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Reaction to a unfaithful partner story is mixed, some people hate it and give negatives reviews, others love it wanting more. I have left this story with an open ending for you the reader to decide what you want.

“Look at him, just standing there staring at me, undressing me with his eyes,” I thought, “The cocky son of a bitch isn’t even trying to hide the fact.”

“Steve who is that in the corner?” I asked my husband.

‘Which corner hun?” Steve asked.

“Behind Libby,” I said.

Steve turned to look, “Sorry Cath don’t know him, why?”

“Just wondering, no reason,” I said as I returned my attention to the stranger.

“He is quite good looking,” I thought, over 6 foot tall, he has a tidy, trimmed beard, like his hair it’s jet black, he was broad across the shoulders and chest, he wore a white silk shirt which looks tight on him, his arms were long and muscular. He had on a pair of long black pants, they accentuate how tall he is, also hinting at strong powerful legs underneath.

“God I bet he got a cute ass,” I said out loud.

“Sorry hun, I didn’t catch that,” Steve.

“Oh it was nothing, just thinking what a cute glass these champagne flutes are, we’ll have to get some,” I replied.

“Ok, we’ll have a look next time we go shopping,” Steve said, “Would you like another?”

“Yes please,” I said as I turned back to look toward the corner.

“Damn he’s gone,” I thought as I scanned the room, it was nice to have someone pay attention to me like that, it’s been a long time since I was lusted after as a sex object.

My marriage was happy, but I was a wife and mother. most of the time I felt anything but sexy. But having a young good looking hunk sizing me up made me feel like a woman.

The rest of the night was uneventful, I didn’t see the stranger again.

It was about a week later I meet up with Libby for lunch, there’s a nice little restaurant on the river we like to eat at once a month.

“So how did you enjoy the party?” Libby asked.

“Hello earth to Cathy, are you there Cathy?” Libby said.

“Oh sorry Lib, there’s a man a couple of tables over staring at us,” I said, “Do you know him, he was at your party?”

Libby turned her head, “No but I wouldn’t mind getting to know him, he’s cute.”

“He was at your party,” I said.

“Cath there was dozens of people at my party I didn’t know,” Libby said, “Why the interest?”

“Oh just intrigued, he was staring at me the other night also,” I said.

“Why Cathy Jones you have a secret admirer and you have the hots for him, you being a married woman and all,” Libby said with a laugh.

“No it’s nothing like that, I just want to know if he’s someone I should remember,” I said.

“Let’s ask him,” Libby said as she pushed back her chair, but he had disappeared again, he was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh a man of mystery, how exciting,” Libby said.

“It’s probably nothing, just my imagination,” I said, “Let’s order I’m starving.”

It was on the weekend after my lunch I next saw him, he was using the exercise equipment in the park.

Steve and I often go a picnic in the park on weekends, we spend most of the week indoors and enjoy the opportunity on a weekend to get outside and the enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Today was a glorious sunny day and we thought a perfect day for a picnic, as we left home I just didn’t know how perfect it was going to be.

I have never seen him in the park before, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been there before, I told myself, it was just that I haven’t seen him.

But I did wonder if he was stalking me.

Today was my turn to do the staring, he was only wearing a pair of shorts and joggers as he worked out.

I was watching him do chin ups, his bi-ceps bulging as he pulled himself up, the muscles on the side of his neck stood out, sweat dripped off his chin on to his rippling chest and muscular stomach.

He dropped to the ground, his back to me as he picked up a weight and lifted it above his head. The muscles on his arms and back bulged tight as he held it high and steady. He began to do squats, his muscular legs moving up and down, I stared at his shorts, they were soaked with sweat and clung to his body.

“Fuck he does have a great ass,” I thought.

“You alright hun, you’re not eating?” Steve asked.

“No just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine,” I said, “Please pass me a sandwich.”

I didn’t let him slip from sight this time, I rearranged where I sat on the pretense of getting something and watched him go through his exercise routine.

We’ve been there for a couple of hours when Steve said it was time to pack up and go, he had a couple of things he needed to do at home before it got too late.

I reluctantly agreed, but I was very slow in packing up because the stranger had just finished his exercises and now stood under a shower, the water cascading over his gorgeous muscular body.

He wasn’t the only one getting wet, I was also.

“Come on Cath we need to be going,” Steve said.

“Yes right behind you,” I said, almanbahis adresi ‘We should come back again tomorrow.”

“We’ll see, no promises,” Steve said.

Steve didn’t want to go to the park the next day, I ended up going by myself but to my disappointment he wasn’t there.

On the Monday I saw him as I got off my bus at work, he stood across the road in a business suit and tie, sipping on a coffee. Again he just stared at me, I could feel him undressing me, I liked it.

I thought, “I better start wearing sexier clothes to work if he also works nearby.”

I sat at my desk at work shaking my head, “Shit I can’t think like this, I’m a married woman,” I thought. Seeing him this morning brought back memories from the weekend causing a tingling sensation between my legs.

“Alright lady coffee time, looks like you need one,” Libby said.

Libby does that occasionally, she’ll just drop into my work and drag me away for coffee and a chat, generally a chat about her. She loves bragging about her conquests in and out of the bedroom.

Today the chat was about me, I told her about the weekend, this morning.

“Fuck Cath that’s got me wet,” Libby said.

“That’s no help Lib, I just don’t know what to do,” I said.

“Here’s a joke to cheer you up,” Libby said, “What do you call at person that is being stalked and starts stalking their stalker?”

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Cathy,” Libby said laughing.

“Ha ha, very funny,” I said, “But seriously what should I do?”

“Don’t do anything, seriously stop looking for him, stop looking at him, he’ll soon get bored if you stop paying attention to him,” Libby said.

“Do you think that would work,” I said hopefully.

“Maybe,” Libby said, “And if it doesn’t give him my phone number and I’ll take him off your hands.”

‘Oh, very funny, aren’t you the comedian,” I said, “I’m going back to work, see you later.”

Maybe Libby was right, maybe I was infatuated by him, the thought of someone desiring me was a turn on. Not that there’s anything wrong with my marriage, we were happy, we were comfortable, maybe too comfortable. The spark, spontaneity was gone, we were both busy and our life had become very structured and organised. We have sex regularly every Saturday night, nothing too adventurous, a little fondling followed by missionary sex, it’s was when it worked best for our schedule.

I headed straight back to my office, eyes focused straight ahead, I didn’t look around.

I did this for the rest of the week, I walked to and from my office without looking around, I ate lunch in the office rather than in the park outside, I did everything possible to indicate I had no interest in anything or anybody.

Steve was already up when I got up Saturday morning.

“I know you wanted to have a picnic last Sunday and I couldn’t make it, so I got it all ready for today,” Steve said.

Sitting on the kitchen table was our picnic basket and blanket, he had it packed with food and two bottles of wine. The park was only a block away, an easy stroll, we generally walk there that way we can have a drink without worrying about driving.

“I thought if we get there early we can make a whole day of it,” Steve said, “It’s going to be warm make sure you wear something that will be cool.”

“Ok, let me grab a coffee and I’ll get dressed,” I said.

As I got dressed I couldn’t get the thought of the stranger out of my mind, the image of him exercising last week had me excited.

I was also conflicted, I had just spent the last few days making every effort possible to avoid acknowledging the stranger and now the thought of seeing his half naked body had me hoping he would be there.

I wore a light summer dress, I had nice firm 34D breasts and this dress shows off my cleavage, at 5 foot 8 I have long legs, the dress only reaches half way down my thighs, it hugs my body showing off my trim waistline and ass.

I stood and looked at myself in the mirror, “Fuck what am I doing, I’m married, why am I wanting to flaunt myself in front of this stranger?” I thought.

I was just about to get changed into something a bit less revealing when Steve walked into the bedroom.

“That looks nice, about ready to go?” he asked.

“Yes, let’s do it,” I said.

When we got to the park I stopped near the exercise equipment, there was no one using it. I knew it was wrong but I was hoping he would be back today, my pussy tingled at the thought.

I positioned the blanket closer to the equipment in the shade of a tree, we were probably only 5 feet away from it and the cool down shower was a foot or so closer. I sat facing the equipment, Steve sat on the other side with his back to it.

It was about 11am, we lazed around eating some nibbles and sipping our wine, there was a few other families around, all enjoying the summer sunshine. Steve was reading a book, I was looking around the park when I saw him, he was wearing a muscle shirt, tight shorts and joggers, and he was walking straight towards me.

I almanbahis adres couldn’t take my eyes of him, he looked so hot, his big muscular body squeezed into those tight clothes.

A strange thought suddenly popped into my head, I hoped he wasn’t a body builder that took steroids, I’ve read it can make the penis shrink. I don’t know why I thought that but it did draw my gaze to his crotch.

I could feel his eyes on me, as he neared me he slowed down, his eyes devouring every inch of my body. He didn’t hid the fact he was sizing me up about the only thing he didn’t do was stop and take my clothes off.

His head and eyes moved up and down my body, studying my cleavage and breasts, moving over my stomach to the hem of my dress, it had ridden up while I’ve been seated and I was now showing most of my thigh, I wasn’t sure if from his position he could glimpse my panties or not. Either way I wasn’t intending to adjust my dress.

I gave him a weak smile as he passed, he smiled back, I should have known, perfect, white teeth.

For the next while it was all like slow motion, he pulled off his shirt, did his warm up stretches and then started exercising. Every movement of his body accentuated his rippling muscles, and today as he did them he faced me as if showing off his body to me.

“Ready for some lunch,” Steve said.

I had forgotten Steve was here, I was so focused on the stranger, “Yes please,” I said.

We ate lunch, drank wine and for the next while my eyes drank in every inch of the stranger as I watched him exercise.

I knew my panties were soaking wet, I was biting my lip as I tried to distract myself but I was horny, insatiably horny, I wanted, needed to touch myself.

I pulled the picnic hamper over as if getting something, it partially blocked Steve’s view of my body, he couldn’t see my hand my under my dress, he had no idea that I had my fingers in my pussy.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came, I had a lot of pent up desire for this stranger that I was releasing. He had finished exercising and now stood under the shower, he was smiling at me, I was sure I could see the outline of his cock in the front of his pants.

“Nothing appears to have shrunk there,” I thought as my fingers moved faster.

Then another thought dawned on me, “He could see me, he knew where my hand was,” he was smiling, “He was watching me masturbate,” at that moment I didn’t care, it just made my orgasm better.

My body shook, I tried to be quiet I had my other hand over my mouth but I did still let out a small squeal.

“You alright?” Steve asked.

I was breathing heavy and felt flush, “Oh it’s nothing, I think an ant bit me,” I said, “I was half asleep and it just gave me a scare.”

“Well it is getting on and we have run out of wine, probably time to go,” Steve said.

I looked toward the shower and the stranger was gone, I quickly scanned the park but no sign of him. “Ok let’s head home,” I said.

“And how was your weekend, did you see your mysterious stranger?” Libby asked over our morning coffee.

“Well I did actually,” I said going on to explain my Saturday in the park, though I did leave out the part about masturbating. There are just somethings Libby doesn’t need to know.

“So you have given up trying to avoid him then?” Libby asked.

“I don’t know, I do like the attention, and he is a hunk,” I said.

“And he obviously likes what he sees,” Libby said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well for the last 10 minutes your stranger has been standing at the counter, sipping coffee and slowly undressing you,” Libby said, “I say he’s down to your bra and panties by now.”

I quickly turned my head, it was him and as usual he wasn’t hiding the fact that he was staring at me. As I looked at him he gave me a smile, his eyes never leaving my body.

“God he is a gorgeous hunk of a man,” Libby said, “Next weekend I’m joining you at the park.”

I wasn’t listening, I just nodded my head, I was too busy thinking about the stranger.

I knew it was wrong but for the rest of the week I wore a blouse and tight pencil skirt to work, both showing off my assets. But I found it exhilarating dressing like this and being the source of someone’s desire, so much so that each night I found myself masturbating as I thought of him.

On the weekend Steve couldn’t go to the park, I decided I would go by myself.

I had forgotten about Libby saying she would be there and as I rounded the corner to the exercise equipment I saw her sitting on a blanket right beside it. She wore a halter top which showed off her midriff, she was obviously braless underneath, perky nipples sticking out and a pair of tight short shorts.

I was in the same summer dress as last weekend.

“What are you doing here?” I asked when I reached the blanket.

“Remember I told you I’ll join you in the park today,” Libby said.

“But, Lib dressed like that,” I said.

“Well you never know he might have a friend or I could just rescue you from your dilemma,” almanbahis adresi Libby said.

“Fuck he’s mine, I’m not letting Libby have him,” I thought as I sat down on the blanket facing the equipment.

We sat chatting for about half an hour, there has been no sign of the stranger yet and I was still working out how I was going to outdo Libby. I knew it was silly I’m married, she’s single, she is the one that should chasing men but still he was interested in me first, and I do have a very competitive nature.

“Excuse me Lib, just need to pop to the toilet,” I said.

“Ok,” Libby replied.

As I was walking back from the toilet I could see that the stranger had arrived and was doing his stretching exercises.

“Put that tongue away, he might trip on it,” I said to Libby as I sat down.

“Ha, ha, but oh my god, what a hunk of a man,” Libby said, her eyes riveted to his body.

“Humm” was all I said.

He did most of his exercises facing us, occasionally he turned to give us a view of his ass, his stared at us or me I hoped.

As I said I’m very competitive and there was no way I was going to let Libby get more attention than me. I pulled my skirt up as high as I could without being on display to the whole world, there was only one person I wanted to see what was underneath. I then spread my legs, slightly raising my pelvis offering him a view of my pussy.

When I went to the toilet earlier I had removed my panties putting them in my bag, as I said there was no way Libby was getting more attention than me.

His gaze didn’t change, he didn’t miss a beat with any of his exercises but I’m sure the bulge in his shorts grew bigger, I brought one knee up to give him a better view, I could feel the gentle breeze blowing against my lips but I felt hot and wet down there.

Libby had no idea what I was doing, she sat slightly behind to the side, she was so busy staring at his body and sticking her tits out she didn’t look at me at all.

I was aching to stick my fingers in my pussy, I wanted to lie there with my legs spread and masturbate in front of him. It’s funny it’s something I have never ever contemplated before not even with Steve but watching him, seeing the sweat trickling over his rippling muscles was creating an urge, a desire in me.

He finished his exercises and went to the shower, as I watched his hands rubbing the water over his body I had to bite my lip, I wished it was my hands on his body.

When he finished he slowly walked pass us, I was still on full display, my pussy was soaking wet, I felt sure he could see the moisture glistening on my lips in the sunlight. He smiled, a definite bulge in the front of his shorts, water glistening of every muscle as they united to carry this god of a man.

“Oh my god I’m so fucking wet, that was incredible,” Libby blurted out as soon as he was out of sight.

I quickly tried to adjust myself and cover up.

“Fuck, I’m never going to be the same again, that god damn beautiful body, he can do whatever he wants to me as often as he wants,” Libby continued.

“Fuck, my cunt is dripping, the blanket soaked,’ see laughed.

The blanket and back of my dress where wet also.

“Shit Cath I need a drink after that to rehydrate, you coming?” Libby asked.

“Yes, just let me text Steve to see if he wants to meet us there,” I said.

“Fuck after that it’s going to anticlimactic to look at Steve’s body,” Libby said.

Steve wasn’t a great fan of Libby’s, he could only take her in small doses, so it wasn’t a surprise when he declined my invite.

“Your safe Lib, he’s not coming,” I said.

There was a pub across the road from the park, we headed there for our drink.

Libby couldn’t stop talking about his body, she’s already decided that she was coming to the park every weekend with me and she was currently planning how to spend more time with me during the day.

“Oh Fuck,” Libby said.

“Libby language there’s children around,” I said as I apologetically smiled a several nearby tables.

“Shit Cath he’s just walked into the bar and he’s still dressed like he was at the park,” Libby said.

I turned my head, he stood at the bar, he smiled at me when he saw my face.

“God I’m getting wet again,” Libby said.

Shit I just remember I wasn’t wearing panties, they were still in my bag.

“Excuse me Lib I just need to go to the bathroom,” I said.

I don’t think she was listening, she just nodded as she stared at the stranger.

I sat in the bathroom trying to compose myself, I put my panties on and freshened up.

I left the bathroom and as I turned the corner I bumped into someone, it felt like I hit a brick wall. I started to fall and a pair of arms wrapped around me, I was a bit stunned at first.

As my eyes focused I saw a face looking down at me smiling, it was the stranger, my stranger, his big strong arms wrapped around my body, his scent filling my nostrils as I breathed in deeply.

He helped me regain my feet and straighten my clothes, he picked up my bag and handed it to me. He didn’t say anything, just nodded and smiled before he disappeared out the door.

I was feeling a bit light headed as I returned to my seat beside Libby, it felt so good having his arms wrapped around me and I loved the smell of his body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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