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Charles and Dana met on the Internet following is another one of their meetings…sit back and enjoy…and imagine that this is the one that you have met on the net…

Charles sees her sitting there at the booth waiting for him, his Dana, his special hidden love. He watches her through the cafe window taking in her beauty. He’s reminded of their meeting online and the feelings that had grown to such heights that they had to meet. He sees the first time they met and remembers the night of love making and getting to know each other. He reflects on how it is possible to fall so deeply for someone online, feeling as if they were your soul mate but knowing you can’t have them or you would destroy so many lives. He takes a deep breath and bottles the guilt away as he goes through the door towards his mate.

Dana senses his presence in the little cafe. She’d been waiting for awhile now, wanting to arrive early incase he was able to make it before the time they had agreed on. They both had known that if for some reason one was not here they were not to assume their love had died, just that something in their other life, had prevented their meeting. She’d taken great pains to make today possible, her children cared for by her friend, the only one who knew of her secret love. Her spouse once again away, using his rare weekend off to spend far away from his children and wife. She’d gotten over him not wanting her to tag along but, deep down she would sometimes admit to herself it still hurt to be ignored. She sips her soda and waited for his approach.

He walks up behind her and places a soft kiss at the back of her neck. Her pony tail whispers against his cheek, her hair as dark as the night sky. He smiles against her neck as she shivers knowing she’s gotten goose-bumps, covering all the places he longs to taste. “I’ve missed you,” he whispers quietly into her ears.

“I’ve missed you as well,” Dana answers as she turns her head offering her lips for his kiss. He covers them and lingers for a moment tasting her cherry soda and realizes he thirst for her. He feels the eyes in the cafe watching them as if everyone knows that they are one, one mind, one heart and one soul. He breaths deeply and the scent of her rushes through his body and begins to stir his penis, as if to remind it of the last time he was with her.

She watches him sit across from her and take her hand. Their fingers intertwine as she looks him over checking to see if anything has changed, as if she was checking for any new injury on his person. It had been 2 months since the first time they’d met. She feels more for him now then she did before, and by reading his face she knows he feels the same.

The waitress arrives and Dana watches his lips move as he orders a cup of coffee, remembering them on her body she feels the blush rising from her chest to cover her face. She hears herself sigh as she lets her free hand trace his fingers till entwined with hers. They sit there for most of the morning each relating what had been happening in their lives. They both agreed that sharing personnel information was important, it kept them both in the reality that this was all they’d ever have. Both had children, though Charles children were in their 20’s and had their own lives, they were still a part of him and the same with Dana, her children were much younger. Not sharing their lives with each other would have not been fair to either of themselves, denying the existence of the one thing they held more dear then anything, the lives of their children.

Dana was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Charles decline the last offer for another coffee and asked if she were ready to go. She agreed that they should get going because, she’d planned a wonderful afternoon for them. She had asked if they’d meet in a small quiet town in her state this time, so she could show him some of the things she liked. Things that she no longer got to do. Dana offers to let Charles drive and she would direct him when to turn when they were getting close, but he declines.

He has his own hidden agenda. He has been thinking of her body and remembering things that she had mentioned to him, little things she would have imagined him doing had they ever gotten the chance to meet. Now that they have decide to continue this unique relationship his mind is consumed with new ways to love her or torment her whatever the case may be. They climb into the car and buckle the seat belts. He lets his eyes wander over her body, taking in her long, smooth legs and pink polished nails peeking out from her sandals. His penis stirs as he imagines kissing his way from toe to toe, then up her leg, gently letting his tongue trace the skin at the hem of her skirt. He smiles and remembers how after many rounds of love making via the Internet, skirts had become her new favorite article of clothing….easier access she had told him. He offered a blessing to whoever had designed skirts especially, short ones.

Dana feels his eyes on her and feels her own body reacting to him. She’d taken special care with her clothing. Her blouse was pink with thin shoulder straps and v-necked küçükçekmece escort down to reveal her cleavage and she knew that depending on how her body moved a glimpse of the sides of her breast could sometimes be seen. She’d gone bra less today and now finds herself remembering how Charles eyes had strayed to her breast throughout the morning and her nipples begin to harden. The friction of the fabric sends tingles through her breast, and brings each bud to life. Her white pleated skirt is very short and she had picked it special just for him, smirking inside, she admits it was for her too. She’d bought it after the first night home from their hotel rendezvous. It lay now high on her thighs and it would move higher and lower as her legs and feet operated the pedals.

She glances over at Charles and notices him slowly unbuckling his seat belt and scooting closer to her. Her breath quickens and she turns her head to watch the road, seeing her knuckles whiten from the grip she has placed on the wheel. She feels her stomach begin to stir and her breath quickens.

Charles slides his body over next to Dana, placing a hand on her thigh just above her knee and the other on the headrest of her chair. He works the pony tail from her hair and runs his finger through it, watching the hair cover his fingers and slide through them like liquid silk. His erection is more pronounced since his perusal of Dana had stopped at the hem of her skirt and his imagination had gone on from there. He whispers in her ear telling her just some of the things he is going to do to her while she drives. He grins like a cat who has caught the flighty bird, as he hears her breath shutter between her lips.

His tongue licks her ear and traces its ridges while his hands find their own things to do. The left toys with her silky strands rubbing them between his fingers and thumb, his other moves up her thigh letting his fingers massage little circles into her leg. He smiles as he hears her gasp when his kisses begin to trail down and back up her neck. His tongue licking the sensitive flesh and his lips kissing the moisture away. Her perfume is intoxicating, a hint of sweet flowers with a scent of spice, just like her.

Dana lets her mind concentrate on the road and her body concentrate on Charles, she trust him to touch her knowing that he’ll stop if he distracts her to much. The images he projected into her mind are seared there as if he’d gone inside her and branded her with his words. Her breath quickens as his hand strokes the back of her neck and his mouth works kisses against her skin. She knows he is keeping his passion in check so as to leave no mark. She remembers how bad he felt for marking her when they were first together, so she knows from his touch that he’ll keep his promise this time.

A soft moan escapes her throat as she feels his hand massaging her right thigh, in slow tormenting circles he moves his way up her skin. She feels his fingers, now under her skirt, his nails raking against her sensitive skin. Her legs spread further apart and she wiggles her ass trying to push herself closer to his ministrations. She runs her tongue over her lips, moistening them, biting her bottom lip, as he causes the hairs on her neck to rise from his warm breath moving against them. A small whimper escapes her throat as his fingers touch the moist hairs of her pussy.

Charles groans deeply and lets his forehead fall to Dana’s shoulder, he shudders as he feels the hairs of her pussy. “Oh, god Dana. No panties?!” he hears himself growl out against her skin as he presses his fingers deeper into the muscles of her neck and sucks on your shoulder. His teeth tease the strap of her shirt and his hand cups her wet mound, holding his warm hand against it he lets it rest there, while she becomes accustomed to his touch. He watches the blush of her skin rise up to her face and he scoots closer placing a small kiss on her cheek. “Watch the road, love.” he says to her when she turns to kiss him.

He smells her hair and massages her scalp, feeling the soft strands of hair covering his fingers. His mouth nibbles on her shoulder as his fingers slowly move against her pussy. He traces each lip and then traces the triangular shape of her womanhood. He slowly lets his finger into the folds of her lips running it along one wall and then the next. He feels the moistness from her body and lets it surround his finger. He moves his finger from her wet lips, rubbing the juice from her pussy between his finger and thumb. His head rests on her chest just over her right breast and he watches her breath while his hands begin to make love to her.

Dana feels her body clench wanting to draw him in, wanting to take him deeply into her. She opens her legs wider and leans down to kiss his head and breath in his scent. She watches the road leading out in front of her and sees the scenery passing them by. She whimpers as his fingers begin to explore her, slowly becoming familiar with her again, like an old friend being welcomed home and loved without question. She lets her head rest küçükyalı escort on her chair and lets her body feel.

He moves his hand softly against her, tracing her opening once again before placing his finger deeper into the swollen lips. He feels her body clench, his finger just a small space away from her dark opening. He kisses her chest through the blouse and closes his eyes and lets his finger slip inside. He feels the heat of her womanhood, the hot liquid clinging to the walls of her body. He feels himself shutter as he begins to move his finger in and out of her pussy. His own cock strains against the fabric of his clothing, he watches her hips begin to pump against him. He feels her legs moving and senses the car slowing down.. He looks up praying they are not close to their destination. He sees fields of corn, surrounding them, shrouding them in a forest of deep green. He sits up leaving his finger buried inside her, looking at her face he watches a look of determination pass over her features as she parks the car and turns, to cover his mouth with hers.

Dana knew all was lost when his finger entered her, she had to allow herself this first orgasm now, after not having had him with her for the past two months. She spread her legs as wide as she could and with silent urges from her hips begged him to drive into her deeper, knowing her cumming would be soon. She felt his finger sliding around inside her and clenched it hard inside as he stroked each wall making circles while letting his nail graze across the sensitive flesh. She brought her own hand down to join his and together they moved as one, his finger thrusting deep inside and withdrawing only to drive in harder with each trip out and back in again. Her fingers pinched and pulled at her clit, making it swell and throb each tug brought another quake ripping through her body. She felt his hand under hers and they touched, as each one worked frantically to bring her to the explosion of the light she had felt building up inside her.

Charles drove his finger harder and faster inside his mate, wanting to make her cum flow onto his hand and into his palm, he let another finger go in deep with its friend. Together they tormented both walls of her pussy at the same time, thrusting hard and in even long strokes, taking her to the edge and then receding back again only to dive back in deeper then before. He felt her pelvis tighten against his fingers, he found his fingers locked inside her, barely able to pull them from her, he proceeded to twist them in a semi-circle motion, screwing her, driving her hard, knowing he’d missed her more then he’d realized. His head bent further on her body and he bit her nipple through the material of her blouse, sucking on it hard. His tongue traveling over it as he sucked it and the material of her shirt deep into his mouth.

Dana felt the first slam of lightning course through her body with the feel of Chuck’s teeth biting through her shirt and gripping her tit in his mouth. She felt her hot, thick, syrup leave her body and continue to pour from her covering them both, sliding over his fingers and his hand, her own touching his as she slowed the rubbing of her clit so she could revel in the feelings that ran through her body. She screamed his name as her head fell back and her body rocked hard against his hand.

Charles felt the muscles relax around his fingers and he moves them slowly in and out of her, treating her to a few quivers of passion to bring the remaining juice from her body. He smiles as his ears ring a bit from the sound of his familiar name escaped her lips. Chuck, she had screamed as her orgasm rocked her body and he’d never heard it sound so sweet until he’d heard it coming from her. He takes her hand from her clit and entwines her fingers with his and brings them up to his lips and kisses the moisture from their fingers, then turning his head up to her he stretches up to cover his lips with hers.

They take a moment to repair her state of dress and they proceed to the park that Dana had wanted to share with Charles. She feels the stickiness between her legs as she parks the car. She takes a deep breath and feels the temperature in the air has changed and she feels a slight breeze cool her flushed skin. Together they move to the back of the car and remove the cooler and blanket. Dana had taken great care in preparing a meal for them to enjoy. They found a place to rest and watched people play with their children, lovers walk along quiet paths and they silently enjoyed their meal each lost in their thoughts of what had taken place just moments ago.

Dana thoughts run along the lines of what she had experienced with Chuck, she had never been brought to such a point of desperate hunger, a need so animalistic she had screamed her passion aloud, hurting her own ears. She wondered how life could be so pleasurable and cruel, her life didn’t make sense to her. Her marriage in shambles, her children the only thing keeping her from leaving everything, for the man she feels to be her soul mate. She struggles to make sense maltepe escort of it all, her affair would continue until she either left her husband or decided she could not continue with the heartache of not being with Chuck all the time.

He had introduced her to new emotions she had kept locked away after years of neglect and not being allowed to express herself sexually. She would always love him for that, always keep a special place for him in her heart and hopefully someday in her life. She watches the children playing and remembers her own little ones, growing up so fast. Her twin girls now 11 and her son just turned 9, she had thought hard about taking them and leaving her husband, but she looks over at Chuck and realizes he wouldn’t want to raise her kids, he’s all ready raised a family, why should he want to raise another one. She hears a sound of longing escape her lungs and she lays back on the blanket, letting one hand rest over her chest and the other under her head, she feels her eyes droop.

Charles watches her sleep and slowly packs all the left over food from their meal and places it to the side of their blanket. He runs his eyes over her body and watches her chest rise and fall in a steady rhythm, he finds himself longing to touch her again. He looks out at the last pair of young lovers heading for their car and sees himself in them, the way he was 30 years ago when he and his wife were first in love. Now he’s older and sees the life he lives now, one of comfort and contentment and maybe some boredom. He was shocked that he’d met someone like Dana online. He wasn’t looking for her, she was just there. He hadn’t been looking to cheat on his wife, it just happened. The connection he felt for her was unbelievable they made love online as if they were right there, standing in the same room. He couldn’t lose her and he knew once he’d heard her voice over the phone and then saw her make love to herself for him on cam, he had to be with her in the physical realm. Where would there paths end? What would become of them if his wife found out? He didn’t want to think of that at this moment, he just wanted her.

He watches the last car from the park leave and as the sun finishes setting low over the horizon, he places a kiss on Dana’s bellybutton. He felt her stir and paused in his kissing. He waited until she rested her movements and he let his tongue travel in circles around her bellybutton again, this time dipping in it and licking her stomach. His hand slowly inched the hem of her shirt up and he placed his kisses higher up her body. Flicking his tongue along her ribs, his hand leaving feathery caresses just under the swell of her breast. Her breast had been teasing him all morning and afternoon and now he would have his fill of them. He heard her breath hiss and he knew she was now awake. He didn’t pause to look up at her face, but set to work on her perky nipple, that pointed out to him begging him to please it.

She had started to awaken when the cool night air first stirred against her stomach but she had felt the warmth of the last rays of sun hit her belly so she drifted back to sleep. She knew now that it had been his breath upon her body and not the warmth of the sun. She breathed deeply and let her fingers toy in his hair and she propped herself up on her elbow to watch his mouth cover her nipple. She watched as the tip of his tongue covered just the bud of her nipple, teasing it and flicking it gently causing it to stretch further trying to force itself into his mouth. She felt his fingers running up her ribs and under her arms, she jerked away when he hit an especially ticklish spot and all hope of avoiding this torment was forgotten as he proceeded to dig both hands under her arms and tickle her relentlessly.

He hadn’t planned on doing that, it just happened. Charles had planned on capturing her nipples in her mouth when she jerked but, he lost the battle of wickedness and tickled her until her breath was coming in great gasps and her laughs filled the air and echoed through the park. We watched her back arch and he was brought back to the hunger that his body yearned for, as her breast thrust forward. His mouth latched on to her breast and he felt her tug the shirt from her body. He proceeded to love her breast as if it were the only part of her body that needed him at that moment. His tongue ran over the bottom of the smooth globe and along its sides. He heard her gasp in pleasure as he let his teeth pull at the sensitive flesh, the white globe shown bright as the sun finished setting and the moonlight began to cover them, casting a blue hue of color over her flesh.

He moved over her breast to lick the top of it, running his mouth along her freckles he smiled at them, knowing she was a rare breed of woman. Her raven hair hid the small things many would not notice her having, assuming freckles would rarely grace the presence of such a black haired beauty. He knew where all her freckles were he had found all those special spots on her the first time they made love. He continued to take his hand and lift her breast for his mouth, finally letting his tongue and mouth suck the rose nipple completely inside his mouth. He drew it in, letting his hand cup it’s weight and cherish it more then he’d ever cherished another. The waves of love rocked him as he realized that his need for her was deeper then he’d ever realized and he shuddered inside knowing he would one day have to decide if he would come to her and want to stay only with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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