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It was late, way after two and Caro was wide awake. Today was a work day and she needed sleep but it was being elusive. Her mind was racing way too fast, her thoughts were riding a giant merry-go-round. It had been two days since Frank had fucked her senseless on his sofa. Caro had never known sex could be that way; pounding, driving, all consuming. Once she had adjusted to his size, she had been taken to heights she never thought possible. When he said he was multi-orgasmic, he hadn’t lied. He had spent the morning pleasuring them both. Caro had lost count of the times she had came, they were all lumped in a jumble of pure lust. Frank had never slowed down, his stamina was astounding. Caro laughed softly, by lunchtime she was well and truly fucked.

She shifted in bed restlessly; the last two days had been an anticlimax; to say the least. A new account had kept Frank and his partners busy. Once more Caro felt herself relegated to the woodwork, her fifteen minutes of fame were over. She had tried being fair, he was busy with the new account but it wasn’t that simple for her. What she had experienced was life-changing, a true eye-opener into the real Caroline. She could never compartmentalize her life the way Frank had. His inattention after their lovemaking hurt; she felt bruised; not in her body but her soul. She felt the tears well up and tried to will them away, after all she had went into this affair expecting nothing. She had came out with the key to her sexuality, she should be thankful for that. She finally fell asleep; totally exhausted; as the tears dried on her cheeks.


Frank put the phone in its cradle and sat back with a satisfied look on his face. The new account was theirs and he could start delegating some of the work to his partners. Frank had always done the advance work, using his charm and gift of gab. He loved the challenge of acquiring a new account, Rob and Jack would take the reins now. With Frank as the front man and the two of them handling the actual account, it was a combination that served them well and the reason why their company was growing steadily. He would have loved a cigarette but he had quit a few years back. Sitting back with a sigh; he sipped his coffee; it would have to do. The cigarettes had controlled him and Franklin Bennett let nothing control him.

The word control brought his thoughts back to Caro and the bet. He smiled as he thought of the morning spent on the sofa. Caro had proved to be more than a match for him, taking everything he gave her and begging for more. Oh yes, the money was his for sure. Had there ever been any real doubt? Then why was there that niggling feeling of unease in the back of his consciousness? He needed to push it aside and move forward with his plan. The last two days had been hectic and he had focused solely on his work. Work always came first and then his pleasure, but he kept seeing the hurt in Caro’s eyes. He knew she was fighting a battle with herself, and it was working in his favor. With the account in their pockets, he could devote his attention once more to Caro and the bet.


The day had started shitty, one of her nephews had dumped a glass of juice on Caro’s slacks. Stifling a retort, she had gone upstairs to change. As she rummaged in her closet for a new pair of slacks, she stopped and took out the sheath dress. A light coral color, it was short with a zipper in the back. Should she wear it? Would it be easy access for Frank? The way things were now, would Frank even notice? She waffled, her standard office wear had always been a blouse and slacks. Finally, she threw caution to the wind and dug out the package with the new thigh highs she had bought. Pulling them on slowly she thrilled to their silky touch on her legs and thighs. Standing, she checked herself out in the mirror. For the first time she saw her body as beautiful, and it gave her that boost of confidence she needed. Her breasts were outlined and defined in the bra and the thong molded to her pussy, with just a hint of the crack showing. The stockings and heels accentuated her long legs. Pulling the sheath over her head, ataşehir escort bayan she fluffed her hair over her shoulders and ran to her car.

Of course she was late and her brother-in-law had left without her; but after cranking the starter of her car a few times; the engine fired. The trip to work was uneventful, morning rush hour had passed. Her office was empty but she could hear the soft rumblings of Frank’s voice. As it was one-sided, she knew he was on the phone and busied herself with her work. Being late wasn’t an issue; she was always on time; so once wasn’t going to hurt. Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she sat at her desk but her mind kept drifting to the man in the office. She must try to focus but it was so hard, her body was on fire even thinking of him. Even his low voice coming through the door seemed to reverberate between her legs and she found herself getting wet. She gave a cursory look at the work on her desk and with a sigh, she shelved such thoughts and began her work day.

The sound of the office door opening made her look up and Frank signaled for her to come in. Her knees were shaking as she approached him, the look on his face gave nothing away. As the door closed he pushed her up against it and almost immediately his lips were on hers. His kiss was fierce, his mouth grinding on hers. Shock gave way to pleasure for Caro and she surrendered, her arms moving around his neck. As he pulled her close, his hands ran up her legs and he groaned. She was thrilled by his response and moved her hand to squeeze the bulge between his legs. He unzipped her dress and as she lifted her arms, he drew it over her head.

Looking between them he muttered, “Damn baby, but you are beautiful.”

Caro tried to reply but one hand cupping her breast and the other running up her leg, stopped her in her tracks.

His mouth was against her temple and he whispered to her, “You thought I forgot you these past few days didn’t you? First things first baby. First we work … then we play.”

Once more she tried to speak but his fingers had moved to her thong and were pulling it aside. She cried out as his finger slipped between her folds and slowly circled.

“You’re so wet,” he murmured, as a second finger joined the first. “You’ve been thinking of me and my cock, haven’t you? You want my cock here, don’t you?”

Caro had no time to answer as his fingers slid into her entrance, going deep until he had palmed her pussy. As he pulled out and pushed them in once again, Caro’s orgasm hit her. He was right, she had dreamed of this. She had fantasized about Frank; his cock, his tongue. Her face was buried against his shoulder and she came in a series of mini convulsions. There was no let up, Frank’s fingers never stopped as he fucked her slowly to another orgasm.

“You need this,” he said, his voice husky as his mouth captured her nipple and her back arched.

Her head was back; resting on the door as his fingers sped up and pumped in and out of her pussy. His mouth was on her tit, his hand moved quickly between her legs and Caro screamed his name as her third orgasm washed over her. Her whole body stiffened, she was on tiptoes as she rode it out. Collapsing against Frank, her body was overcome with pleasure and she felt weak. She heard his soft voice; but nothing registered; only the feelings running through her body. Gradually she came down and opened her eyes to see Frank watching her. The look in his eyes was puzzling; almost enigmatic; but the next moment it was gone. Caro had no time to think about it then, she filed it in the recesses of her mind to be analyzed at a later date.

He reached behind her and locked the door, and Caro’s heart soared. She wanted to show him the pleasure he had shown her. Pulling his shirt from his pants, she began to unbutton it. With each button she placed her lips on the skin it exposed, until she was at his waist. Her hands trembled as she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly, taking great care as she ran the zipper over the hard bulge. Bending low, she helped him remove his shoes, socks, and pants. escort kadıköy Before she could go further, Frank pulled her to her feet and led her to his desk. Sitting in his chair, he threaded his cock through the opening in his boxers and waited.

Caro had limited experience going down on a man, her husband wasn’t particularly oral. She only knew she wanted to do this right, to give him a blowjob that literally rocked his world. She thought back to the porno movies she had watched last weekend and said a small prayer of thanks. Kneeling between his legs; she looked up at Frank and smiled; even as her head lowered.


Frank watched as Caro arched, her body bucking under his rapidly moving hand. He had brought her to orgasm three times in a short space of time and he marveled at the change in her. As she yelled his name, he felt something stir deep inside him. The feeling was alien to him and he shoved it aside but not without a small amount of trepidation. Caro’s hands were on his shirt even as he locked the door and he waited, letting her take the lead now. The dress and thigh highs had been another pleasant shock and another step in his ladder to success. Caro’s initiation into the world of sensuality was progressing and it was time for another lesson.

Taking her hand; he led her to his desk. Sitting in his chair, he took out his cock and slowly stroked it. He watched her indecision and hesitation, he knew sucking cock was foreign to her. She knelt and smiled shyly up at him and once again Frank felt that stirring deep inside. Pushing her hair back, he watched as she leaned in and brushed her lips over the tip. He sucked air through his teeth as she ran her tongue around the head. It was tentative at best, but he said or did nothing. This was Caro’s show and he wanted her to assert herself, to show him what she had. Her hand was around his cock but her fingers didn’t touch and he moaned as she clamped both hands around his shaft. Running her tongue around the head once more, she started to lick his shaft from the top to the base. She alternated her tongue, licking up with it flattened against the skin and moving down with the underside. It was incredibly erotic and Frank wondered where she had learned such a trick.

There was no time for thinking as Caro laved his cock, her tongue seeking and finding every sensitive spot. It was shiny now with her saliva and he groaned as her mouth took in his cockhead. Her mouth was stretched around his girth and she began to make shallow thrusting motions. With each thrust she took more and then rested. There was no way she could ever deep throat him but she was making a concerted effort. He felt himself touch the back of her throat and she stopped, seeming to adjust before she began a steady in and out movement. Her hands were wrapped around the base of his cock and moved in rhythm with her mouth. Frank’s hands moved to the arms of the chair as her head bobbed and her hands beat him.

Frank knew he was close and ground out, “Caro?” Once more, “Caro?”

She looked up through her curtain of hair and his cock came out of her mouth in a soft popping sound. A string of saliva and his pre-cum trailed from her lips and her eyes were questioning.

“Caro, I’m going to cum soon. Have you ever swallowed a man’s cum before?”

She shook her head no and he smiled, “Do you want to swallow mine? If not you had better finish me off with your hands.”

Caro still hadn’t said a word; there was a small hesitation. She smiled and licked around his cockhead and said, “I want to try, to give you the pleasure you gave me.”

Frank smoothed her hair back and twisted it around his hand, he needed to watch. Her mouth re-captured his cock and she twisted back and forth to take as much of the shaft as possible. Starting slowly, she gradually moved faster. With her hands wanking his shaft and her sucking and sliding mouth, he was ready in record time. Frank dropped her hair and holding the arms of the chair, he raised his ass.

“Oh Caro, I’m going to cum!”

His voice was husky, the groan that followed echoed bostancı escort through the room, mixing with the sounds of Caro’s mouth on his cock. He felt her jerk back as his cum hit her throat but it was momentary and acting instinctively, she swallowed. Her hands were still pumping him hard and he put his hands over them, slowing the pace. She took his cue and her mouth matched the tempo of her hands. Each slow pass on his cock was ecstasy, and he seemed to cum forever. His cum was dribbling out of the corners of her mouth as she released his cock. Her tongue licked around the sensitive head even as the last drops formed on the tip. Caro rubbed her mouth on his shaft, using his cock to wipe the cum off her lips. Then with a slightly mischievous smile, she licked him clean.

At first Frank was speechless, she was a quick learn for a novice. Her total willingness to take him deep and swallow his cum, was amazing. Her trust in him was plain to see and the guilt started to set in once more. His thoughts were interrupted by Caro moving onto his lap and her lips in his throat. He could think anytime, now there was only time for this.


Any other time the traffic would have annoyed Caro, honking horns, impatient drivers, mini jams. But today she drove home in a delightful fog, nothing could spoil her mood. She just wanted to get home, to be able to relive the day in the sanctity of her room. Pulling in the driveway, she remembered tonight was her nephews’ basketball game. The house would be empty and she would be able to escape to her room. Upstairs she drew water in the tub and threw in some bath salts. She looked at herself in the mirror as she undressed. Was it her imagination or did she look like a woman who had spent the day making love? She smiled, the old saying about stars in your eyes was true.

The water was hot and she lay back with a sigh. Her muscles were aching, she had used ones today that she never knew she had. Frank hadn’t forgotten her! How wonderful was that! She had seen real hunger in his eyes as he pushed her against the door. He had barely touched her and she had came, her need for him had been that great. But it was the blowjob she remembered most, she had surprised herself. With her husband she had closed her eyes and mind as she sucked him, eager for him to get done. Any idea of swallowing was out of the question, she had always finished him off with her hand. Frank was different, for one thing it was his attitude. He treated her like she was special, not something to be used at his leisure. In doing so, he brought out a side in her that her husband had buried.

She remembered Frank’s moans as she sucked his cock, the tightening of his body. He was way too big to deep throat him, but she compensated in other ways. She had used her instincts and the limited amount of knowledge she had gleaned from the porno movies. His fingers in her hair and him calling her name, told her all she needed to know. She had tried to swallow all his cum but there was no way she could. No matter, she had licked his cock clean afterwards. At that moment Caro had felt all powerful, he was hers if only for a short time. As he nestled her in his arms she felt complete for the first time in her life.

But if she thought Frank was through, she was wrong. Swinging her around on his lap, he spread her legs and settled her body on his cock. Caro’s back was to Frank and his hands reached around to cup her tits. He began a slow rocking motion, working his cock deeply inside her. Caro lay in the tub but she could still hear the creak of the chair as they moved together. Her fingers moved under the water as she remembered the slow build up, their labored breathing. Her whimpering had turned to whines as his rocking grew frenzied. Frank pulled her back against him as he started drive his cock up into her. His hand squeezed her breast as his other hand found her clit and circled it. Each thrust pushed her in the air, until Frank’s yell and her scream signaled their orgasms. Caro came in the tub, her body spasmed as she relived that moment.

The water was cooling in the tub and the sun had set long before. She wrapped in a towel and sat at the vanity and began to brush her hair. Her thoughts were taking her far beyond their office couplings. She scolded herself, one day at a time Caro. Take it one day at a time.

To be continued …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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