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Note: If you’ve read my other stories, you may notice a recurrence of names. I like using my first and middle names in my stories. That away I really get a feel for my writing. Like the others this is a fictional story.

* * * * *

My name is Jerry; I’m 25 and married. I’m about 6′ 2″ tall and weigh just under a buck and two quarters, so I am pretty skinny for my height. I have deep brown eyes, and short blonde hair.

I was really enjoying my trip to Japan, since I got to leave all of my problems back home in the states. The only problem was that it was colder than I preferred, but I was still having a good time. I just got back from a sightseeing tour, and was on my way back to my hotel, when I noticed this young woman standing on a street corner. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but she was wearing nothing but one of those schoolgirl uniforms with a skirt on, in weather that felt like it could kill you in an instant.

I gathered up some nerve, because I am a very shy person, went up to her and said, “Excuse me, miss. Do you need a ride?”

She smiled, oh my god what a smile, and said in her beautiful Japanese accent, “Yes, please.”

I got a cab opened the door for her and climbed inside after her, shut the door, and we were off. I turned to her and asked, “So where are you going?”

She scooted close to me and whispered in my ear, “Wherever you going.”

I was a little confused and said, “What do you mean?”

Now she looked confused, “You no want to have sex?”

That did it. I told the driver where my hotel was, and we were there a few minutes later. We went up to my room. As soon as we were in, she started to strip. I noticed this and said, “Stop. Put your clothes back on. You should really warm up. Climb under the covers there and I’ll order some hot chocolate for you.”

She smiled and did as she was told. Room service was up a couple of minutes later with two glasses of hot chocolate. I handed the beautiful girl a glass and said, “So what did you mean in the cab about sex?”

She simply said, “You not looking for Japanese prostitute.”

“What?” Was all I was able to say.

She nodded and started to tear up, “Am I not pretty?” She said in between sobs, I nodded a “yes” in reply. I mean this woman was beautiful. Long, silky, black hair; brown eyes the made her look so innocent; lips red as roses, and in an almost constant pout like state. What wasn’t pretty about her? She even had breasts larger than normal for an Asian woman. “What’s wrong then?”

“Nothing, I wasn’t looking for a prostitute though.”

She started to cry again. I went over to her and put my arm around her. “So why have you chosen to be a prostitute?” I asked. “You are too beautiful to do this. You really need to get into a safer line of work, or something bad could happen.”

She was really crying now. “I not choose this, I was forced into it.”

“Forced?” I said.

She nodded and continued on. “Both my parents are dead, and I live with mean, bitchy, aunt who don’t care about me. So one day I decide to be prostitute to make money, to provide for myself. I met up with a man who made me sign some papers, saying that I was now a ho or something, and couldn’t get out of it until I pay him $2000.00 of work. The problem is that I get only 10 cents off of every dollar for me. And I have to pay for my expenses and everything so…”

“So that means you’re practically in service as a ho for life.” She nodded and cried some more.

I went over to my dresser and pulled out an envelope full of spending money. I gave her $500 and said here give this to him. When you have done that come back here and tell me what he does, okay.”

She looked confused, she climbed out of bed, put her shoes on, and left. It was dark now, so I didn’t expect to see her the rest of the night.

I brushed my teeth, climbed into bed, totally nude, and started to play with my nice seven-inch dick for most of the night, never cumming though.

The next morning I was just sitting down to breakfast, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it up and there was the woman from yesterday. I invited her in, and offered her some breakfast; she took a couple pieces of toast and ate them. Her eyes were red, from crying I assumed. She came in sat down and said, “The son of bitch took $450 dollars, and gave me $50.

“How does he feel about “buying” women?” I asked.

“He do it everyday, to a bunch of girls. Strange men buy them like toys and they never seen again.”

“How much money?” I asked.

“Five thousand dollars. By the way my name is Mei Lin.” She said.

“That Tekirdağ Escort is a very lovely name.” I said. I told her mine, too. I offered her a seat and we sat down to some breakfast. Today she was wearing this beautiful jade green silk dress, with matching heels. We were with each other all morning talking about our lives and everything. We both soon realized it was about four o’clock. I went over to the dresser and pulled out and gave her one thousand dollars. She left and I didn’t see her again the rest of the day.

I was really happy to help her and tomorrow I was going to give her one last payment. I went to bed that night, doing what I did the previous night, jacking off, but never cumming. I fell asleep thinking of my wife back in the states. The fucking bitch, at one point I truly loved her, I even married her, because she was pregnant with my child. After the miscarriage, she started to fuck every man that she could, in my own bed, and bragged to me about it. The only reason I didn’t divorce her is because, deep down, I still loved her.

The next day Mei Lin came back to my hotel, and I must admit, I started to fall madly in love with her. Today she had on another silky dress, but this was a beautiful fire red one, which was cut lower to show off more of her beautiful breasts. I went over to my dresser and pulled out the envelope, and told Mei Lin, “Take me to this man, the one who’s cheating you out of money.” She was a little confused and worried, but I could tell that these past two days, she’d grown to trust me.

In less than 20 minutes we were at his house. We went inside and there must have been almost fifteen nude Japanese women walking around the house. I was getting the start of erection, but I willfully held it down. One of the women took us to she their “master” who called himself Zane.

When we entered his room, another woman was servicing him. When he saw us enter he sent her away until he was finished. He looked up and said, “Is there a problem?” In a shitty American accent.

I simply shook my head no and said, “No there is no problem. I’m interested in buying this woman.” Mei Lin started to say something but I was able to stare her out of it.

The man who called himself Zane said, “Yes, she brings in good money and it looks like you’ve already gotten her trained. In past two days she’s brought in nearly two thousand dollars. Shows she’s been working very hard. I’d hate to lose her though.”

“How much?” Is all I said.

He sat there in his seat for a minute and said, “For you six thousand.”

“Five thousand.” Was my counter offer.

“Fifty five hundred.” Was his reply.

I accepted before the bastard could raise the price anymore. I pulled out the envelope and tossed him the money. He gave me the contract for Mei Lin and we left. We went back to my hotel, the entire trip back Mei Lin didn’t say anything. When we were back in my room, she finally spoke.

“Why did you buy me?” She asked.

“Mei Lin,” I started, “in the past few days, I’ve grown to love you.” And with that I tore up the contract into little pieces and threw them in the garbage can. She looked shocked and then she gave a loud squeal. She ran up to me and gave me a big hug and a huge wet kiss. I kissed her back and we opened our mouths to allow each other access. Our tongues engaged in a furious battle we started to rip each other’s clothes off.

In less than thirty seconds we were both nude and panting from the furious battle between our tongues. Our clothes strewn about all over the room. We hopped onto the bed and started to kiss again. I soon went down and started to suck on her breasts that brought out small squeals of pleasure from her. I then scooted all the way down to her feet, kissed each toe and then started to kiss up her inner left leg. When I reached the top, I gave her some small kisses above, below, and around her neatly trimmed pussy. Her dark black pubic hair was trimmed into a little heart shape that was rather a bit of a turn on for me. I then proceeded to kiss down her right leg all the way back to her foot.

I then licked back up her leg and stopped at her pussy to admire it. I could see her pink lips and planted a kiss right on them. This sent a shiver throughout her body. I lifted my head up and said, “Did you like that.”

She opened her innocent looking eyes, looked down at me and said, “Yes. That feel great. Do it some more please.” She said pleadingly.

I lowered my head back down and started to kiss her pussy some more and even lick her lips with my tongue. She was now starting to moan, and I could Tekirdağ Escort Bayan now taste the wetness of her pussy. Suddenly and without warning I plunged my tongue as far as it would go into her sweet love hole, which made her gasp and buck her hips some. It was very hot in there. I started to feel around looking for the magic button. When I found it, I flicked it with my tongue, which made her gasp some more. My tongue started to furiously swipe at her clit, she was really bucking now. I pulled my tongue out and said, “Are you really liking this?”

She looked back at me and said, “Quit fucking talking and keep on licking me.”

“Hey,” I said. “If you want me to continue you have to be polite about it.”

She looked back at me and said, “I sorry. Will you please continue?”

I smiled, nodded and said, “For you, anything you want.” Then I plunged back into her. This time I tore up her pussy with my tongue and she felt even hotter than before. She was practically screaming now. Her legs tightened around my head, her body tensed, and she had the longest and most intense orgasm I had ever witnessed. My entire face and most of my hair was covered in her juice. Once her spasming subsided she pulled me up to her and we both shared in her sweet, intoxicating juices.

She held me close to her and said, “I never feel like that before, thank you. Now I repay you.” She slid down to my hard seven inches and took it into her soft hands. She gave it a little squeeze and I let out my own gasp. She gave it a couple of tugs and I thought I’d lose it then and there. She leaned down a little and kissed the head, the shaft, and my balls. She went back to my cock and engulfed the entire length in one try. She went back up to the head and sucked on it, while she jerked on my shaft. After only a few jerks I came in her hot little mouth, which she swallowed ever last wad, and sucked for a minute or two more to make sure that she had gotten it all.

With me now exhausted she climbed up to me and lay down on my chest. I pulled her head up and gave her a soft passionate kiss on her lips, tasting a little of my cum. I pulled back and said, “You missed a little on you lower lip.” She stuck her tongue out and started to seductively lick up the last drops of my cum.

She looked back to me and said, “Thank you. Did I do good?”

“You did wonderfully Mei.” I said.

“In that case,” she started, “how about we finish.” I gave her a kiss on her forehead. She looked deep into my eyes and said, “Mind if I’m on top?” I shook my head no and she gave me a devilish smile. She crawled down to my dick and started to furiously jerk it until it was brought back to life. She lifted herself up while I held my cock up. She lowered herself slowly onto it. Only a couple of inches in she stopped and forced herself down. I felt a small pop and she started to scream. I quickly pulled her down and gave her a kiss until she was able to control herself. When she stopped she sat back up, with my cock still inside her. I looked at my dick and I could see a small line of blood coming from her pussy.

“When did you start prostituting?” I asked.

She looked down at me and said, “The day you gave me ride. It was my first day and I had never been with a man before, and when I seen you I hoped you’d be my first.”

“And it appears that I am.” I replied. She smiled, nodded, and started to bounce up on my cock with her tits slapping the top of her chest and soon started to leave dark red marks. I could see the pleasure in her expressions. She’d go all the way up ’til the head was just in, and then she’d slam herself down on all seven inches. She soon tensed up again and drenched my cock, pubic hair, and some of my stomach in her juice. Seconds later I shot my load into her. She climbed off my cock, licked up some of her juice off of my belly, and then passed out for a about a minute or so.

I rolled her over onto her back and quickly brought my dick back to life. I placed my knees onto her shoulders and pinned them to the bed, furiously jacking off. Just seconds before I came she opened her eyes, saw what I was doing and closed them. I pointed my cock at her face and came all over it. The first stream shot into her hair, the second hit her on the mouth, the third splashed onto her eyes, and the fourth hit her on the mouth.

She quickly licked the cum off of her lips, while I gathered the rest with all my fingers. I held them above her mouth, which she quickly opened and I placed a couple of fingers in, letting her suck the cum off, and continued to do so until all my fingers were cleaned. We lay Escort Tekirdağ back on the bed and she did the same with me, gathering her cum off my belly and feeding it to me. We then lay there ’til nightfall in each other’s arms.

“I love you Mei.” I said.

“I love you too Jerry. Do you love me enough to marry me?” She asked.

“Yes, but I can’t.” I told her.

“What?” Then I began telling her about my wife. How she never let me fuck her, and on the occasions she wanted to be eaten out since I’m very good at it, I refused because off all the dicks she had in her. Mei leaned into my ear and said, “How about I came back with you and we get rid of you slutty wife, the same wife that couldn’t even satisfy her husband.” That was a great idea.

I told her in the morning to go pack her things and to come live with me in the hotel room until my vacation was over. Later that night we fucked again and I even introduced Mei to the joys of anal sex, which she really loved. In the morning I gave her a couple hundred dollars and told her to get herself a passport and anything else that she wanted. I called the flight company and changed my ticket from one to two tickets. Two days and a whole hell of a lot of fucking later, we were back home in Indiana where I lived. I lived in the country and serviced nearly the entire northern state as an electrician.

When we arrived home I told Mei to be absolutely silent until I told her otherwise. She nodded in agreement and I gave her a kiss just as we entered the door. I picked up my cordless telephone and handed it to Mei without saying a word, and I walked down the hall, I looked into my bedroom and saw my wife getting fucked by our neighbor’s son Jason. He was about seventeen years old or so. “Hey Jason.” I said. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked up at me worried, I told him to not mind me and he did without hesitation continue fucking my wife.

My wife looked around him at me, smiled and said, “Hi honey. Did you screw enough Japanese whores while you were away?” I saw Mei start to move towards me out of the corner of my eye, but was able to keep her back.

“Actually, no. I had sex with only one Japanese girl while I was away. Did you fuck the entire neighborhood while I was away?” I asked.

“More or less.” She replied.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed it.” I said. She just smiled in reply. “Cause it’s the last time you do so in this house.” I disappeared and quickly came back with a set of keys, her house keys in fact. I went into the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet.

“What was that for?” My wife Kate asked.

“Like I said, this it the last time you fuck anyone else but me.” She had this look like “You’re full of shit”. Jason had finished while I was away and was now lying next to my wife. “We’re getting a divorce. I’m going to live here…Oh by the way I forgot something. Mei, darling could you come here for a second.” She came to the door wearing another silken dress that had floral patterns all over it. My wife’s jaw nearly dropped. “Mei, meet the soon to be ex- Mrs. Hall.” Mei gave a little bow. I pointed to the phone and Mei handed it to me. “Like I was saying, I’ll live here with Mei, and make her my second wife. And unlike I am with you, I’m in love with her.”

“What about me?” My wife asked.

“Personally, I don’t give a fuck about you. Do you Mei?” I asked.

“No, she go to hell for treating you like shit.” She said rather furiously.

“See, no one gives a damn about you. But I’m more generous than Mei here is. I’m gonna give you ten minutes to pack your shit, call someone, and frankly I don’t care who and get the hell out of my house that I bought with my money. If you want, you can take the damn bed. And if you’re not out of here in fifteen minutes, then I’m gonna call the police and they’ll get you out of here.”

Ten minutes later, she was out of the house. Twenty minutes later, the bed was in pieces and out in a dumpster with the mattress. Thirty minutes later, Mei was unpacked and we were fucking like bunnies in all the rooms of the house. Two months later after the divorce was finalized and I got the house and everything else, Mei and me married, got a new bed and were enjoying our honeymoon in Hawaii.

Hell, not to long after we returned my ex-wife begged me to take her back, none of her boyfriends would house her and neither would I. Mei and me sent her on her way and never saw her again. Me and Mei lived there in the country, in love, and had sex daily, and since Mei loved it so much I had to please her before and after every meal, sometimes I’d leave her on the verge of orgasm and head off for work. And told her everytime if she broke the vows then I’d do the same to her as I did my last wife.

Hell hopefully the next time you hear from Mei and me she’ll be pregnant. Cause there’s nothing like fucking a pregnant woman, especially if it’s a Japanese woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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