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Female Ejaculation

Chapter 5: The Training Continues

As I closed the door after the last client of the day Melissa padded on bare feet from the living room, an open can of VB in her hand. “Here you are Sir, I thought you may like a cold beer after a hard day of spanking.” She giggled as she passed the drink to me.

“Thank you my subbie, I love it when you read my mind,” I laughed, “Any messages?”

“Only one phone call Sir,” Melissa replied, “And it was a bit strange. She said she was from Channel 8 and wanted to include an interview with you on a TV documentary they are making on BDSM. I have her name and number for you to ring her back.”

“A BDSM documentary on television?” I said as I slumped into my favorite armchair. “Well that sounds interesting I must say, get her for me Melissa.”

“Yes Sir, my pleasure,” Melissa replied, picking up the cordless phone and dialing the number. She wrinkled her nose as she listened to the recorded list of options. “I wonder if any large companies actually employ telephonists these days, I hate dealing with computers.”

Finally Melissa made contact with the reporter and passed the phone to me, “Her name is Anne Shearman,” my subbie said as she knelt at my feet, removing my shoes and sox to start my daily foot massage.

“Matt speaking, may I help you?” I said and for the next fifteen minutes I listened to Ms. Shearman motor mouth her plans for the TV show and my interview.

When I was finally able to get a word in I explained my situation to her and also put her right about some misconceptions she had about the BDSM scene. Anne had not heard the words “safe, sane and consensual” used in relation to BDSM. I had to assure her that all Doms/Dommes were not sadists and in fact most were caring and understanding people who went out of their way to make ensure the safety and enjoyment of their submissives. I suggested some good web sites where she could do some investigation prior to my interview. I also stated that I wanted a signed legal contract to see the final cut and that we would negotiate any changes I required. Thirty five minutes later we agreed that Anne, her camera man and sound recorder would come to my home the following Thursday for the interview.

“Well Melissa, how would you like to be on television?” I asked as I passed the telephone over.

“Me on TV? Oh Sir, I would be worried that some of my old friends would recognize me and perhaps my parents find out also.”

“I understand that my sweet, I think I can organize that your lovely face does not appear, and just to make sure, we will obtain a mask. Anyway it just may be that shapely arse of your that gets on the screen, Anne has asked me if I have someone with whom I could do a spanking demonstration.”

Melissa blushed and gulped, “Oh Sir, my arse on national television? Whatever next will you have planned for me?’

I laughed, “Don’t worry my subbie, I will ensure that you are not embarrassed in any way and just for once you will wear panties. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it may never get to air. Melissa?”

“Yes Sir?” Melissa looked up from massaging my feet and smiled when she saw where I was pointing. She quickly wiped the excess oil from my feet and knelt up between my legs.

Melissa’s deft hands soon had my belt unclipped, the button undone and the zip lowered. I raised my hips and she slid the trousers and undies down and off over my feet. Her practiced hands stroked my cock and it wasn’t long before I was hard and ready for her soft lips. Melissa sucked for a time on each of my balls, her shining eyes telling me how much she was enjoying pleasing her Master. After licking all over the shaft she opened her mouth and I had the wonderful sight of my cock sliding slowly out of sight. The sensations were amazing as the head of my cock went down her throat and my balls slapped her chin. Our eyes met and my subbie cheekily winked at me, then started to move her head up and down, her cheeks moving in and out as she sucked hard. I relaxed back into the chair and let Melissa please me, knowing it would not take long before I was ready to orgasm. My moans of pleasure told Melissa that I was getting close and her head bobbed up and down in long slow movements.

“I’m cummmmmiiiiiinnngggggg,” I cried, my hips thrusting forward as my cock spurted into her welcoming mouth.

Melissa sucked hard and swallowed, loving that she was looking after her Master and making sure that she did not spill one drop. As I calmed down she smiled up at me, licking her lips in the familiar “cat’s got the cream” expression that I love so much.

“Thank you my subbie, you were excellent as always.”

“Your pleasure is always mine Master,” Melissa smiled at me again as she stood, “Are you ready for dinner now? The roast beef will be done to your liking I’m sure.”

“Thank you Melissa, go and serve the dinner, I will be there as soon as I wash up.”

The next few days passed quietly as the day drew close for the television interview.

Anne Shearman and her two man crew arrived on time in separate cars the following Thursday. Sahabet Melissa has been fussing about the house to ensure that it looked at its best. Fresh flowers in the hall and living room, the smell of freshly brewed coffee from the kitchen and incense burning in the dungeon. I dressed casually as usual but at Melissa’s quiet insistence I wore a pair of leather trousers with a black shirt. Melissa was dressed demurely as a good subbie should be and nervously showed the TV crew into the living room.

Anne introduced herself and her assistants, Jake on camera and Zeke on sound recording. Anne looked in her late thirties, medium length bottle blond hair, a lovely smile that probably cost thousands of dollars and a solid figure. She was smartly dressed in a white blouse and dark blue jacket with matching blue skirt that fell just below her knees.

I told Melissa to take the boys into the dungeon so they could work out camera angles and get some ‘atmosphere’ shots that could be edited later. While they were doing that I went over the contract with Anne. It was as I had asked for, giving me the final say as to what was to go to air, and Melissa and Jake witnessed the signatures.

The dungeon was now brightly lit with extra lights and after a little discussion the interview commenced. Anne had done her homework pretty well and most of the questions were intelligent and well worded. I answered each carefully, taking my time to choose the correct words, knowing that the BDSM community and many of my friends would be watching critically.

After about twenty minutes of questioning Anne called for a break. I knew that the segment that was being recorded at my place would only take about twelve minutes of the whole show and that some of the interview would end on the cutting room floor. Now it was time to record a short demonstration of what actually took place during a BDSM session, with natural emphasis on the intriguing subject of Corporal Punishment.

Melissa was standing to one side looking quite nervous and concerned so I excused us for a short time and took her out to the kitchen.

I gave Melissa a hug and asked, “My little subbie, are you ok to go through with the filming? You don’t have to if you don’t want to you know, I understand how you may be feeling.”

“Oh Sir, thank you. I do want to do it for you but I feel so nervous, worse than the first time I visited you here.”

“Perfectly understandable Melissa, but don’t forget that you will be masked and none of your family or friends have seen your short hair cut. I am 100% sure that you will not be recognized.”

Melissa thought for a short time before replying, “Yes you are right as usual Sir, I will do it, for me, for you and for the community.”

“Excellent my subbie,” I gave her a quick kiss, “Let’s give the viewers a show they will never forget, and remember, I have the final say. So you and I will see it before it goes to air and edit anything we think is inappropriate.”

Melissa grinned and took my hand, “Let’s go Master and show my arse to the world!”

We entered the dungeon and from a drawer I took a fancy dress mask that Melissa slipped over her face.

“Ok Anne, we are ready to do the demonstration for you now. No questions while I am working please, I’ll explain what is happening as we proceed and if necessary we can do a voice over later.” I felt totally in control of the situation. “Jake, Melissa will be over the spanking horse and I will be standing on the left hand side, so I suggest you stand about here and Zeke you should have the mike as close as possible to Melissa. I’m sure your viewers will appreciate some of the sound effects.”

After the guys had their equipment ready and Melissa and I in place, I started the demonstration. I explained Melissa’s place in our relationship and then turned my subbie around and bent her over the wooden frame. I heard Anne gasp as I lifted Melissa’s skirt and exposed her lovely white buttocks. Since the first contact with Anne I had not played with Melissa’s arse so it would be unmarked for today’s demonstration.

Naturally I commenced with a few swats of fairly gentle bare hand spanking, before, because of the time constraints, giving some hard whacks that brought some “owws and ouches” from Melissa. My next choice was a table tennis bat, explaining as I swatted Melissa’s arse that the bat made an excellent, inexpensive paddle, and it was readily available, if not already in many homes. Melissa’s buttocks were now a soft pink and I changed to a leather strap. Her reactions were loud as the strap left clear red marks that made my subbie kick her legs at each swat. I glanced at Anne to see with interest that she had slumped into my chair and was biting her bottom lip as she gazed at Melissa’s red arse.

My next selection was a riding crop and after a couple of swishes through the air I landed ten quick cracks on alternate cheeks. Melissa’s cries filled the room and I knew that she was making the most of the situation and over reacting for the camera. Her arse cheeks were criss-crossed with bright red Sahabet Giriş marks and I knew that Jake had a close up view for the viewers.

“The last item I am going to demonstrate is a cane,” I said as I changed the crop for a thin piece of rattan. “This can easily cut the flesh and extreme care needs to be used at all times. A cane should only be used by experienced dominants, it is best to practice first on a pillow.”

With that introduction I tapped Melissa’s arse and saw her muscles automatically relax.

“Crack!” – “Owwwwwwww”

“Crack!” – “Yahhhhhhhhhhh”

“Crack!!” – “Oh Godddddd!”

“Crack!!” – “Ahhhhhhhhhhh”

“Crack!!” – “Yiiiiiikkkkkkkkkes!”

“CRACK!!” – “Aaaiiiiieeeeeee!”

At this stage I stopped caning and signaled Jake to stop filming.

“Turn off the camera and the sound fellas,” I asked, holding Melissa down over the frame.

Jake and Zeke placed the camera and sound equipment down on the floor and looked inquiringly at me.

“Anne I will demonstrate effect that Corporal Punishment has on Melissa, watch carefully.”

Anne nodded, I think she was lost for words at this stage. Her eyes had still not left Melissa’s striped cheeks.

Once again I placed the cane against my subbie’s buttocks and gave her six quick blows in succession. Melissa’s legs jerked off the floor, she screamed and then shuddered violently as an orgasm shook through her lovely body. I grinned as I saw Anne’s mouth drop wide open; Zeke and Jake were also wide-eyed in astonishment.

When Melissa’s body had stopped shaking I helped her up off the horse and hugged her tight to me.

As I slipped her mask off I whispered, “Excellent my lil subbie, maybe not Oscar standard but you will get your reward later.”

“Thank you Sir,” Melissa whispered back, “You know that being with You is all the reward I need.”

I turned back to face Anne who was struggling up off the chair, her face flushed with excitement.

“Well Anne, I think you have enough footage to put together an interesting little segment for your show.”

“Wow Matt and Melissa, that was absolutely amazing. I’m sure your demonstration will be the highlight of the show, thank you so much Melissa.”

Before Melissa could answer I asked her to go to the kitchen and prepare the coffee and snacks for our guests. Jake and Zeke collected their equipment while I chatted some more with Anne.

Melissa called us out to the living room for a welcome break. I deliberately talked to the guys about their experiences at Channel 8, which gave Anne a chance to chat with Melissa. I knew I could trust Melissa to be careful with her answers. Time soon passed and soon it was time for Anne and her crew to depart. They thanked us for our time and were effusive with their compliments of how well the shoot had gone. We said our farewells and Anne and the crew stepped outside to return to the television station. Melissa closed the door and looked quizzically at me.

“Yes my subbie?” I asked, knowing she was bursting to ask questions.

“Sir, firstly you were just great, so calm and composed. You brought back memories of the first time I met you. And secondly, was it my imagination or was Anne turned on by what transpired in the dungeon?”

“Transpired? That’s good woody word,” I laughed. “Yes Melissa, Anne was very turned on, I expect she will return soon. And thank you for the compliments.”

“You think she will return Sir?” Melissa was wide eyed, “She certainly was interested in my experiences while we were having coffee. I hope she won’t use any of what I told her in the documentary.”

“Don’t worry about the documentary, I have the final say about what goes onto the screen.” The front door bell interrupted my words. “Hmmm, could that be Anne so soon?”

Melissa raised her eyebrows at me as she moved to the front door. I was not surprised when I heard Anne’s voice from the hallway and I moved out to greet her.

Anne looked at me and gave an embarrassed smile. “I’m sorry to interrupt you Matt, and Melissa, but ummmmm, oh golly I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s ok Anne, I know why you are back.”

“You know why I came back?” Anne spluttered, wringing her hands nervously, “Oh God was I that obvious? I hope the boys didn’t realize what was happening to me. I was so wet, shit, what am I saying? You must think I’m crazy.”

I grasped Anne’s left arm and she made no protest as led her down the hall back to the dungeon. Her face was bright red and she moaned when I stood her in a corner and ordered, “Stay there and don’t move, I’ll be back shortly.”

I turned and left the room, hurrying to the living room where I knew Melissa would have switched on the closed circuit television. To my delight Anne was still standing facing the corner.

“She hasn’t moved since you put her there,” Melissa said in an excited voice, “What are your plans Sir?”

“First, you are going to assist me Melissa. I want to see how your Domme training is coming along. Anne really likes you, I was watching while you were chatting Sahabet Güncel Giriş and having coffee. Just follow my lead in the dungeon, go and change into your leather gear, quick now.”

Melissa smiled, rose on tiptoe and gave me a kiss on the cheek, “Thank you Sir, I won’t let you down.” She giggled and ran to her room to change.

After a few more tension building minutes I returned to the dungeon, Anne had not moved.

“Come over here Anne,” I ordered as I sat on the straight-backed chair.

With her eyes flicking over the equipment hanging on the walls Anne walked the few paces and stood in front of me.

“Kneel down!” I barked the order.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes, I’m sorry Matt,” Anne knelt, her head downcast, not wanting to make eye contact with me.

“Well Anne, this is something I did not expect when we first spoke on the phone. You were so confident and composed, when did your mind start to spin?”

“Start to spin, yes what a good description.” Anne found her voice. “Well I had a few feelings of ummm, excitement I guess, when I was looking at the web sites you suggested, especially castlerealm dot com. But I just ignored the feelings as being stupid, shut them out of my mind, you understand what I mean Matt?”

I nodded and let Anne continue.

“But when you bared Melissa’s lovely arse and started to spank her I had trouble standing and had to sit down. I ohhhhhh shit, I was worried I would drip on the floor I was that wet, like I am now. Oh I can’t believe I’m here telling you all this, what’s happening to me Matt?” Anne looked up at me with pleading eyes, obviously worried that she was losing the plot.

“Look Anne, I’m no psychologist. All I can do is repeat what I said in the interview. Some people in management or in highly stressed positions have a need to give up control when away from work. My advice is not to question your needs, everyone is unique and different.”

I was interrupted by a knock on the door and I called, “Come in Mistress Melissa!”

“Mistress Melissa?” Anne gasped as Melissa entered the dungeon.

Melissa looked absolutely stunning dressed completely in black leather. A small tight vest that pushed her breasts high, short pants and thigh high boots made an amazing change from slave to Mistress. She strode confidently across the dungeon and stood beside Anne, stroking her hair.

“My God Melissa you look so different,” Anne’s voice showed her surprise.

“Melissa is a BDSM switch,” I explained, “That means she can take the submissive or Dominant role. As you know she came to me as submissive, but from a dominant role in her job. So the change from one to the other is relatively easy for her, and I’m delighted with her progress in learning the Domme role.”

“Sir, I am ready to assist you with Anne,” Melissa said with a hint of pride in her voice.

I stood and helped Anne to her feet, leading her over to the spanking horse. She stood in front of the padded wooden frame, breathing quickly through clenched teeth, a tremor of anticipation running through her body.

I looked at Melissa and mouthed “safe word” as a hint. She hit herself on the head as if to say, ‘My first time in charge and I forgot something so basic.’

But she recovered her poise in a couple of seconds and asked, “Anne do you have any preference for a safe word? Sir explained the use of safe words to you earlier.”

“Oh Melissa,” Anne started to say but was interrupted firmly by my subbie.

“Mistress Melissa is my name Anne, and I want you to call me that, or just Mistress will suffice.”

I smiled to myself as Anne gulped and replied, “I, I’m sorry Mistress Melissa, I forgot, I mean, oh I’m so confused. Can you give me a safe word please Mistress.”

“Anne take some deep breaths and try and relax.” Melissa was now really on the ball, “If anything happens that you can’t stand just say ‘red’, and we will stop. Now lets get this jacket off.”

Melissa reached out, undid the three buttons and opened the front of the jacket. Melissa’s hands brushed Anne’s breasts as she pushed the jacket back off her shoulders causing Anne to gasp in surprise. I nodded at Melissa and together we placed Anne directly in front of the horse.

“Bend over Anne,” Melissa ordered.

A long low moan escaped Anne’s lips as Melissa and I firmly pushed her down and over the padded top of the timber frame. Melissa grasped the hem of Anne’s skirt and lifted it up over her back exposing white silk panties.

“Pleeeeeease,” Anne pleaded as Melissa pulled the panties up into the crack of her arse, enabling both of us to rub our hands over her smooth white skin.

“You want us to stop Anne?” I asked, “We don’t have to go any further you know.”

“No, don’t stop, just pleeeeease get on with it,” Anne pleaded, “This waiting is killing me.”

I grinned at Melissa and her eyes twinkled back at me, she was enjoying her new role immensely.

I pointed to a tawse hanging on the wall that Melissa collected and held out to me. I signaled that she was to keep hold of the tawse and another smile lit her lovely face. I moved around and knelt in front of Anne, holding her arms so she could not escape. Melissa raised her eyebrows at me as if to say, ‘I’m doing this alone?’ and I nodded back, smiling enthusiastically at my trainee Domme.

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