ramming into her ass and she loved it. Her pussy was leaking into my mouth, the taste of her making my engorged cock impatient. She started to cum.

I pulled her roughly off the table and bent her over, forcing her legs apart as I freed my cock and pushed the entirety of it inside her sopping, hungry pussy. She yelped at the sudden intrusion but soon enough, she was fucking my cock like a slut in heat. I held tightly at her ass, smacking them, loving how her legs looked with the garter belt, the heels and her panties pulled aside while my cock invaded her. I rammed hard and violently into her a few more times. I pulled out of her, heard her let out a questioning “what”. Ignoring her, I parted her ass cheeks and dipped my fingers into her pussy again, using her juices to lubricate her ass and my cock. I could feel her tense up a little as the tip of my cock touched her tight hole.

I pushed gently, slowly at her, trying to get my cock inside her ass. I reached for her clit, rubbing and teasing it to relax her until my cock finally made its way in. She groaned loudly, I eased more and more inside her until I was buried fully. I stayed there for a moment, moaning at how good she felt, how I missed her squeezing my cock. Her breathing was loud and erratic. I started to pull out of her, pushing back slowly in and out again until she started to move with me, until she started to beg for it.

I pulled her from the table, and against the wall, bending her to almost a 90 degree stance. I held her ass cheeks and started to fuck her ass hard and good. She was moaning uncontrollably again, but her ass was pumping back at my cock. I smacked her creamy ass, again and again, faster and faster as our bodies moved with each other at the same pace until we both lost control. We both collapsed on the floor after.

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