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It had been a few weeks since I earned my membership to the gay men’s club. I had gone back to my “normal” routine. I attended classes on weekday mornings, swam and ran in the afternoon, then worked as a cook at night. On the weekends I just relaxed and/or studied for my classes. And I hated it. Damn near everything reminded me of that kinky weekend. I had learned that throughout the year the club hosts special events at the lodge: theme parties, getaway weekends, hot orgies, etc. I couldn’t wait for the next one. I was beginning to think about hitting up Ken and Alex (see stories “Fucked from both ends” and “Initiation: Initiation gift”) for some more “Three’s Company.” But their schedules were just as busy as mine.

I was starting to contemplate going online or to a gay bar, when I received a rather vague invitation to a weekend party at the lodge. Of course, I sent my RSVP that same day. But no one I talked to could or would tell me what it was. I didn’t really care, because knew all of the members were required to stay in shape and present a current STD free note from a doctor every time they attended an event. So I knew whatever it was, it was going to be hot. But I couldn’t find out exactly what it was.

So I just packed a small bag and drove to the lodge on the day of the event. I checked in like anyone would an upscale resort lodge. I found that the staff was populated by “applicants,” guys (usually friends or even relatives of members) that had not been inducted or were not sure if they really wanted to join. So acting as wait staff, cooks, cleaners, etc this allowed them to get a glimpse of what membership entails. I found out that my quick membership was almost unheard of, but because Ken was the grandson of one of the founders, I was able to come on in. All six members who took part in my initiation turned out to hold the top spots in the club, a sort of board of directors. They kept everything running smoothly and made sure all the members’ dues went where they were most needed (bills, property taxes, event scheduling, etc).

The staff were all guys about my age (you had to be at least 18 to apply). I found out that the staffing positions were only available to young men. This was for aesthetic reasons and because the older applicants were usually able to say what they liked and what they didn’t like. The staffing gave the younger guys a chance to really explore and find out if this was really for them. Nothing like changing a burnt out light bulb in the pool area seeing a guy getting double fucked in the ass while sucking another cock, to tell you whether you really wanted to join. I also found out that certain of the staff were very playful and ready for their initiation and some were still unsure of themselves. So the hands-off policy was for the staff that you weren’t sure of yet.

Apparently Dan (see story “Initiation: Welcome to my hole”), was responsible for the applicants. He made sure they had jobs to do and fielded any complaints of theirs and about them. He also made sure that they stayed in line. Knowing what Dan liked, I was pretty sure he kept them in line pretty well. The ones who were active, very playful, ready for initiation were called puppies. The ones who were still unsure were called reds, because the turned bright red when they saw anything sexual. So puppies were up for grabs, but were not yet invited to play in actual events. And I saw some definite puppy grabbing when I arrived. The reds, however, had to make the first move with a member. I had been told that some members had been kicked out for being too aggressive with the reds. Ken and Alex told me they liked to bring two puppies to their room and have some hot fun. So all in all it was a very structured environment. The applicants got to earn money working events and the members were supplied with a staff that wouldn’t blab to everyone.

So I checked in and was escorted to my room by a puppy. He was a little shorter than me (I’m 5’6″), but had a nice toned figure. He had some pep to his step. And I finally had to ask, why he was so bubbly. Apparently he had enjoyed being used and abused by James the resident leather clad master (see story “Initiation: cock slut for Sir”) an hour ago. I chuckled and felt my dick twitch remembering my time with him. He then leaned in and asked me if I was the new member he had heard about. I said that I was initiated three weeks ago. He nodded and said that he had heard about it.

Apparently I was the talk of the lodge (members, puppies, and reds). The members who were tops all wanted a go at me. The members who were bottoms wanted details. The puppies wanted advice. The reds just turned red and kept their heads down, but still listened to the stories. I was famous! Come to find out he and 5 other puppies were up for their initiation in 5 weeks. Apparently the usual initiation is for more than one applicant to earn his membership at a time, not just one. The members pick anyone they want and initiate the puppies. They still have to satisfy the members and do as they are told, during the initiation. But it is more of a weekend of debauchery, where all the initiating applicants are up for grabs.

He said it is no big deal on an initiation weekend to find an overly fucked Demetevler Escort initiate passed out naked on a couch, with his asshole leaking cum. Members will fuck them into unconsciousness, and then let them have a nap. Though I was told they have yet to find one who had cum leaking from his mouth. I guess we all know it’s better to swallow than let it go to waste. I asked if he had any idea what was going on this weekend. He unfortunately said no. Applicants are never told details of the events until afterwards, if at all. I thanked him and he went back to work.

I then put on my swim suit, grabbed a towel and took some laps in the pool. I talked with a few guys, but nothing seemed to be going on yet. I was told the fun doesn’t usually start until after dinner. Until then guys are usually unwinding and relaxing. I dried off, went back to my room for a shower and a change of clothes. At least I didn’t have to walk around in just the jock strap anymore. I then walked around the lodge and tried to memorize where everything was. I ran into James, and told him apparently he had given the puppy a good time. He laughed and said that that puppy was almost a big of a cock whore as I was. I smile at that. I asked him what was planned for tonight. He said, “Don’t worry you’ll see.” Then he laughed evilly, shook his head, and said, “Actually you won’t see. But don’t worry, you’ll love it.”

I nodded and figured I would find out sooner or later. I then saw Dan. I nodded to him and walked over. We chatted a bit. I told him that I had found out that I am apparently a celebrity here. He laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess you are. We don’t do single initiations very often.” I remarked on a few of the scurrying reds and the prancing puppies. We laughed at this. I asked if he liked being in charge of the applicants. He said he did. He said that he looks after the reds and makes sure they are doing ok and that no one takes advantage. He said his biggest problem is keeping the puppies in line. He said that most are so hungry for cock, that he can barely keep them dressed and working. Then he smirked and said, “Of course I do love taking the puppies aside for any issues that I hear about. Sometimes I send them to James for disciplining. He always gets them in line. Me, I just like hearing them squeal when I fuck them.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah. I remember your tour of the lodge when I first got here. And I am sure James enjoys you sending him bad little boys, for him to punish.” We laughed again at that. “Yes he sure does. He usually asks me if any puppies need to be seen to. I swear, I still remember how that cock blocker tried to get your mouth off my cock (see story “Initiation: Final Exam”), he says shaking his head. Then he looked at me with a smirk and asked, “So, are your balls still hurting or are you all better now?” I shook my head and reminded him of my initiation gift. He nodded, and said “Yeah, I’m sure those two cured what ailed you.”

Dinner was served buffet style in the main dining room. Lots of tables were set up and there was a very relaxed atmosphere to the whole thing. Looking around, I counted a little over 50 men here. They were all in shape and attractive (in one way or another). I ate and talked with some guys. We all traded stories, not all of them about sex, but I could tell there was a feeling in the room of some fun to be had. By the end of dinner every conversation was about sex. Our table had a sort of unofficial contest of who had done what and how kinky they have been. No on declared a winner, but I was definitely super horny after hearing all of it. I told a few stories of my own, and got some good ideas on thing I want to try.

Finally a man stands up and walks to the front of the room. I recognize him as Charles, the leader whose cock I mounted during my final initiation (see story “Initiation: Final Exam”). Every eye is on him and it has gone completely quiet. He raises his voice to speak to the whole room and says, “All right, I’d say it was time to begin. Everybody ready?” The whole room answers with various affirmative answers, some of them quite colorful. He smiles and says, “Yeah, That’s what I thought. Ok then how about everyone makes their way into the playroom and we can get started. I need about 10 bottoms to stay behind, but everyone else can walk on over.”

I was a little confused at this, but figured I would find out. I was about to leave to follow the crowd to the playroom, when Dan stops me. He is ginning and says, “Trust me, boy, you definitely want to go talk to Charles.” He is smirking as he speaks to me, and I can tell he has a massive hard on in his pants. I am super horny right now, and I just want to be told what is going on. I smirk, lean forward, rub his package through his pants, and whisper in his ear, “How about you tell me what is going on? Then I would be more than happy to take care of this.” I say as I grip him through his jeans. He moans, but shakes his head. “No. You’ll have to talk to Charles.”

With that, he walks over to Charles. I sigh and walk up to Charles. There are about 15 guys standing with Charles. Standing with Charles are Dan, James, Ken and Alex. I also recognize the last two Otele gelen escort from my initiation night. The nine other guys standing seem to be as unaware as I am. I guess they are the other bottoms volunteering to stay behind. Charles looks at all of us and says, “Ok then. What we have going on tonight is very special. What’s going to happen is you will all strip completely naked in here. Then you will be blindfolded and escorted to the playroom. The playroom has already been set up. “

“Once we get to the playroom, you will be placed in certain areas. I know we have at least one sex sling set up, a pillory stock (a wooden device that keeps the victim standing, bent over, and secures the head and hands in place), a kneeling horse (the thing I was placed on in story “Fucked from both ends”), several couches, and a few beds and chairs. Basically you will be taken to one of these, and after that you are up for grabs. You will be open for business to all comers, and trust me, there will me a lot of cummers.” I was now rock hard and I actually felt my asshole involuntarily quiver.

Charles continues to look around and says, “Now I don’t want any of you to worry, tonight is not BDSM night so you won’t be paddled or spanked. This is all about sex.” I can see James is a little put out by that. I guess he’ll have to be content with a gang bang. Either that or he’ll have to drag someone to his room afterwards for punishment. Charles continues, “Also there will be no fisting, urine, shitting, or anything like that. You will all just be used for everyone else’s pleasure. Everyone ok with that? If anyone isn’t comfortable with that, we can bring in someone else.” Charles looks at the ten of us standing there. I am definitely “Up” for it and no one else seems to be saying “no”.

With a nod Charles says, “Ok then, strip and let’s get this started.” The ten of us started stripping immediately. We are all standing there naked, all of us with our hard cocks and ready assholes exposed to the world. Then Dan and the other guys start to blindfold us. The blindfolds are a strip of black velvet that completely cover they eyes. I can’t see a thing. Now I feel a leather cock ring being placed on me. I enjoy the tightness of it. I then feel something being attached to the cock ring.

Charles says, “Ok bitches, time to go.” I feel a tug of my cock ring like there is a leash attached to it. I gasp and hear several other gasps too. Apparently I am not the only one leashed in this way. I follow as I am led out of the room, through the hallway, and into the playroom. I know when we arrive because of the whoops and cheers that accompany out arrival. I then hear Charles announce, “Ok guys. Grab a bottom bitch and have fun.” This causes more cheering. I feel myself being felt up and groped. I am breathing hard. I feel smacks to my ass cheeks and a few tugs on my cock.

Someone finally pulls me leash in an unknown direction, forcing me to follow. I felt a hand on my upper back, forcing me to bend over. My neck and wrists are placed on leather padding with half circle indentions to hold me immobile in place. I realize that I am being placed in the pillory stock. I then feel the top section set in place. My head and hands are now completely secured. I am bent over and my head is being held at about crotch height. I am rock hard. I feel my feet being spread wide, probably for better access to my asshole.

I am so turned on right now. My ass cheeks are pried apart and I feel a tongue enter my asshole. I moan loudly. I hear various laughs at my noises. I am on display naked, immobile, and my asshole is being expertly eaten by an unknown tongue. I know I am being watched. I then feel a hard cock head being placed at my mouth. I open wide and the cock enters my waiting hole. I slurp and suck. I am not used to sucking cock like this. I can’t move my neck at all. So whoever has their cock in my mouth controls the depth and speed. I just suck what I am given.

The cock starts to go in and out. My mouth is being fucked. I keep sucking as hard as I can. I feel a mouth wrap around my own hard cock. I moan onto the cock in my mouth. I then feel the tongue being removed and another taking its place in my asshole. I am being so stimulated my head is swimming. My ass cheeks are being massaged as the tongue in my asshole goes deep. I redouble my effort on the cock in my mouth. I want to try to make him cum. I find that I can move my head forward by stretching my neck. So I start really bobbing on this hard cock. The mouth on my cock has a really slow methodical pace set. He doesn’t seem to want me to cum. Apparently he just wants to suck my cock and get me worked up.

The tongue in my ass is removed again. I can feel my ass cheeks being spread again. I feel someone spit on my asshole. Oh, I know what comes next. I felt a nice hard cock head pressed against my spit wet asshole. I moaned around the cock in my mouth, as I felt that hard cock slowly enter my ass. That cock went in excrutiatingly slow, inch by inch. Then it was buried in my ass. I felt hands grab my hips as the man behind me positioned himself to properly fuck me. Then he slowly backed out. He went all the way out Balgat Escort until just his head was inside me, and then he pushed back in. My moans must have sent the guy in my mouth over the edge, because he suddenly shoved the entire length down my throat and spewed his load. I swallowed and sucked, like a good boy. I massaged and milked his cock until he was limp in my mouth. I then licked his piss slit, and felt him shudder.

The cock in my mouth was removed. I was breathing harder, as the cock in my butt began to pick up the pace. My mouth open was apparently all the invitation needed for another cock to enter. I again started to suck cock. This guy was just content to allow me to do all the work. He stood there as I worked him with my mouth, tongue and, lips. I felt his hands on my head and heard him moan. I began to hear other guys egging the guy in my mouth, the guy in my ass, and me on. Oh the degrading, crude, and humiliating things that were said just seemed to make us all even hornier.

I started to put on a bit of a show. I stretched my neck to take as much cock in my mouth as I could. I took him into my throat and swallowed around his cock head. I heard him cuss and felt his legs shake. I also began pushing back against the cock in my ass and squeezing my ass muscles. This action made the guy fucking me to go harder and deeper. He suddenly pushed his cock all the way inside me and began to fill my ass with his hot man seed. I felt every spurt of the wonderful juices he gave me. I felt his cock jerk and twitch as he spent himself deep inside me. I continued sucking the cock in my mouth, as the cock in my asshole was slowly removed.

Without warning another cock took his place in my asshole. There was no warning as I felt a cock plunged its way into my bowels. This cock was longer than the other. I felt him going deeper than I have ever felt. The force of the thrust caused me to take the cock in my mouth all the way until his nuts slapped my shin and my nose was in his crotch. My first thought was, “No pubic hair? I wonder if he shaves or waxes.” I didn’t think about this for long as the cock in my ass started a gruelingly fast, hard, and deep pace. This guy apparently wanted to cum fast and hard. This was fine with me. I wanted to be fucked mercilessly.

Before he came, the guy in my mouth pulled out of my throat and began cumming all over my face. I felt his large load hitting my forehead, cheeks, and nose. I was even able to catch one spurt in my open mouth. I was thankful of the blindfold. There is nothing worse than cum in your eyes. As he spent himself all over my face, I felt two tongues begin to lick the cum off my face. I briefly thought that this should be a job for the puppies, but if they wanted to do it, who was I to argue? The guy fucking my asshole then started going faster and faster. I knew he wouldn’t last long now. I started moaning and breathing hard.

The guy behind me squeezed my hips together as hard as he could. I then clinched my asshole as hard as I could. He then began spurting his cum deep into me. I now had two loads of cum in my ass. H worked his cock slower now, as my ass muscles clinched and unclenched around his cock. He pulled out and smacked my ass, causing me to jump slightly and gasp. I guess two guys were waiting on just that reaction. Before I knew it, one cock was balls deep with the cock head in my throat, while another was balls deep inside my cum-filled ass. There was no talking, no starting slow. They both just started pounding both my holes in unison.

I wondered if this was Ken and Alex or another couple, but soon decided it really didn’t matter. I was back where I belonged: completely helpless with a hard cock fucking my throat and another fucking my ass. I loved the squishing feeling of the hard cock fucking my ass, that was already filled with two loads of still hot cum. What a cum swallowing cock whore I had become. I was in my element. I realized that I still had a mouth on my cock, sucking me slowly. I came to the realization that, I preferred being fucked and sucking cock rather than cumming myself. Don’t get me wrong, I intended to cum at least once tonight, but I wanted to build up to it. I tried not to think about the mouth on my cock and focus on the cock in my ass and throat.

I worked my head forward and sucked the hard cock in my mouth gratefully, as I would roll my hips back and clinch my ass muscles around the cock as it pounded my ass. I liked the feeling of my butt cheeks bouncing off the hips of the guy fucking my asshole. I would roll my hips and slam back as he would thrust forward. Felling my ass cheeks shake at the force of the smack as we met, was a nice touch to this powerful fuckfest. Both guys started to pump their cocks into my faster. I knew my job and so worked both cocks as well as I could, given restrained the position I was still in. The mouth on my own cock moved to suck my balls, as another mouth began to suck my cock. I was concentrating on the cock in my mouth, as I felt my first orgasm building. I went harder and faster on the cock in my mouth, and began really clinching my asshole. I was unable to do anything else with my lower body, due to the mouths working on me and the punishment my asshole was taking. I felt the guy pounding my asshole start to really hit my prostate hard. This plus the mouths working my cock and balls caused me to tense up as I began to cum. The mouth on my cock took it all greedily. Sucking out every drop of my cum. I moaned and shook as he licked my piss slit. He then sucked hard on my cock head, desperate for every drop of my cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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